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Commemorative Hospital Report F I V E - Y E A R A N N I V E R S A RY E D I T I O N


2007 – 2012

P ubl i shed Fa l l 2012






President and Chief Executive Officer

Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer

Executive Vice President President, Foundation

Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer



04 Marla Silliman

14 Our Network

17 Physicians

04 Dick Batchelor

14 By the Numbers

18 Nursing

15 Network Map

19 Pharmacy 20 Center for Pediatric Research and Outcomes



23 Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism

07 Our Facility

25 The Florida Hospital for Children Heart Center

09 A Wonderland of Adventure

33 Cranial Facial

40 Pediatric Rehabilitation

35 Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

42 Healthy Weight and Wellness

37 Center for Child Development

42 Healthy 100 Kids Program

38 Hematology/ Oncology

44 fit Initiative

32 Neurosurgery 32 Congenital Neurosurgery

38 Pediatric Stem Cell Transplantation

47 General Surgery

33 Neurofibromatosis Clinic

39 Pediatric Palliative Care

25 The Johns Hopkins Children’s Heart Surgery Program 29 Pediatric Neuroscience 30 Epilepsy

10 Child Life Specialists


Senior Executive Officer

Chief Medical Officer

Chief Financial Officer

Chief of Operations and Network Development

Chief Nursing Officer


July 2010: Healthy 100 Kids obesity program launches

March 2011: The Walt Disney Pavilion sevenstory children’s hospital opens

12 Cast of Characters


12 Mission

53 Putting Altruism into Action

12 Onboarding

55 Friends and Donors

September 2011: First successful pediatric bone marrow transplant in Central Florida

May 2011: Pediatric specialty clinics open around the region October 2011: Nurses receive Magnet® recognition

October 2011: Healthy 100 Kids fit community program launches with WebMD, Sanford Health and Healthworks

January 2012: Emergency Department doubles in size February 2012: Pediatric Outpatient Rehabilitation opens



November 2010: The T. Denny Sanford five-story pediatric outpatient facility dedicated


September 2007: Florida Hospital and The Walt Disney Company announce the coming of the Walt Disney Pavilion


49 Orthopaedics 51 Gastroenterology

12 Adventure Guide


48 Otolaryngology Ear, Nose and Throat 50 Urology

10 Music and Pet Therapy


45 CREATION Health Kids

March 2012: Diabetes program recognized by American Diabetes Association for excellence

May 2012: First double cochlear implant surgery in Central Florida May 2012: Comprehensive Pediatric Epilepsy Center receives Level IV designation

August 2012: Johns Hopkins and Florida Hospital for Children collaborate to open the Johns Hopkins Children’s Heart Surgery Program




You can dream, create, design and build the most wonderful place in the world … but it requires people to make the dream a reality. – Walt Disney

We are exploring new territory every day to provide worldclass health care for children in Central Florida.

We embarked on an ambitious journey to create a children’s hospital beyond imagination, one that redefines standards for innovation, quality and care.

Florida Hospital for Children is blazing new trails, delivering excellence in patient care, guest experience and children’s health.

LETTER FROM SENIOR EXECUTIVE OFFICER MARLA SILLIMAN In 2007, Florida Hospital embarked on an ambitious journey to create a children’s hospital beyond imagination; one that redefines the industry standards for innovation, quality and comprehensive care. To help us achieve our vision, we looked no further than our own backyard to an organization known worldwide for its commitment to children, creativity and unparalleled guest experiences.

MESSAGE FROM FOUNDATION CHAIR DICK BATCHELOR Cinderella was right. “If you keep on believing, the dream that you wish will come true.” Florida

The Walt Disney Pavilion at Florida Hospital for Children is that dream

Hospital for Children exists today in large measure

come true.

because of those who believed in our dream,

During our five-year journey, we have provided care for children in

from the extraordinary Central Florida community

more than one million patient visits through our Florida Hospital for

we call home to the generous support of Walt

Children network in Central Florida – and when these children needed

Disney World Resort and many others.

inpatient care, the Walt Disney Pavilion was there for them. The journey to create a child-centric healing environment like no other is now a reality, but the trip is not over. Our distinguished medical team, dedicated support staff and devoted community partners are exploring new territory every day to provide world-class health care for children in Central Florida, and in the process, are changing the world for the better. It is with the shared pride of our entire organization that I invite you to

Florida Hospital for Children is blazing new trails, delivering unprecedented excellence in patient care, guest experience and children’s health. Thank you to our community of friends for believing in our vision, walking with us hand-inhand along the journey, and helping to make our wish for this exceptional healing destination come true.

learn more about the joy and wonder that is Florida Hospital for Children. Dick Batchelor Marla Silliman


Senior Executive Officer

Florida Hospital for Children Foundation Board

Florida Hospital for Children


Not Your Ordinary Children’s Hospital A hospital can be an overwhelming place, especially for children and their parents. The Walt Disney Pavilion at Florida Hospital for Children was designed from the ground up to be a comforting, nurturing and immersive environment that helps to ease the stress and anxiety associated with a hospital stay.

FACILITY INNOVATIONS With the help of Walt Disney Imagineering and input from patients, families and clinicians, our seven-story, technologically advanced facility features a child-centered healing environment based on four Disney-inspired design themes: mountain, ocean, savanna and jungle.

• • •

Opened in March of 2011 2 20 dedicated pediatric beds covering more than 35 pediatric sub-specialties* 9 3-bed Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) with private,

• • • •

1 7-bed children’s Emergency Department with a state-of-the-art Philips ambient lighting system that allows patients to customize their own soothing environment Dedicated eight-bed Transplant Unit Dedicated Cardiac Unit (opening early 2013) T he GetWellNetwork® computer system provides access to games, movies and the Internet while reducing the stress, fear and anxiety of patients and their families * Includes 12 NICU beds at Winter Park Memorial Hospital

Working with the hospital was an undertaking that came from our hearts and moved us into a new place that was interesting to explore. – Walt Disney Imagineer Wyatt Winter

and eight pediatric beds at Florida Hospital East

family-centered rooms*

17 + 93 + 98 + 12 = 220


6 | Florida Hospital for Children




Florida Hospital for Children | 7



FEATURING 4 Pediatric Surgery Suites 2 Outpatient Surgery Suites 2 Neuro ORs 2 Robotic ORs 2 Cardiac ORs

• • • •

Florida Hospital for Children takes a very different approach to health care. Our entire hospital is a wonderland of adventure, health and healing. It starts the minute a family enters the lobby, where they are welcomed by an Adventure Guide who puts them at ease and helps them find their way. Each floor of the hospital is themed to natural environments inspired by classic Disney

12 operating rooms (ORs), including a four-bay pediatric surgery suite with 12 pre-operative patient rooms; two outpatient surgery suites; two neuro ORs with intraoperative magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)/computed tomography (CT); two


robotic ORs; and two cardiac ORs, including a hybrid catheterization lab

animated movies: The Little Mermaid, The Lion King, Brother Bear and The Jungle Book. The design theme of savanna, jungle, mountain or ocean is applied throughout each patient floor, including the use of scents and sounds to create the best possible sensory environment for peace and healing.

Pediatric imaging services, including general X-ray; fluoroscopy exams; and the latest in CT, MRI, nuclear imaging technologies and magnetoencephalography (MEG – coming Spring 2013) for children Disney Imagineer-created interactive lobby Nicholson Center on-campus training for pediatric surgical advancement Spacious patient lobbies designed for comfort and convenience, including Internet access, food and beverages, family restrooms and showers, and a sibling play area H  eart-shaped hospital logo created by Walt Disney Imagineering reminiscent of Disney legend Mary Blair’s artwork for “it’s a small world”

Emergency Department featuring


8 | Florida Hospital for Children

Florida Hospital for Children | 9



Play is an essential part of a child’s health and recovery. Specially trained certified

Research shows that music therapy can

child life specialists combine education and play to ensure that the emotional and

help patients heal and reduce the length

psychosocial needs are being met. The Child Life team utilizes child development

of their hospital stay. Our board-certified

theory to individualize care, acclimating pediatric patients to their surroundings and

music therapists use songwriting,

explaining procedures and therapies in understandable terms.

improvisation, active music making

Training future child life specialists through an internship program that includes an intense 15-week curriculum

Through laughter, play, compassion and innovation, we hope to decrease anxiety and speed the healing process. – Traci Woods, director of Patient Experience

and more to address a wide range of

Innovations and Outcomes

• •

The Child Life Program at Florida Hospital for Children trains future child life specialists

and relaxation techniques, to neurological development, sensory stimulation and

through an internship program offered for the Fall and Winter semesters that

rehabilitation (fine/gross motor movement, speech).

includes an intense 15-week curriculum. Hands-on medical play helps children

hospital stay.


Our Pet Therapy Program lets patients visit with volunteer certified therapy pets, and our resident service dog Murray makes daily rounds, providing unconditional one-on-one comfort to our patients.

Art activities, “treatment” dolls and games such as medical bingo and more give patients a sense of control and mastery in a

P a t i e n t E x p e r i e n c e Te a m


One of the first hospital-based programs in Central Florida

become familiar with the medical equipment that will be used during their

treatments, from non-pharmacological pain and sedation management, distraction

non-threatening, safe environment. T he Happiest Baby™ Program trains NICU nurses on calming techniques. The Child Life team is currently working with the University of Central Florida Medical School to develop courses and lecture support and conduct research on the benefits of The Happiest Baby™ .

10 | Florida Hospital for Children

Innovations and Outcomes

• • • • •

One of the first music therapy programs in a hospital setting in Central Florida Board-certified music therapists with specialized training in NICU music therapy and neurologic music therapy Among the first hospitals with music therapists trained in NICU pacifier-activated lullaby (PAL) treatment Published monograph, Music, Medicine and Miracles (2009) Currently partnering with Florida State University to explore the use of music for weaning ventilated premature infants and the effects of live music therapy on completion of MRI scans

A DV E N T U R E G U I D E Each child who visits Florida Hospital for Children is greeted by an Adventure Guide named JoJo whose job is to make our young patients feel welcome, show them around the hospital and point out all the special places they have to explore.


