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Lake Nona’s Medical City Or l a ndo R e a l Estat e Defendi ng t he “G oa l”

A few moments with Orlando City Soccer Coach Marcos Machado

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An online magazine featuring Orange County Mayor Jacobs, The Brazilian Chamber of Commerce, VisitOrlando, Orlando International Airport, Orlando Regional International Council showcasing business, trade, lifestyle, events, and sports for Brazilians looking to visit for commerce, leisure, or trade.

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Lake Nona’s Medical City Lake Nona’s Medical City has transformed Orange County by creating a new economy, anchored by top-tier hospitals and nationally recognized medical research centers.

20 Orlando Real Estate Orlando Realtors International Council Brazilians are buying up Central Florida

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Defending the “Goal” A few moments with Orlando City Soccer Coach Marcos Machado A Brazilian TaeKwonDo Champion How a Brazilian family moved to Orlando and a Star was born

WELCOME TO CFBACC! Central Florida Brazilian American Chamber of Commerce is here to support the vibrant local Brazilian American business community

22 Business

Brazil… A real Benefit! From Creative Village to Florida Hospital’s Health Village Doing Business With Brazil is Good Business From heavy machinery to grape juice, there is business being done!

28 Numbers & Statistics

An overview of Brazil for Orlando, Florida

14 Hotspot Orlando

Macy’s launches new program in Central Florida to lure brazilian tourism to their doors Amazon forest café opens

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We were pleased and honored to see that the first issue of Orlando Green & Yellow was well received and that the community, both Brazilian expat and non, felt that it shows Central Florida’s less known, yet rapidly growing business sector. We intend to

continue reaching into the various areas of commerce to illustrate the magnitude of business that is currently being done between Brazil and Central Florida and the endless possibilities that exist within each sector of the marketplace. We love Orlando, the number 1 tourist destination in the world but this is not the focus of our publication. If you are doing business already or have thoughts of expanding your business to Central florida, our resources are second to none, and the business community and local Government leadership welcome you with open arms. It can be said that there has never been a better time to expand our relationship and to grow our economies, Central Florida is excited about its future and as more and more Brazilians visit, buy property, open businesses, and live either full or part time, our communities connect more each day.

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Editorial Team Publisher Justine Assal Chief Editor Juliana Scolari Contributing Columnists Mayor Teresa Jacobs, Ms. Carmenza Gonzalez, Ms. Amy Litter, Mr. Marcos Cigagna, Ms. Rosana Almeida, Ms. Juliana Scolari, Mr. Sean Slack, Ms. Janaina Brilhante Translations Roberta Romanelli Contributors Laiz Rodrigues –Hotspot Orlando, Laura McLoughlin, Sarah Wilkinson Advertising 407-401-9690 News Justine Assal Q&A Justine Assal Submissions

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Orlando Green & Yellow Magazine A bi-monthly, online showcase of Central Florida as a business, medical, high tech Mecca and the best place for family life for Brazilians interested in visiting for business, leisure, and trade is a publication of Floridalink LLC. & ORB Marketing Solutions Printed and published in the United States. Published 6 times per year. Copyright 2012 Floridalink LLC No portions of this work may be copied or reproduced without express written permission of the Publisher. We can be contacted at Floridalink LLC 407-401 9690

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Lake Nona’s Medical City Lake Nona’s Medical City has transformed Orange County by creating a new economy, anchored by top-tier hospitals and nationally recognized medical research centers. 8  orlando

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Medical City will help produce the miracle cures of tomorrow while creating thousands of high-skill, high-wage jobs today. Strategically located in Orange County, Medical City is home to the University Of Central Florida College Of Medicine, the Sanford-Burnham Medical Research Institute, the Nemours Children’s Hospital, the Burnett School of Biomedical Sciences and the MD Anderson Orlando Cancer Research In-

stitute. Under construction is the Orlando Veterans Affairs Medical Center, which also will be the national site for medical simulation training. Medical City is an example of what you can accomplish with smart public and private investment and collaboration. By 2017, the economic impact of the Medical City could top $7.6 billion annually, creating 30,000 jobs a year, $2.8 billion in annual wages and $460 million in yearly tax revenue. Last month, I toured Nemours Children’s Hospital, a state-of-the-art, $400 million facility that will welcome its first patients in October. From the arrangement of patient rooms and ceiling to floor window views to the unique feature that allows young patients to produce a colorful light show from their beds – no detail was too far out of reach for the team at Nemours. Nemours has attracted specialists like Dr. Carolina Guimaraes, who graduated from the medical school at Fundacao Universidade de Caxias do Sul and completed her residency at Hospital Mae de Deus in Brazil. Dr. Guimaraes, an expert in pediatric neuro and fetal imaging, is fluent in both English and Portuguese. She will be among the best and brightest physicians working at the new hospital. Like so many other talented professionals who have chosen Orange County as their new home, Dr. Guimaraes will see our region as a great place to live, work, learn and raise a family. I know because our quality of life is what bought my husband and children to Central Florida. I foresee the day when we are known as much for our research and high-tech medical care as we are our high-tech thrill rides and theme parks.

