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Orlando: Where Entrepreneurial Dreams Come True — Eric Ushkowitz


Brazilian Investment Dollars Find Way To Central Florida



The Dream of Living in Florida

Incentives for Opening Businesses in Florida

— Rosana Almeida

— Prof. Dr. Attila Andrade Jr.

— Danna Olivo



Get Ready Orlando!!! The Time is Now — Sean Slack


Brazil: Winds Of Change Could Have Significant Impact Here In Orlando

CFBACC- Business After Hours -Drury Inn + Suites Orlando

— Sean Slack

— Laiz Rodrigues

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Where Entrepreneurial Dreams Come True

6  orlando

green and yellow

Orange County

Orlando may really be the place where dreams come true, and not simply for our world renowned theme parks. With our great weather, an abundance of post-secondary educational institutions, emerging centers of medical and high tech industries, and a population with a knack for entrepreneurship and innovation, it’s no wonder that “ the City Beautiful” is home to 2.2 million residents and welcomes over 50 million travelers each year . Recently, the National Entrepreneur Center (NEC) celebrated its 10th anniversary, having been founded in 2003 as a joint venture between Orange County Government, Walt Disney World, and the University of Central Florida (UCF), as a singular place for entrepreneurs to seek support. The NEC offers easy access to 11 programs, which provide business assistance to entrepreneurs. This year alone, the center has coached more than 12,000 small business leaders. In its decade-long existence, the NEC has helped and trained more than 100,000 small businesses and facilitated more than $150 million in small business loans. In a recent ceremony celebrating the 10th anniversary of the NEC, Nancy Gidusko, Director of Community Relations for Walt Disney World, shared the story of one of the most famous entrepreneurs to call Central Florida home: Walt Disney. His early filmmaking career was fraught with failures, including the bankruptcy and loss of his first company. But after going on to make the world’s first cartoon with sound, Mickey Mouse,

Walt Disney’s creativity and innovation would lead him to great success in multiple different industries beyond film. In fact, it was when Walt Disney reimagined the amusement park that he left his greatest mark on Central Florida. Before the opening of Walt Disney World, amusement parks were not reviewed as “vacation destinations”. With Walt Disney World,

the exact opposite was true – overnight, WDW became an instant hit. Simply by thinking differently, Walt and his brother Roy created a vibrant and successful business, and gave birth to this region’s tourism industry that has been a powerful economic engine ever since. Walt Disney’s story is important because it represents the permanent impact that innovation and entrepreneurism has on our state and to our economy. Today the Walt Disney Company is the world’s largest media and entertainment company and Orlando is the theme park, attraction, and amusement park capital of the world. None of this would have been possible without entrepreneurs like Walt and Roy Disney. In Orlando, we share the same belief that they did. We believe in entrepreneurs, giving them guidance and support early on help foster stronger, high-growth companies while helping them to avoid unnecessary government regulations, particularly in this recovering economy. Our natural instinct is to guide and nurture these small businesses to give them the best chance to succeed in an increasingly competitive global marketplace.

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Much like Walt Disney World, the University of Central Florida shares a similar tale. When the first discussions were held regarding the creation of a university in Central Florida, the Florida legislature opted to put UCF (known then as Florida Technology University) on the far east side of the county, among the citrus groves and scrub pines. In the early 1960’s, the citrus and aerospace industries dominated the area. Few people opposed the creation of a new university so it seemed like an ideal place. Like Walt Disney, UCF blazed new trails, both literally and figuratively. Since its founding in 1963, UCF has become the second-largest university in the country, recognized worldwide for its research and facilities, and continuing to grow. UCF’s entrepreneurial ecosystem is among their most recognized efforts, receiving praise for its contribution to innovation and job creation across Central Florida. It includes UCF’s Technology Transfer Services, Venture Lab, the UCF Business Incubation Program, and the Florida 8  orlando

green and yellow

Economic Gardening Institute with its GrowFL program. The UCF Business Incubation Program (UCFBIP) and the Florida Economic Gardening Institute’s GrowFL program have helped companies create more than 7,400 new jobs since 1999. GrowFL was introduced in 2009 to assist successful small companies in growing to the next level. As the only statewide organization focused exclusively on second-stage and emerging secondstage companies, GrowFL uses strategic research and peer-to-peer mentoring to help those companies both improve their performance and expand, creating sales and jobs in

the process. The organization also recognizes the top 50 up-and-coming second-stage companies across the state during its annual “Florida Companies to Watch” gala. The UCFBIP partners with local governments to provide early-stage companies with the tools, training and infrastructure needed to be successful and create high-growth businesses. Since its founding in 1999, this selective program has worked with more than 300 companies, which have generated more than $500 million in annual revenue since the organization’s inception. The university has provided expertise and consulting support to help local governments create

