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wellington | designer Rigoberto Garcia-Beliz enjoys the art of creating amazing rooms.

Rigoberto Garcia-Beliz Enjoys Bringing Together Different Cultures And Styles

By Julie Unger

When designer Rigoberto Garcia-Beliz walks into a room, he sees possibility. He sees the potential that a room has. He sees what can be, what isn’t quite right, and how to take someone on the journey from an ordinary room to a room that is amazing, colorful, elegant and fit for a magazine. Garcia-Beliz moved from Cuba to the United States when he was 22 years old, and has been living here, designing, honing his craft, for the past 37 years. “I went to school for interior design,” he explained. He studied at several different schools, including Florida International University. He has worked in Viva Furniture in Panama, El Dorado Furniture, and now, Rooms To Go, where he designs show rooms in different styles. When he isn’t working with major retail stores, Garcia-Beliz designs private homes, including those in Wellington.

Creating amazing rooms is something that Garcia-Beliz has been doing for more than 20 years, and his passion for design, for melding together difficult cultures, countries and styles, is apparent. Whether it is modern or traditional, the bottom line is that he wants to make a home look beautiful. “For me, it’s the creativity, and to make a house look really beautiful,” Garcia-Beliz said. “Sometimes you walk through houses and you don’t see that everything is proper. They buy something from here, from there and from there. They pick

those things, and it doesn’t work. You see the mistakes, and I like to help.” Garcia-Beliz takes great pride in helping others. He can see when they are overwhelmed, such as when they are shopping for that missing piece to complete their home. He is often able to listen, and then direct them toward a solution. wellington the magazine | october 2017


Wellington The Magazine October 2017  

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