It is my hope that we can continue to build and nurture relationships between Orange County and Brazil as we explore international prospects and commerce relating to our Medical City. We are building on our strength in tourism, while moving ahead in manufacturing, high tech, life science and medical research. From a cluster of

theme parks and hotels we are moving toward a cluster of hospitals and research centers. In just a few years, Orange County will be more than a geographical center of Florida. I predict we will be the economic center, growth center, jobs center, political center and buzz center of Florida and perhaps the nation. I invite you to be a part of it.

Profile Teresa Jacobs Mayor Mayor Teresa Jacobs was sworn into office in Orange County on January 4, 2011. Mayor Jacobs is known as a champion of ethics reform, and is a strong advocate of public participation in the governmental process. Prior to being elected Mayor, Jacobs served as an Orange County Commissioner from 2000 – 2008. During her eight years

in office, she was elected to numerous state and regional boards, which she still serves on as Orange County Mayor. Jacobs and her husband Bruce have been married for 29 years and are the proud parents of four young adults. OC Connect –, Facebook – facebook. com/OrangeCountyMayor, Twitter –, Youtube – youtube. com/user/MayorTeresaJacobs

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Defending the “goal” A few moments with Orlando City soccer coach Marcos Machado The United States is dominated by several sports leagues. The NFL (American Football), the NBA ( Basketball), MLB ( Baseball), etc…Hundreds of thousands of spectators flock to see the games and the television ratings for championships like the Superbowl skyrocket every year. However, the “ little engine that could” which can be known as the “soccer movement” is growing. The MLS (Major League Soccer) league continues to add more teams and more cities. “Soccer only” stadiums seating 20,000-25,000 are being erected in cities like Houston and Kansas City. The fan base for the United States national team has grown and the popularity of the sport has past the Saturday morning parks watching little Tommy play his first game. A perfect example of this growth and momentum can be experienced right here in Orlando, Fl. Orlando is the home of the Orlando City Soccer club. They play in a third tier division called the USL. This division is just after the North American Soccer league and the MLS. The Orlando City team began playing in 2011 and are the current league champions. Now in 2012, they are well on their way to repeating with a current record of 10-1-2. The backbone of any soccer team is their defense. Orlando City hired former Brazilian professional soccer player and coach Marcos Machado to work with their goalies and strengthen the backline. As everyone knows, Brazil is the model and the epitome of soccer greatness. Sporting five world cup titles, numerous Copa America and Confederations Cup titles, and developing legends in the sport that are recruited to play all over the world. As such, I decided to spend a few moments with Mr. Machado and gain his unique, well experienced

10  orlando

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perspective on the state of soccer in general and more specifically here in the city beautiful. Machado was born and raised in Recife, Brasil. He grew up playing the goalie position and played for teams like Sport Recife, American Recife, and even played seven years in Portugal. He has been a goalie coach for over fifteen years as well. He moved to the United States 16 years ago with his wife, and raised three sons. “ I love Brazil”, Machado began during our discussion. “ However, I return there now when things are needed to be done. There is no way to compare the quality of life here in the United States and the opportunities here. This is my home.” It was an interesting comment to note considering the economic boom that Brazil is currently enjoying. They recently passed England as the 5th largest economic superpower. Orlando is a major hotbed for tourism and we just sur-

passed a record 55 million tourists…a major majority of these passengers come from Brazil and have helped stabilize our fragile economy here by spending in American stores and parks. You would think many Brazilians would want to return home and take advantage of this time of prosperity, but realty numbers and sales also support Machado’s position. Brazilians want to be here in Orlando and Miami. Brazil is also the next host of the world cup in 2014 and the Olympics and 2016. I

