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GIT Barn Solutions has a proprietary system to keep horse waste under control.

GIT Barn Solutions Helps Equestrians Keep Horse Waste Under Control Story by Deborah Welky • Photos by Abner Pedraza

Everyone involved with horses knows that dealing with horse waste is part of the lifestyle. In fact, the more involved in the industry, the more manure there is to manage. There are glamorous facets to being an equestrian, but waste management is not one of them. Luckily, Wellington-based GIT Barn Solutions is there to help. As they say, what goes in, must come out. And if you’re a horse owner, you know that horses can consume a huge amount of food. All that food leads to a lot of manure. The amount of total stall waste per horse averages between 60 and 70 pounds per day — or approximately 12 tons of stall waste per year. Given that many equestrians own more than one horse, sometimes a dozen or more, you’re talking about a big problem. What do you do about that pile of waste? You call in the experts. GIT Barn Solutions will travel to your barn and relieve you of the problem. They have the shovels, the containers, the trucks, conveyor belts, gigantic troughs and transport vehicles. They have everything you need to properly dispose of equine waste with-

out the hassle. Best of all, they’re just a phone call away. And when it comes to horse waste, GIT Barn Solutions is one of the leading players in the industry, offering a new manure solution with closed, nonleaking containers that are better looking and keep flies away. Beginning in November 2015, GIT was contracted to remove manure from the thoroughbred racetrack Gulfstream Park West and its associated training center Palm Meadows which, together, attract 1,500 horses each winter. The owner of the company, Giuseppe Iadisernia, an ItalianAmerican breeder of Thoroughbreds headquartered in Ocala, visited Wellington later that year and saw loose manure piled in bins, attracting flies and other insects. wellington the magazine | november 2017


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