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Florida CRS Chapter Newsletter

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President’s Message!

Sandra Fernandez 2013 President

On behalf of your 2013 President, I would like to say thank you to all the members for your continuous support to our chapter. Without you, we wouldn’t be where we are today. I would also like to take this time to thank your 2013 Board of

Directors for the wonderful work they are continuously doing. The Florida CRS Chapter has a great, educational and funfulfilling year in store for you all. Even though we are all going through unpredictable changes in the market, we all need to stick together and help one another by networking, attending conferences, and learning how to cope with today’s changes. Remember, the only things in your control are your thoughts and then your actions. Positive, powerful

2013, Issue 1

thoughts, lead to positive, powerful actions, and when done with repeated consistency, this cycle leads to greatness. Dream it! Pray for it! Believe it! Work for it! And then be ready when it happens. And lastly, keep in mind that it is an UNBELIEVABLE market and an UNBELIEVABLE year. I hope to see you all in our upcoming events and classes. Together we are a Cash Referral System, (Certified Residential Specialist)

2013 Leadership


2013 District Reps.


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Diversity Committee


Member Testimonial


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Special points of interest:  Council of residential specialist;  Florida CRS Chapter:

Congratulations to Mary McCall! The Florida CRS Chapter is honored to have a Past President as the 2013 National Council President. She follows in the steps of our Past President Frank Kowalski who served as National Council President in 1997. Mary has been very ac-

tive with the Florida CRS Chapter for years, serving as Chapter President in 2003. She has mentored many of the State presidents including myself in 2006. She is currently broker associate with RE/MAX ACR Elite Group, Inc. in Tampa, FL.

Mary is going to make FL Proud and we are honored to have her come up through the ranks of Florida and to head the National Council organization.

Eugene R Gibbins Mary McCall, Council President

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Florida CRS Chapter Newsletter

Florida CRS Chapter 2013 Leadership! CRS President Sandra Fernandez has several new ideas for 2013. One of these is to add mentors to help our District Representatives get a jump start in their duties. Her idea is to utilize the Past Presidents as mentors. This idea has been well received by both the Past Presidents and the District Representatives. Sandra felt that since each of the Past Presidents had served as District Representatives and this would add additional experience that would be valuable for the newly appointed District Representatives. Sandra did a great job in appointments that were made. Our committee chairs

have the experience needed to make 2013 a tremendous year. Many of the committee chairs have served in other leadership roles with the Florida CRS Chapter as well as local association, and state leadership positions.

President Elect

Let’s take a look at the 2013 Officers:

Paula Angelopoulos Urbinati

Chapter President




Immediate Past President District Rep 14


Sandra Fernandez CRS, CIPS, PMN, GRI

Vince Price, CRS, GRI Judith Rutland, CRS, GRI

Florida CRS Chapter 2013 Leadership (continued)! District 1

District 4

District 7

District 11

Susanna Alcorn , CRS

Scott Arvin, CRS, PMN, GRI

Georgina Blanco, CRS, GRI

District 2

District 5

Dominic Pallini CRS, ABR, GRI

District 3

District 9

Janette Bruzas, CRS, GRI

Len Goffredo CRS, GRI, SRES

District 13

District 6

Joanne DeFrisco, CRS

Bonnie Metviner, CRS, GRI District 10 & 12

Mariela Santurri CRS, GREEN

Salvador Aleguas, CRS, CRB, CIPS, ABR, GRI, SRES

District 8

Debbie Lewis, CRS, GRI, SRES, PMN

Alfredda J. Smith-Odato, CRS

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1st quarter 2013

Technology Chair

Florida CRS Chapter 2013 Committee Chairs! Awards Chair

Global Alliance Chair

Education Chair

Joseph Perez, CRS, SRES

Ways and Means Chair Kristin Triolo Christel Silver CRS, CIPS, GRI

Public Relations & Sponsorship Chair

Bylaws Chair

Vernon Taylor CRS, CRB, GREEN, GRI

Membership Chair Lucretia Thomas, CRS, GRI


Bonnie Metviner, CRS, GRI Vicky Lee Santana CRS, ABR, GRI

Communications Chair

Josephine Easton CRS, ABR, GRI, SRES

Past Presidents Chair

Convention Chair

Wendy Rodriguez CRS, ABR, GRI

Kathleen Razzano CRS, ABR, GRI, PMN

Mission Statement Eugene Gibbins, CRS, ABR, ABRM, AHWD, BPOR, CIPS, CRB, CSSN, FMS, GREEN, GRI, SRES, TRC

Norka Diaz CRS, CRB, CIPS, PMN

Public Relations Chair

Diversity Chair

Budget & Finance Chair Strategic Planning Chair

To provide members with Superior Benefits and Quality Education to Succeed in Residential Real Estate. Thank you to our Printer Level Sponsor

Bonnie Metviner, CRS, GRI Nancy Macaluso

CRS, ABR, CIPS, GRI, PMN Paula Angelopoulos Urbinati CRS, ABR, CIPS, GRI, PMN


Next month, we’ll look at five of our District Reps in more detail.