asked Machado is he felt a sense of pride, being a Brazilian and supporting these huge events. “ Of course”, he said with a smile. “ I support Brazil and what happens there. But this is my home. I am happy that many more opportunities and jobs will be created as a result of these events as well as many new facilities like soccer stadiums. “ SEAN: Let’s talk about Orlando City. With all of the success City has enjoyed to this point, what do you think the chances are of City one day joining the MLS? MACHADO: I think we can only control what we can control. The rest is political. Our focus in on the team and on the players. We have a strong organization, great coaches, and a great team. We have a solid training facility in Sanford, Fl and one day the Citrus Bowl will be renovated. So, let’s see what happens. SEAN: What are the major differences between soccer here in the States and soccer in Brazil? MACHADO: The biggest difference comes at the beginning of the player’s career. In Brazil, the emphasis is on trying to make a squad. Everything depends on it. Hundreds of players can be fighting for the same position. Families sacrifice so that players can try and reach their dream and eventually carry the family. The players in Brazil dedicate their lives to soccer. Here, some of the times the kids grow out of it and end up playing other sports like American football and basketball. This type of pressure helps develop Brazilian players. SEAN: How about coaching? The United States national team continues to get us excited and then eventually disappoint us. We have recently changed coaches and hired former German star Juergen Klinsmann as our coach. Do you think coaching is one of the reasons the US struggles? MACHADO: Actually, coaching here is much better than in Brazil. Not necessarily on the national level but at the youth level. When I was kid, most Brazilian coaches were former players. Brazilians are so talented, fast. So, the coaches would just say…”Hey, go find a way to

do this”. Here, coaches really preach fundamentals. I am a part of this movement at a young age as I have been a part of the Florida Rush and I am trying to develop players at a young age. SEAN: Orlando City sees about 800010000 fans per game which is pretty decent for a city not known to support local teams except for the Magic. Are you happy with the fan base so far or do you think there is room for growth? MACHADO: Sure, we are happy with our fans. But there should and could be more. Right now, we don’t have much press coverage at all from the local papers and the local television. We need the help of the local media to elevate our star players. I could walk into a coffee shop right now and see one of my players walk in and not a single head would turn. Because no one knows about them. We need help to continue to educate the fans about our team, because this is why fans come out. They come out to see the star players, wear their jerseys. And then, our numbers will rise. SEAN: I am fascinated by the return of the world cup to Brazil. It has been over 60 years since the Maracanzo or the big loss at Maracana stadium in 1950 to Uruguay. What are Brazil’s chances of hosting the title trophy in 2014? MACHADO: Whenever Brazil plays, they are always a favorite to reach the

finals of the Cup because of the talent. They have a lot of young talent on their team, but they need to find the right mix of older and younger players…the chemistry. Like we have here in Orlando. If the chemistry is there, Brazil will be dangerous. SEAN: What are Orlando’s chances of repeating this year? MACHADO: Well, I think our coach Adrian Heath does a great job of keeping us focused on the next game. We can’t worry about the championship right now. If we keep focused on the work we need to do now, we will have a good chance. SEAN: Talk about Marcos Machado the coach. What are your goals personally over the next five years? MACHADO: My focus is on Orlando City. I love this team and organization. I feel like I am part of something. I want to be a part of it as it grows, and hopefully one day we can play in the MLS, and I want to be a part of that. It is clear from our interview that Marcos understands the potential of the growth of soccer in the United States and more specifically here in Orlando. As the goalie coach, he is responsible for making sure clean sheets become the norm and for the defense of his club. Orlando City is in good hands, and we wish them the best of luck in the future.

Profile Sean Slack Sean is the former President of Marquis International and has been instrumental in bringing American and Brazilian companies together. In 16 years he has brought between $30-

$40 million into the Central Florida economy through his contacts and relationships overseas with stores like Burlington Coat Factory, hhgregg, Just For Feet, Macys, Toys R us, and the Sports Authority.

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41-year-old Monica Garcia is originally from São Paulo. She migrated from Brazil to Orlando with her family just over a year ago. In an interview to our magazine, she tells us how it felt to win the 2011 Taekwondo World Championship. Monica is an example of stamina and determination and the Brazilian community in Florida is very proud of her. What did winning the 2011 World Taekwondo Championship mean to you? The World Championship showed me I was capable and all I needed was to believe in myself. It was the result of all my training, hard work and perseverance. Making it to there, winning and seeing that it all paid off was unspeakable! After the competition, comes a sense of accomplishment and happiness. I can’t explain the feeling. It is so exciting to see that all my efforts were rewarded! Thinking about my training and seeing “it was worth it” is even better. By winning this title, I’ve grown up; not only as a taekwondo practitioner but also as an individual. I realized that you have to pursue your dream and - most importantly - trust yourself. Believe that you can. And I take it to life now.

