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INTERIOR DESIGN Perla Lichi Design, Pompano Beach CONTRIBUTED BY Albert Addams PHOTOGRAPHY Craig Denis



estled in the heart of Boca Raton, Florida is an abode that is like stepping into a stylish wonderland. Perla Lichi is renowned for her sleek and cutting-edge modern designs, as well as her opulent compositions for palaces. This home was a special occasion where the designer and her team were able to craft a setting, unlike anything anyone has ever seen before. Combining the avant-garde aesthetics of MacKenzie-Childs' accessorizing and the chic ornate panache of Versace, this home makes a statement about the homeowner's bold sensibilities. Most modern designs have a sterile coldness to their ambiance, but when setting foot into the living room and the elegant patterns seemingly glow and trigger an autonomous sensory meridian response. Venetian mask motifs complement the Versace emblem that adorns the branded pillows. An elegant and ornate hanging chandelier with swirling construction, command the scene with sophistication.

No matter where you look, there are flourishes of playfulness as suggested by eclectic colors, patterns, and textures. The sensibilities may be unlike anything seen in most modern designs, but Perla Lichi's touch can still be felt through space planning. Details like the placement of the lavish accessories, dense shaggy throws, and the arrangement of elegantly patterned Versace pillows are Perla Lichi's personal touch and suggest consummate professionalism. - CONTINUED ON NEXT PAGE -



The golden ochre accents in the various art, pillows wallpaper, and seat cushions are especially striking. It unifies Perla Lichi's vision for a fashionable home that's inspired by the floral patterns seen in Versace's clothing line. The stark black and white elements work together to further emphasize the hand-painted textures and patterns. The ambiance embodies the chic style; making the home feel like it is set in another world. The checkered floor evokes imagery from Alice in Wonderland. Stepping into the powder room, it is easy to feel immersed in the fantastic atmosphere that is made palpable due to the arrangements of unique

Eastern accessories and lush, floral wallpaper. Venetian mask motifs complement the Versace emblem that adorns the branded pillows. An elegant and ornate hanging chandelier with swirling construction, command the scene with sophistication.

This impression is felt throughout the entire home and is especially notable in the family room. The pièce de résistance is the stately billiard table that is front and center of a radiant stone slab. The illumination from this set piece shimmers an aura that fills the room and glistens off the grossly incandescent ceiling.


The mix of old-world Europe and modern design is one of Perla Lichi's signature touches and the master bath is no exception. The playful white shaggy rug and freestanding tub lend a savoir-faire to the room that gives it a whimsical character. - CONTINUED ON NEXT PAGE -

The front door that leads to a pool, a guest room that borders on becoming a separate house, and a boothstyle breakfast nook are all striking flourishes that are statements of the homeowner's individuality.

This unique home is Perla Lichi's latest magnum opus. It's a fine balance of the owner's sensibilities, modern design flourishes, and Perla Lichi's innovations. A first-class masterpiece that defines not only the homeowner's individuality but also defines the designer's artistry and measured approach to space planning. - THE END -



An Innovative, Minimalist Approach to Style & Function in Interior Design INTERIOR DESIGN Toby Zack Designs, Inc., www.tobyzackdesigns.com Plantation 954.967.8629, PHOTOGRAPHY Joseph Lapeya, Fort Lauderdale, FL


n business for over 35 years, Toby Zack Designs, Inc., led by owner Toby Zack is on the forefront of residential design. Zack’s innovative, minimalist approach to design has become her signature style, as well as her use of natural materials, such as wood, stone, linen and cashmere in neutral tones.

In every one of her high-end projects, form follows function a philosophy that guides her effective use of space. She transforms simple into sensational. Zack has garnered much praise

Light colors fabrics contrasting with woods grounds the space bringing the eye down from the impressive height ceilings giving the space a warm feel. Zack and her professional design team have completed projects in some of the most prestigious communities in Florida, Michigan, Illinois, Canada, and the Caribbean. The firm’s comprehensive services range from the initial planning, design construction and supervision phase to final implementation. - THE END -

from the industry and received a number of awards, including IDG’s “Designer of the Year ‘Guilda’ Award and fame AWARD. Additionally, her work has been acknowledged with the publication of many projects in South Florida.

As displayed in the adjacent photos, simple and elegant furniture with straight lines and mono chromatic fabrics creates the signature composition of Toby Zack Designs.