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‘Modern Essayist’ J.C. James expresses himself through uniquely crafted words.

Wellington Man Creates Art Through Unique Wordcraft By Deborah Welky

There are times when something so momentous has happened, so joyous or so devastating, that we find it difficult to put into words. We want to commemorate the event but don’t know where to begin. That’s where Wellington resident J.C. James comes in. James is a modern essayist — perhaps the only one of his kind. He will interview you, research the event, draw upon artistic inspiration, compose the story in a style he calls “sophisticated rhyme,” then present you with a “Gift of Authenticity” — his words on a gallery-quality display. James has written more than 1,000 tributes, some of them for notable names such as golfers Sergio Garcia and Ernie Els, the late women’s polo pioneer Sunny Hale, and even Arrogate, the Louisiana racehorse that won

the Dubai World Cup last March. Sometimes, the tributes are for public display but, more often, they are intensely personal, destined to remain in the family as treasured heirlooms. Writing other people’s stories wasn’t originally James’ calling. Born in Brisbane, Australia in 1969, he came to the United States in the summer of 2000 as a youth soccer coach. Over the next 10 years, he also did some playing, and that meant a lot of travel. When he wasn’t on the field, James found himself waxing philosophical. “I got reflective,” he said. “I began

writing a few little things, and they started coming out in rhyme with a level of sophistication to them. I continued on from that point. Little stories would enter my mind. One turned into two, two turned into four, and pretty soon I had a collection. A few people I shared them with were very supportive and encouraging. They liked the perspective and introspection.” In those early days, he was writing material from his own head — personal experiences and observations. He was encouraged to publish a collection of those short stories and short rhymes. His first book was published in 2004 by Publish America. “It was a traditional book, marketed and distributed by them,” James said. wellington the magazine | november 2017


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