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Palm Beach Orthopaedic Institute was established as a multi-specialty orthopaedic practice. For over thirty years, the physicians of Palm Beach Orthopaedic Institute have provided their patients with the highest quality healthcare and treatment possible. Palm Beach Orthopaedic Institute is a recognized leader in orthopaedics. We have 16 Physicians available to provide the most advanced orthopaedic care. All PBOI Physicians are Board Certified and many have completed fellowship training in their area of expertise. With renowned experts in many major

orthopaedic sub-specialties, we pride ourselves on offering full-service cutting-edge care across the entire spectrum of musculoskeletal health. Our practice is comprised of surgeons who specialize in sports injury, upper extremity, pediatric orthopaedics, spine disorders, total joint replacements, MAKOplasty, podiatry abnormalities, musculo-skeletal disorders, and surgical and non-operative treatment of the neck and spine. This sub-specialization provides patients with the highest quality of health care and treatment for their particular problem.


Palm Beach Orthopaedic Institute We are accepting appointments at all four of our conveniently located offices in Jupiter, Palm Beach Gardens, West Palm Beach and Wellington.








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With summer-inspired ways to relax and reenergize, Massage Envy Spa is your staycation destination all summer long. Schedule your first getaway today.

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ROYAL PALM BEACH 11021 Southern Blvd #100 Next to Costco (561) 422-8889 Franchises Available · Convenient Hours Open 7 Days: M-F 8am-10pm, Sat 8am8pm, Sun 10am-8pm

*One-hour session consists of a 50-minute massage or facial and time for consultation and dressing. Prices subject to change. Rates and services may vary by location. Additional local taxes and fees may apply. Each clinic is a member of the Massage Envy network of independently owned and operated franchises. ©2013 Massage Envy Franchising, LLC. MM#30338

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‘Celebrating the 50-Plus Community of the Palm Beaches’



JULY 2013

Meet Neil Zirconia, ‘The Ultimate Faux Diamond’ Known for being one of the top Neil Diamond tribute performers, Chuck LaPaglia brings a sensational show to audiences from Orlando to Key West, performing under the stage name Neil Zirconia. Alongside his wife, Lori, LaPaglia strives to bring a Vegas-style performance to his audience. BY JESSICA GREGOIRE

Publisher Barry S. Manning Executive Editor Joshua I. Manning


Associate Publisher Dawn Rivera

Sheree Blum Is ‘Kicking Glass’ In Wellington Walking into Sheree Blum’s home is truly stepping into her world. Glass bowls of all shapes, sizes and colors catch the ambient light and seem to glow, while others reflect sharp rays from the sun. Blum, a Wellington resident, is the owner and creator of Kicking Glass By Sheree. BY ALEXANDRA ANTONOPOULOS


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Home-Like Living At A New Age Of Senior Care At A New Age of Senior Care, residents of the assistedliving facility are treated like part of the family. The nine-bedroom, six-bathroom, 4,500-square-foot Wellington facility recently increased its bed capacity from six to 14. It is run by the husband-and-wife team of Tony Borges and Diana Yanes. BY JESSICA GREGOIRE

Account Managers Betty Buglio Evie Edwards Wanda Glockson


Massage Envy: Luxurious And Therapeutic The owners of the new Massage Envy location in Wellington want clients to know that the benefits of massage do not have to be reserved for a special occasion or as an infrequent treat — rather, massage is vital for maintaining a healthy body. BY ALEXANDRA ANTONOPOULOS


My Graduations: Grade School, Then High School, Then College And More MEMORY LANE BY JOE NASUTI, PAGE 21 As Owner Of An Antique Store, I Love Old Stuff... But Buyer Beware! SENIOR MOMENTS BY DEBORAH WELKY, PAGE 22

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Sheree Blum of Kicking Glass By Sheree with some of her creations. PHOTO BY ALEXANDRA ANTONOPOULOS/FYLM STAFF July 2013 • Forever Young Lifestyle Magazine • Page 5


Meet Chuck LaPaglia, Better Known As ‘The Ultimate Faux Diamond’ Neil Zirconia BY JESSICA GREGOIRE | Forever Young Staff Report

