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We highlight the beauty of the Nature for the greatest tourism experience. By: Maria M Hernandez

Steward of Sustainability

Maria M Hernandez CERTIFICATIONS: 

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Leader in Environmental and Energy Design LEED AP LEED AP ID+C Certified General Contractor Building Analyst Energy Auditor Disaster Inspector Interior Designer Airplus Verifier


Broward Emerald Award 2011 Water Saver of The week by Broward County Environmental Project leather of the Month By Hands of Broward. Outstanding Contribution By Ciudad Weston Newspaper

Embracing Mother Nature: Worldwide we are witnessing two global challenges that are defining the way we live: the Economic crisis and Climate Change. To address these challenges, building professionals find their inspiration in the beauty of the Earth and its precious resources to design and create better and more efficient buildings rooted on people comfort, resource conservation, greenhouse reduction, healthier environments, extreme weather resiliency and environmental stewardship. These High performance buildings are design to reduce operational cost, mitigate the force of Nature and reduce the negative impact on the planet, making this world a better place to live. As a Leader in Energy and environmental Design Accredited Professional (LEED AP) I have the knowledge of what constitute and also how to design a High Performance Building and as a Disaster Inspector I had witnessed the pitfalls of standard construction in great devastations and the necessity of more resilient buildings capable of reducing the impact of Climate Change. This is why, through my knowledge and experience I am reaching out to you as a decision maker to offer you my services as a Sustainability Coordinator to maximize your building performance and profitability, and at the same time minimize your carbon footprint. Maria M Hernandez

Do you know?

TripAdvisor®, the world's largest travel site, announced the launch of its new TripAdvisor GreenLeaders™ program, helping more than 200 million travelers plan greener trips by highlighting U.S. accommodations engaging in environmentally-friendly practices. Developed in partnership with U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's ENERGY STAR® program, the U.S. Green Building Council, and the United Nations Environment Program.

As recently revealed by Trip Advisory traveler survey:  79% of travelers place importance on properties implementing eco-friendly practices  85% of U.S. hotels indicate that they currently have green practices in place In the United States alone  43 million tourists consider themselves to be Eco tourists.


The purpose of my presentation is to offer to your hotel my professional services as a Sustainability Coordinator in a way you can afford while you start seeing results.


The Sustainability Coordinator’s goal is to achieve zero negative impact on the environment, while at the same time supporting the organization’s economic viability encouraging long-term thinking and actions that will result in economic growth, social responsibility and the reduction of the organization’s carbon foot print. You will become a leader in sustainability thought, practice, and education.


To achieve this goal, I implement Best Management Practices (BMP) to address issues in the areas of:

In order to ensure the comprehensive nature of sustainability projects, I will create a synergy between the environmental knowledge I bring to the table and the people who are doing the day-to-day work from budget offices, to administrators, to electricians and plumbers. I will exercise independent initiative and professional judgment to accomplish desired goals and objectives, leading efforts to build program support with stakeholders defining and promote sustainable practices within the organization


I will be focus on recognizing the most cost effective’s practices that will start producing saving to the Organization right away. I will analyze the best implementation based on the RIO (Return on Investment) and the amount of savings that will represent. Some implementation doesn’t have a startup value, their just a decision away to start seeing results.



Oversee and analyze current situation within all the departments, identifying deficiencies on waste, hazard conditions and potential areas of improvement.

Tracking and Interpretation:

Data entry and track of the use of energy and water consumption using Energy Star Portfolio Manager. Interpretation and analyze of all data collected for the best action plans.

Action Plan:

Establish a Green team to coordinate the efforts. Design strategies and propose sustainability initiatives assessing their cost effectiveness, technical feasibility and means of achieving the result. Develop sustainable reports and presentations.


Coordinate and works with all the departments, or professionals to implement sustainability projects. Supervise sustainability projects and ensure compliance with policies, standards, regulations, or laws applicable to sustainability.


Develop education and incentive programs for employees to create awareness and keep their firm up to date in the sustainability community. Develop sustainability events for volunteer projects. Communicate throughout emails new company sustainable policies. Promote environmental volunteer campaigns.


Monitor and evaluate effectiveness of sustainability programs to demonstrate results. Finds rebate opportunities, or other savings programs.


Identifies and pursues environmental certifications and recognitions.


Attract & Retain Good Employees:

Environmental and social responsibility programs affect human resources by putting a business’ values into action, and by engaging employees in the change. Such efforts can improve the morale and productivity of existing employees, and attract new talent to the business.

Reduce Your Operating Costs

Environmental initiatives reduce operating costs by reducing material waste and resource costs. Resource efficiency – using less water, energy and sewage – reduces utility costs and reduce maintenance costs.

Become a Leader:

You will become the leader in your community setting the example for others to follow. Your commitment to reducing your negative environmental impacts and enhancing your environmental stewardship will foster strong relationships with your Guest your employees and your community.

Reduce Your Risk

Environmental initiatives help your organization hedge against rising natural resource (water, energy, wood, minerals) costs by reducing demand. By eliminating hazardous materials, you can reduce the risk and costs associated with spills and injuries. You will be recognized by insurance companies as having a lower risk profile.

Improve Your Access to Bank Financing:

Some lenders are taking into consideration efficiency as part of the loan assessment process.

Increase your Organization property value:

Transforming your Organization in a sustainable one will increase its building value.


Once you demonstrate that your organization is in the green path, you will be in the position to apply and be recognized by your community and by environmental programs.


María M Hernández Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Environmental Activist (954)394-1949

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Volunteer Participation:  Hands on Broward  Rebuilding Broward Together  Habitat for Humanity  Save the Water  Keep Broward Beutiful  Hands for Hunger  Markham Park

“ We have the ability to meet the needs of the present without compromising the resourcefulness of future generations to meet their own needs. All it takes is a little imagination and dedication!� Love the Planet, be part of the solution not the problem! This presentation was created by: Maria M Hernandez

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