Our commitment to unparalleled patient satisfaction begins with employee onboarding, designed to create and nurture a culture of excellence.

Developed in collaboration with The Disney Institute, the program adapts Disney’s renowned guest services best practices for our hospital setting and uses an interactive teaching approach with skits and videos

Laughter is an important part of the healing process. – J.J., child life specialist

to orient staff to Florida Hospital

The Disney magic also extends to special guests who regularly visit our hospital.

for Children’s unique culture. All

Whether it’s favorite Disney characters like Cinderella, Peter Pan and Mickey Mouse, local

staff, from Environmental Services

icons such as baseball great Ken Griffey, Jr. and golf hall-of-famer Annika Sorenstam, or our very own hospital mascots from Doc Fu and the Health Team, we are lucky to have special guests around every corner. We’ve even had NASCAR legends Juan Pablo

personnel to physicians, gain an increased understanding of how their actions and daily professional tasks contribute to the greater purpose of our hospital: to extend the healing ministry of Christ.

Montoya, Rusty Wallace and Michael Waltrip; NBA great Dwight Howard; members of the NBA’s Orlando Magic; and even an occasional astronaut! These special visitors brighten the day of our patients and their families.

MISSION As a member of Adventist Health System, Florida Hospital for Children embraces our spiritual mission to extend the healing ministry of Christ. Jesus spent a great deal of His life on earth healing the sick and helping those in need. We hope that through our medical caregivers, His healing touch will be felt by all who come to us for care.


to unparalleled patient satisfaction or onboarding program, designed to create and nurture a culture of excellence.

12 | Florida Hospital for Children

• • • •

More than 2,600 employees, including physicians, direct-care nurses, ancillary and office staff, have participated in onboarding orientation since 2010. “ Trading cards” provide a fun way for care providers to identify their roles and increase interaction with patients and families. H  eart-shaped employee identification badge displays information in an easy-tounderstand format. We are a beta site for an interactive patient-care system called Get Well Town, developed specially for pediatric patients and their families (our hospital was the first children’s hospital to pilot elements of the program).

Florida Hospital for Children’s commitment begins with our employee orientation,

Innovations and Outcomes

We are focused on extending the healing ministry of Christ to children.


ONBOARDING PARTICIPANTS Florida Hospital for Children Annual Report | 13


We’ve Got Florida Covered Florida Hospital for Children is part of Florida Hospital, the state’s largest hospital system with 22 facilities in the state of Florida. Across Central Florida, there are more than 220 dedicated pediatric beds, with 90% of them located at the tertiary children’s hospital, the Walt Disney Pavilion at Florida Hospital for Children. Two dedicated ambulances and one helicopter provide emergency transfers and are staffed with a highly trained pediatric and NICU transport team who support six adjacent Florida Hospital campuses within a 25-mile radius, transporting more than 4,000 emergency pediatric and neonatal patients last year. The Ronald McDonald House, located right on the Florida Hospital for Children






campus, provides a home-away-from-home atmosphere for our out-of-town families.













100,000 ED VISITS









(Average annual figures)

Ronald McDonald House, Orlando

Florida Hospital for Children | 15


The Skill to Heal. The Spirit to Care.

It’s not all fun and games. More than the distinctive culture and environment that put our young patients at ease, Florida Hospital for Children has assembled a world-class team of doctors, specialists, nurses and health care professionals who are second to none, and the most advanced technologies, therapies and treatments available.

Our Physicians Academic Pediatrics Robert Quigley, MD Sabiha Siddiqui, MD Allergy and Immunology Denise Gonzalez, MD Santiago Martinez, MD Carlos Jacinto, MD Steven Rosenberg, MD Anesthesia Eugene Freid, MD Ann Holt, MD Eric Kunichika, MD Chris Lancaster, MD Frederick Mansfield, MD Timothy Roedig, MD H. Kenneth Spalding, MD Robert Tainsh, MD Bone Marrow Transplant Paul Gordon, MD Cardiology Jorge Garcia, MD Agustin Ramos, MD Aurelio Reyes, MD Matthew Zussman, MD Thomas Carson, MD Sumbal Sattar, MD

16 | Florida Hospital for Children

Congenital Heart Surgery Constantine Mavroudis, MD James Quintessenza, MD Jeff Jacobs, MD Paul Chai, MD Dentistry Afsoon Elmore, DDS Dermatology Tace Rico, MD Developmental Behavioral Pediatrics Sandra Cely, MD Emily Forrest, MD Emergency Medicine Audrey Bowen, MD Dennis Hernandez, MD Shakuntala Janwadkar, MD Mark Lanker, MD Carmen J. Martinez, MD Endocrinology Jorge Daaboul, MD Konda Reddy, MD Epilepsy Ki Lee, MD Gastroenterology Sangeeta Bhargava, MD

Lina Hernandez, MD Sanjay Khubchandani, MD Genetics Lynda Pollack, MD Hematology/Oncology Fouad Hajjar, MD Clifford Selsky, PhD, MD Hospitalists Vivek Desai, MD Ayodeji Otegbeye, MD Nasim Siddiqui, MD Oludapo Soremi, MD Infectious Diseases Thomas Allen, MD Cathy Lamprecht, MD Dawn Sokol, MD Intensive Care/ Hospitalists Bernadette Antonyrajah, MD Carol Geddes, MD Aaron Godshall, MD Ben Guedes, MD Peter Hervie, MD Humberto Liriano, MD Janette Magarino-Liriano, MD Avind Rampersad, MD Sandra Vaz, MD

Neonatology Carlos Alana, MD Hilton Bernstein, MD Winslade A. Bowen, MD Neal Goldberg, MD Tanvi Kamdar, MD Eduardo J. Lugo, MD Lewis Otero, MD D. Jim Rawlings, MD Rajan Wadhawan, MD Thomas Wiswell, MD Nephrology Robert Mathias, MD Brenda Montane, MD Neurology Karen Baker, MD Carl Barr, DO Murtuza Kothawala, MD Dina Dahan, MD Ashraf El-Bohy, MD Jasna Kojic, MD Christine Matarese, DO Sheila Ramos, MD Ananthi Rathinam, MD

Ophthalmology Louis C. Blumenfeld, MD Robert S. Gold, MD Robert Hered, MD Jamie Ikeda, MD Orthopaedics Adam Fenichel, MD Raymund Woo, MD Katerina Backus, MD William Zink, MD Otolaryngology Cheryl Cotter, MD Joshua Gottschall, MD Eric Jaryszak, MD James Kosko, MD Izak Kielmovitch, MD Pathology Pawini Khanna, MD Michael Radi, MD Plastic Surgery Frank Stieg, MD

Neuropsychology Patrick Gorman, PsyD Michelle Dolske, PhD Michael Westerveld, PhD

Pulmonology and Sleep Disorders Akinyemi Ajayi, MD Kevin Kuriakose, MD Maggie Sifain, MD Shivani Verma, MD

Interventional Endoscopy Neurosurgery Robert Hawes, MD James Baumgartner, MD Shyam Varadarajulu, MD Eric Trumble, MD

Radiology Jane Cook, DO Gregory Logsdon, MD

Peter Salazar, MD Laura Varich, MD Residency/Pediatric Stacy McConkey, MD Surgery Mark Chaet, MD Christopher Anderson, MD William Loe, MD Raleigh Thompson, MD Urology Pablo Gomez, MD Michael Keating, MD Weight and Wellness Angela Fals, MD

120+ Pediatric Specialists



Florida Hospital for Children | 17

Our journey to be a nationally leading children’s hospital will be undertaken with the same rigor and determination that helped us achieve Magnet® designation. – Lisa Bowman, MSN, RN, Chief Nursing Officer

Nursing Lisa Bowman, MSN, RN, Chief Nursing Officer


Florida Hospital for Children is the first hospital in Central Florida to achieve the gold standard Magnet® designation from the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC), one of fewer than 7% of children’s hospitals in the United States to receive this honor.

Innovations and Outcomes

• • • •

M  ore than 800 nurses and specialty-trained support staff and more than 1,000

• •

employees supporting the children’s hospital network in Central Florida

Initiated Florida Hospital for Children’s first Pediatric Pharmacy Residency Program Empowered direct-care nurses as principal investigators in research studies



AHC/CMS surveyors Enhanced multidisciplinary rounds through a collaborative approach to improve communication, increase efficiencies

Upcoming Publications


The Influence of Staff Nurse Perception of Leadership Style on Satisfaction With Leadership: A Cross-Sectional Survey of Pediatric Nurses. International Journal of Nursing Studies Interactive Versus Traditional Environment an a Pediatric Emergency Department. Journal of Healthcare Environment Research and Design

Pediatric Pharmacy Florida Hospital for Children’s Pediatric Pharmacy staff is specially trained to work with children. We are one of only 21 children’s hospitals nationwide with a pediatric pharmacy residency program that provides training in how to administer and monitor responses to drug therapy, optimize care and improve outcomes in young patients. Clinical pharmacy services are provided to Florida Hospital for Children’s endocrine, neurology, hematology and oncology, bone marrow transplant and epilepsy programs.

Building Sustainable, Productive Research Partnerships With Health Care Organizations: The Scholar Award Model in Action. Journal of Research Administration

One of

7% Magnet



of 21

pharmacy training-site hospitals nationwide

Received the highly coveted No Findings report from the

and positive perceptions of care by patients/families

90th percentile in Press Ganey nursing overall patient satisfaction in 2011



90thpercentile Patient

Innovations and Outcomes

• • • • • •

Marijo Kraisinger, PharmD Director of Pharmacy

One of only 21 children’s hospitals in the nation offering a pediatric pharmacy residency program First pediatric pharmacy residents joined the staff in 2011 Process more than 18,000 orders per month In 2011, transferred pediatric chemotherapy and intravenous (IV) room services from the adult service line The Children’s Oncology Group Pharmacy Committee oversaw approximately 100 active clinical trials, including those aimed at treating a range of childhood cancers Provide continuing education opportunities for community physicians and pharmacists

Florida Hospital for Children | 19

Florida Hospital for Children is leading the way in innovative research to find new methods for treating children and improving outcomes. Our advantages are considerable.