PULLING OUT A FAUX RED ROSE from his left jacket pocket, Neil Zirconia presents it to a blushing woman sitting at a table alongside her husband and friends. She accepts with a wide smile, as charismatic Neil Diamond tribute performer Chuck LaPaglia serenades her with “Cracklin’ Rosie.” Known for being one of the top Neil Diamond tribute performers, LaPaglia brings a sensational show to audiences from Orlando to Key West, performing under the stage name Neil Zirconia. Alongside his wife, Lori, who serves as backup dancer, keyboard player and more, LaPaglia strives to bring a Vegasstyle performance to his audience. It’s a Friday night and the show, held at the Atlantis Country Club, is one of many done every week by the LaPaglias. It has been five years since LaPaglia, a Delray Beach resident, first took the stage singing Neil Diamond songs. For 20 years before performing, LaPaglia traveled the country with Lori, an artist, doing art shows. “We did all the big art shows down here,” he said. “Then in the summertime, we would go up north and do all the big shows there.” LaPaglia has always had an interest in music and began playing the guitar at 10 years old. “When I was young, I use to go out and play classical guitar,” he said. “By the time I was in about the ninth or 10th grade, I wasn’t afraid to get in front of a large group and play.” But he never gained the confidence to sing in front of an audience. “I always wanted to sing, but I thought I wasn’t good enough to sing in front of a crowd,” LaPaglia recalled. After his wife retired from touring the

art world, LaPaglia realized it was time for him to pursue his dream as a singer. “I supported her for many years, while she did what she loved as an artist, selling her paintings around the country,” he said. “It was now my turn to do what I always wanted to do.” LaPaglia decided to begin his career by singing in local bars and restaurants to gain experience. “I figured I would just start out singing some Jimmy Buffett stuff,” he said. “Even if I did not make a lot of money, it would be something that I liked doing.” But before LaPaglia’s career as a performer even began, it took an unexpected turn at a local music store one day. As he was testing out a guitar, he began singing to his wife, who always said he sounded like Neil Diamond no matter what he sang. “I did not think much of it when she said that,” LaPaglia said. “But as I played this song called ‘Play Me,’ an Elvis Presley impersonator heard me and asked if I could perform on stage before one of his shows.” After much persistence from the Elvis impersonator, LaPaglia hesitantly agreed. “I had never sang in front a large crowd before,” he said. “I was nervous and didn’t think I could do it.” With support, coaching and encouragement from his new friend, LaPaglia gained the confidence he needed. “He told me he would help me through it, and recommended that I stick to singing Neil Diamond songs,” LaPaglia recalled. “I did not really want to only do Neil Diamond, but he said, ‘You have to because you sound just like Neil Diamond, and there are a lot of people out there trying to sound like him, but can’t.’”

LaPaglia’s first gig was on New Year’s Eve one year, and he was a hit. “I got up on stage and performed three songs, and people went crazy,” he said. “When I was done, they mobbed me and asked, ‘When’s your next performance?’ That’s when we knew we had something here.” Immediately after his first show, LaPaglia was getting booked for shows all over South Florida. He learned the art of performing as he went along, eventually working his wife into the show as his backup singer and dancer. “People just love her,” LaPaglia said. “The way she dances and plays the tambourine enhances the show and has become a huge part of the act.” LaPaglia’s act became so popular that he has been offered to tour the country, but he prefers to stay local. “They want me to go to Branson, Mo., Atlantic City and Vegas, but I just like being at home,” he said. “I work almost every night, six or seven nights a week. Even in the summer, I still work two to three nights a week, and I wouldn’t trade it for the world to go anywhere else.” Agents have also repeatedly contacted LaPaglia. “They have promised me lots of money doing shows all around the country, but that’s not what I do,” LaPaglia said. “I’m not one of those guys who puts on a cape and does whatever people want me to.” It’s all about giving the audience the most authentic Neil Diamond experience, he said. “I try to make the experience as if these people went to a Neil Diamond concert,” LaPaglia said. “Most of them leave thinking, ‘I just paid close to nothing to see a show

Chuck LaPaglia said his fans are why he enjoys what he does so much. ‘I love my fans because the kind of people who love Neil Diamond music are really good people,’ he said. ‘They are very loyal, follow me around and come from many walks of life, but all share that love for Neil Diamond music.’ Page 6 • Forever Young Lifestyle Magazine • July 2013

Chuck LaPaglia — a.k.a. Neil Zirconia “The Ultimate Faux Diamond” — gets ready to perform. (Above inset) LaPaglia on stage with his wife, Lori. PHOTO BY JESSICA GREGOIRE/FYLM STAFF

July 2013 • Forever Young Lifestyle Magazine • Page 7


Neil Zirconia (Chuck LaPaglia) serenades Caroline Saklad at a recent show at the Atlantis Country Club. PHOTO BY JESSICA GREGOIRE/FYLM STAFF

