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Volume 9, Issue 3

July 2013

Governor’s Notes Report from the International Convention in Denver, Colorado We had a great turn out from the Florida District for the International Convention in Denver July 2 to July 6. Thanks to all our Florida Civitans who attended. And the news from International President Joe Parker was very encouraging. At this time last year Civitan International was down 500 members. This year we are up 146 members year to date. And the news for the Florida District was also good. In the first quarter we were down 24 members, but as of July 1 the Florida District was up 4 members year-to-date. Of the 29 International Districts we were 12 from the top in membership year-to-date, PUTTING US IN THE TOP HALF YEAR-TODATE. We have the balance of the quarter to finish strong and finish the year in the plus column. Keep those new members coming! And I know we all have to occasionally clean up our rosters and delete members. BUT PLEASE, don’t all do it on September 29th. The Florida District brought home an unprecedented number of awards from the convention and received much well earned recognition. I was setting at a table with the New England District Governor and the President of the Pittston, MA Club, and when award after award was announced for the Florida District they wanted to know what was up, how we were winning everything. Congratulations to the 11 time Outstanding Club winner Jacksonville Uptown, and congratulations to Uptown for winning the Outstanding Club Newsletter. Congratulations to Helen Galloway (Frontier) and Mattie Frazer (Jacksonville Uptown) for winning Outstanding District Newsletter for the Sunbeam. Helen and Mattie produced the Sunbeam for a number of years, and now that my wife Hillary and I have been producing the Sunbeam this year, we really appreciate the job Helen and Mattie did for so long, and the recognition is well deserved. Congratulations also to our Governor Elect, Bob Kircher, and his home club the Naples Club for winning Outstanding Youth Project. And particular thanks to John Edward Dietz of Lake Eola Civitan, the Florida District Webmaster, responsible for bringing home the award for Best District Website and also winning Best Club Website for Lake Eola Civitan. Continued on Page 4

What’s Inside District Officers and Florida District Calendar Growth and Retention Junior Civitan Update Governor-Elect’s Message The Chaplain’s Corner

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Club Beams District Convention Registration Form District Convention Hotel Pictures Message from Mattie Fraser

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V O LU M E 9 I S S U E 3


Governor: Bob Brightman

Governor-elect: Bob Kircher

Immediate Past Governor: Lana Suggs

Past Governor Director: Gay Aaron

Area Directors: Area 1: Area 2A: Area 2B: Area 3: Area 4: Area 5: Area 6:

Deb McCoy Mattie Fraser Linda Weinstein Robert Dietz Viki MacKenzie Nery Kircher Elly Currie