I want to continue training hard. But above all I want to remain humble. I still have a lot to learn and to improve. No matter the age or the physical condition, within our abilities, each of us can make progress and evolve. It is amazing how many new things you learn when you engage in martial arts. What do you think made win? God, above all, besides all the support I received and my determination. I was determined to win and to do my best, in order to achieve my goal and overcome my own limitations. There were many times during my training when I thought of my goal and drew strength from where there was no more. The training was heavy! When I thought that I’d gone through the toughest day the next one was even worse. I had to stand the muscle pain, the bruising all over my

body and the weariness. There were many obstacles, but the will to win was greater. What did your family mean to you during this process? My family was very important. They all kept saying they believed in me and they knew that all my efforts would be rewarded. Who supported me the most was my husband. My kids were with me all the time, at all events. This was extremely important. It was crucial for me! As an athlete, what message would you like to send to the Orlando Green and Yellow readers? “Success is born of will, obstinacy and persistence. Even if you don’t reach your target, you will do wonderful things if you insist and overcome your obstacles”.

How did you train for this competition? I think practice is cumulative, each day makes a difference. As soon as I returned from the Pan-American the previous year I was already thinking about the World Championship. I began to believe more in myself. I trained every day, thinking about my goal, because I was willing to do anything to achieve it. What were you thinking before and during the competition? I was very focused. The experience of the Pan-American championship was very helpful. All I could think of was that I could win if I did my best. I have no words to describe my efforts and my thirst for victory. I simply can’t explain the feeling of being a world champion and seeing everybody happy for me. What are your plans from now on? orlando green and yellow 


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Macy’s launches


in Central Florida to lure

Recently, Macy’s enlisted the help of Sean Slack, owner of Marquis International, to drive Brazilian tourism into the doors of Macy’s locations. Sean’s efforts within the Brazilian community and bringing American and Brazilian businesses together have been well documented with stores like Just For Feet, hhgregg, Toys R Us, Burlington Coat Factory, and the Sports Authority. With such a renowned person on board, Macy’s chance at success is certainly high.

Macy’s also launched a major campaign within their stores “BRAZIL A MAGICAL JOURNEY” that focuses on the culture and beauty of Brazil via clothing, cosmetics, accessories, and other items. They understand the growth and power of the world’s 5th largest economy, and have placed a full court press on capturing this business. I was recently invited to visit the store by VP Store Manager Macy’s Florida Mall Murray Tolkov Jr. and capture the unveiling of the program first hand. It was an immediate success receiving two All Tour buses and several people from all over Brazil. The ambience was perfect; Brazilian music playing, special coupons for the groups in Portuguese, and even the entire friendly management staff made their way up front to greet all of the new passengers, along with AllTour group Coordinator Marcio Russo, James Meassick Sales Manager, Cortney Whitlow, Jackie Aponte, and Mustafa Hovic. The fact that Macy’s is well known in Brazil helps the brand and will enhance the itineraries of all types of tour operators and agencies. Working with companies like All Tour of America and Suncoast USA and eventually several others, the steady stream of Brazilian tourism will flow. “Macy’s is only interested in working with the orlando green and yellow 


best, most respected companies and operators because quite frankly, they are the best.”, Sean said. “ They recognize the importance of harnessing the power of the tourism industry, and will form partnerships within the tourism community that enhance their brand and allow for the passengers to enjoy a focused, genuine experience.”Eventually, the program could possibly be expanded to include South Florida and New York as the growth curve will be very rapid heading into the peak season in Orlando….July. “ I anticipate the response within the Brazilian tourism community will be quick and decisive, and the majority of operators will be contacting us soon to be a part of this exciting program.”

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As far as we could see, Macy’s has embraced the Brazilian culture and is well on their way to continuing as one of the best retailers on the planet. We wish them the best. With a beautiful Amazon Indian to greet all the guests, the exquisite food, colors, combinations, and feel of the Jungle, The Amazon Forest Cafe opened for an exclusive night just for special guests and media. During the event a capoeira show from Master Lazaro- Capoeira Brazilian pelourinho, a samba performer, and

the The Art of Soco Freire, exposed in the restaurant, proving one more time that Brazil is a great success no matter what. So get ready, to amaze yourself, to treat yourself to this great different combination of colors, and amazing tastes of the Amazon. Located at Orlando Crossings, at 5417 International Dr. the new eatery is the hottest place to taste the best quality Amazon delicacies in Orlando. Fabricio and Felipe are the youngest Brazilian entrepreneurs in Orlando, working hard, and they believe that the trilogy Amazon Forest Franchise, Amazon Forest Combat ( MMA), and Açai will be the best investment to any person that is looking for a big hit. Not only because of the opportunity alone but because they truly believe that by 2015 Amazon Forest Cafe will be one of the top chains in the US. Their model is simple; fresh food, natural juices, smoothies and Açai. Yes! remember this! Fresh to the last drop!