Page 8 • Forever Young Lifestyle Magazine • July 2013

that I would typically pay, if it was the real guy, $200 to get really bad seats for.’” LaPaglia typically sketches out a show based on the music he plans to sing, but much of the act is improvised as he goes along. “I really just go with the reaction of the audience,” he said. “Who knows what I’m about to do. Sometimes I go out into the audience or bring someone up to sing with me, but it really depends on the crowd.” The show is structured to have a really good beginning and powerful ending. “It builds during the show,” LaPaglia said. “I also throw in a little history of Neil Diamond to go along.” Aside from always wearing his hair long, LaPaglia underwent a makeover, including custom-made costumes, to get the most accurate Neil Diamond look. “We started off by going out and buying cheap shirts and putting bedazzles on them, to make them look nice,” LaPaglia said. “And as we started making more money and booking more outlets, Lori started making all my clothes, which has saved us a lot of money.” Ultimately, LaPaglia appreciates his fans and believes they are the reason why he enjoys what he does so much. “I love my fans because the kind of people who love Neil Diamond music are really good people,” LaPaglia said. “They are very loyal, follow me around and come from many walks of life, but all share that love for Neil Diamond music.” For more information on LaPaglia and his show, visit www. or call (561) 498-4930. FY

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Love may be all you need, but at Lourdes-Noreen McKeen we offer even more. A staff of professionals devoted to our residents. Three spacious, gracious types of residences that you make all your own. A breathtaking waterfront location overlooking Palm Beach and just steps from dozens of shops and restaurants. Deliciously fresh, healthy menus to restore body and spirit after the gym or an easy walk along shaded Intracoastal promenades. We are a family; your extended family, offering the very best care for seniors by the Carmelite Sisters and their team of skilled professionals since 1960.

All levels of senior care

under one roof • Independent Living • Assisted Living • Skilled Nursing • Premiere Rehabilitation Services

Assisted Living Facility #9213

315 South Flagler Drive • West Palm Beach, FL 33401 561.655.8544 •

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Forever Young Feature

Colorful Creations: Sheree Blum Is ‘Kicking Glass’ In Wellington By Alexandra Antonopoulos | Forever Young Staff Report

Walking into Sheree Blum’s home is truly stepping into her world. Photos of nature and family cover the walls, statuettes and books abound, her work fills the empty spaces. Glass bowls of all shapes, sizes and colors catch the ambient light and seem to glow, while others reflect sharp rays from the sun. Blum couldn’t be in better surroundings for her creativity to thrive. “I’ve always come from a family where everybody did art,” she said of her childhood. “We did watercolors on a rainy day or we built buildings and painted on them. It was just a norm of life. I’ve worked in a lot of different mediums, but I have many family members who I consider to be much more artistic than me.” Blum, owner and creator of Kicking Glass By Sheree, has been a Wellington

resident since 1990. She retired from the Palm Beach County School District in June 2012 to pursue a new adventure, not knowing what it might be. “I became a teacher when we moved to South Florida, and I worked with kids in the Glades. My master’s degree is in special education, and I specialized in emotionally handicapped children,” she said. Her years spent as an educator gave Blum the opportunity to bring artwork into the classroom, using it as a learning tool for children who sometimes had difficulty absorbing course material and staying interested in class. “Art and science really go hand in hand,” she said. “If we were learning about crystals in that unit, well, we made them.”

After more than 20 years of teaching, Blum felt it was time for a change, though she wasn’t sure what that change would be. “I always knew when my youngest child became a sophomore in college that I was going to do something different. I played with a million ideas. I really thought it would be something to do with teaching, but this just kind of fell into my lap,” Blum said. On the lookout for something to present itself as her post-retirement hobby, Blum met Wayne Taylor and Sheldon Bickford, proprietors of the Lee Art Glass shop, completely by coincidence, (Below) Glass artist Sheree Blum with some of her creations. Photo by Alexandra Antonopoulos

July 2013 • Forever Young Lifestyle Magazine • Page 11

FOREVER YOUNG FEATURE in Mount Dora last summer. After expressing her interest in glass, Blum convinced the snowbirds to take her on as their apprentice. She followed them up to their home in Winter Harbor, Maine, to study glass art under their guidance. “We became very good friends, and I stayed up there for a summer,” she said. “It was really cool.” Blum’s first job was with Anthropologie, the major retailer known for its dedicated following and Europeaninfluenced styling. “I was practicing at the Wellington Green Market, and I’d only been doing glass for three months at that point. A guy came through and bought about $100 worth of stuff.” The woman with him told Blum, “This is your lucky day.” And so it was. When Anthropologie called a few weeks later, Blum was ecstatic. “One day while I was working, I got a phone (Left) Sheree Blum’s glass pieces almost sell themselves. They are beautiful, functional and unique. PHOTO BY ALEXANDRA ANTONOPOULOS/FYLM STAFF

Page 12 • Forever Young Lifestyle Magazine • July 2013

call from Anthropologie. I was so excited, but I couldn’t even return the call because I was teaching,” she said. “We worked through the process, and they ordered some pieces. Right now I’m doing a restock for them. It was a real burst for me.” Since that time, Kicking Glass By Sheree has taken off and has allowed Blum to continue to explore the medium and expand her repertoire. “There was a hotel in Mackinaw Island that bought my dishes and they use them, and an art gallery that has my horse plates. They like the horse plates out west,” Blum said. To a certain extent, Blum’s glass sells itself. The pieces are beautiful, functional and unique. She describes the process to create her pieces as tedious but soothing, when she is in the right mood. Depending on the day and the weather, the glass might cool exactly as expected or it might not, with natural effects like bubbling or crazing taking place, which alter the look of the pieces.