Orange County

nine business incubation sites throughout Central Florida. The UCFBIP has been recognized internationally for offering best practices in business incubation, most recently being named the 2013 “Incubator Network of the Year” by the National Business Incubation Association, the world’s leading organization advancing business incubation and entrepreneurship. The UCFBIP recently introduced two new initiatives: the Veteran’s Initiative, which works with local veteran entrepreneurs, and the Soft Landing program, to assist foreign companies wishing to enter the US market. In the first initiative, the UCFBIP joined forces with Kauffman FastTrac to help Central Florida veterans by offering the “FastTrac NewVenture for the Veteran Entrepreneur” course. This course is available to veterans who have an idea for a new or expanding business, but need a plan and framework for successful starting a company. Participants will benefit from 30 hours of training, along with a support network of experienced

veteran entrepreneurs, mentors, and advisors. The course, a value of up to $700 per person, is offered at a discounted rate to veterans. The second initiative, the “Soft Landing” program, was created to help companies from other countries that are interested in doing business in the U.S. The program offers


Eric Ushkowitz Eric joined Orange County Government in August 2011 as the Economic Development Administrator, where he oversees the County’s Office of Economic, Trade & Tourism Development. Eric currently serves on the Board of Directors for the National Center for Simulation and Workforce Central Florida as well as the National Entrepreneur Center. Previously, Eric worked at the Metro Orlando Economic Development Commission where he was the Director of Life Sciences and focused on the growth of the Biotechnology industry in the Central Florida region. In that role, he was also the Director of bioOrlando, which serves as the

Central Florida Chapter of BioFlorida. Prior to his foucs on Life Sciences, Eric was the Director of Technology Industry Development where he was responsible for the Modeling, Simulation & Training and Optics/Photonics industry sectors. He was also project manager with clients in the Clean Tech, IT and Manufacturing industries. During his tenure at the Metro Orlando EDC, Eric served on the Board of Directors for the National Center for Simulation, Team Orlando and the Florida Photonics Cluster. Prior to joining the Metro Orlando EDC, Eric was the Business Sales Manager for Verizon Wireless in Central Florida. Eric managed Verizon’s business–to-business sales force for over 4 years. His team’s territory covered a 7-county area within the Central Florida region. While with Verizon Wireless, Eric served on the Board of Trustees for the Orlando Regional Chamber of Commerce. Eric started his career with Verizon Wireless, previously PrimeCo Personal Communications, in sales and was the top salesperson for the Orlando area for 2 years before being promoted to Business Sales Manager. Eric graduated from the University of Central Florida in 1991 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications.

early-stage companies a variety of tools and resources, including satellite offices with flexible leases for up to 24 months, connections with Central Florida businesses and the entrepreneurial community, and access to a network of training and meeting rooms. As a hub of international travel, it’s no coincidence that our region’s largest international trading partner, Brazil, is also our largest source of international travelers. The Soft Landing Program capitalizes on this valuable opportunity to attract foreign businesses and investment to our region. Orlando-Orange County is thrilled that so many Brazilians have chosen to visit and call Orlando home. Our region’s location, vibrant and diverse culture and innovative ecosystem play a major part in the strength of our economy. If you are a business owner in Orlando, are thinking of starting a business, or have a business abroad and wish to bring it to Central Florida, we want to help you tap into the wealth of resources that are available through the University of Central Florida, our local governments, and our partnering organizations. Together, we can help propel Central Florida’s economy and quality of life to the next level. And from my perspective, I’ll take a guess that as the story goes…. we’ll all live “Happily Ever After”. orlando green and yellow 


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Brazilian Investment Dollars Find Way To Central Florida It’s no secret that Brazilians have maintained a love affair with the State of Florida for many years. What’s not to love? 12  orlando

green and yellow

Long considered the gateway to Latin America, South Florida (Miami) has consistently been a mecca for Brazilian investment offering cultural diversity, a quality lifestyle and a safe haven for international investment. A mere 230 miles to the north, Central Florida (Orlando) also boasts the same desired qualities and is rapidly becoming Florida’s newest investment portal for International investment.


