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A FOCUS ON COMMUNITY SERVICE New Wellington Rotary Club President Tiffany Rodriguez Aims To Get More People Involved In The Well-Known Service Organization STORY BY DEBORAH WELKY | PHOTOS BY DENISE FLEISCHMAN

Tiffany Rodriguez hard at work at her office.

36 august 2022 | wellington the magazine

To say that Tiffany Rodriguez is involved in her community is an understatement. This single mother of two teenagers deftly handles three management roles in her career, volunteers with the Women of the Wellington Chamber and has just taken over the reins of the Wellington Rotary Club as its 2022-23 president. “I first got involved in the Wellington Rotary in 2015 because the owners of my company needed me to represent them there when they weren’t around,” Rodriguez recalled. As general manager of Wellington Rx, director of business development for Oliver’s Harvest and general manager of the burgeoning Hive Suites office space, a luncheon meeting every Thursday was just one more thing on her calendar. “I asked myself, ‘What is this group? Older gentlemen meeting for lunch every Thursday?’ But once I started realizing what Rotary stood for, and once I got involved with their charitable events, I was having a lot of fun. It became a part of my lifestyle,” she said. Rodriguez soon discovered that the Wellington Rotary Club, as part of Rota-