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PEDIGREE CROSS INDEX continued Gone Astray, He’s Had Enough, High Cotton, Turbo Compressor. DIXIELAND EVENT - Turbo Compressor. DIXIE UNION - Currency Swap, Gone Astray, High Cotton. DONATION - Drill. DO’S MELODY - Uncaptured. DOWAGER - Doctor Peach. DR. CARTER - Beau Choix. DREAM HARDER - J P’s Gusto. DRUMS OF FREEDOM - Mark Valeski. DURRAH - Wrote (IRE).

E ECHO BLUFF - Currency Swap. E DUBAI - Fort Larned. EL PRADO (IRE) - Csaba, Senor Swinger. ELUSIVE QUALITY - Beau Choix, Exclusive Quality, Global Response, Retreive. ENCINO - J P’s Gusto. EVIL ELAINE - Fury Kapcori. EXCLUSIVE NATIVE - Doctor Peach. EXTRAVAGANT WOMAN - With Distinction. EXUBERANT - In Summation, Retreive.

F FAIR TO ALL - In Summation, Retreive. FAIRY BRIDGE - Senor Swinger, Treasure Beach (GB), Wrote (IRE). FALL STAR - Senor Swinger. FANTASTIC FLYER - Mach Ride. FAPPIANO - Anthony’s Cross, Cool Coal Man, Drill, Factum, High Cotton, Mach Ride, The Green Monkey, United States, Winslow Homer. FAR FLYING - Flashstorm. FASHION CAT - Corfu. FAST PLAY - Magna Graduate. FIESTA BABY - In Summation. FIESTA GAL - In Summation. FIGHT TO LOVE - Capo Bastone. FILE - Brethren, Khozan. FIRST GLIMMER - Exclusive Quality. FIRST OF DAWN - Mach Ride. FIRST STAND - Exclusive Quality. FIT TO FIGHT - Capo Bastone. FLAMA ARDIENTE - Benny the Bull. FOGGY NOTE - City Wolf. FOPPY DANCER - Drill. FOREIGN COURIER - Wrote (IRE). FORESTRY - The Green Monkey. FOREST WILDCAT - Corfu. FORLI - Factum. FORMAL DINNER - Mach Ride. FOR THE MOMENT - Mach Ride. FORTUNATE BID - Mark Valeski. FORTUNATE PROSPECT - J P’s Gusto, Mark Valeski. FORTY NINER - Brethren, Khozan, Soldat, Vineyard Haven. FRENCH DEPUTY - Overdriven. FRUHLINGSHOCHZEIT - Capo Bastone.

G GALILEO (IRE) - Treasure Beach (GB). GALLANT ROMEO - Mark Valeski. GANA FACIL - Anthony’s Cross, The Green Monkey, United States, Winslow Homer. GARIMPEIRO - Flashstorm. 16 THE FLORIDA HORSE STALLION REGISTER 2016

GET LUCKY - Brethren, I Spent It. GIANT’S CAUSEWAY - City Wolf. GIFTISA (NZ) - Get Rich Quick. GIN RUNNING - Fury Kapcori. GLITTERMAN - Exclusive Quality. GO FOR GIN - Fury Kapcori. GOLD BEAUTY - In Summation. GOLD DIGGER - Bahamian Squall, Fort Larned, Get Rich Quick, Gone Astray, Hear No Evil. GONE WEST - Bahamian Squall, Beau Choix, Brooks ‘n Down, Exclusive Quality, Global Response, Mark Valeski, Poseidon’s Warrior, Retreive. GOOD REWARD - Reward the Cat. GOOFED - Awesome of Course, Biondetti. GRACEFUL GAL - Duke of Mischief. GRAEME HALL - Duke of Mischief. GRANNY’S KITTY - Benny the Bull. GREEN DESERT - Wrote (IRE). GREEN FOREST - Mark Valeski. GULCH - Crown of Thorns.