Secretary: Deb McCoy

Treasurer: Ruthe Kurtz

Chaplain: Philip Nordstrom

Judge Advocate: Robert Dietz

Sergeant-at-Arms: Ronald Spitznagel

Committee Chairs Awards, Nominations, Lana Suggs

Bulletin/Newsletter Hillary Brightman

Candy/Coin Box: Jeanne Davison

Council of Past Governors Gay Aaron

Don DeVane Scholarship Jeanne Davison

Finance: Fruit Cake: Pat Kirk

Growth & Retention, Historian and Training Coordinator: Helen Galloway

Junior / Campus Civitan: Penny Bonawitz

Public Relations: Tricia MacKenzie

Registrar: Lynn Maurer

Time & Place Steve Steenberge

Website: John Edward Dietz

International Foundation Liaison for the District: Steve Steenberge

FLORIDA DISTRICT CALENDAR - 2013 January 1 Deadline to submit material for Winter Sunbeam January 13-17 Governor-Elect Academy, Birmingham, Alabama January 27-31 Junior Civitan International Sno-Do, Barrie, Ont., Canada January 25-29 Clergy Appreciation Week January 31 Quality Achievement Award Applications due to International; January 31 Postmark Deadline Shropshire Application due to International February Clergy Appreciation February 2 Junior Civitan Polar Plunge, Orlando March Junior Civitan District Environmental Project March 8-11 Junior Civitan Int. Dance-a-thon, Midland, Ontario, Canada April 5—6 District Meeting with Jr Civitans, Orlando, FL April Civitan Awareness Month Junior Civitan Advisor Appreciation Month Apr. 1 Deadline to submit material for Spring Sunbeam April 6 Florida District Junior Civitan Convention, Orlando, FL April 30 Area Directors’ Semi-Annual Visit with Club Presidents Due May Florida District Board Meeting, Conference Call 9 a.m. June 1 All Club Officer elections should be completed for 2013-14 year June 20-23 Junior Civitan International Convention, Charlotte, NC July 1 Report of 2013-2014Club Officers to Civitan International and Governor-Elect Bob Kircher July 1 Junior Civitan Club Year Begins; Officers Assume Duties for 2013-2014 (report due) July 1 Deadline to submit material to Summer Sunbeam

July 3-6

93rd Civitan International Convention, Denver

August 15

Awards Applications postmarked to Awards Chair Suggs

Sept. 13-14 Florida District Board Meeting and Annual Convention & Installation Banquet, Naples, FL Sept. 30 Oct. 1

Area Director’s Year-end Report with Club Presidents due Deadline to submit material to Fall Sunbeam

CIVITAN PASSION … Speaks with Action




V O LU M E 9 , I S S U E 3

Helen Galloway, Growth & Retention Chair

“When we do the best that we can, we never know what miracle is wrought in our life, OR in the life of another.” Helen Keller There is still time for our great Florida District clubs to fill up their “Energy Bus”. Share Civitan with others— invite someone– or two—or more—to join in the outstanding work done by your members to carry out the mission of Civitan. We DO make an invaluable contribution in the lives of others. And in doing so we make an invaluable impression on ourselves. Remember there will be awards presented at the end of this fiscal year by Civitan International and Governor Bob will also give out awards at out September District meeting for the most members recruited since October 1, 2012. Less see how many show that: CIVITAN PASSION SPEAKS WITH ACTION ************************************************************************************************************** Knowledge Equals Success Please remember to register for the President and President-Elects’ Leadership Training today!! Also, if not previously sent, please submit your new Officer Report forms today!! Thank you, Thank you…. Helen, Leadership Training Coordinator

Junior Civitan Update...Penny

Bonawitz, Junior Civitan Chair

The Junior Civitans finished their year on June 30 and the new year has begun! We have a new board being led by our newest Governor, Nico Tyjeski. He is a rising senior at Bishop Moore. All the board members names can be found on our brand new website: Be sure to check it out and our Facebook page: Junior Civitan Florida District. Lots of information is being added all the time from clubs around the state. Come and see what we are doing! Two clubs sent members to the Junior Civitan International Convention in Charlotte on June 20-23. There were 10 Juniors and four adults in attendance. Everyone had a fantastic time meeting new people and renewing old friendships. The best part of the convention was Lake Howell winning second place for their anti-bullying Community Service Project and third for CLUB OF THE YEAR! Congratulations to Lake Howell for all their hard work this year. The new board will be meeting this July to plan the upcoming District events for this year. Our first event will be FLOAT (Florida Officer and Advisor Training). Please encourage your Junior club to attend if at all possible.




V O LU M E 9 , I S S U E 3

Bob Kircher

shape. I ask all of you to demonstrate how Civitan Passion Speaks with Action. REMINDERS 2013-2014 Report of Civitan Club Officers This form was due July 1. Geographic Training August 3, Jacksonville August 17, Orlando

Many of us have just returned from a fabulous week of celebrating Service, Knowledge and Fellowship at the Civitan International Convention in Denver Colorado. There were moments to revere for Florida Civitans as the Uptown Civitan Club of Jacksonville retained its honored title as Civitan International’s Outstanding Club Award. Good job ladies! Not to be outdone, Robert Dietz of Lake Eola Civitan joined an exalted group of Civitans as he was awarded Civitan’s highest individual honor, the Civitan International Honor Key. The Key was presented by Civitan International President Joe Parker. Congratulations Robert! In addition: Outstanding Club Youth Project, Naples Civitan Outstanding Club Website, Lake Eola Civitan Outstanding Club Newsletter, Uptown Civitan Outstanding District Website, Florida District Outstanding District Newsletter, Florida District