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Our Mission The mission of the Central Florida Brazilian American Chamber of Commerce is to facilitate the relationship and business partnerships, to create or increase trade and investment among its members 7512 Dr. Philips Blvd #50-354 Orlando, FL 32819

407 610-7158

The Official Translator

Translation services From Portuguese into English and from English into Portuguese. All types of simple and technical written translations. Helping clients from Brazil and abroad. Contact info orlando green and yellow 

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The Real Estate Market

What is a REALTOR?

It is a great honor to write an article to Orlando Green & Yellow about one of the most discussed topics today: Florida real estate market, coveted by all international investors. We are experiencing a great time to do real estate businesses, whether you want to buy a property to live or just a vacation home to invest. Historically, house prices have never been so low - even lower than construction costs. The new projects here cost much less 20  orlando

green and yellow

than real estate in Brazil. We are living a unique moment. However, what often holds an investor from buying a property in Florida is not understanding how the entire process works. We, Realtors, are ready to answer

all kinds of questions, guide the investors and provide all the information you need to make an organized and peaceful purchase, without taking any risks. Before taking any actions, the buyers should seek professional help, and these are the main steps to be taken:

 Identify the property that better suits each costumer (whether for investment, leisure, housing, trade, manufacturing or land);  Get information on financing, pre-approved credit and all required documents;  Technical inspection of the property, made by a specialist;  Have a title company gather all documentation of the property – supervised by the Realtor;  Ensure the client gets the appropriate insurance;  Identify the best way to transfer money;  Prepare closing (delivery of the keys), make the final inspection of the property, check the documents and prepare the final deed;  Hire a company to manage your property, take care of maintenance, pay the bills, rents etc.

But what does the government require of a professional who wants to become a Realtor? And from the standpoint of the investor, what are the benefits? The first step for a professional to get his license is to attend a training course that lasts more than 60 hours. Each applicant is evaluated through a test taken at the educational institution of their choice and each application must be approved by the State Government. Then the FBI tracks the person. Once the application is approved, the candidate is ready to take the test. Only after being approved the person can get his license, issued by the Department of Professional Regulation of their State, to work as a real estate agent. Now, the licensee may work as a real estate agent, but his license must be under the supervision of a broker, i.e., they cannot yet have their own real estate agency. Compulsory education never stops. We must comply with a schedule of refresher courses. Failure to comply with any of these stages or deadlines will cause the

agent to lose his license. But only the courses and tests do not make a good Realtor. Just practice and day after day experience can make an experienced professional; able to face the changes and innovations of the market in a responsible, professional and ethical way. The real estate agent in the US is regulated, supervised and must comply with very specific laws. Another side of our activity that surprises the Brazilians is the computerization of our industry. We have amazing tools at our disposal, like the MLS (Multiple Listing System), a unified and complete database, containing every single property that is available for sale or rent. The agents pay for this service and have complete access to the status of the property - if they are still on sale or have already been sold, for how long, a complete description of the property, photographs, location maps and much more. All this linked

with a form system that draws up contracts, addendums, listings and costumer communication. In short, an awesome tool! My fellow real estate agents from Brazil are amazed at such technology. But what is the difference between a licensed real estate agent and a Realtor? The Realtor is a real estate agent that is a member of an association, the National Association of Realtors, which follows high standards of service, provides constant training and has political representations in various levels of the government. A real estate agent is not required to be part of this association, but in this case he will not have the title of Realtor and will be just a Licensed Real Estate Agent. As an expert, I suggest that everyone who wishes to invest in Florida seek professional assistance of an associated agent. Rosana R. Almeida


Rosana Almeida Principal Broker and Owner

of Florida Connexion Properties LLC and Florida Connexion Property Management Graduated in economics at FEA – University of São Paulo, with a Masters in Business Administration also in FEA – University of São Paulo. She has worked in the area of Information and Resource Management and Technical Staff within the University. Rosana was business consultant for several

companies in Sao Paulo. Resides in Florida since June, 1999, and is an entrepreneur in the area of services. She was president of the Brazil Chamber of Commerce in Central Florida for 2 consecutive years. Now, licensed real estate broker in Florida and in 2007, started the company Florida Connexion, which specializes in the structuring of real estate for foreigners wishing to invest in Florida.