• •


Patricia Stearnes Robinson, PhD, ARNP, CCRP, Director


Center for Pediatric Research and Outcomes

Three PhD scientists, one nurse research scientist, three RN data analysts, one editor, two research nurses and four research coordinators

We are leading the way in innovative research to find new ways to cure diseases and to keep kids as healthy and happy as possible. – Patricia Stearnes Robinson, Director

Improving Quality of Life for Children Undergoing Epilepsy Surgery

Researchers can leverage more than 120 specialists and 35 pediatric sub-specialties in a highly collaborative environment to tackle more complex studies while improving the quality of the studies conducted.

One of the keys to our success is concierge-level service for researchers that removes

Our investment in top-quality facilities, highly advanced technologies and

roadblocks and manages the process from start to finish. A multidisciplinary scientific

cutting-edge clinical trials attracts top researchers to conduct their studies in

review board comprised of volunteer physicians, pharmacists, child life specialists, nurse

pediatric sciences.

scientists, statisticians and university faculty reviews studies for optimum design and efficiency before submission to the Office of Research Administration/Institutional Review Board. In addition, a Pediatric Research Administration Council aligns research studies with the priorities of our organization.

By the Numbers

Center for Pediatric Research and Outcomes comprised of three PhD scientists, one nurse research scientist, three registered nurse (RN) data analysts, one editor, two research nurses and four research coordinators, including a biomedical engineer and a health risk-

• •

management analyst

Florida Hospital for Children’s Functional Brain Mapping and Brain Computer Interface Lab (FBMBCI) received IRB and ORA approval for a five-year research study aimed at improving the outcomes of pediatric epilepsy surgery. The study brings together experts in nursing, epileptology, neuropsychology, neurophysiology, radiology, image processing, neurosurgery and more to give patients who visit

24 completed and 40 open research studies across disciplines of medicine, nursing, child-

our epilepsy clinic a truly multidisciplinary approach

life therapy, pastoral care, administration and music therapy

in their treatment. Elements of the research

Three National Institutes of Health (NIH) NINR-funded sub-site studies in sedation,

project include real-time functional mapping

pharmacokinetics and biomarkers of acute lung injuries

of neuropsychopharmacological studies and

Milena Korostenskaja, PhD Neuroscientist, Head of the Laboratory of Functional Brain Mapping and Brain Computer Interface

functional-mapping language, memory, executive function and attention with fMRI. 20 | Florida Hospital for Children

Florida Hospital for Children | 21

Endocrinology/Diabetes and Metabolism

Research Examples

First-ever research on how

Jorge J. Daaboul, MD, Medical Director

environment affects the comfort

diabetes in childhood and adolescence, early or delayed puberty, enlarged thyroid glands, ovarian and testicular

and decreases pain in the Children’s

dysfunction, pituitary disorders and more.

Emergency Center (CEC)

Innovations and Outcomes

NIH sub-site funding for three pediatric

• •

studies, aimed at effects of sedation in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) and the pharmacogenetic effects of sedation Multi-institutional research

collaboration with Shands’ Children’s Hospital and Miami Children’s Hospital on nursing studies to find inpatient risk scales that work for kids

R e s e a r c h Te a m Published Wor ks

• •

What is the Current Standard? Pediatric Emergency Medicine Reports. S troke: It’s Not Just for Grown-Ups. Pediatric Emergency Medicine Reports.

22 | Florida Hospital for Children


diabetes and metabolic health issues such as adrenal gland hypo-/hyper-function, ambiguous genitals/intersex,

environment changes parental anxiety

F ever in Infants Under 3 Months Old:


only specialty-trained metabolic physician. Using advanced diagnostics and therapies, we treat endocrine,

in imaging and how ambient


expertise in diabetes, obesity, failure to thrive and metabolic problems. The center also boasts Central Florida’s

specialists change the experience


Our specially trained staff includes physicians, pediatric diabetes educators, a dietitian and a support team with

of children, including how child life

We are conducting a five-year research study aimed at improving the outcomes of pediatric epilepsy surgery.

We invest in topquality facilities, highly advanced technologies and cutting-edge clinical trials to attract top researchers.

• • •

Treated more than 10,000 patients since 2010, including more than 400 diabetes families with type 1, type 2 and other forms of diabetes


American Diabetes Association

10,000+ Patients Treated (2010 – 2012)

Research collaboration with Florida Hospital Diabetes Institute, Translational Research Institute and Sanford Burnham M  ultidisciplinary diabetes team and clinic, including medical providers, pediatric diabetes nurse educators, pediatric diabetes dietitian and pediatric social worker O  utpatient Diabetes Education Program recognized by American Diabetes Association Bimonthly pediatric-group diabetes education for advanced therapies Research/published works include Adolescent Transition: Challenges and Resources for the Diabetes Team. Diabetes Spectrum. This topic also was presented at the American Diabetes Association’s 70th Scientific Session (2010).

E n d o c r i n o l o g y , D i a b e t e s a n d M e t a b o l i s m Te a m

The Florida Hospital for Children Heart Center Constantine Mavroudis, MD, Medical Director, Congenital Heart Surgery Agustin Ramos, MD, Medical Director, Pediatric Cardiology and Network Development Jorge Garcia, MD, Medical Director, Pediatric Echocardiography Lab Aurelio Reyes, MD, Medical Director, Pediatric Cardiology Critical Care

P u b l i s h e d W o r k s b y D r. M a v r o u d i s

• •

Center is poised to be one of the finest pediatric cardiac programs in the country, treating a wide range of conditions including both congenital heart defects and

More than 400 peer-reviewed articles and book chapters including more than 12 in 2012 in publications ranging from Annals of Thoracic Surgery, Congenital Heart Surgery and World Journal for Pediatric and Congenital Heart Surgery to the

Chris Lancaster, MD, Medical Director, Anesthesia Led by world-renowned cardiovascular surgeon Constantine Mavroudis, MD, our Heart

Editor, Pediatric Cardiac Surgery, 4th edition (2012)

American Journal of Cardiology Book chapters on such topics as arrhythmia surgery in children, surgical therapy of conduction disorders and congenital coronary artery anomalies

acquired heart conditions. For mothers-to-be, our cardiac team also specializes in detecting and diagnosing heart defects early in the pregnancy, so these tiniest patients can receive treatment right after they are born.

• •

Congenital Heart Disease Program treating children from birth to adulthood Heart Center team of more than 26 pediatric medical professionals, including pediatric cardiologists, pediatric interventional cardiologists, cardiac surgeons, pediatric intensivists, pediatric cardiac anesthesiologists, pediatric profusionists, physician’s assistants and nurses



24 | Florida Hospital for Children

Pediatric Medical Professionals

H e a r t C e n t e r Te a m ( p h o t o l e f t )

Our cardiac team specializes in detecting and diagnosing heart defects early in the pregnancy, so our tiniest patients can receive treatment right after they are born.

Florida Hospital for Children | 25

THE NEW JOHNS HOPKINS CHILDREN’S HEART SURGERY PROGRAM AT FLORIDA HOSPITAL FOR CHILDREN Pediatric Hear t Surgeons Constantine Mavroudis, MD Paul Chai, MD Jeff Jacobs, MD James Quintessenza, MD The Johns Hopkins Children’s Heart Surgery Program provides pediatric cardiovascular surgery at two Florida locations: All Children’s Hospital in St. Petersburg and Florida Hospital for Children in Orlando. The program draws on the expertise of Johns Hopkins, a pioneer in the field of heart surgery. The program will give Florida’s children access to a top-notch

A Smile That Melts Your Heart

surgical team and the newest treatment approaches, while creating new opportunities for research into children’s congenital heart disease. As part

When Isabella was born, her pediatrician noticed that her feet were

of one of the nation’s leading pediatric heart surgery programs, it will help

unusually cold. Pediatric cardiologist Agustin Ramos, MD, diagnosed

more Florida children become healthy adults.

Isabella with a hypoplastic aortic arch, and pediatric cardiac surgeon Paul Chai, MD, performed corrective surgery to enlarge her aortic arch with a patch. Today, Isabella’s mother says she is a normal, playful baby who doesn’t stop moving for a minute.

“When you look at her, you can’t tell that she had any issues at all.” - Isabella’s mom

26 | Florida Hospital for Children

Establishing collaboration to benefit our patients and community

Pediatric Cardiac Operating Room

Florida Hospital for Children | 27

Home of the only intraoperative 3T MRI in Florida.

Pediatric Neuroscience Carl Barr, DO, Medical Director, Pediatric Neurology Jim Baumgartner, MD, Surgical Director, Comprehensive Pediatric Epilepsy Center Ki Hyeong Lee, MD, MS, Medical Director, Comprehensive Pediatric Epilepsy Center Eric R. Trumble, MD, Director, Congenital Neurosurgery Michael Westerveld, PhD, Medical Director, Pediatric Neuropsychology Florida Hospital for Children is at the forefront of pediatric neuroscience

Our medical directors are early adopters – and often innovators – of advanced treatments.

with a skilled team of specialists who diagnose and treat a range of disorders, including brain tumors, spinal disorders, seizures, sleep disorders and learning difficulties. Our medical directors are early adopters – and often innovators – of advanced treatments, using leading-edge equipment, techniques and care. Our highly integrated team of epileptologists, neurologists, neurosurgeons, neuroscientists, developmental specialists, therapists and pediatric neuropsychologists work collaboratively to assess the problem and recommend the most effective course of treatment. Florida Hospital’s two neuro-operating suites provide our neurosurgeons with the best tools in the country to combat neurological disease. Intraoperative diagnostic imaging provides live images before, after, and most importantly, during surgery, enabling neurosurgeons to check the accuracy and precision of their work while the cranium is still open, and thus reducing the potential need for follow-up surgeries and reducing

2 Rooms Operating

the risk of surgery itself.