As the 16th largest economy worldwide, the State of Florida carries a wealth of value-added benefits to international investors. Central Florida, situated right in the center of the state hosts a population of more than 2.2 million. Many Brazilian owned small and large firms alike have already called Central Florida home. Brazilian, Flavio Augusto de Silva has pledged his commitment to the region by financially backing the proposed new soccer venue for the Orlando City Soccer Club. More and more international investors are sinking their investment dollars into the Central Florida region because: Globally recognized for its attractions and diversity (Live, Work, Play environment) Thriving location in the center of the state, serving as a gateway into the U.S. Supports a multi-faceted, growing economy. Diverse, continually growing international community. Supports the #1 open international outreach platform through the Orange County Convention Center Expanded international air service TAM airlines began direct service to Rio de Janeiro in 2012. Several ongoing state and municipal economic development endeavors are merging to catapult Central Florida into a premier investment position on the international investment stage. The greater Central Florida region , comprised of Orange, Seminole, Polk, Lake, Osceola, Brevard and Volusia Counties, is strategically positioned to provide easy access to the entire state of Florida within hours by automobile. Accessible via air, rail, road or water, Central Florida provides an intricate network of mobility choices, soon to be enhanced further by the addition of Sunrail, Central Florida’s newest commuter rail system connecting Volusia, Orange, Seminole and Osceola counties (completion 2015), and All Aboard Florida, the planned high speed rail connector between Orlando and Miami, targeted to begin service in 2014. The Orlando International Airport (OIA), the third largest origin & destination airport in the U.S. handled more

than 3.7 million international travelers in 2012. TAM Airlines introduced its first direct flight to Rio de Janiero in 2012. Port Canaveral (Brevard County) hosts the 2nd largest cruise port in the world. It is also 2nd in line along the Eastern Coast behind the Port of Miami for incoming cargo. With the expansion of the Panama Canal, Port Canaveral is pumping millions of US dollars into securing ongoing cargo service for the state with its two deep-water ports. What Central Florida also brings to the table, further strengthening its international positioning is its unique industry focus. Known as the technology gateway for the State, Central Florida is rapidly becoming the connection hub for communication and technology (Polk County), connecting not only the state and the nation, but globally as well. Many of the world’s largest communication and technology firms are moving corporate headquarters to Central Florida. The University of Central Florida (Orlando), ranked 2nd in enrollment in the United States, provides the backdrop for the region’s highly acclaimed Research Park, home of some of the world’s largest aeronautics, simulation and engineering firms (both public and private). The Greater Orlando Economic Development Group (GOEDG), has taken up the charge to actively promote

the Greater Orlando area as a viable international investment hub. The private consortium of Global Development professionals will be hosting the Brazilian International Investment Matchmaking Summit in Orlando, FL. early Spring 2014. The event is designed to introduce qualified Brazilian investors to the region’s civic and business leaders. The three-day event will feature industry and economic overviews as well as highlighted investment opportunities.


Danna Olivo Danna Olivo is President of DAVNA Enterprises, LLC a Marketing and International Partnership Brokerage firm dedicated to the Architectural, Engineering and Construction, Transportation and Technology industries to improve their marketing initiatives and the effectiveness of their international positioning efforts through market partnering and positioning.

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The Dream of

Living in Florida Living in Florida is the dream of many Brazilians. The moderate climate, natural beauty, quality of services, the great quantity and variety of family diversions, shopping malls, public safety, ease of communication between locals and foreigners that arrive here are some of the reasons that this American state is preferred for investment in real estate.

14  orlando

green and yellow


ach tourist season the Brazilians that come to visit discover a new angle, a picturesque city, a charming restaurant, and so leisure options are multiplied and being incorporated into the day-to-day of Floridians. With the strengthening of their economy, many Brazilians are being afforded the chance of making this dream a reality. The possibilities of investment are many and vary between the purchase of a vacation home or apartment up to big waterfront mansions on one of Florida’s numerous lakes or huge apartments with the great ocean views. And the moment couldn’t be better. Prices are within the reach of