H HAIL TO REASON - Turbo Compressor. HALO - Kantharos, Turbo Compressor. HALO’S IMAGE - Turbo Compressor. HAPPY TUNE - Currency Swap, High Cotton. HASTY QUEEN II - Capo Bastone. HAY PATCHER - Fort Larned. HEAT RASH - Fort Loudon. HEAVENLY PRIZE - Reward the Cat. HELEN STREET (GB) - Capo Bastone. HENNESSY - Chitu, Handsome Mike. HENNY HUGHES - Chitu. HERO’S HONOR - Beau Choix, Exclusive Quality. HIGH CHANT - Csaba. HIGH CHAPARRAL (IRE) - Wrote (IRE). HIGH COTTON - Currency Swap. HIGHFALUTIN - Csaba. HIGH HONORS - Adios Charlie. HIGH STANDARD (GB) - Wrote (IRE). HOLD TO FASHION - Corfu. HOLD YOUR PEACE - Corfu. HOLLYWOOD WILDCAT - Csaba. HOMAGE (GB) - Treasure Beach (GB). HONEST JOY - Vineyard Haven. HONEYTAB - Duke of Mischief. HONOR GRADES - Magna Graduate. HONORINE (IRE) - Treasure Beach (GB). HONOR TO HER - Magna Graduate. HONOUR AND GLORY - In Summation, Retreive. HUM ALONG - Currency Swap, High Cotton.

I ICECAPADE - Reward the Cat. ILLICIT - Gone Astray. IMMENSE - City Wolf, First Dude. IMPERTINENT LADY - I Spent It. INDIAN CHARLIE - Adios Charlie, Anthony’s Cross. IN EXCESS (IRE) - Adios Charlie, Anthony’s Cross. IN REALITY - City Wolf, Duke of Mischief, J P’s Gusto, Mach Ride. INSIDE INFORMATION - Gone Astray. IS IT TRUE - The Big Beast. ISLAND KITTY - Chitu.

IVORY WAND - Beau Choix, Exclusive Quality.

J JET DIPLOMACY - Brooks ‘n Down. JILL OF ALL TRADES - Kantharos. JOHANNESBURG - Handsome Mike.

K KANKAKEE MISS - Reward the Cat. KANTADO - Adios Charlie, Anthony’s Cross. KASORA (IRE) - Wrote (IRE). KATHY - Crown of Thorns. KENNEDY ROAD - Currency Swap. KILLALOE - Mach Ride. KITTEN’S FIRST - Csaba. KITTEN’S JOY - Csaba. KNOWN FACT - Overdriven. KOZANA (GB) - Wrote (IRE). KRIS (GB) - Wrote (IRE). KRIS S. - Senor Swinger, Uncaptured. KRISTI - Flashstorm.

L LADY CAPULET - Csaba, Senor Swinger. LADY FOR TWO - Two Step Salsa. LADY LYNDY - Poseidon’s Warrior. LANGFUHR - Drill. LARA’S STAR - Factum, Soldat. LASSIE DEAR - Global Response, Magna Graduate, Revolving, United States. LAST FEATHER - Brooks ‘n Down. LAUGHING LOOK - Soldat. LAWYER RON - Drill. LEAR FAN - Csaba. LEO CASTELLI - Adios Charlie, Anthony’s Cross. LE RELAIS - Soldat. LIDO PALACE (CHI) - Vineyard Haven. LIKEABLE STYLE - Handsome Mike. LINE OF THUNDER - Crown of Thorns. LION HEART - Kantharos, Uncaptured. LOGIC - Kantharos, Uncaptured. LONELY DANCER - Doctor Peach, Fury Kapcori. LORD AT WAR (ARG) - Fort Larned. LORD AVIE - Drill. LOTTSA TALC - Fort Loudon. LOUIS QUATORZE - Crown of Thorns. LOVE IS LOVE - Capo Bastone. LOVE STYLE - Handsome Mike. LOVING SISTER - Biondetti. LUCKY LIONEL - Benny the Bull. LUCKY SPELL - Winslow Homer. LUDLOW - Reward the Cat. LYPHARD - Awesome of Course, Biondetti, Fort Loudon, Khozan. LYPHARD’S DELTA - Biondetti, Khozan.

M MACHIAVELLIAN - Capo Bastone. MACOUMBA - Corfu, Prospective. MADELEINE GALLAY - Currency Swap. MAGESTERIAL - Crown of Thorns. MAGIC - Mach Ride. MAGICAL MASQUERADE - The Green Monkey. MAGIC CIRCLE - Revolving. MAIS OUI - Awesome of Course, Fort Loudon.


Florida Horse 2016 Stallion Register


Florida Horse 2016 Stallion Register