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Real Estate Consulting

With the significant increase in investors interested in the real estate market in Florida, some questions are now common and we take this opportunity to answer to our readers.

What are the differences between the way real estate agents operate in Brazil and the US? In Brazil, real estate offices generally have exclusive property listings. If a client is interested in a particular property, he must consult the listing agent for that property. In the US, all agents have access to all listings on the market, because there is a common data base. Who pays the sale commission? The payment, exception made for specific negotiations, is always made by the seller, be it a re-sale or new sale through a builder. How is the commission divided? In the United States there are two agents involved in the transaction, one representing the seller and another representing the buyer. The commission is divided equally between the two real estate offices and the office owner will determine the percentage that the office will retain and what will go to the agent.

sion will be, in the majority of the cases, 6% and paid integrally to the listing agent. Who pays for homeowners’ dues and property taxes when the property is leased/rented? In the US, the owner is responsible for these expenses as well as for the maintenance of appliances such as refrigerators, stoves, microwaves, dish washers, and clothes washers/ dryers and air conditioning units. In case the owner does not live in the United States, who can manage the property? Some real estate offices offer property management services, and rates vary. For properties used as vacation

rentals, the starting rate is $ 150/ month. In the case of a rental/lease, the administration fee is generally 10% of the monthly rate. The range of services is wide and may include all the way from payment of bills (homeowner’s dues, power, property taxes, mortgage, etc.) up to management of other services like landscaping, cleaning, repairs, improvements, etc. How much do real estate offices charge for renting/ leasing the property? One month of rent/lease. The agent registers the property in the property management system and will prepare all pertinent rental/lease documentation. Are there rules for maximum rent/lease terms? It depends on the location of the property and the terms of the license applied for. In general, sub-divisions located in Kissimmee, Davenport, Haynes City (cities located close to Disney) are built with a view to vacation rental/lease to tourists and therefore can be rented/leased as a hotel room. However, in areas such as Orlando, Windermere, Winter Garden, Dr. Phillips, the sub-divisions are strictly residential and only long term rentals/leases are allowed, for

Is there any advantage for the buyer to negotiate directly with the seller or the builder? In reality, there is a disadvantage because the buyer will not have a professional to represent him/her and protect his/her interests, but if this would be the case, the commisorlando green and yellow 


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