Real Estate Consulting

each level of investment, seeing that there is a great variety of properties available. Bank loan rates have never been so low for those that wish to finance the purchase and, besides that, there are no state taxes, making Florida attractive for business ventures. The American government, recognizing the potential of the Brazilian tourist and investor, is working to include Brazil in the list of 36 countries whose citizens do not require a visa to enter. In 2011 alone Brazilian tourists spent $1.6 billion Dollars in Florida. In 2010, Brazilians purchased 9% of real estate sold to foreigners in the Miami area, losing only to Canadians and Venezuelans. In that same year, Brazilians were the tourists that spent the most on hotels, restaurants, entertainment and shopping, and average of $2,053 per person. Canadians, in a distant second place, spent on average $1,432. With all this potential, Brazilian real estate offices are creating an international branch here in Florida for Brazilians that wish to invest here. However, one of the greatest advantages of investing in real estate in Florida is that many of the existing

real estate offices are not just “one more office”. Their employees and agents, recognizing the economic potential of Brazilians, have invested in a differentiated treatment, a “Boutique” approach towards their clients, increasing the range of services offered. The vast majority have Portuguese-speaking employees and agents, besides those who strive to communicate in “Portunhol” (a mix of Portuguese and Spanish). They understand that, in dealing with a second home, the client requires someone who is invested in caring for their property, seeing that they are not present 100% of the time. The peace afforded by someone who can manage the property has no price, mainly in times where peace is a luxury item for the majority of Brazilians nowadays. Thus, it is essential that responsible and competent professionals are found when it comes time to make this dream come true. Sources: 1. Orlando Sentinel 06/03/13 2. The Globe and Mail 04/07/13 3. Business Insider 03/17/13 4. Fox News Latino 03/20/12 5. Bloomberg 06/21/2011


Rosana Almeida Graduated in economics at FEA – University of São Paulo, with a Masters in Business Administration also in FEA – University of São Paulo. She has worked in the area of Information and Resource Management and Technical Staff for 15 years. Business consultant for several companies in Sao Paulo. Resides in Florida since June, 1999, and is an entrepreneur in the area of services. She was president of the Brazil Chamber of Commerce in Central Florida for 2 consecutive years. Licensed real estate broker in Florida, in 2007 started the company Florida Connexion, which specializes in the structuring of real estate for foreigners wishing to invest in Florida.

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Incentives for Opening Businesses in Florida The Brazilian community in Florida is one of the most productive of the foreign communities in the United States, and thus much respected. Brazilians coming from all parts of their country contribute with their work values and ethics for the continued grandeur of this wonderful country, the United States of America. A land of opportunities where all are helped independently of their ethnic or religious origins.

In this article, we will speak concretely about how small Brazilian community businesses can be helped in Florida. Few people know, but there is an important institute that sponsors businesses in this sunny state. We are speaking of the SSBCI, an acronym for State Small Business Credit Initiative. Created in 2010, it is an efficient tool for the financing of small businesses, defined as those having less than 500 employees. In this program there are financing op-

tions that range from a minimum of US$ 1 up to US$ 5 million, destined for industrial endeavors. There is also a second program that may lend itself to businesses with Brazilian ownership in Florida that is known as the Loan Guarantee Program and the Loan Participation Program. With this program, the governmental agency can finance up to 20% of a certain project. The amount of this financing varies between US$ 250,000 and US$ 500,000, with a repayment schedule of up to 5 years with negotiable interest rates. Finally, there is an interesting program for exports. If your company exports any product, you may qualify for a loan through the Export Loan Program of up to US$ 500,000 with a maximum payback schedule of 12 months and also negotiable interest rates. Our office is ready to assist you with the process for obtaining these loans, elaborating the necessary documents, including all applications for said loans.


Prof. Dr. Attila Andrade Jr. Dr. Andrade has been a senior attorney and partner in the international law firm of Advocacia Attila de Souza Leão Andrade Jr. , a firm established in S.Paulo, Brazil since 1982. The law firm is engaged in the practice of international law, corporate and taxation. Further information is provided at his law firm’s website: br Dr. Andrade can be contacted by email to


THE TIME IS NOW! Orl ando City Soccer is well on their way to becoming the first Major League Soccer squad in the Southeast. Don Garber, are you listening?


couple of days ago I had the unique privilege to have an exclusive joint interview with Orlando City Soccer Flavio Augusto da Silva

and Co-Owner and team president Phil

Rawlins. Personally, I was blown away 18  orlando

green and yellow

by how approachable and down-toearth both gentlemen handled themselves at a brief meet and greet event ( About 50 members of the Orlando community were on hand including Commissioner Tony Ortiz and Luis Martinez who is the Multi Cultural affairs director

for Mayor Buddy Dyer) prior to my interview. When they first entered the room, they spent fifteen minutes greeting and shaking hands with each individual person. The men both took their time to apologize for being a few minutes late, introducing themselves, and thanking all of us in attendance. A genuine, heartfelt, and very Brazilian moment. Anyone who has ever done business with Brazil knows what I mean. Augusto da Silva and Rawlins immediately sat down and began to talk to us all as if we were sitting in a living room listening to our uncle tell a story. There was no pomp and circumstance or magical music or fancy charts. It was