28 | Florida Hospital for Children


tumors, vascular malformations and functional disorders (only Leksell Gamma Knife© 4C

Two neuro ORs, including access to an intraoperative 40-slice CT and 3 Tesla MRI First hospital in Florida to introduce the Leksell Gamma Knife 4C for the treatment

N e u r o s c i e n c e Te a m ( p h o t o l e f t )


of complex pediatric neurological disorders, offering new hope to children with brain

Innovations and Outcomes

• •



in Central Florida) Only MEG in Florida used to measure a child’s magnetic brain activity to help define the exact point of seizure onset (coming Spring 2013)

Florida Hospital for Children | 29

identification of seizure onset available. The center serves as a destination treatment facility for epilepsy patients from as far as Panama and the Dominican Republic, where treatment of this kind is currently unavailable for children with intractable epilepsy. The Florida Hospital for Children team is led by two highly respected experts in the

nutritionist that has been proven to reduce seizure incidents in children.

Innovations and Outcomes

• • •

field – Ki Hyeong Lee, MD, and Jim Baumgartner, MD – and is comprised of more than 30 dedicated specialists, including neuroradiologists, neuropsychologists, pathologists, electroencephalography (EEG)/MEG technologists, speech/physical/ occupational therapists and child life specialists. Specially trained pediatric epileptologists use all-digital video EEG technology to study a patient’s seizure

• •

Each pediatric seizure patient receives a customized, multiphased diagnosis and treatment plan that includes multiple imaging tests, neurophysiological study and neuropsychological evaluation, and for surgery candidates, electrode grid placement and resective surgical treatment. The center’s non-surgical treatment

Central Florida Performed first-ever hemispherectomy in Central Florida 4 7% success rate with seizure freedom (Engle Classification 1 outcome) for all surgical treatments: callosotomy, hemispherectomy, respective surgery and multiple subpial transections

11 7 11

Corpus callosotomies Bilateral grid placements Multilobar resections with MST


Temporal lobectomies


Extratemporal resection/MST


Tumor resections with ECOG Procedures completed from July 1, 2011, to July 1, 2012

100% seizure-free success rate for hemispherectomies not involving Rasmussen encephalitis, which can possibly affect

Published Wor ks and Presentations

• • • •

6 Hemispherectomies

92% seizure freedom in complete resection for respective surgery

both hemispheres

activity in real time 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to improve the accuracy of our diagnosis and effectiveness of our treatment.

First MEG imaging machine (coming Spring 2013) and the first intraoperative MRI in


The Level IV Comprehensive Pediatric Epilepsy Center offers the most precise

options include a low-carbohydrate, high-fat Ketogenic diet program monitored by a



Scalp EEG Does not Predict Hemispherectomy Outcome. Seizure. M  EG Onset Source Localization Compared to Intracranial EEG and Outcome: Improved Epilepsy Pre-Surgical Evaluation in Pediatrics. Epilepsy Resource Journal. C  orpus Callosotomy for Treatment of Pediatric Refractory Status Epilepticus. Seizure.

Resection of Ictal High Frequency Oscillations Leads to Favorable Surgical Outcome in

• • • •

Pediatric Epilepsy. Epilepsia.


Dedicated Epilepsy Experts

B  ook chapter on Developmental Disorder and Neurocutaneous Syndrome. Neurology 2nd edition. From Auditory Change Detection to Reading and Word Processing: Impairments in Children with Intractable Epilepsy. IFMBE Proceedings.

Searching for Air

Identification of Abnormal Neuromagnetic Signatures in the Motor Cortex of Adolescent

Makenzie could feel the seizures coming, beginning in her hands and

Migraine. Headache.

working through her entire body until it seemed like she couldn’t breathe.

N  euromagnetic Evidence of Impaired Cortical Auditory Processing in Pediatric Intractable

An 11-year-old who loves swimming, climbing trees and riding horses, her

Epilepsy. Epilepsy

mother limited her activities, not knowing when another of the frequent

Resource Journal.

seizures would strike. Surgery gave Makenzie back her quality of life. Today,

Impaired Auditory

she is free from seizures with no neurological deficits and dreaming of

Information Processing

becoming a fashion designer or a singer.

During Acute Migraine: Magnetoencephalography Study. International Journal of Neurosciences.

Our physicians have more than 40 years of combined experience treating pediatric epilepsy.

Today, a seizure-free Makenzie dreams of becoming a fashion designer or a singer.

Florida Hospital for Children | 31




Chiari malformations are a surprisingly common congenital malformation of the brain.

Neurofibromatosis (NF) is a genetically transmitted disorder in which nerve tissue

Whether it’s a skull, facial, cleft, ear, nasal or vascular deformity, the surgeons at Florida

Florida Hospital for Children reviews nearly six Chiari patients each week. Most Chiari

grows tumors that can cause serious damage by compressing nerves and other tissues.

Hospital for Children understand that craniofacial surgery can have a tremendous impact on

patients respond well to medical management of their symptoms, with less than 20%

While there is no cure for the disease, the Neurofibromatosis Clinic at Florida Hospital for

a child, from improved health to a more positive outlook on life. Florida Hospital for Children

of our patients requiring surgery. However, when surgical intervention is necessary, our

Children is committed to treating NF and improving the quality of life of patients living

offers a wide range of minimally invasive surgeries, complex reconstructive surgeries and

highly skilled neurosurgeons are prepared to operate, and the outcomes are positive,

with this disease through a multidisciplinary approach that includes diagnosis, clinical

cosmetic procedures to treat virtually any injury or condition a child may have.

with more than 90% of syrinxes reducing in size after decompression, and 50 to 90% of

trial information and participation, genetic counseling and more.

patients seeing improvement in their pre-operative symptoms.

NEUROSURGERY Florida Hospital for Children‘s neurosurgical suites set the standard for advanced surgery and exceptional patient care. The operating rooms feature intraoperative 3-Tesla MRI

Innovations and Outcomes

• •

and 40-slice CT capabilities that can produce live three-dimensional image feeds during surgery. It is the world’s most precise surgical intervention, and Florida Hospital for Children is the only hospital in Florida to have it. When combined with our intraoperative lasers, GPS-like neuro-navigation systems and high-definition optical devices, our surgeons have the best tools in the country to address neurological diseases in our pediatric patients.

Innovations and Outcomes

• • •

Only Chiari care clinic in the southeast Large patient volume but conservative surgical approach, with three to six patients per week and one surgery

80% of Chiari patients see significant resolution of their symptoms 0% mortality rate

Our neurosurgical suites set the standard for advanced surgery and exceptional patient care.

Less than 1% infection rate

Innovations and Outcomes

• • •

Less than 20% of our pediatric neurosurgical cases are hydrocephalus-related (compared to the national average of more than 50%) Pediatric ventriculo-peritoneal shunt infection rate is 0 to 2% (compared to the national infection rate of 8%) Pediatric ventriculo-peritoneal shunt failure rate has been 10 to 15%, with 80% of the shunts implanted in the past five years still in place (compared to the national failure rate of 40% at six months)

32 | Florida Hospital for Children

80% Symptom

Reduction in Chiari Patients


Chiari Clinic in the Region

• • • •

First children’s hospital in Florida to earn affiliate status by the Children’s Tumor Foundation Nation’s only NF clinic to create a treatment protocol using best practices, techniques and patient data to confirm diagnosis and guide the long-term management of neurofibromatosis More than 10 new patients per month

Florida Hospital for Children is the first hospital in the Central Florida region to introduce minimally invasive cranio-repair, using advanced technologies to operate with the tiniest of incisions. Nearly all of our surgeries are performed on patients less than six months old, and our minimally invasive techniques result in smaller incisions, less scarring and the reduced need for blood transfusion.

Innovations and Outcomes

300 patients treated annually and part of our comprehensive NF registry

N e u r o f i b r o m a t o s i s Te a m

• • • • •

Craniofacial and cleft palate clinic employs state-of-the-art endoscopic procedures performed by pediatric neurosurgical physicians and plastic surgeons with more than 20 years of experience First hospital in Central Florida to introduce minimally invasive cranio-repair Craniofacial, cleft lip and palate specialists have been performing these surgical procedures since 1997 9 5% of patients are operated on before six months of age Less than a 25% incidence of blood transfusions for our minimally invasive surgeries (compared to the 75 to 100% incidence for traditional surgery)

First hospital in Central Florida to introduce minimally invasive cranio-repair.

0% infection and mortality rates

Florida Hospital for Children | 33

Staffed by an experienced medical team backed by the most advanced technologies

Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Rajan Wadhawan, MD, Medical Director More than a half million infants are born prematurely each year in the U.S. and subsequently admitted to a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). While medical advancements are increasing the survival rates of these pre-term infants, it comes with increased risk for nutritional, growth, motor and sensory problems. Our Level III NICU is staffed by a medical team of neonatologists, neonatal nurse practitioners, neonatal nurses, respiratory therapists and pharmacists and backed by the most advanced technologies and care available for treating premature and sick babies. Our leading-edge technologies include nitric oxide therapy, hypothermia management, neonatal/pediatric surgical suites, surfacant therapy, a neonatal respiratory program and a 10-county neonatal air- and ground-transport team.


