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General Manager Erin Townsend at the front counter of Tree’s Wings & Ribs.

EVERY DAY BRINGS SOMETHING NEW Tree’s Wings General Manager Erin Townsend Enjoys The Challenge Of Keeping The Popular Local Restaurant And Bar Running Smoothly STORY BY DEBORAH WELKY | PHOTOS BY DENISE FLEISCHMAN

Erin Townsend had three children, all under age four, when she went looking for a part-time job in 2008. Little did she know, that part-time job would change her life. “I just wanted to work a couple of evenings a week, just to maintain my sanity,” she recalled. Townsend approached Andy and Linda Maynard, co-owners of Tree’s Wings & Ribs, a popular restaurant at the south

end of Royal Palm Blvd. She asked to be hired as a delivery driver. Unfortunately, no delivery positions were open, but the Maynards asked if she would like to try her hand as a server instead. “I had never served before, but I said I’d give it a try,”Townsend said.“I loved it. I loved interacting with different people every day, having different conversations. It still tickles me.” The job soon pivoted into a full-time

position, and before too long, the Maynards approached Townsend about becoming the restaurant’s general manager. “I was hesitant,” Townsend said. “I had absolutely no experience managing a restaurant. But they needed some help, and I do love a challenge. It was trial by fire, sink or swim. I accepted the job, and very quickly realized that I was in over my head.” wellington the magazine | august 2022 41