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Estate Planning: Questions For A Florida Estate Planning Attorney Talking with an estate planning attorney in Florida may cause you some discomfort. However, there are important questions that you must ask such individuals if you are going to prepare for the future properly. Furthermore, you should not put this off any longer. If your own personal life experience has not shown you that life can be short, then a quick look at the news headlines should work. Here are some critical queries that you should address to an estate planner as soon as possible. • If you and your spouse die, who will raise your children? Children, if you have them, may have already been the first thing on your mind when thinking about this issue. You can prepare a guardian for them if something terrible should happen to you or anyone else normally in charge of them. If you do not do this before death, the court will review your life and simply decide based on what is apparent. • Do you have any other descendants? This may be an uncomfortable question but it will have an impact on the situation after you die. You may not want your children being surprised at the funeral by a half-sibling. You can avoid legal battles by simply naming and planning for such individuals ahead of time. • What if everyone in your plan dies? No matter how widespread your friends and family, it is always possible that everyone named in the plan will die before anything legal can happen to adjust to the situation. You should have an extra clause in the plan somewhere that offers your estate to a specific individual, cause or other entity. • What about your pets? Someone will have to take care of them when you are no longer here. If this is not cleared up previously, your heirs may fight over it or the pets may end up in a shelter. • How much life support do you want? Even if you wear a DNR bracelet, that may not be enough to cover every life support situation. You should explain to your estate planning attorney just when, if ever, you want someone to pull the plug.

• What is the password? Your estate planning attorney will need to know all of your passwords or at least have them accessible. His includes social media because family may want to access the emotional treasures that you leave behind. You have much more to talk about than property with a South Florida estate planning attorney. Make a point of seeing one as soon as possible. The Fort Lauderdale based attorneys at Wild Felice and Partners, offer Estate Planning, Asset Protection, Probate Administration and Wealth Transfer protection to Residents of Broward County, Palm Beach County and Miami-Dade County Florida. Call Wild Felice and Partners at 954-944-2855, or visit our Web Site for more in-depth information,

Estate Planning: Questions For A Florida Estate Planning Attorney