• • • • • •

Treated more than 7,500 neonatal babies since 2007 93 acute-care, state-of-the-art private rooms (including Walt Disney Pavilion and Winter Park Memorial locations)

• • • • • •

Increased use of developmental aides with Z-flow and developmental positioning MRI without sedation using infant immobilizer No reported ventilator-associated pneumonia (VAP) infections (above the national standard) Organized and hosted a NICU Developmental Conference for more than 100 attendees Developed a PICC X-ray template for reducing the number of required X-rays for patients Reduction in unplanned extubations


Nurse-driven peripherally inserted central catheter (PICC) team A  doption of an infant-driven feeding culture versus a volume-driven approach, resulting in improved feeding outcomes, infant well-being and parent-infant

Acute-care Rooms

relationships Participation in a nationwide data-sharing initiative with other NICUs to reduce blood-stream infections in neonates Member of the Children’s Hospitals Neonatal Consortium, a national collaborative dedicated to collecting data to improve the quality of care and outcomes of

Music Therapy in the NICU

newborns in the NICU

34 | Florida Hospital for Children

N I C U Te a m ( p h o t o l e f t )

Florida Hospital for Children | 35

A Miracle Baby Tiny Kaleb was born prematurely at 26 weeks due to umbilical-cord complications. Delivered by emergency Caesarean-section at Florida Hospital for Children, he weighed a scant one pound, 10 ounces, and was just 12 inches long. He spent five months in Florida Hospital for Children’s NICU, requiring additional surgeries to repair a bilateral inguinal hernia and insert a feeding tube to help him get the nutrition he needed. His care also included a special night nurse who comforted Kaleb with prayer and song when his parents couldn’t be there.

“We thank God and your hospital for this miracle and blessing...” – Kaleb’s mom Published Works and Improvement Initiatives

• • • • • •

Factors That Affect the Postnatal Increase in Superior Mesenteric Artery Blood Flow Velocity in Very Low Birth Weight Preterm Infants. Journal of Perinatal Medicine. Improving nurse-physician relationships: a Nurse Practice Council collaborative initiative Music therapy in the NICU Spontaneous Intestinal Perforation in Extremely Low Birth Weight Infants: Association with Indometacin Therapy and Effects on Neurodevelopmental Outcomes at 18–22 Months Corrected Age. Archives of Disease in Childhood: Fetal and Neonatal Edition. Infant-driven feedings moving away from a volume-driven culture in the NICU Participation in perinatal high-risk neonatal Central Line-Associated Bloodstream Infection work group

Center for Child Development Sandra Cely, MD, Medical Director Led by a board-certified developmental behavioral pediatrician, the Center for Child Development provides diagnostic evaluations, medical management, treatment plans and ongoing care for infants through young adults, up to age 18. Behavioral and developmental disorders can range from Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD), learning disabilities and other associated conditions. In addition, the Center for Child Development provides care and follow up of developmental delays related to prematurity. Because developmental and behavioral issues can have many root causes, the Center for Child Development uses an interdisciplinary team approach to treat children

holistically, addressing the physical, social, educational and psychological needs that impact their overall wellness and success. The team at the Center for Child Development includes physicians, pediatric nurse practitioners, an educational advocate and a care coordinator.

Innovations and Outcomes

• • • • • •

The center treats more than 1,800 patients annually, with nearly 4,000 patient visits per year. The center is the only referral resource in Central Florida for comprehensive evaluation and formal testing of children with developmental and behavioral disabilities. An Education Advocate is on staff to work with patients and their schools to address academic issues and develop Individualized Education Programs or 504 plans. A Care Coordinator is available to link patients to resources in the community to help the child and the family. Provided neuropsychological testing for 50 underserved children through a grant from the Chatlos Foundation. Sandra Cely, MD, is a frequent speaker on topics related to autism and Down syndrome.

36 | Florida Hospital for Children

Sandra Cely, MD Medical Director

Addressing the physical, social, educational and psychological needs that impact the overall wellness and success of children

Hematology and Oncology Fouad Hajjar, MD, Medical Director, Hematology and Oncology

Physicians trained at Yale and St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital

FIRST HOSPITAL in the region to offer programs in neuro-oncology and neurofibromatosis

Our Pediatric Hematology and Oncology Program has an international reputation for treating and healing children who suffer from cancer or blood disorders, including leukemia, lymphoma, brain tumors, sickle cell anemia, blood and clotting disorders and thalassemia. The expertise of our medical team, with physicians trained at Yale and St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, sets us apart, as does our multidisciplinary approach that offers patients the best possible care at all levels.

PEDIATRIC STEM CELL TRANSPLANTATION Paul Gordon, MD, Medical Director, Stem Cell Transplantation Florida Hospital for Children features Central Florida’s first and only Pediatric Stem Cell

Innovations and Outcomes

• • • • • • •

First and only pediatric SCT unit in Central Florida with a dedicated eight-bed stateof-the-art unit Performed 12 SCTs since June 2011 Successfully transplanted three SCD patients to date

SCT is a well-established treatment for many pediatric conditions, including leukemia, myelodysplastic syndromes, bone marrow failure syndromes, and hemoglobinopathies such as sickle cell disease and immunodeficiencies. A particular area of interest for our SCT team is sickle cell disease (SCD). In addition, the team has partnered with the University of Chicago for nurse training and education and Duke University for clinical consultation and patient care. The eight-bed unit features advanced designs including a high-efficiency (HEPA) airfiltration system to prevent infections and large, private rooms with age-appropriate amenities to make the patients’ extended stay a comfortable one.

38 | Florida Hospital for Children


• • •

First hospital in the region to offer neuro-oncology and neurofibromatosis programs Treated approximately 500+ newborn sickle cell patients since 2007 195+ new oncology patients treated since 2007 F or the past 18 years, we have been full members of the Children’s Oncology Group (COG).



At age four, Claire was diagnosed with tonsil cancer. She was the first pediatric cancer patient at Florida Hospital for Children, nearly 20 years ago. She underwent chemotherapy treatments, radiation

Established a data registry protocol for neuro-oncology and neurofibromatosis

and multiple surgeries before entering remission a year later. To


pass the time during treatments, she watched her favorite movie,

Work closely with Kids Beating Cancer, a partner organization that helps our patients

The Lion King, and talked to her parents about the “circle of life.”

find bone marrow transplant donors nationwide

Year’s later, the physical

Recognized by Children’s Medical Services of Florida as one of the few medical

demands of competing on the

centers qualified to treat children born with sickle cell anemia and other blood

University of Central Florida’s


women’s rowing team were

Pediatric Palliative Care

taking a toll on Claire’s

Clifford Selsky, MD, PhD, Medical Director

damaged by transfusions that

delicate circulatory system, made it difficult for her blood

The hospital’s Children’s Care Team (CCT) provides our young patients with relief from

Transplant (SCT) Unit and is supported by a world-class medical team – good news for families who previously had to travel long distances for SCT services.


Cancer Survivor, Coxswain and College Graduate

Hematology, On co l o g y, Ste m Ce l l Tra n s p l a nt at i o n and Palliat ive Ca re Te a m

to absorb oxygen. Working

the symptoms, pain and stress of life-limiting conditions such as cancer, brain injuries,

with her doctors and coaches,

metabolic diseases and neuromuscular disorders. The goal is to enhance the quality of life for these children and their families through symptom management, compassion, communication and coordination of care. The team will also help families of very premature babies as well as babies diagnosed in utero with life-limiting conditions.

Claire found a way to remain on the team as a coxswain, a position that requires leadership and dedication but little physical activity.

Innovations and Outcomes

• • •

Consulting patients since August 2010 Provided palliative care to more than 80 children living with life-limiting conditions to date Expect to serve more than 300 families in the next two years

“I don’t know if cancer has defined me. I think it’s something I overcame and just showed my true colors, that I’m a fighter.” – Claire

Florida Hospital for Children | 39

Pediatric Rehabilitation PEDIATRIC ACUTE CARE AND OUTPATIENT REHABILITATION Helping children overcome disabilities, diseases, injuries and developmental problems, the pediatric acute care and outpatient rehabilitation experts develop or restore skills to the patient to promote independence and maximize function in daily-living tasks. Diagnoses may include neurological impairments, congenital heart problems, orthopaedic injuries, childhood cancer, feeding and swallowing disorders, neuromotor impairments, sensory integration disorders, autism spectrum disorders and other developmental concerns. The interdisciplinary team provides the following services at the acute-care hospitals and in the outpatient centers based upon the child’s needs: occupational, physical, speech and feeding therapy; and audiology services. All disciplines evaluate and set goals to provide a customized treatment program. Once goals are agreed upon by physicians, parents and staff, then education is provided to all caregivers to ensure support and carry-over. In all health care settings, parents and caregivers are encouraged to participate in treatment sessions to assist the child and reinforce newly learned/relearned skills.

Innovations and Outcomes

• • • • 40 | Florida Hospital for Children

Board-certified and specialty therapists in the areas of neuro-developmental treatment, auditory-verbal therapy, the Kinesio taping method for neuromuscular therapy and Pilates Specialty programs, including aquatics and biofeedback Speech-language pathologist, board-recognized specialist, swallowing and swallowing disorders Nationally recognized feeding specialists providing six to eight annual seminars throughout the country

• • • • • • •

Nationally recognized feeding specialists providing annual seminars throughout the country

N  eonatal Oral-Motor Assessment Scale certified feeding specialists for evaluation of oral motor skills of infants Bilingual therapists across all disciplines Hanen-certified speech therapists focusing on parent training for language, social and literacy skills

Auditory verbal therapy for pediatric cochlear implant patients and pediatric hearing loss Therapeutic use of innovative tools such as Wii video games, iPads, gaming bike and rock climbing walls to facilitate effective “fun” approach to services Antigravity treadmill and supported gate-training systems Observation capabilities for parents (via camera) that are non-disruptive to the therapy process

Published Wor ks and Presentations

• • •

Feed Me Only When I’m Cueing: Moving Away From a Volume-Driven Culture in the NICU. Neonatal Intensive Care: The Journal of Perinatology-Neonatology. Baby Trachs: Passy Muir Valve in the NICU to Optimize Swallowing and Feeding. National clinical webinar. Presentations nationally and internationally on autologous stem cell treatment for children with hearing loss.