a simple “Here I am….I am honored to be working with everyone” moment. Augusto da Silva had heard initial introductory discussions in Spanish and even attempted to placate the majority of the audience by speaking Spanish…even though he speaks his native Portuguese and English just fine. We were all mesmerized by his words. The purpose of the meet and greet was to let the Orlando public get to know Mr. Augusto da Silva a little more and to understand the intentions of the dynamic team of Mr. Rawlins and Mr. Augusto da Silva as it translates to Orlando becoming the first MLS squad in the Southeast. Mr. Augusto da Silva began by speaking about his past as a business owner in Brazil. He spoke about the cultural differences and how the United States is rapidly becoming a soccer power. One of his more interesting facts was that attendance at MLS games here in the United States dwarfs attendance at Brazilian league games… which was a surprise. He also expressed his desire to continue to engage Orlando and Orange county government leaders. Although he said he was happy with their initial responses, it was clear he was ready for them to take action. “ We can not afford to wait any longer”, he said emphatically. “ Orlando must finalize the new stadium…get it done, then we go to the MLS. We currently lead the group ( Atlanta, Miami) that all want MLS franchises, but we must get this done in the next couple of months or it’s over.” It is obvious that Orlando City is focused on themselves and not worried about potential bids from other cities. Mr. Rawlins was asked about his thoughts on David Beckham ( Former England and LA Galaxy star) possibly joining an ownership group in Miami. Mr. Rawlins said, “ Look, David Beckham is interested in joining an established, winning team. He has never been involved in a start-up. We ( Here at Orlando City) are interested in BUILDING a winning team. That is the difference.” One of the more interesting topics also was the influence of Brazilians in

the Orlando community. Brazilians are the 5-time world champions and are well known for their fervent passion for futbol. Mr. Augusto da Silva discussed how they plan to nurture the local expanding Brazilian base here as well as market to the millions of Brazilian tourists that travel to Orlando every year. He mentioned that “ Orlando City has already spent $3.5 million in marketing the team inside of Brazil. Once we join the MLS, that number will grow to over $30 million.” When the event was finished, I sat down with Mr. Augusto da Silva and Mr. Rawlins to expand on some details. SEAN: Thank you for your time this morning with Green and Yellow magazine. First, I would like to point out that I lived in Rio for a few years, and I actually have a tattoo with the Brazilian and American flag on my arm along with the flag of Flamengo FC. FLAVIO: Laughs. “You have to show this to me. I want to see it.” Pointing at my arm. Mr. Augusto da Silava being from Rio is an avid Flamengo FC supporter. SEAN: Although we had a little bit of a setback with the Florida house of representatives a few months ago ( Florida voted “NO” to use public funding for the new proposed stadium) you had mentioned a different course…a PLAN “B”. Can you talk about where we are at with the stadium and what kind for time frame we are on as far as joining the MLS?

PHIL RAWLINS: We did receive a setback in Tallahassee. We came back and looked at what are options are and feel we have a really viable, straightforward option in building the stadium in two phases. We could build a quality stadium today and then go back to the legislature to discuss the tax rebate in a year or two years from now to complete phase two of the stadium. We know this is a very achievable plan with the support of county and city governments we can get that done. FLAVIO: Yes, we decided not to wait. We could wait for another year and watch Miami ( Or another team) get the bid which we do not want to do. SEAN: It is interesting to note that one of things that drew you (Flavio Augusto da Silva)here to Orlando City was the influx of Brazilian tourists here in Orlando. It is curious that one of the hold-ups in the discussions ( Locally) was the use of the tourism (hotel tax) considering ironically that Brazilians are the ones filling the hotel beds. We just landed a record 57 million passengers in Florida ( as reported by Visit Florida at POW-WOW. 4 million of which are Brazilians coming to Florida and 2 million of them are Brazilian. As you know they spend more than any other demographic. In fact, my business Marquis International brings these Brazilian and Argentine tourists to American retailers like the Sports

orlando green and yellow 


Authority where we have over 10,000 passengers for next month alone at one of our stores here in Orlando. That being said, can you talk about a part of your marketing initiative being that soccer is so popular in Brazil and will you be looking to work with tour operators and travel agencies there as part of your strategy to fill the stadium? FLAVIO: We believe we are going to fill the stadium with local people, but we understand Brazil represents a great opportunity to market because Brazilians love Orlando and soccer. So the opportunity to come to Orlando to watch a great soccer game in a new, modern, safe stadium is a great opportunity. SEAN: In the USA, soccer is growing rapidly. The women’s and men’s side over the last 20 years has exploded. We are about to qualify for our 7th world cup in a row. I’m sure you both saw on television the other night the huge crowd in Seattle ( WCQ vs.