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Brazil… A real Benefit! Florida is very robust, but even the most optimistic of people can admit that we have experienced some decline following the worldwide economic downturn. However during the last year Florida has benefited from the influx of Brazilian companies, entrepreneurs and visitors. The Orlando region in particular continues to benefit by the millions of Brazilians like coming to Orlando to shop, enjoy the entertainment capital of the world, and experience quality of life. The region is proud to continue welcoming Brazilians on a daily basis as we know what they are looking for… the best opportunities to invest both in busi-

22  orlando

green and yellow

nesses, developments, and of course, real estate! It is well-known that 8% of foreign buyers of homes in Florida are Brazilians – that is quite a substantial number. Brazilians have long since had a love affair with Miami, however the statistics w show that the Orlando region is becoming a firm favorite. Why? Well for those of us who live

and work here, we know Orlando has a lot more to offer than just a great time at the entertainment parks. We have the Medical City at Lake Nona, which you might have already read about. The Creative Village builds upon the success of Orlando’s digital media industry. The vision for Creative Village focuses on creating a true “live, learn, work, and play” urban destination through a development plan that supports a synergistic and dynamic mix of uses including office/ creative studios, higher education, K-12 education, mixed-income residential, retail/commercial, and hotel. There will be many opportunities for Brazilians to invest in this project. North of downtown Orlando, we also have Florida Hospital Innovation Park at “Health Village” which will integrate both public and private partnerships in an environment that encourages whole person living and hope for the future. It will be a destination for visitors like you seeking world-class healthcare. Condo-

miniums, hotels, an a great transportation system will be built. Switching thoughts to trade, I have a business partnership with DAVNA Enterprises, LLC which has traveled to Brazil in an effort to find and procure work for USA Architectural, Engineering and Construction (AEC) firms interested to grow their business. With the award of the 2014 World Cup and 2016 Olympic games bid and Brazil looking at more than $3 trillion in infrastructure and vertical construction over the next 4-5 years. DAVNA formulated a program that would allow AEC firms to explore opportunities internationally by partnering with Brazilian firms in the pursuit of this work. More details to come. It looks like the incoming Brazilian trend will continue well into 2012. TAM will be offering a direct flight from Rio de Janeiro to Orlando in October of this year to add to the existing twice daily schedule. Brazilians economy looks strong and with Orlando being easier to get to than ever, we look forward to welcoming many more Brazilians to the area in the future.

Profile Carmenza Gonzalez Carmenza U. Gonzalez is the Founder and CEO of CZA, Inc. As the former vice president of international business development for the Metro Orlando Economic Development Commission, she brings to the table over ten years of experience in identifying key industries and trends that can have a positive impact on the economic growth of the Central Florida region. Mrs. Gonzalez attributes the early success of CZA, Inc. to

her extensive travel to prime international markets, which have enabled the company to establish a healthy network of investors and collaborators around the world. Her active involvement with local businesses and community organizations have also contributed to CZA, Inc.’s A-list standing in the Central Florida region as a leader in business development across all categories.

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Doing Business with Brazil



Brazil’s largest trading partner.

With a gross domestic product (GDP) of approximately US$800 billion, Brazil represents roughly half of the South American territory and economy. The country is rich in agricultural, mineral, and industrial resources and offers substantial market opportunities for US importers and exporters in a diverse array of sectors. The US and Florida itself, continues to be one of 24  orlando

green and yellow

Market Opportunities Brazil has a diversified industrial sector as well, with many opportunities for both large and small U.S. businesses. It is often difficult for U.S. businesses to take advantage of public sector opportunities due to the need for government procurement. Despite partial liberalization in recent

years, the complexities of Brazil’s business environment still create obstacles for US exporters/importers. Doing business in Brazil requires intimate knowledge of the local environment, and the choice of a good association. The country’s current account was positive in 2010/2011, as in 20082009, and is expected to be so in 2012.

Agents/Distributors critical for most companies Although some companies import directly from foreign manufacturers without local representation, in most cases the presence of a local agent or distributor can be very helpful. As in other countries, the selection of an agent requires careful consideration. In general, larger companies will have a wider net of sales offices and smaller agents will be geographically limited. Because of regional economic disparities, poor infrastructure and a host of other issues, it is often difficult to find one distributor that had complete national coverage. Lawyers recommend that exporters and representatives have a written agreement to help exporters limit liability in case of product defects, protect a trademark, better ensure payments and define a warranty. Some firms even establish an office in Brazil. With each of these options, and because Brazil’s business culture is one largely based on personal relationships, it is often best for a U.S. company to visit Brazil to meet one-onone with a potential partner. At the very least, a U.S. business should receive credit information on a potential partner from a well-respected source.