Pediatric Rehabilitation Locations

Healthy Weight and Wellness


Angela Fals, MD, Medical Director

to make that wish come true by giving children, teens and families information to

A cornerstone of our mission is preventative health and wellness. Our team of specialists

make good food and lifestyle choices from birth to old age. A team of four specialists

provides education, support and services to combat major pediatric health issues, such

– obesity-medicine pediatrician, psychologist, exercise physiologist and registered

as obesity and diabetes.

dietitian – work with children and their families to learn how to eat right, stay active,

Our highly trained pediatric weight-management team is comprised of doctors, specialists and other health care professionals who understand the sensitive nature of obesity and excessive weight. We use proven techniques and treatments delivered in a judgment-free environment to help patients lose weight and keep it off while addressing any other related health issues.

Florida Hospital for Children has an ambitious wish for our community’s children: we want them to live to see their 100th birthday. Our Healthy 100 Kids Program is helping

exercise the mind as well as the body, understand emotions, learn how the body works

75% 60%

and how to have good relationships with friends and family.

Innovations and Outcomes

H e a l t h y 1 0 0 K i d s Te a m

• • • •

Reduced or Maintained Blood Pressure Levels

Helped more than 1,000 families lead healthier lifestyles and decrease the complications of diabetes, heart disease, liver disease, low self-esteem and depression

Improved or Maintained Body Fat

87% of children and their families reported increasing their daily levels of physical activity More than half of patients have reduced their risk for diabetes Met and exceeded national comparisons according to the Children’s Hospital Association (CHA) More than 50% of patients have either reduced or maintained their Body Mass Index (BMI). In addition, 43% of parents also reduced their BMI.

1,000+ 42 | Florida Hospital for Children

Healthy 100 Kids By the Numbers

Families Leading Healthier Lives

• • • •

87% of Children and Families Report Increasing Daily Physical Activity

Supplied local primary care practitioners with resources to provide more efficient, comprehensive care for their overweight and obese patients Provided free access to weekly age-appropriate workshops, ranging from group exercise sessions and hands-on cooking demonstrations to gardening classes and support groups Partnered with local teaching institutions to educate tomorrow’s health professionals on working effectively with families dealing with overweight and obese children and their associated health complications Created a comprehensive school health and wellness curriculum implemented during the school year by health and wellness educators

Florida Hospital for Children Annual Report | 43


fit INITIATIVE Florida Hospital for Children has partnered with WebMD, Sanford Health and Healthworks! to get families involved in the national fit initiative by providing resources

Children Reached

for parents, children and health care professionals. The whole-life approach of fit focuses



Innovations and Outcomes

• • • •

Diabetes runs in the Solero family. Doctors gave Mom three months to improve her health and her daughter’s, or they would have to begin taking medication. With the help of Florida Hospital for Children, they started eating healthier and spending more time together as a family,

on four areas: nutrition (FOOD), physical activity (MOVE), emotional fitness (MOOD) and restorative fitness (RECHARGE).

Like Mother, Like Daughter

exercising instead of watching television. The transformation was amazing. Mom and daughter’s sugar and cholesterol levels came down.

CREATION Health Kids is a faith-based wellness program based on the principles of

Orlando is the first community to launch the national fit initiative.

health found in the Bible’s story of creation. Using songs, crafts, stories and videos,

Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer declared October 25, 2011, as Healthy 100 Kids fit Day.

children learn in a fun way how small lifestyle changes can make a big difference.


Choice: Make good decisions

more than 2,500 kids testing health-literacy improvement.


Rest: Take a break

Community events and health assemblies reach more than 21,000 kids annually.


Environment: Create good spaces, inside and outside


Activity: Get moving


Trust: Have faith in God


Interpersonal Relationships: Be there for family and friends


Outlook: Think positive thoughts


Nutrition: Fill up with good food

The 2012 pilot program is in more than 35 schools and youth organizations, with

f i t Te a m

“I was pre-diabetic, and now I’m normal. I feel like we’ve broken the cycle.” – Lillivette

Innovations and Outcomes

• • • 44 | Florida Hospital for Children

Established a CREATION Health Vacation Bible School Program for first through fifth grades CREATION Health Kids performed songs for First Lady Michelle Obama CREATION Health pilot program in schools is a success

Florida Hospital for Children | 45


Pediatric Specialty Surgeons

Surgery From head to toe, patients at Florida Hospital for Children are blessed to be in the healing hands of some of the best surgeons in their fields.

GENERAL SURGERY W. Raleigh Thompson, MD, Medical Director Whether it’s a relatively simple surgery to relieve pain or a major operation to save a life, Florida Hospital for Children’s highly trained team of board-certified surgeons, pediatric specialists and pediatric nurses uses the most advanced surgical techniques and technologies available. Our areas of special surgical expertise include neonatal surgery, endoscopic or robotic abdominal or thoracic procedures, chest wall reconstruction and vascular malformations. More common procedures like hernia repairs and circumcisions are also performed in the safest and most child-friendly environment available.

Innovations, Outcomes and Outreach

• • • • • • • 46 | Florida Hospital for Children

More than 3,000 laparoscopic surgeries performed Pioneered robotic procedures in Central Florida, such as resection for megacolon and inflammatory bowel disease Integrated relationship with Nicholson Center for simulation/instruction and product and technique development Presenting as an invited professor at the Indian Association of Pediatric Surgeons convention, Fall of 2012 Program’s surgeons led Florida Hospital’s Haiti earthquake relief team Led in general surgery residency selection and mentoring H  osted American Pediatric Surgical Association conference featuring Florida Hospital for Children and Nicholson Center

S u r g e r y Te a m ( p h o t o l e f t )


Florida Hospital for Children | 47

It means the world to know that your child can hear you say “I love you.”

OTOLARYNGOLOGY EAR, NOSE AND THROAT Joshua A. Gottschall, MD, Medical Director Florida Hospital for Children’s ear, nose and throat (ENT) specialists are leading the way in using surgical techniques and new technology to treat a wide range of head and

Published Wor ks

Nearly a dozen published works in

– Mother of oneyear-old bilateral cochlear ear implant patient, Jaylee George

the International Journal of Pediatric

ORTHOPAEDICS Raymund Woo, MD, Medical Director A child’s body is fundamentally different than an adult’s. From sports injuries to complex health issues such as dwarfism and bowing legs, our team of skilled orthopaedic specialists and surgeons understand the unique health issues facing children.

neck problems, including tonsillectomies that are less painful for patients and complex

Otolaryngology and other medical journals

Florida Hospital for Children’s pediatric orthopaedic expertise is wide-ranging and includes rib deformities,

sinus procedures with far greater accuracy than ever before. Our ENT team also includes

on topics ranging from pediatric laryngeal

clubfoot, congenital deformities of the legs, muscular dystrophy, neuromuscular disorders, neurofibromatosis,

audiologists and speech pathologists.

tuberculosis to the etiology of infant stridor

osteonecrosis, spinal deformities and spina bifida.

Our Comprehensive Center for Ear Health is pioneering one of the most important

Innovations and Outcomes

Endoscopic sinus surgery using real-time digital guidance technologies for far

• • • • •

greater accuracy than ever before

Presentations [by Complex Spine Study Group]

advances in auditory medicine since the hearing aid – cochlear implants and boneanchored hearing aid (BAHA) technology – to enable deaf children to not only hear, but continue to develop critical speech and language skills.

Innovations and Outcomes

• • • • • • •

Bouncing Back

First single-surgery bilateral cochlear ear implant in Central Florida

 Performing tonsillectomies using coblation or microdebrider technology to greatly reduce post-operative pain and recovery time

Advanced research regarding bionics to improve the effectiveness and quality of implanted hearing devices


eight. Despite wearing a night brace for six

Robotics’ Renaissance™ System technology

years, his back pain and condition worsened.

Orlando location that features digital X-ray equipment for immediate viewing

His family’s search for the top scoliosis surgeon

Genetic testing for scoliosis using the ScoliScore test that can estimate the risk of developing severe scoliosis

in the country led them to Florida Hospital

with 99% accuracy

for Children and Raymund Woo, MD. The day

State of Florida referral center for complex spine deformity, including thoracic insufficiency syndrome and

after his 14th birthday, Michael underwent a

treatment using the Vertical Expandable Titanium Rib System

difficult scoliosis surgery that took twice as

Participation in a multicenter complex spine study group to analyze patient outcomes

long as expected because of the severity of his condition. Following a successful surgery and

Endoscopic balloon dilation for treatment of pediatric sinus and airway disease Sleep endoscopy for treatment of obstructive sleep apnea

48 | Florida Hospital for Children

months of physical therapy, Michael went from

 F our presentations at the 19 International Meeting on Advanced Spine Techniques on topics involving

being home-schooled to enjoying high school

idiopathic scoliosis and Scheuermann’s kyphosis

and playing baseball again.


Pediatric otolaryngology program staffed by five fellowship-trained pediatric otolaryngologists

Michael was diagnosed with scoliosis at age

Only children’s hospital in Florida performing robotically assisted pediatric scoliosis surgery using the Mazor

Robotic-assisted Scoliosis Surgery

Genetic Testing for Scoliosis

Following a successful scoliosis surgery, Michael now enjoys high school and baseball again.

Florida Hospital for Children | 49



Michael Keating, MD, Medical Director Pablo Gomez III, MD, Medical Director, Robotic Surgery

highly collaborative environment, leveraging the collective expertise of more than 30

include perinatal urology; complex genital and urinary reconstructions of males and females;

sub-specialties to diagnose and treat problems ranging from failure to thrive, short gut syndrome, celiac disease,

and the management of urinary tract infections, reflux and urinary stones in children of all ages.

Children with a developmental kidney obstruction that resulted in a large kidney stone lodged in his ureter tube. Dr. Keating performed surgery to correct the blockage and remove the stone. Beyond Joshua’s successful surgery, his parents were emotionally touched by the compassion they received. An ambassador stayed with the family throughout the procedure, providing hugs and information. Dr. Keating called from the OR during surgery to reassure Joshua’s parents, and, understanding the unique bond between twins, took time to comfort Joshua’s sister, including healing her injured baby doll. “It was like they

eosinophilic esophagitis, obesity, liver disorders, achalasia, Hirschsprung’s disease and inflammatory bowel disease.