Panama) and Tuesday in Salt lake City ( WCQ vc. Honduras). Don’t you feel it is important for people here ( In Orlando) to see that because you are only asking to build a 20,000 seat stadium? The rabid fans that come to see World Cup qualifiers, big international friendlies, etc..Don’t you think this momentum with the current Confederations cup, ESPN broadcasting all of the games and the new MLS contract with NBC…the timing is perfect…don’t you agree? FLAVIO: It is for this reason we believe we are going to make this happen. We are going to count on the support from the county and the city. SEAN: A couple of more questions. Right now there have been a lot of protests in Brazil. Whether it be the politics, economics, or corruption, a lot is happening there. They ( The protesters) have expanded in different areas here in the USA. There was a protest in Miami, one is scheduled in Boston, and

We have the fans…we have the team…we will get the stadium. We need the MLS. 20  orlando

green and yellow

one is happening this Saturday near our friends at Camila’s Brazilian restaurant on International Drive ( Not organized by Camila’s) . These kind of protests, as they are trying to get things better in Brazil…do you think this has any kind of negative impact on what you are trying to do? FLAVIO: I believe this is very important to express their frustration and express what they want. I believe we are living in Brazil in a historical moment. The young people in Brazil form 18-24 years old are making history and we are watching this. In Brazil we have no more than 5% unemployment rate which is pretty low. But it’s not about the economy. People have said “Enough.” They don’t want any more corruption. I believe when people express their feelings It’s good. Not bad. Soccer is good and brings people together, but I don’t connect this at all to the protests. SEAN: your history with Stoke City ( Phil Rawlins) in England and your history of being in Brazil ( Flavio) and around Flamengo really helps you. Can you talk about how your experiences in England and Brazil is guiding you through this ( MLS transition) since it is new to you both? Talk about the passion in both of those countries and how that will translate once we have our own team in MLS? PHIL: I think you see the beginning of that, Sean in our stadium today. If you


go to an Orlando City game today, you see the passion, commitment and excitement of the fans for the local team. It’s been there for three years and continues to build every year. We are up 19% to last year in terms of attendance averaging 8000 (Fans) per game. It’s the highest attendance outside of Major league soccer. So the passion and excitement are already here. What MLS will do is ignite that and take it to another level. We talked about a 200% increase ( In attendance) when you go from minor leagues to major leagues. To bring Orlando a second professional franchise is a huge opportunity. But, there is a timing issue, a window. If we miss that window and kick this down the road a year from now than we allow other cities to have a chance. I don’t want to be sitting here watching Miami play in the MLS on television. SEAN: Tomorrow night Orlando City plays Brazilian league champions Fluminese ( FLU won the game 4-3). I am curious though…being that you ( Flavio) are a Flamengo own Orlando City…and Fluminese and Flamengo are rivals…who will you root for to win the game? And as a follow up, we expect a big crowd for the game. These types of friendlies bring in a lot of fans… do you plan on adding more of these games and will there be a return trip for Orlando City to play in Rio? FLAVIO: One of our goals with Orlando

city in Brazil is that it will become the second team ( Brazilian fans root for). We want to win the heart of the people of Brazil. And, these games ( MLS Games with Orlando City) are going to be broadcast live with one of the big channels in Brazil. SEAN: Last question. Brazil right now is in the middle of the Confederations cup. I am sure you have heard the criticisms of the tea, saying they are not up to form during their performances in friendlies. My theory however has always been ( Since I have worked with Brazilians a long time) that the Brazilian team and Brazilians who do business… wait for “ the moment”, and then they step up. They live in the moment. The last two games in the Confederations cup they have won a combined 5-0 ( And they just beat Italy as well 4-2). How do you feel they will do in this tournament and in the World Cup next year? FLAVIO: have you been watching the games? Have you seen the last two friendlies? Have you seen the difference? SEAN: Yes, of course ( Im a huge Brazil fan…remember my tattoos). Yes, the flair is coming back. The customary overlapping attacking….Neymar is growing up right before our eyes and they are scoring. Regardless of the criticisms of their defense, offense IS the best defense.