After selling to Anthropologie, Blum decided it was time to see what kind of exposure art shows in other cities might bring for Kicking Glass. “I pretty much just picked out places that I wanted to visit,” Blum said of her first year selling on the road. “Last year we went to the Biltmore, and that was great.” Right now, she stays mostly on the East Coast, but she hopes to plan a trip that takes her farther afield. This summer, Blum will hit the show route once again. “We’re getting ready to go to St. Simon’s Island. I like it there a lot. It’s a very nice place to go because I do well there, but I also have two children who live in Jacksonville,” she said. “We’re going to Atlanta later this summer, too. I like to go somewhere at least once a month.” While Blum doesn’t know what exactly lies ahead for Kicking Glass, she does have aspirations to expand the business, and mentions that a brick-andmortar location with a larger shop and employees are a goal. More importantly,

Blum hopes her story will make people evaluate what they are doing with their lives, and whether it makes them happy. “When you get to a certain point in life, you have to make a thoughtful decision. Whatever it is, if you really want to do it, be brave enough to try,” she said. Wherever her art takes her, Blum plans to keep learning, growing and playing. “I like to stay busy,” she said. “I don’t want to just sit here; that’s not why I retired.” For more information on Kicking Glass By Sheree, visit www.kicking FY

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Clients Enjoy Home-Like Living In Wellington At A New Age Of Senior Care BY JESSICA GREGOIRE | Forever Young Staff Report

AT A NEW AGE OF SENIOR CARE, residents of the assisted-living facility are treated like part of the family. Located in Wellington, the 9-bedroom, 6-bathroom, 4,500-square-foot facility recently increased its bed capacity from 6 to 14. The husband-and-wife team of Tony Borges and Diana Yanes opened A New Age of Senior Care in December 2010 to provide quality care to local seniors. Prior to opening the facility, both were working in different careers — Yanes for the Bone Marrow Foundation’s recruitment department and Borges as an accountant. The idea to open their own assistedliving facility developed when Yanes needed a place for her elderly parents and 98-year-old grandfather to live. “My mother, who was taking care of my grandpa, had a health issue,” Yanes recalled. “She was no longer able to take care of him along with my dad.” Yanes and Borges diligently looked for a facility for her parents and grandfather to live, but were unsuccessful in finding one that fit their needs. “We didn’t like what we saw,” Yanes said. “Either the place was way too big, where my grandpa would get lost, and the small places, we just didn’t like the quality of care.” Yanes and Borges believe that their facility’s quality of care and service is what sets them apart from others. “We try to make it like a home,” Yanes said. “So when residents leave their homes and come here, they don’t feel like they’re in a nursing home environment, but their own home.” Friends who run assisted-living facilities encouraged Yanes and Borges in their mission. “One owner told us that they were turning people away because they did not have enough space to meet the demand,” Borges said. “There is a great need in this community for quality care, and we knew we could give it.”

Tony Borges and Diana Yanes, owners of A New Age of Senior Care. PHOTO BY JESSICA GREGOIRE/FYLM STAFF

To create A New Age of Senior Care, they began by remodeling a rental property they owned. “We already owned this building, the economy wasn’t doing so good, and we just didn’t want to be landlords anymore,” Borges said. Everything from the décor to the meals is designed in a home-like atmosphere. “Everyone eats together at the dining room table like family,” Yanes said. “It’s really like a big family, and residents really enjoy that.” A New Age of Senior Care maintains residents’ health by bringing in doctors and nurses through their healthcare providers. The facility also has nine caregivers on staff, providing 24-hour

Page 14 • Forever Young Lifestyle Magazine • July 2013

supervision. “We have supplementary care such as labs and a dermatologist,” Borges said. “Everything that the client needs for their health comes to the facility.” Being of Cuban descent, for Yanes and Borges, respect and proper care for the elderly is part of their culture. They applied this custom to their business. “They’ve become part of the family,” Yanes said. “Even our caregivers become like family, and we have all the same ones from the beginning.” A New Age of Senior Care is located at 1074 Hyacinth Place, Wellington. For more info., visit www.newageseniorcare. com or call (561) 847-4548. FY

My golf game? Better than ever thanks to Florida Eye, South Florida’s premier institute for diabetic retinopathy and macular degeneration treatments.