Leadership at National CRS One of the Florida CRS Chapter’s members has been approved for the 2013 CRS leadership academy. Congratulations to Daniel

Not yet a member of the Florida CRS Chapter… It’s not too late. Contact one of our officers /DVP’s/Chairmen listed on pages two through three or check out our website at: We’re like a close family that is willing to help one another succeed. Join the family today!

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Florida CRS Chapter Newsletter


CRS Midyear Business Meetings May 16-20, 2013 Washington Hilton, Washington, D.C.

On March 14, 2013 our Florida CRS Chapter/ District 4 (Miami and the Florida Keys) in conjunction with the Women’s Council of REALTORS® Miami Dade Chapter, will hold here in Miami at the Coral Gables Country Club, a wonderful Networking and Business/Educational Meeting from 11:00am-2:00pm. (Lunch Included) free parking; An outstanding opportunity for ALL Realtors to learn from the Luxury Market Panel of Experts! It WILL BE a SUCCESSFUL Event believe me because this “panel set-up and especially dealing with “Luxury” is very popular. CRS and its benefits will be promoted.

There is no fee to attend the CRS Midyear Meetings, but REALTORS® must register to attend. Registration is not yet open. Join us in Washington, D.C. this May to network, get the latest industry news and product information, and to conduct the business of the Council of Residential Specialists. The CRS Midyear Business Meetings are held in conjunction with the NAR Midyear Legislative Meetings so CRS members active on NAR committees or with state lobbying initiatives can participate in both meetings and take advantage of the NAR trade exposition and other programs.

Gina Blanco District 4, Rep.

Sandra Fernandez, Florida CRS Chapter 2013 President

Florida Realtors® Annual Convention & Trade Expo Aug. 14-18, 2013 Location: Rosen Shingle Creek, Orlando, FL Contact: 800.669.4327 Florida CRS Chapter—Meetings are open to Florida CRS Chapter members Mary McCall, National CRS President

Past Presidents passing the gavel at the installation of the 2013 CRS Chapter President, Sandra Fernandez, with our National President, Mary McCall (Installing Officer).

Thank you to our Event Level Sponsor

A Note from our Chapter President and Leadership Team It’s impressive and encouraging to have 14 past presidents actively involved with Florida CRS Chapter. Thank you. Question of the day? Are you in contact with your individual District Vice Presidents to introduce yourself and to listen to their specific needs? New and renewing membership is a priority. Your advice and expertise is valuable to help in planning and successful district events/meetings. Please communicate your progress, suggestions, plans for events and evaluations directly to President Sandra at 2013 Florida CRS Chapter Leadership Team Sandra Fernandez, President, Paula Angelopoulos Urbinati, President elect, Judi Rutland, Treasurer Geri Kenyon, Secretary, Vince Price, 2012 President

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1st quarter 2013

Thank you to our Silver Level Sponsors

Diversity Committee The Florida CRS Chapter is looking to expand our focus on Diversity and are planning an education event at the Florida Realtors Convention. At this point, the committee is finalizing speaker invitations, and I can promise you, it will be good program and you’ll be glad you participated in the session. Also, you might look into the “Home with Diversity®” certification, which is a 6-8 hour course that focuses on teaching those involved in daily real estate transactions how to best work with and serve diverse consumers. Learning how to transact business in culturally competent ways makes good business sense. Participation earns credit toward the CIPS, CRS and PMN designations as well as fair housing continuing education and the NAR At Home with Diversity® certification.

CRS CONSUMER ARTICLE Thank you to our Bronze Level Sponsor

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Thank you to our Gold Level Sponsor

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Florida CRS Chapter Eugene R Gibbins Florida CRS Chapter P.O. Box 7835 Port St. Lucie, FL 34985-7835 District Representatives: District 1 Scott Arvin 352-871-8615 District 2 Salvador Alequas 321-452-7561 District 3 Joanne DeFrisco 561-951-3758 District 4 Gina Blanco 305-934-8800 District 5 Dominic Pallini 239-949-2117 District 6 Jan Bruzas 727-321-2300 District 7 Suzanne Alcorn, CRS 352-732-3344 District 8 Mariela Santurri 850-545-3920 District 9 Debbie Lewis 850-678-5355 District 10 Len Geoffredo 407-346-9900 District 11 Bonnie F. Metviner P.A. 954-234-4659 District 12 Len Geoffredo 407-346-9900 District 13 Alfredda J. Smith-Odata 941-360-7777 District 14 Vince Price 850-527-0304

Member Testimonial: Connecting Cash Realtors Referral Successfully System

Caring Realtors Serve

Over 25 years I have belonged to the CRS family. The organization has guided my personal and professional life into remarkable success and kept me during some very challenging times. Local, state, national and international events and member education and networking events and classes consistently deliver priceless value! Leadership and communication skills learned during various volunteer opportunities enabled be to secure numerous career opportunities! On two recent occasions long term friendships affirmed the true reason I belong. One dear friend called to share a near tragic event. Together we got through this event with love and support simply being able to talk about it. The second occasion was news of a loss of love one too early in life. A phone call and hug with total understanding of the loss we as fellow leaders, members and friends reinforced importance of belonging to our CRS family! Cost? Priceless....

Timothy Kinzler,CRS

Our District Representatives

Florida CRS Chapter 1st Quarter Newsletter  

Florida CRS Chapter 1st Quarter Newsletter