FLAVIO: Brazil is always criticized especially during the World Cup. Felipe Scolari, the head coach now, took the (2002 team) that almost didn’t qualify to the title. He is very good in a short period. I believe they will be champions. SEAN: Well that should get rid of the bad memory of the Maracanazo ( The 1950 Brazil lost to Uruguay 1050 on their home soil 2-1)…And ( To Rawlins) the last time the Cup was in Brazil was no too good for England either as the USA beat England 1-0. FLAVIO: I don’t Uruguay will even qualify this time. We all shared a laugh. An amazing, exciting day for me personally as I am one of the few born and raised here in Orlando, Fl. I am confident after meeting Mr. Augusto da Silva and Mr. Rawlins that Orlando City is in great hands. As a soccer fan, I can not wait to one day possibly watch a Kaka or other Brazilian star grace the field with our new stadium. Or watch the men’s or women’s national team play an international friendly or WCQ. And, watch our team battle the best of the MLS. The time is now. I was at the game last night when a record 11,127 rowdy fans came to watch Fluminese play Orlando City. We have the fans…we have the team…we will get the stadium. We need the MLS. Don Garber, listen closely. The roar of the Orlando City Lions is growing louder by the day.

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TranslaTion services From Portuguese into English and from English into Portuguese. All types of simple and technical written translations. Helping clients from Brazil and abroad. Contact info orlando green and yellow 

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One year from now the world will descend upon Brazil as 32 nations will vie for the treasured World Cup title. 2 years after that, Brazil will hold another world “festa” as the 2016 Olympic games will begin. 2 major, game-changing events that could further enhance Brazil’s legitimacy as the 5th largest economic superpower. At the same time, the events could also signify the beginning of an internal change and completely derail the train of progress there. Which way the pendulum swings will provide a significant impact here in Orlando in the coming years. Orlando. 2 million compared to 57 million may not seem like a lot, however if you take into consideration the sheer buying power of the Brazilian tourists, you would be amazed. My business helps retailers develop tourism sales by working directly with Brazilian and all other demographics of tour operators, travel agencies, etc…I have been helping American companies develop this niche market for the last 20 years and I have witnessed firsthand the buying power of these tourists. In 17 years, my company has created $30-$40-million in sales for retailers in

the Central Florida area. Companies like Just For Feet, Burlington Coat Factory, hhgregg, Toys R Us, Macys, Sports Authority, and several others. The bulk of these sales came from….you guessed it, Brazilian and Argentine tour groups. In 1999-2000, Brazil went through a tumultuous period. The devaluation of the Brazilian dollar…the “REAL”, the election of a new president, and many other factors basically caused the market there to take a plunge. The REAL at one time in 2000 was trading at $4.00 for every $1.00 US Dollar. This served as a catalyst for many busi-


ast week, Visit Florida ( The tourism marketing arm for the state of Florida) proudly announced at the annual POW-WOW tourism tradeshow ( Travel Industry that we received 57 million tourists last year. Again, Orlando sits at the top of the tourism food chain. South America, and Brazil in particular, usually account for about 4 million passengers a year to Florida. 2 million of which come to orlando green and yellow 


nesses here in Orlando to close. Several tour companies, bus companies, and travel agencies closed their doors. The majority of shops on International drive shut their doors. Then, the tragic events of September 11, 2001 took place, and that was the final nail in the coffin. Tourism business although decent from other demographics like the UK and Canada, was not the same as our South American friends basically closed shop for a few years. And, Orlando paid a heavy price. Fast forward to the last several years. Brazil has been on a monumental upswing. The economy has been booming as new trade agreements with China and new business investors have come in to partake in their vast natural resources. Tourism from Brazil has skyrocketed once again as many new companies have opened and many who closed their doors back in 2000 have re-opened under different names. The Brazilians are coming to Orlando buying real estate in record numbers and their shopping power has once again

