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WCF board members Dr. Gordon Johnson, Jim Sackett, Pam Tahan, Joanna Boynton, James Seder, Tom Wenham, Hope Barron, Maggie Zeller, Don Gross and Barry Manning with scholarship winners Isabella Whedbee, Miles Wang and Ryann Bierman.

dad pushed me to pursue what interested me.” Bierman wants younger students to share her drive. “Keep working on it,” she offers as advice. “If you’re having trouble with something, ask for help. At the end of the day, you’ll get to where you’re going if you keep trying — and that’s the most important thing. I was told this myself when I entered high school: ‘Have fun but work hard.’” Receiving the Wellington Community Foundation’s Arle & Ken Adams Scholarship was not something Bierman had anticipated. “When I first got the call, I was completely surprised,” Bierman said. “It truly means the world to me. It’s going to help me so much to reach my dream.” During the check presentation, Bierman got to meet the other two winners. “They are lovely people,” she said. In addition to the $2,500 she received from the Wellington Community Foundation, Bierman also has a few

more applications pending, not that she’s dwelling on that. She’s already looking ahead to college. “I’m looking forward to meeting new people and being in a new place — being out of my comfort zone,” Bierman said.

Miles Wang graduated from the Alexander W. Dreyfoos School of the Arts with a 4.0 grade point average. While there, he majored in communications and joined the debate team in his sophomore year. By his senior year, he was serving as captain of the USA Debate Team for the National Speech & Debate Association. Now, he’s packing his bags and heading to Harvard University. “I loved growing up in Florida and attending Dreyfoos, but I also realize it’s a bubble of people formed by their environment,” Wang said. “I’m looking for-

ward to meeting a lot of new people from every background and place possible — people who are passionate about whatever they are interested in.” While Harvard offers more than 3,700 courses in 50 undergraduate fields of study,Wang has chosen to focus on applied mathematics as well as economics, part of the university’s quantitative social sciences program. It seems like a perfect fit. Harvard’s economics program begins with the premise that individuals have goals and that they pursue those goals as best they can. Wang will learn the behavior of social systems such as markets, corporations, legislatures, and families, ultimately being able to make recommendations that will serve to make people better off. “Harvard University is very well known for their well-renowned economics department, their economics professors and the resources they direct there,”Wang said. wellington the magazine | june 2022 25