1397 Medical Park Blvd, Suite 380 Wellington, FL 33414

(561) 792-1205

Comprehensive Ophthalmologic Care for the Entire Family CLINICAL TRIALS · CATARACTS · GLAUCOMA DRY EYE · ADULT & PEDIATRIC STRABISMUS

Excellent care is par for the course

Wellington _____________ Boca Raton _____________ Boynton Beach

July 2013 • Forever Young Lifestyle Magazine • Page 15

5 Page 16 • Forever Young Lifestyle Magazine • July 2013


Luxurious And Therapeutic Experiences At Massage Envy In Wellington And RPB BY ALEXANDRA ANTONOPOULOS | Forever Young Staff Report

THE OWNERS OF THE NEW Massage Envy location in Wellington want clients to know that the benefits of massage do not have to be reserved for a special occasion or as an infrequent treat — rather, massage is vital for maintaining a healthy body. “Massage Envy has taken a luxury

and shown it to be a necessity,” said Bob Klubek, one of the owners of both the Royal Palm Beach and Wellington locations of Massage Envy. Bob owns the locations with his wife, Josie Kern, and her son, Kevin Kern. They became Massage Envy franchise partners in 2005 and have since wit-

nessed over and over the positive effects that massage can have on the bodies and minds of clients. “All ages benefit from massage,” Kevin said. “There isn’t one particular group that gets more out of it.” When it opened in 2005, the Royal Palm Beach location was only the second Massage Envy location in Florida. At the time, the partners never expected that they would have to expand. In January of this year, however, that is exactly what they did. Located in the Wellington Green Commons shopping plaza near Whole Foods Market on State Road 7, the new Wellington location is positioned perfectly to serve the area. “There are about 3,000 members at Royal Palm Beach, and we were reaching maximum capacity there,” Bob said. “The Wellington location is an extension of that.” Now that the owners have two Massage Envy locations, clients are able to schedule an appointment at either Royal Palm Beach or Wellington, which makes accommodating schedules much easier for the business and more convenient for clients. Between the two locations, there are 28 therapists available and, although it is best if a client makes an appointment ahead of time, daily walkins are welcome. “The Royal Palm location does anywhere from 90 to 120 massages per day, and since January, Wellington does about 50 or 60 each day,” Josie said. “At either location, we will take care of anyone who needs an appointment.” Bob noted that the key to reaping the pain-reducing and stress-relieving benefits of massage come with consistency. Once a specific modality begins to work for a client’s issue — whether that issue is overworked muscles, chronic (Top left) Massage Envy works hard to provide clients with a relaxing atmosphere. (Bottom left) Owners Bob Klubek, Josie Kern and Kevin Kern. PHOTOS BY ALEXANDRA ANTONOPOULOS

July 2013 • Forever Young Lifestyle Magazine • Page 17

FOREVER YOUNG FEATURE neck pain or stress — the client should continue to make regular appointments to treat it. “You wouldn’t join a gym and go once,” he said. “It’s the same with massage.” Although Massage Envy’s clientele range from young to old, male and female alike, it is worth noting that the company does work closely with the Arthritis Foundation and that many massage appointments are booked to relieve issues related to both rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis. “Massage Envy locations across the country partner with the Arthritis Foundation,” Bob said. “And in September, we host Healing Hands for Arthritis, a day where half of the proceeds from every massage go to the foundation.” In the past two years, Massage Envy and its employees have raised close to $1 million for the cause. Although massage is not a cure-all for serious disease, setting aside the time to relieve a fatigued body and mind is just as important as eating well and exercising to achieve overall health and

wellness, Bob said, especially if a client is suffering from joint pain related to arthritis. “Massage is very beneficial for treating all types of arthritis. We have many people who come with rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis and it does relieve their pain,” he said. All three owners mentioned that a client’s massage therapist is able to recommend a specific modality, or type of massage, that will work the best to treat their issues. Whether deep tissue, Swedish, hot stone or prenatal, each modality targets specific issues that can vary as greatly as the range of clients that they work on. The main point of focus for Massage Envy is, of course, the various forms of massage, but skincare sessions can also be booked. Like massage, skincare should not be viewed as frivolous or worthy only of “gifting” to others, Bob said. It is also an investment in one’s overall health. The skincare treatments provided by Massage Envy utilize the products and methods of noted dermatologist Dr.

