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May 2013

Special Earth Day Celebration Beach Clean Up

Thank you VOLUNTEERS We are changing the world!

Special Earth Day Celebration Beach Clean Up

Volunteers: 80 Task: Picking up trash Hours: 8:30 -12:00

Project Leaders: Jennifer Udan

Maria M Hernandez

Organization: HandsOn Broward

EARTH DAY Every year on April 22, more than one billion people take part in Earth Day. Across the globe, individuals, communities, organizations, and governments acknowledge the amazing planet we call home and take action to protect it. This year we are stepping up with HandsOn Broward to be part of the movement recognizing the importance of being the change and hands for Broward. We are beautifying our beach, we care about our Planet. What are you doing?

Great American Cleanup, Monthly Beach Sweeps Beach Sweeps are coordinated monthly by "Keep Broward Beautiful" and local community partner agencies including Volunteer Hollywood and HandsOn Broward

Beach Clean Up day!

80 Volunteers

200 pounds of trash

2 Miles of Beach Marine Debris: Marine debris is a problem along shorelines, and in coastal waters, estuaries, and oceans throughout the world. Marine debris is any man‐made, solid material that enters our waterways either directly or indirectly. Marine debris enters our oceans and coasts from a number of land‐ and ocean‐based sources. More people move near our Nation’s coasts each year, and the production of trash and the potential for marine debris continues to increase. We need to better control the disposal of trash and other wastes, or we will continue to find marine debris in our rivers, teams, and oceans

80 – 200 years until it’s gone!

200 years until it’s gone!

450 years until it’s gone!

20 -30 YEARS 50 YEARS



I can’t talk about Marine Debris without referring to the Pacific Garbage Patch. Also described as the Pacific trash vortex, is a gyre of marine debris floating in the central North Pacific Ocean. Studies had estimated that 80% of the garbage comes from land-based sources and 20% from ships. This Garbage Patch contains more than 100 million tons of plastic. The size of the patch is unknown. Estimates of size range from twice the size of Texas, up to twice the size of the continental United States. This is a painful reality that we must correct. The Ocean is screaming for HELP that we can't ignore!

The Marine debris is a global threat with a wide range of negative effects like: degrading ocean habitats, endangering marine and coastal wildlife, interfering with navigation impeding commercial and recreational fishing, affecting the aesthetic beauty and enjoyment of the coastal areas, thus negatively affecting tourism and as consequence resulting in economic losses. Also, pose a human health risk, medical wastes and drug ending up on beaches can carry diseases, and broken glass and other sharp objects can be very harmful to unsuspecting beach goers, including young children.


Conclusion: Fighting against ocean pollution start with us this summer, small steps lead to big results. You can stop the waste when going to the beach; remember, what we use for a few minutes could pollute our oceans for hundreds of years. This is a problem we can solve together. Here I share some tips:  REDUCE the amount of plastic you buy and the trash you produce,  REUSE items instead of single-use products,  RECYCLE as much of your trash as you can,  Proper disposal of Household Hazard Waste,  Join local efforts to pick up trash  Spread the word.



10 Reasons to Volunteer: 1. Volunteering provides physical and mental rewards. It:  Reduces stress  Makes you healthier 2. Volunteering provides valuable community services so more money can be spent on local improvements.  The estimated value of a volunteer's time is $15.39 per hour. 3. Volunteers gain professional experience. 4. It brings people together. 5. It promotes personal growth and self-esteem. 6. Volunteering strengthens your community. 7. You learn a lot. 8. You get a chance to give back. 9. Volunteering encourages civic responsibility. 10. You make a difference:

Every person counts!

We are making a difference in Broward!


As a project Leader, I had enjoy every single moment that I had shared with people from my community and surrounding areas, kids, teenagers and adults . Some of them volunteer from their heart and others for community hours, but we all have found a common motivation: The Environment. For this reason, as an environment activist, I have created this magazine to explain the importance that is behind our volunteer project. I want to go beyond of just leading a group; I want to explain how our actions contribute to the protection of our natural resources and as consequence: our communities, our planet! One day those teenagers that today are looking for community hours; will impact the world with their decisions! On this specific project celebrating Earth Day, we learned about the importance of protecting our seas, keeping our watersheds and beach clean, the negative impact of the plastic and marine debris and how we can mitigate the negative impact, implementing practices like: recycling, reducing and reusing to protect the Environment. Thank you to all the volunteers for their outstanding job! I can’t wait to see you next time as we continue to help the environment. Maria M Hernandez HandsOn Broward Environment Project Leader

This magazine has been produced by: Maria M Hernandez LEED AP

Beach clean up  
Beach clean up