26  orlando

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exploded. For example, right now I am sitting on a schedule of 10,000 tourists from Brazil that will come by bus to the Sports Authority on Sandlake Road between June 29 and the end of July‌Their Winter school break. In that time frame, this one store will closely approach seven figures in one month with ease. Why? If you go to Rio Sul ( Shopping mall in Rio de Janiero) or Morumbi shopping mall ( Sao Paulo) and you

wanted to buy a pair of shoes, it would cost you $400-$500 for the latest, trendy pair. Here in Orlando in my store, it costs them only $100. The same goes for electronics, perumes, basically anything. It is literally cheaper for a Brazilian family to fly here, buy all of their stuff for a year and then fly back to Brazil then to walk across the street in their hometown to make purchases. The other issue is the credit issue. In Brazil, you can buy many things


on credit or a payment system with the price inflated. Most of the time it is 10 x payment system. Last Saturday kicked off the Confederations Cup in Brazil…the warm up tournament to the World cup. It is a huge event, broadcasted here by ESPN. The last several days however there have been nothing but stories of protests, riots, and negative press. Brazilians have had enough of the roller coaster ride as accusations of corruption in the government, mishandling of funds, and other issues have dominated the headlines. And, it appears, this is only the beginning as the Brazilians are taking advantage of the world’s eye on their country. Brazil has only recently been building some sort of middle class. Their favelas ( Ghettos) make ghettos in New York look like the Holiday Inn. There have been widespread complaints about the education system, the need for better schools, and the need for better hospitals, doctors, and other public services. The amount of money being used to build and renovate the new stadiums

be erased. Brazilians may make internal changes, but the overall impact of dollars coming in may not be as great. And, for Orlando, this would not be good. The tourism cycle usually runs about every four or five years. Four or five years on an upswing and maybe one or two down, and then back up. Because of the

are admirably standing up for what they believe in. We should be quick to welcome them with open arms and anything we can to help, as they have helped Orlando’s economy immensely over the last 20 years.


Brazil has only recently been building some sort of middle class. Their favelas (Ghettos) make ghettos in New York look like the Holiday Inn. and villages for the World Cup and Olympics could be used for these items. The everyday Brazilian is not feeling the advantage of hosting a World Cup and have decided to protest. The problem with the timing of these protests is that this is supposed to be a proud moment for Brazil…putting their best foot forward and showing the world what Brazil is all about. Over the next ten years they should receive a big surge in investments, tourism, etc..and their economy would continue to grow. However, if these protests and fights with the government continue, which in all likelihood they will, many of the perks associated with hosting these events may

surge Brazilians have felt with the awarding of these events, their economy, etc…. The cycle has lasted much longer and the upward swing has stayed. Many experts have predicted the upward swing would last all the way through 2016. Now, maybe not so much. Personally, I think this gives us as Americans even more reason to get rid of the visa requirement for Brazil altogether. This would triple the amount of visitors to Orlando as well as continue the growth of the powerful Brazilian population that is already here. Orlando must be cognizant of the events happening there and hope that a resolution comes quickly. Our friends and partners in the south

Sean Slack Sean Slack is the President and Owner of Marquis International, a tourism consulting firm with offices in Orlando and Bahia, Brazil. Sean specializes in helping American businesses around the country harness the power of the tourism industry by employing strategies from his vast network of contacts and relationships overseas…primarily from Brazil. He also performs seminars and workshops for corporations seeking to develop tourism sales and is a known authority in the Orlando marketplace on this subject. He writes for a couple of Brazilian magazines regularly and is a proud father of five children and has been married for 17 years to his best friend Tracey.

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Our Mission The mission of the Central Florida Brazilian American Chamber of Commerce is to facilitate the relationship and business partnerships, to create or increase trade and investment among its members 7512 Dr. Philips Blvd #50-354 Orlando, FL 32819

407 610-7158

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CFBACC- Business After Hours -Drury Inn + Suites Orlando Central Florida Brazilian American Chamber of Commerce, Business After hours event, are becoming more popular every month and it is also not only proving itself as a great business networking tool, but also as the numbers of new members grow after each event, they know they are doing something right. By Laiz Rodrigues

“It took awhile to realize that we needed to reach out more and more to the community in general. We are not only growing in numbers, but we are getting more credibility and support from other Chambers, City of Orlando, Orange County Government, and this is a huge help. We have just participated in the Orange County Chambers of Commerce Leadership Summit, and we had the opportunity to learn so much”, said President Amy Litter. We are growing stronger, with partnerships to make a bet30  orlando

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ter Community, helping Orlando to be an even Greater place to live and Visit. The event at The Drury’s Hotel was excellent, where all the guests had the opportunity to take a Tour and get to know the facilities and all they have to offer, making it also a chance to let people know about see for themselves. The food was provided by UNO Restaurant, from International Drive, Managers Joyce and Bob were present, along with Melissa Pennington, Melissa Allen, Robert and Brittany from Drury’s Management.

@Hotspotorlando we got you on the spot you deserve! Phone number 407- 406-4900


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Expect to have a professional assist you every step of the way. Our REaltORsÂŽ are licensed and regulated. 32  orlando

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