Howard Murad, who for years has had a strong following in the skincare realm. “We offer Dr. Murad’s signature facial,” Bob said. “We use all of his products, and our staff is trained by Murad professionals.” Clients do not need to be members to book an appointment with Massage Envy, but there are benefits to monthly membership. Members pay $59 per month for one massage with additional massages running $39 each. Corporate memberships are available for $54 per month. Massage Envy’s new Wellington facility is located at 2615 State Road 7, Suite 500. It is open from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. Monday through Friday, and 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Saturday and Sunday. For more information, or to book an appointment, call (561) 692-7777. The Royal Palm Beach location is at 11021 Southern Blvd., Suite 100. Call (561) 422-8889 to book an appointment there. Appointments at either location can also be booked online at www.massageenvy. com. FY

Happy Hour 10120 W. Forest Hill Blvd., Suite 110 Every Wellington, FL 33414 Daily Wednesday 561.784.9796 From In front of the Wellington Green Mall $6 Selected 4 - 7 p.m. Martinis in the LA Fitness Plaza

Page 18 • Forever Young Lifestyle Magazine • July 2013

Kevin Kern, Josie Kern and Bob Klubek at the Wellington Massage Envy location.


July 2013 • Forever Young Lifestyle Magazine • Page 19


When it comes to world-class treatment, look no further than The Center for Bone and Joint Surgery of the Palm Beaches. Two of its doctors recently made headlines for surgeries they performed. Dr. Jorge Acevedo recently performed the first InBone total ankle replacement in south Florida and is one of only a few surgeons in the state trained in this procedure. The surgery helps patients suffering from ankle arthritis. Dr. Veronica Pedro recently treated a high-profile client, performing bone fragment-extraction surgery on boxer Lucian Bute, who was training for a bout to air on HBO. Compassionate, state-of-the-art orthopedic care are the hallmarks of The Center for Bone and Joint Surgery. Conveniently serving the Western Communities, including the surrounding Wellington, Loxahatchee, Boynton Beach and Belle Glade areas, the Center for Bone and Joint Surgery treats a complete range of orthopedic injuries and problems affecting all parts of the body. Staffed by 11 highly skilled, board-certified orthopedic surgeons, The Center for Bone and Joint Surgery of the Palm Beaches provides complete orthopedic care, offering the latest advancements in surgical and non-surgical treatment options tailored to your unique problems and circumstances. The Center for Bone and Joint Surgery offers specialized orthopedic treatments including arthroscopy, joint reconstruction, ankle replacements, hip, knee and shoulder replacements, as well as trauma and fracture repair. In addition, we treat sports-related injuries, hand, wrist, foot and ankle and injuries involving the musculoskeletal system. Whatever your orthopedic problem, the orthopedic surgeons at The Center for Bone and Joint Surgery of the Palm Beaches can help to get you pain-free and active again! Contact us today to schedule an appointment or request an appointment online. For more information on the Center for Bone and Joint Surgery of the Palm Beaches, call (561) 798-6600 or go to, follow them on Twitter at www. or like them on Facebook at

LOCAL SURGEON SAVES HAND OF PROFESSIONAL BOXER Dr. Veronica Pedro, a board-certified orthopaedic surgeon at The Center for Bone and Joint Surgery of the Palm Beaches, recently performed hand surgery on boxer Lucian Bute, current North American Boxing Federation light-heavyweight champion. Dr. Pedro, who has treated professional athletes for more than a decade, including golfers, tennis and baseball players, extracted several bone fragments from Bute’s hand during a 40-minute procedure recently. This condition is not common among most people, but is common among boxers, she said. And while most people with this condition don’t require surgery, Bute had a complication which was causing him pain, which is why he opted for the surgery, Dr. Pedro said. Bute, who resides in Laval, Quebec, but was born in Romania, is a former super-middleweight boxer. He was supposed to fight former light-heavyweight champion Jean Pascal in May at the Bell Center in Montreal, Canada. It was to air on HBO. It had to be postponed because of the injury and a new date has yet to be set. Bute could start training six to eight weeks after the surgery and box again at 10 to 12 weeks out, Dr. Pedro said. “His long-term prognosis is good, and I am expecting a full recovery with no long-term complications from this condition,” she said. So how did Dr. Pedro come to the make the acquaintance of Bute? “He trains at the same fitness center as one of our employees. She is the director of our outpatient surgery center, Palms Wellington Surgical Center. When he was having problems, the gym owner asked her for a recommendation for a local hand surgeon. I’m grateful that I was recommended,” she said. Dr. Pedro is a member of the American Medical Association, California Medical Association, Florida Medical Association, Palm Beach Medical Association, Neufeld Society, Southern Orthopedic Society, the Ruth Jackson Orthopedic Society and the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons. Her dedication to providing technically superb, compassionate

Dr. Veronica Pedro

and timely medical care to our patients is guaranteed. We look forward to the opportunity of working with you to serve your patient care needs. The Center for Bone and Joint Surgery of the Palm Beaches conveniently serves the Western Communities, including the surrounding Wellington, Loxahatchee, Boynton Beach and Belle Glade areas.


