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HOT CHICKEN MADE FRESH TO ORDER Hot Chicks House Of Chicken Brings A Spicy Taste Of Nashville Here To Wellington STORY AND PHOTOS BY MELANIE KOPACZ

From the first bite into a “Hot Chick” sandwich, be ready for a complex sensory experience.The layers of tastes and textures combine hot with crispy and sweet within the softness of a lightly toasted brioche bun. The complex flavors make for a perfect mix, like the Music City of Nashville itself — home of hot chicken. Now, with its own twist on this southern favorite comes Hot Chicks House of Chicken, which is heating things up while bringing a taste of Nashville to the Pointe at Wellington Green. “All places have their own chicken sandwiches, but their spices are blended within the flour of the chicken. So, when they fry it, that’s how you get it,” co-owner Matt Nguyen explained. “But ours is actually dipped in that. You get more of the flavor of spices than frying it in the oil. It’s dipped into the spices after it’s fried.We basically glaze it.” It’s that dip into the spices that makes all the difference, creating mouth and eye watering bites. Hot Chicks is an eatery where birds of a certain spicy feather are flocking to get their heat fix made from a base of paprika, cayenne and habanero peppers, along with pickles to blend in with the heat. Guests can choose their heat level, however. “Most common is the medium, because it’s not overbearing, but it’s not underwhelming,” Nguyen said. “But we do get a lot of people who come in and order cluckin’.”

(Clockwise from top left) The crispy Korean Chicken Wings are spiced with Korean chili pepper and come made-to-order with five heat levels to choose from; the Nashville-style “Hot Chick” sandwich features juicy and crispy fried chicken loaded with layers of spices, made fresh to order with a heat level to taste and topped with sweet coleslaw, a bed of pickles and cheese on a toasted Brioche bun slathered with Hot Chicks’ signature “Cluck” sauce; the French fries are light and crispy on the outside with puffs of pillowy potato inside help tame the heat; and enjoy your meal with Hot Chicks’ house-brewed sweet tea. wellington the magazine | august 2022 49