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Orangetheory Wellington members perform leg raises for strength building.

Orangetheory’s Heart-Rate-Monitored Training Helps Members Meet Goals Story and Photos by Jack Lowenstein

Orangetheory Fitness Wellington is one of more than 500 Orangetheory studio locations worldwide offering heart-rate-monitored personal training, interval fitness programs. One of the main goals at Orangetheory is to strive for a calorie afterburn or the “excess post-exercise oxygen consumption” (EPOC) effect, as Studio Manager Kevin Cohen explained. According to this method, the body will continue to burn calories after exercise when pushing the body to its limits during workouts. “Depending on your height and your weight, things like that, you could burn from 300 to 700 calories 36 hours after the workout, as well as however many calories you burn in your workout,” Cohen said. The fitness club is a group-training facility, so clients are always working in groups when training at an Orangetheory location. Still, Cohen said they set up consultations with members who are working toward their own specific goals while exercising alongside others.

“Before anybody takes their first class with us, we have them come in 30 to 40 minutes early,” Cohen said. “We develop a personal touch and have them fill out a clientele intake form.” Those personal touches are what Orangetheory locations work toward to give every member a unique experience. “We go over their goals and see what they’re trying to accomplish, as well as introduce them to the trainer,” Cohen said. “It’s 20 minutes with us and 20 minutes with the trainer, and that’s pretty much how we get an idea for exactly what kind of workout we’re going to have for them and what we need to modify.” The moment they step into the gym, clients are given heart rate monitors to use during exercise, and then personal heart rates are displayed on LED wellington the magazine | july 2017


Wellington The Magazine July 2017  

July 2017 | ON THE COVER Trainer Gabriela Chacon leads classes at Title Boxing Club in Wellington. PHOTO PHOTO BY ABNER PEDRAZA | ‘Get Fit...

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