Dr. Jorge Acevedo, a board-certified, fellowship-trained orthopaedic surgeon and foot and ankle specialist at The Center for Bone and Joint Surgery of the Palm Beaches, recently performed the first Innovative PROPHECY INBONE® Total Ankle replacement in the South Florida. He is one of only a few surgeons in the state trained in the procedure. INBONE® Total Ankle is a prosthesis used to reduce pain and restore mobility. “The important thing about this implant is that it is the next generation of total ankle replacement. Unlike other total ankle replacements, it is the only implant that uses the same type of guidance system as we use in knee replacements,” Dr. Acevedo said. The implant is supported by an adjustable length and fixed bearing system to support the patient’s anatomy. The vertical fixation allows for less bone removal and leaves the fibula intact. Before total ankle replacements were available, the most common procedure was to fuse the ankle. “[A fusion] fixes it on one position. A woman would be unable to wear any kind of heel and it would create a more noticeable limp,” Dr. Acevedo said. An ankle replacement, however, allows a more normal function, he said. Patients with conditions that can lead to ankle joint deterioration resulting in pain, reduced range of motion and decreased quality of life, such as many different types of arthritis produce,

Dr. Jorge Acevedo

are good candidates for the procedure, he said. “Someone who is over the age of 50, is not too heavy and is not extremely active is ideal. The INBONE® Total Ankle is indicated for patients with ankle joints damaged by severe rheumatoid, posttraumatic or degenerative arthritis,” Dr. Acevedo said. The procedure uses cat scan guidance, which greatly simplifies Contents Prepared by the Marketing Department

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the procedure and reduces operating time. Tailor-made cutting guides reduce the need for x-rays during surgery and increases precision, he said. The results of ankle replacement today are good and the outcome of ankle replacement from a functional standpoint is better than that of fusion, Dr. Acevedo said. “Usually, total ankle replacements last 10 or more years. How long yours lasts will depend on your activity level, overall health and the amount of damage to your ankle joint before surgery,” he said. Dr. Acevedo’s other areas of specialization include sports medicine and lower extremity conditions. Dr. Acevedo has practiced orthopaedic surgery at The Center for Bone and Joint Surgery for more than 14 years. His clinical appointments include assistant clinical professor at the University of Miami School of Medicine, Department of Orthopaedics and Rehabilitation in Miami; past director of the Diabetic Foot Care Center at Wellington Regional Medical Center in West Palm Beach; past vice chief of surgery at Wellington Regional Medical Center in West Palm Beach and is a member of the board of directors at Palms Wellington Surgical Center in West Palm Beach. The Center for Bone and Joint Surgery of the Palm Beaches conveniently serves the Western Communities, including the surrounding Wellington, Loxahatchee, Boynton Beach and Belle Glade areas.


My Graduations: Grade School, Then High School, Then College And More

I JUST ATTENDED my grandson Nathan’s grade school graduation mass at Saint Clare’s Class of 2013. After doing the math, I realized it had been 57 years from my 1956 grade school graduation at Saint Monica’s in Philadelphia, 53 years from graduating from Bishop Neumann High School and 48 years from Drexel University! One thing we have in common is: Where the heck did all those years go? But now I can relive those golden years again through my grandchildren: Abigail, entering her second year at Indian River State College, and Nathan, a freshman at Cardinal Newman High School. Graduation from any school or training program is a big thing for the students, their parents and especially us, their grandparents. To see our flesh and blood succeed is priceless. What lies ahead for Nathan, his classmates and all grade school graduates nationwide is the best four years of their lives called high school! Wow, I still remember those days of yesterday. It was fun-fun-fun ’til my daddy took the T-bird away. Another enjoyable thing about being a grandparent is when I get a phone call from my grandchildren to help them with a school project, math problem or some other homework. It is one of those treasured moments we look forward to, helping our grandchildren. It doesn’t get any better, does it? I still remember each of my graduations... well almost! The one thing that stands out during the ceremony at my high school graduation is after receiving my diploma, I turned to friend Bobby sitting next to me and said, “This will be my last graduation!” Fortunately, I was wrong and went on to graduate from Drexel in 1965. By then I was married to my high school sweetheart and raising two of my five children! At this time, I would like to congratulate all my fellow

grandparents who had the good fortune to watch your grandchildren graduate this year. I share in your sense of pride in reliving our lives through our children and our grandchildren. So to all the graduating classes of 2013, congratulations. The world is yours, so go for it! That’s it for this month’s stroll down Memory Lane. I hope I jogged your memory and brought a smile to your face. Until next time, remember: We can’t help growing older, but we don’t have to grow up, so stay Forever Young. FY Joe Nasuti is an entertainment columnist for the Town-Crier newspaper. His Memory Lane columns feature memories from bygone days.

