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New Equestrian Entertainment Awaits Spectators During The Winter Season Gladiator Polo is about to return to its birthplace of Wellington after a successful summer series in North Carolina. The concept originated in the heart of Wellington last January as a way to expand the reach of equestrian sports to fans of action-packed sports like hockey and football. Gladiator Polo combines elements of both field polo and arena polo, and in just under a year has garnered both a national and international following. Unlike traditional equestrian competitions, where audience participation is encouraged only before and after a rider competes, Gladiator Polo is fueled by a rowdy crowd. Spectators are encouraged to cheer on their favorite team throughout the match.

Two teams of three players are pitted against each other in a small, enclosed arena, giving spectators an up close and personal look at the action, similar to sitting on the boards at an ice hockey game. In this Roman-era themed event, horse and rider teams wear distinctive colors covering the players’ helmets all the way down to the horses’ leg wraps, making it easy for spectators to follow

the game and cheer on their favorite side. “We have been thrilled with the support and engagement of the fans and spectators surrounding Gladiator Polo this year at the Tryon International Equestrian Center and have been thoroughly impressed with the level of play we’ve seen across the board from each of the participating players,” said Mark Bellissimo, managing partner of the International Equestrian Group, management entity of Gladiator Polo. “Our goal is to expand this game on both a national and international level. We feel that these players and this atmosphere wellington the magazine | november 2017


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