To conclude, it remains to remember that large networks of Brazilian Restaurants (eg “Fogo de Chão”; “Giraffa’s” and others) are expanding their U.S. market share. Brazilian business is out there and it can come in many ways and the opportunities only look to be getting bigger. The key to this is understanding the culture and the way things work – get to know the local Brazilians!


In practice However, despite the difficulties, US companies do find ways to do business in Brazil, as illustrated by the two actual examples below. The first was an export of over $800,000.00 in heavy machinery (Fork Lifters and the like), made by our Company (World For You) to a major Bonded Warehouse in São Paulo Embragen - which has renewed and expanded its fleet of these machines. The second - still ongoing - is about Brazilian Growers Exporting Concorde Grape Juice , on a wholesale basis, in bulk, to be bottled and distributed by an American company here in the USA (business reaching approximately $ 600,00.00 / year)

Marcos Paulo Cigagna Consultor - Receita Federal / Perito Judicial • Marcos P. Cigagna : Bachelor in Science of Engineering at Mackenzie University - SP and a MBA degree in Administration at College of Business Administration of Santos , is an action- oriented multilingual (06 languages) executive with over 35 years of increasingly responsible positions in all phases of Management, Business Development, Consulting and Project Engineering. As a former Brazilian Customs Expertise Officer (22 years) and on the Circuit Court of São Paulo as Legal Expert Witness

for the Court, specializes on International Trade and Customs Laws, Classification and Products Valuations. He has also an extensive knowledge of the Brazilian Market and related Services and Suppliers for it. • In 1980 had a degree as a Member of ADESG – Brazilian Superior School of War, and received the Title of Friend of Navy – 6th. Naval District – SP - Brazil • Become a District Export Council Member – Central Florida Chapter on 2009. • Since 1999, through WFY Consulting (see ) helping American and Brazilian Companies doing business together. • Marcos P. Cigagna: Bacharel em Ciência de Engenharia da Universidade Mackenzie - SP e MBA em Administração pela Faculdade de Administração de Empresas de Santos, é um executivo mltilingue (06 línguas) com mais de 35 anos de posições cada vez mais especializadas em todas as fases da Gestão de Empresas,

de Desenvolvimento de Negocios, Consultoria e Engenharia de Projetos. Como Perito Engenheiro da Alfandega Brasileira por 22 anos e como Perito Forense na Comarca de São Paulo para o Tribunal de Justiça, especializou-se em Comércio Internacional e Legislação Aduaneira, Classificação Alfandegaria e Avaliações Tecnicas de produtos. Tem tambem um amplo conhecimento do mercado brasileiro, serviços a ele relacionados e fornecedores. • Em 1980 foi diplomado como membro da ADESG Escola Superior de Guerra do Brasil, e recebeu o Título de Amigo da Marinha – 6º. Distrito Naval - SP - Brasil • Tornou-se membro efetivo do District Export Council - DEC Central Florida em 2009. • Desde 1999, através da WFY-Consulting (ver www. ele está assessorando American and Brazilian Companies doing business together.

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An overview of Brazil for Orlando, Florida According to the US Department of Commerce, the top destinations visited by Brazilians have been Florida (Orlando and Miami), New York, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Boston, Washington DC, Chicago, Dallas, Houston and Colorado. Last year (2011) 1.8 million passengers arrived in the US from Brazil. 28  orlando

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Every month there are around 1,904 flights bringing passengers from Brazil to the USA; each flight takes an average of 8 hours. The US Travel Association has been working hard to encourage Brazilians to take advantage of joining the US Visa Waiver Program. Discover USA has as one of their primary campaigns marketing USA destinations in Brazil. Brazil is the seventh largest economy in the world, the fifth largest population, the sixth largest automobile production, and it is the world leader in soybeans. Today, Brazil produces 80% of the world’s orange juice and it is the fifth largest