Here I am at graduation with my grandson, Nathan. July 2013 • Forever Young Lifestyle Magazine • Page 21


As Owner Of An Antique Store, I Love The History Behind Stuff, But Buyer Beware! I OWN AN ANTIQUES MALL, so I have a healthy respect And I’m sure that men, too, were welcomed to put their and curiosity about all things old and decrepit. As I myself playtimes to good use, but the reward items offered lead me age, I find that to be a good thing. to believe otherwise. There is a flashlight (given for obtainTo me, the Roaring ’20s, the Art Deco ’30s, the WWII ing two subscriptions not including one’s own), a pen/pencil ’40s and the family-friendly ’50s are all exciting and in- combination (for one subscription) and a book (The Blunders triguing decades. of a Bashful Man, author not credited). I suppose those might I wish I had been able to attend parties at the manse of the appeal to men but, otherwise, reward gifts include a faux Great Gatsby. I’d like to talk with diamond ring, a manicure set, a the architects who designed those box of stationery, a set of doilies, ultra-cool buildings of the 1930s. a sugar creamer tray set, a bead I heard a lot about World War II loom and one more most unusual from my dad and his brothers, enticement — certain death. and the 1950s? Well, you had to Well, no, it’s not advertised as be there. Hula hoops, Super Balls, “certain death” yet I wonder how Silly String and Cracker Jack all many flappers met their untimely rolled into one good time. demise by selling the two subBut go back even further and scriptions that would entitle them there are fewer people left to tell to the (and here I quote) “New me about it. I have to rely on hisRadium Necklace! Glows in the torical accounts and those, I am Dark! sorry to say, are starkly devoid of “If you want to create a sensathe history of everyday women. tion among your friends, get one Women mostly sat home and did... of these new mysterious necklaces what? from the dark forests of Bavaria. Well, I got a glimpse into someIt absorbs sunlight and glows in thing they did in a newsprint magathe dark. Surprising though it may zine titled Comfort, a publication seem, the beads change in color from 1888-1942 that sold for 20 from a pearly white by day to a cents per year and had a national rich deep violet tint at night. This circulation of 1,250,000. To me, the Roaring ’20s, the Art Deco strange phenomenon is explained On one of the final pages of this by the fact that the beads which ’30s, the WWII ’40s and the familymagazine — which is filled with compose the strand are treated friendly ’50s are all exciting and stories and articles aimed at “plain with a special radium bath. By a people” — there is a catalog of intriguing decades. I wish I had been very fortunate arrangement, we are sorts, showing the fabulous gifts able to attend parties at the manse of able to offer a limited quantity of one can receive by convincing these dainty European novelties.” others to subscribe. I guess that the Great Gatsby. I’d like to talk with the I can just see those Bavarians was the perfect “job” for a stay- architects who designed those ultra-cool now: at-home woman! The page is even “Klaus, ve found a buyer for the buildings of the 1930s. I heard a lot headlined, “Turn Summer Playradium necklaces.” about World War II from my dad time into Profit.” I am assuming “Aw, pshaw. And who vould the this “playtime” does not include dumbkof be?” and his brothers, and the 1950s? washing clothes by hand, plucking “AMERicans!” Well, you had to be there. feathers from countless chickens or “Ship them! Ship them tonight! dragging up water from the well out back. But, Klaus…” “Yes, Vilfred?” Deborah Welky’s humor column The Sonic Boomer is “Votever you do, don’t touch them.” published weekly in the Town-Crier. Follow her on Twitter “Javohl.” at and visit The Sonic I never said the history of antiques was pretty — just Boomer page on Facebook. pretty interesting. FY Page 22 • Forever Young Lifestyle Magazine • July 2013

Resort-style Independent and Assisted Living

Your Island Hideaway in the Heart of West Palm Beach The Word is O Reserve Yo ut! Hideaway ur Today

Set Sail for Lively Senior Living! With elegant restaurant-style dining, live entertainment and plenty of exciting social events, Fountainview feels more like a luxury cruise ship than a senior community. The locals are friendly, the amenities are luxurious, and there’s always something to do. But you’d better act now – the ship is filling up fast. Call today for your complimentary tour – and cruise into a whole new kind of senior lifestyle!

Resort-Style Amenities • Daily chef-prepared meals • Weekly live entertainment • Clubhouse, heated pool, hot tub and gazebo • Fitness and aquatic programs • On-site pharmacy services, groceries and personal shopping

• Active clubs and social events • Choice of spacious apartments w/walk-in closets • Large theatre/auditorium • Weekly housekeeping • On-site healthcare services

111 Executive Center Drive, West Palm Beach, FL 33401 • 561-697-5500 • Assisted Living Facility #7827

July 2013 Forever Young Lifestyle Magazine  

Celebrating the50-Plus Community of the Palm Beaches’

July 2013 Forever Young Lifestyle Magazine  

Celebrating the50-Plus Community of the Palm Beaches’