Innovations and Outcomes

were taking care of their own child, and not just a stranger’s,”

Skilled in the latest advances in pediatric endoscopy, procedures include colonoscopy, Bravo pH probe

Treated nearly 8,000 patients since commencing practice in late 2010

measurement, percutaneous gastrostomy, endoscopic polypectomy, capsule endoscopy, breath hydrogen testing,

Performed more than 1,400 surgeries since 2010

liver biopsy and esophageal dilation.

A  n international-destination practice providing treatment and second opinions to patients

Innovations and Outcomes

• • • • • • •

from the Caribbean, South America, the Middle East and Europe Patient satisfaction scores of 9.9/10 Opened the region’s first Voiding Dysfunction Clinic for children under the direction of a doctor of nursing Recently added a second Harvard-trained surgeon, whose area of expertise is robotic surgery in children

in children in Central Florida

Published Wor ks

50 | Florida Hospital for Children

Utilizing a Serosal Trough for Fashioning Continent Catherizable Stomas: Techniques and Outcomes. British Journal of Urology.

Our pediatric urologic specialists use leading-edge minimally invasive and reconstructive surgical procedures.

Performed 5,042 pediatric endoscopic procedures since 2007 A  regional, national and international referral center for patients requiring advanced endoscopic interventions Short gut management protocol for the NICU (in development) Collaboration with adult gastroenterologist colleagues on pre- and post-management of advanced pediatric endoscopy Partnership in a multidisciplinary clinic for autism spectrum and pervasive development disorders

Published Wor ks and Presentations

First to perform robotic continent urinary reconstruction

Joshua’s mother said.

“It was like they were taking care of their own child...” – Joshua’s mother

diagnose and treat digestive disorders in pediatric patients throughout the Central

management of complex pancreatico-biliary disorders in children. The team works in a

using leading-edge minimally invasive and reconstructive surgical procedures. Areas of focus

• • • • • • •

Florida Hospital for Children has three pediatric gastroenterologists who work to

team of internationally renowned endoscopists who have extensive experience in the

congenital ailments of the urinary tract and genitalia to restore and preserve original function

Joshua, a three-year-old twin, came to Florida Hospital for

GASTROENTEROLOGY Florida region. In addition, our Center for Interventional Endoscopy (CIE) is staffed by a

Florida Hospital for Children’s team of pediatric urologic specialists treat both acquired and

A Healing Touch

Urology Surgeries Performed

Our CIE is an international referral center for patients requiring advanced endoscopic interventions.

Michael Keating, MD, Medical Director

D  emonstrated the utility and advantages of endoscopic ultrasound (EUS) in children in several peer-reviewed journals, including the Journal of Pediatric Gastroenterology and Nutrition and Gastrointestinal Endoscopy.

Publication of pediatric endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography research in the Journal of Pediatric Gastroenterology and Nutrition, Gastrointestinal Endoscopy, Journal of Pediatric Surgery and Nature Reviews Gastroenterology and Hepatology.

Presented on the long-term outcomes for pediatric patients transplanted for autoimmune hepatitis at Digestive Disease Week 2010.

Florida Hospital for Children Annual Report | 51


Putting Altruism into Action At Florida Hospital for Children, our mission to extend the healing ministry of Christ comes from scripture. We believe it is our duty to follow Christ’s example and seek out people with problems and offer them a new and better life. C O M M U N I T Y I M PA C T Florida Hospital for Children’s mission statement is a way of life for our leadership team

made a long-term commitment to help the people of Haiti with ongoing medical

and employees who embrace it. It’s what makes us different – and makes a difference to

missions, donations of medical supplies, and sanitation education and training.

the people who we touch. Through our community-outreach efforts, Florida Hospital for Children dedicates countless volunteer hours and resources each year to improve the health and wellbeing of our community here in Central Florida and throughout the world. Examples include:

Bithlo, a beleaguered rural community in Orange County, Florida, is dealing with challenges that are more typical of a third-world country, including high illiteracy rates. Florida Hospital for Children partnered with United Global Outreach to meet the

special health and educational needs of Bithlo’s children. The Bridge Program is a free service offering specialized care management to help uninsured patients with chronic conditions transition from hospital to home. The program grew to serve 375 patients in 2011 and resulted in a 50% reduction in the

• 52 | Florida Hospital for Children Annual Report

number of ED visits among these patients. Haiti was already one of the poorest countries in the Western hemisphere when it was devastated by an earthquake in 2010. Florida Hospital’s Global Missions Initiative

Below is a sampling of some of the organizations we serve:

• • • • • • • • • • • •

Camp Boggy Creek Central Florida March of Dimes D12 Foundation Florida Association of Children’s Hospitals Florida Council of Family Teaching Hospitals Frontline Outreach Junior Achievement Ronald McDonald House American Heart Association March of Dimes

Our mission is what makes us different. And it makes a difference to those we serve.

St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital Epilepsy Association of Central Florida

Florida Hospital for Children | 53

Blessings in a Backpack

We also provide philanthropic support to health care clinics that serve disadvantaged and underserved populations, including:

• • • • • • •

Central Florida Family Health Center Grace Medical Home Health Care Center for the Homeless Kids’ House of Seminole County

Friends and Donors From calming a fearful child receiving emergency treatment to addressing some of the world’s most complex diseases, Florida Hospital for Children relies on our partners – and they on us – to elevate the standard of health care. Walt Disney World Resort

Lakeside Alternatives Osceola Council on Aging Shepherd’s Hope

Our collaborative partnerships are as diverse

Florida Hospital for Children thanks our

and unique as the medical services we provide:

Foundation Board Members:

fellow non-profits, technological pioneers, global entertainment companies and highly respected researchers. They include:

• • • •

Grand Avenue Primary Learning Center in the heart of downtown Orlando serves 250 children whose families are dealing with poverty, hunger and often homelessness. When the school’s Blessings in a Backpack Program was struggling to purchase nutritious food for the children to eat on weekends, Florida Hospital for Children’s Spiritual Ambassadors stepped up. A 15-day employee food drive collected

The Walt Disney World Resort Philips University of Central Florida Johns Hopkins Medicine

The generosity of the Walt Disney World Resort – both financially and artistically – helped Florida Hospital for

Dick Batchelor, Board Chair

Beth Hercules

Children design an environment that enhances the

Michael Ward, Treasurer

Garrett Jones

healing process for all of our pediatric patients. Favorite

Brea Barnes

Jim MacPhee

Disney stories are featured throughout the hospital

Lindy Benton

Harold Mills

using sounds, colors and themes to create a welcoming

Jim Binder

Mark Moore

atmosphere that comforts even our smallest patients.

Andrew Davis

Darla Morse

Afsoon Elmore, DDS

Karl Nebel

T. Denny Sanford

Chick Gregg

Thomas Rascoe

One of the nation’s leading

Lisa Gregg

Russell Slappey

philanthropists, T. Denny

Bill Hercules

Thomas Warlow

Sanford was instrumental in providing a brighter

2,400 weekend meals for the children, 1,500 healthy snacks to boost

future for children’s health

their concentration at school, and food packages for more than 30

care in Florida. Mr. Sanford’s

parents who desperately needed groceries to feed their families. One

generous donation advanced

grateful mother remarked, “The additional food means my kids can eat dinner on Sunday night and not have to wait for the school breakfast program on Monday.”

54 | Florida Hospital for Children

Ofelia Marcelo, BSN, Community Outreach Council Volunteer

Florida Hospital and Disney share the dream of creating a special place for children. – Marla Silliman

the mission of Florida Hospital for Children to create a world-class pediatric hospital that inspires wellness and provides an extraordinary place for our patients to heal.

Florida Hospital for Children | 55

The support of these charitable community and philanthropic benefactors was


Gifts of $500,000 to $999,999



Gifts of $100,000 to $249,999

Gifts of $50,000 to $99,999


Gifts of $25,000 - $49,999

instrumental in making the dream of

The Batchelor Foundation, Inc.

ANNIKA Foundation

AGFA HealthCare

IBM Global Healthcare

Abbott Laboratories

Florida Hospital for Children a reality.

Darrell Armstrong Foundation for Premature Babies, Inc.

Dick and Andrea Batchelor

Allen Systems Group

Jim and Marty MacPhee

Adventist Health System

Wayne Densch Charities, Inc.

James and Gaynell Bryan

AT&T Business Systems, Inc. Computer Associates International, Inc.

AmeriSource Bergen Drug Corporation


Cerner Corporation

Moran, Kidd, Lyons, Johnson & Berkson, P.A. North Highland

Athletes vs. Cancer

Charity Challenge, Inc.

Marjorie Ohlau

Childhood Neurosurgery & Center for Hydrocephalus, P.A.

The Medical Escrow Society

Bank of America of Central Florida, N.A.

LEGACY PATRONS Gifts of $10 million or more

Gifts of $250,000 to $499,999

Brasfield & Gorrie, LLC

James M. Cox Foundation William L. Culbert, Jr. Trust Dr. Phillips Charities

• • Walt Disney World Resort

Ginn Development Company, LLC

Ronald McDonald House Charities of Central Florida

Kevin and Kristine Gowen

Silliman Family Foundation

Hunton Brady Architects, P.A.

Sprint-Florida, Inc.

Florida Hospital Medical Group Center for Neonatal Care

Vander Weide Foundation

General Donations


JLR Medical Group

Leonard and Marjorie Williams

T. Denny Sanford

Gifts of $1 million or more

• • Chick and Lisa Gregg • Kids Beating Cancer, Inc. • The Martin Andersen -

Orlando Magic Youth Foundation

TheRita and Jeffrey Adler Foundation

Inga C. Ellzey

Gracia Andersen Foundation, Inc.