source of tourists to the United States. According to Enterprise Florida, Brazil is the number one trading country partner with Florida, with more than US$ 16 billion in bilateral trade; in 2011-2012, Florida exports to Brazil exceeded $13.8 billion. In 2011-2012, Florida imports from Brazil were $2.2 billion. Brazil, as it has been since 1998, was again Florida’s top trading partner. Florida captures 22% of all U.S.-Brazil trade. According to Brazil index mundi, Brazil imported: $181.7 billion (2010 est.), a huge growth compared to $127.7 billion (2009 est.) Brazil Import partners are: US 15%, China 14.1%, Argentina 7.9%, Germany 6.9%, South Korea 4.6% (2010) Brazil Exported: $201.9 billion in (2010 est.), compared to $153 billion (2009 est.) Brazil Export partners are: China 15.2%, US 9.6%, Argentina 9.2%, Netherlands 5.1%, Germany 4% (2010) According to Florida Trend Magazine, Brazilians have played a large role in investing in Florida with businesses, real estate and tourism. Brazilian companies have an interest in coming to Florida and testing company ideas from an American consumer point of view. There is a huge similarity in Latin culture between the two continents. Recently a company “Americas Natural Caffeine” decided to place their manufacturing plant in Riviera Beach, Florida. Planning on investing around $25 million, it will create 75 jobs, paying on average $62,000 per year. Another company newly invested in Florida is Brazil’s largest restaurant chain “Giraffas”, which opened its first chain in North Miami the summer of 2011, costing $600,000- $1,000,000 to open and employing 25-30 people. Real estate is also a hot item to purchase for Brazilians. Brazilians played a key role in soaking up Miami’s distressed real estate to the point that developers began new condo projects. Aircraft maker Embraer opened its first factory in the United States in Melbourne, Florida to make executive jets, and in December it opened a new customer care center there. Burger King was bought by a


Janaina Brilhante Janaina is a native of Fortaleza Ceara, Brazil. After graduating from Law school in 2006, she worked as a lawyer and decided to move

to the USA since she studied as an exchange student for one year at Spruce Creek High School in Port Orange, Florida, in 1995. Janaina became a full-time resident of the United States in order to earn a Masters Degree in Business Administration. She graduated last year from Everest University. Janaina currently writes for Nossa Gente the Brazilian Newspaper, and she has worked as both a journalist and as a marketing representative having the primary task of attracting Brazilians to vacation and

Brazilian Company in 2010. Brazilian investor BVCC bought an office building for $33 million in Boca Raton. Boldini Ships announced in 2011 plans to build 5 ships in Callaway, Florida with an opportunity to allocate 300 jobs. Bank of Brazil also established business in Orlando, and Bank of America hired a call center with Portuguese speakers as well Dish Network. Taking advantage of Brazil’s booming economy and strong currency, Brazilian tourists went shopping abroad last year, spending more than US$20 billion, notably in the United States and France according to Brazil’s Central Bank. They also said that was the record foreign spending on jewelry, cosmetics, Ipads, clothes, perfumes, baby carriages and even homes, up 22% over the figure for 2010. According to data, popular class A and B in turn reached 30 million people in 2010. Class C became the largest social class in Brazil in demand for goods and travel, with a total credit and available money estimated at US$ 881 billion dollars. US Department of Commerce says that Brazilians spent the most per capita in 2010, around US$5.9 billion, or nearly $5,000 per person. José Francisco Salles Lopes, a senior official at the tourism ministry says: “Brazilians spend all they have; if they have US$5,000, they spend US$5,000.” It

shop in the United States. Janaina also serves as a representative and Director of the Brazilian Chamber of Commerce. Janaina has traveled extensively throughout the United States and the attractions listed on this site designated as “Janaina’s Picks” are all places she has visited and personally recommends to Brazilian travelers. She is in a process of changing the name BrazilTravelTech with her partners and soon will come up with a new and exciting name.

is well know that Brazilians come most of the time with no luggage, having the primary task of buying their luggage here and just simply buying whatever will just fit in their luggage. It is also well known that Orlando is the Brazilian’s favorite destination, due to the weather, proximity to Brazil, the shopping outlets, Disney, Universal Studios, SeaWorld group, Orlando Balloon Rides and hundreds of entertainment options that Orlando offers, which make it really attractive; it is every kid’s dream to come and post their best pictures for their friends. There is actually no particular age to enjoy Orlando; it just makes everybody smile. Orlando is one of the biggest gateways, with daily and direct flights from Brazilian Tam airline. There are other flights leaving from Brazil with connections, including Copa airlines, Avianca airlines, Aerolineas Argentina, Lan airlines, Lan Peru airlines, Taca airlines, Mexicana airlines, and Aeromexico. It is important to mention about charters during the peak seasons. Orlando has a strategic location, even encouraging Brazilians to visit other cities that are close. Why not visit St. Augustine - “our history it is not the same old story” - only two hours and fifteen minutes from Orlando. Among Brazilians’ favorite destinations really close to Orlando are Tampa, St. Petersburg, and Clearwater and soon Key West and Fort Myers. orlando green and yellow 



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