• Dr. Jogi and Dr. Annapurna Pattisapu • Runway To Hope • Peter and Linnae Williams 56 | Florida Hospital for Children

My wife and I have spent countless nights in the NICU at Florida Hospital for Children, and there is nothing more challenging in life than wondering and worrying about a family member who is ill and in need of the best care available. I can personally appreciate the efforts of our Walt Disney Imagineers in making this hospital a place of comfort and healing like no other. – Jim MacPhee, senior vice president for Walt Disney World Theme Parks, board member for Florida Hospital for Children and father of twin daughters Anna and Catalina

Dr. Afsoon Elmore

Orlando Magic, Ltd.

Cross Country Staffing, Inc.

Osteopathic Foundation of East Orlando

Electronics Boutique

Owens & Minor, Inc.

Empire Financial Group Ernst & Young

Publix Super Markets Charities, Inc.

Harper Limbach, L.L.C.


Robins & Morton Group

HealthCare Parking Systems of America, Inc.

Grower, Ketcham, Rutherford, Bronson, Eide and Telan

Siemens Energy, Inc. Sharon Smyth

Our collaborative partnerships are as diverse and unique as the medical services we provide.

Florida Emergency Physicians Group Florida Hospital Heartland

Nurse Care 2000, Inc J. Brian and Tina Paradis

Chris Barley D. P. H. Fund

Florida Hospital Home Infusion

The Benji Watson Cancer Foundation

Pediatric Cardiology Consultants, P.A.

Florida Hospital Ormond Memorial

Perkins + Will

Broad and Cassel, P.A.

Florida Hospital Waterman

Cain Brothers & Company, L.L.C.

Gertescca Touring, Inc.

Cardinal Health, Inc.

Give Hope Foundation

Riskmetrics Group, Inc.

The Celebration Company

Harper Family Charitable Foundation, Inc.

Rogers, Lovelock & Fritz, Inc. Sage Software Healthcare, L.L.C.

Brian and Jacqueline Head

Allen & Sandra Saft/Window Interiors

Central Florida Pathology Associates, P.A.

Pfizer, Inc. Progress Energy

Chapman and Cutler

Hill, Adams, Hall & Schieffelin

The Chatlos Foundation, Inc.

Rodney and Carol Holcomb

Chuck and Julie Cole

Michelle Hubbard

Collier Jaguar

IKON Office Solutions, Technology Services

Skanska USA Building, Inc.

Comprehensive Energy Services, Inc.

Kids’ Docs

SNR Denton US L.L.P.

Lexus of Orlando

Courtesy Pontiac -GMC

LTS Imaging Products, Inc.

J. Darin and Andrea Stewart

PCL Construction Services, Inc.

Crothall Healthcare, Inc.

Make Life Better Foundation

Des and Mary Lou Cummings, Jr.

Stockcross Financial Services, Inc

Robert and Julie Mandell

Radiology Specialists of Florida

David Maus Foundation

Mark and Lisa Moore

TECO Energy Foundation

Deloitte Services L.L.P.

Terry and Peggy Moreland

Ellerbe Becket Architects & Engineering

Moroose, Reynolds, Castillo, Robinson & Lukman, M.D., P.A.

Encompass Services Corp.

Mothers of Professional Basketball Players

Robert Lee Hill† Langford Family Foundation

James and Rosemary Hewitt

Harold and Rosy Mills/Mills Family Foundation

Dwight Howard/D12 Foundation

The Morningstar Project

Lars and Julie Houmann

Orlando Sentinel Family Fund

The Huntington National Bank

William A. Steele MD and the Steele & Widmer Families Triad Isotopes

SunTrust Bank of Central Florida, N.A. Turner Construction Company Ustler Development, Inc. Al Weiss Winn Dixie Foundation Ziegler Capital Markets

We rely on our partners to elevate the standard of health care.

Comfort Suites Orlando

Estes, Ingram, Foels & Gibbs, P.A.

Shared Medical Systems Corporation Russell Slappey

Varian Medical Systems Michael and Tracie Ward Warranty Managers, Inc. Vivian and Barry Woods Trust WTRS Enterprises, Inc.

Florida Hospital for Children | 57


Gifts of $10,000 - $29,999 Accretive Health

Coastal Mechanical Services

William and Fran Garrity

Lincoln Financial Group

The Outsource Group

James K. Shea

Greg and Susan Walker

Active Network

Coca Cola Bottling Company of Orlando

GE Medical Systems

Lowe’s Home Improvement Warehouse

Deven and Shara Pathak/Price Chopper, Inc.

Siemens Health Services

The Walt Disney Company Foundation

Dr. Frederick Mansfield

Peninsula Engineering, Inc.

Alex and Juliet Martins

The Pepsi Bottling Group, Inc.

Smart City

Philip and Birgitta Mathew

The PFM Group

MBIA Insurance Company

Philips Medical Systems - HSG

McKesson HBOC

Pilot Catastrophe Services

Mechanical Services of Central Florida, Inc.

Mario and Kimberley Pineda

Advanced Pediatric Surgical Specialists Adventist University of Health Sciences American Heart Savers American Management Specialists & OakStone Foundation

Gen-Probe, Inc.

Jennifer L. Cornette

GE Walker, Inc.

John and Eleanor Davis

Get Well Network

Delta Care, Inc. Delta Dental

Michael and Ivana Gibbons Arnold Gibbs

Delta Pilots Charitable Fund

Gresham, Smith and Partners

Mary Demetree

Robert Harper

Dr. Christopher M. Anderson

Dorothy’s Family

Hartman & Associates, Inc.

Associates in Dermatology

HDE, Inc.


Dyer, Riddle, Mills and Precourt, Inc.

AT&T Foundation

Eli Lilly and Company

Bank of America

Ethicon Endo-Surgery, a J & J Company

HHCP Architects

David and Maggi Beamish Lindy Benton BMO Capital Markets Boone, Boone, Boone, Koda & Frook, P.A. David and Patricia Bornstein

exp Global Inc. Beatriz “Gigi” Fernandez

Insight Advantage

First Union National Bank/ Wachovia

Donald and Sharon Jernigan

PNC Bank

Sonitrol of Indianapolis, Inc. Jefferson and Nyla Sooknarine Eddie and Milca Soler Dr. Frank and Mrs. Sharon Stieg Sam G. Swope Tapestry Asset Management, LP

Dr. W. Raleigh Thompson and Marcela Grubman, ARNP

WTMO-TV 40 Telemundo

Military Order of the Devil Dogs Mitretek Healthcare Mobile Access

Thomas P. and Selby Prince The Quammen Group, Inc.

TLC Engineering for Architecture

Dr. Stephen T. and Lisa Marie Reed

Ultimate Motor Works

Garrett and Laura Jones

Nicholson Homes

Universal Orlando Resort

Robert and Marta Khoury

Leila Nodarse

RE/MAX Properties of Florida, Inc.

Florida Hospital Nutritional Services

Kara Ann Kinney Fund

Richard and Mary Nunis

The Florida Mall - Orlando

Lanier Worldwide, Inc.

OEC Business Interiors

D. Kevin and Michelle Lay

The Orlando Sentinel

Rolls Development, Inc.

Kathryn C. Ustler & Craig T. Ustler Family Foundation, Inc.

Legg, Mason, Wood, Walker, Inc.

Orlando Volleyball Academy

Martin Rubin

Vanson Enterprises, Inc.

Lei McManus Empire Diamonds and Jewelry

Ortho-McNeil Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

The Servicemaster Company

Veritas Software Foundation

Satish and Navodita Sharma

Wachovia Foundation

Clear Balance, by CSI Financial Services

Tim and Jacqueline Flynn Dr. Jorge and Mrs. Pamela Garcia

New Business Solutions, Inc.

R-G Crown Bank R. G. Stutts, Inc.

Tiger Woods Foundation, Inc. Henri Zogaib

The Tracy McGrady Foundation, Inc.

Neuberger Berman

Florida Pediatric Associates

Dr. Raymund and Mrs. Kaylene Woo

ProHealth Medical, Inc.

Johnson & Johnson Matching Gifts Program

Cisco Systems, Inc.

Dr. Thomas and Mrs. Susan Wiswell

Woodbridge Corporation

Hedo and Banu Turkoglu

Florida Hospital Government Relations

Dr. Thomas F. Winters

TECO Peoples Gas System, Inc.

Realty Savings

Centex Construction

Wharton-Smith, Inc.

Practice Support Resources

Karl and Sonia Nebel

Florida Hospital Fish Memorial

Westgate Resorts Foundation, Inc.

Metropolitan West Asset Management, L.L.C.

In memory of Amanda Taylor

Sandra L. Randolph

Carson & Appleton, MD

Wells Fargo

Stephen and Susan Messner

Johnson & Johnson HealthCare Systems, Inc.

Welbro Building Corporation

Poole Construction Company, Inc.

Guillermo Moreno

Florida Hospital Credit Union

58 | Florida Hospital for Children

Merrill Lynch

Frederick E. Smith, Jr.

Dr. Agustin and Mrs. Bronwen Ramos

Kenneth and Ruth Bradley

Wendy Chioji

Jeff D. Hurst IBM Corporation

Florida Heart Group

Century Link

Jacqueline & Vincent Hughes Family Foundation

Joseph and Kelly Fatone, Jr.

Boston Scientific Corporation

Central Florida Auto Dealers Association, Inc.

William and Elizabeth Hercules

Sam and Eleanor Meiner

Plastic Surgery Specialists, P.A.

William and Marla Silliman

Tri City Electrical Contractors

UnitedHealthcare Corporation University of Central Florida Foundation, Inc.

Florida Hospital for Children | 59

The great thing in this world is not so much where we stand, as in what direction we are moving. – Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr.

601 East Rollins Street | Orlando, Florida 32803 | (407) 303-KIDS (5437)

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Commemorative Hospital Report  

Florida Hospital For Children - Commemorative Hospital Report

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