Florida District Attendees at Int’l Convention

Our own Mattie Fraser’s bid to become International President Elect was not to be, as she was outlasted by Jay Albertia of Clarksville, TN . Mattie graciously congratulated her opponent. Meanwhile, we Civitans in Florida remain the beneficiaries of Mattie’s experience, leadership and devotion to the ideals of the Civitan Creed close to home. God Bless, Mattie! As of July 1st, under the leadership of Florida District Governor Bob Brightman our district is on the plus side concerning membership. It is imperative to continue this trend and stay on the positive side as we close out the last quarter of the year. If each one of us can sponsor just one member this quarter, we would finish the year in splendid

Joe Parker Presents Honor Key to Robert Dietz






When you read this column the United States of America will have celebrated its 237th birthday. How did you celebrate the birth of our nation? Did you do it proudly? Do you stand tall, remove your hat and place your hand over your heart when you sing The Star-Spangled Banner? Or, did you sing, God Bless America? Maybe you watched on TV and listened while someone sang it. How do you feel about our country, The United States of America? Are you proud to be an American? As our country is going through some difficult times right now are you a little discouraged? I confess. I am. As individuals and as a nation we must seek God and His blessing. Irving Berlin wrote God Bless America in 1918 and revised it in 1938. I recently became aware of another song that I feel has a message for us today. Hopefully you will feel the same way. I t is God Bless America Again. It was written in the late 1960s by Bobby Bare and Royce Hawkins. Here it is. God Bless America Again God bless America again. You see all the troubles that she’s in. Wash her pretty face, dry her eyes. And then God bless America again. God, I sure do wish You’d bless America again. You know, like you did way back when it all began. You blessed her then but we just sorta kinda take it for granted and never ask again. So God just hold her hand, that’s all And if she should stumble, please, don’t let her fall. God bless America again. You see all the troubles that she’s in. Wash her pretty face, dry her eyes. And then God bless America again.

You know, I don’t understand everythin’ I’m readin’ here, about what’s wrong with America. And if You don’t have a lotta good learnin’, I guess there’s a lotta things you don’t understand. But let me say this, God, she’s like a mother to me. And though all I am or ever hope to be I owe to You and to her. Wash her pretty face, dry her eyes and then God bless America again.

Many God-fearing individuals are concerned that our country has moved away from our country’s heritage as a God-fearing country and that God can no longer bless this country. I believe as a country the USA must turn back to God. For this to happen, we as individuals must be sure that we are in tune with God. Each of us needs to examine our hearts and determine if we are in tune with God or if we need to turn back to God. Remember, God has blessed us with the privilege to live in this wonderful country. Be sure to thank the Lord for His blessings as you enjoy living in the United States of America. Two lines of the Civitan Creed are: MY MIND teaches me respect for law and the flag of my country, and MY PLEDGE – to practice the golden rule and to build upon it a better and nobler citizenship. We need to make sure we are doing this each day. This summer take time to observe all the beauty that the Lord has provided through His nature. Remember if the road you travel this summer has some bumps in it, Psalm 55:22A says, “Cast your burden on the Lord, and he will sustain you.” In His Grace, Phil

Governor’s Notes (cont.) Continued from Page 1

We wish John Edward could have been in Denver to accept the awards, but he was just returning from a Mediterranean cruise and proposed to his girlfriend while in Rome. Congratulations to John Edward and the future Ms. Dietz. And I should also mention that John Edward’s dad Robert Dietz received a well deserved International Honor Key. Congratulations to the Florida District for an outstanding convention and lets finish the year strong. I regret to report that the Civitan Club of Jacksonville has turned in its charter. Thanks to its President Gene Kovarik for his service and for all this club has done through the years. On a happier note; congratulations to North Carolina District East for chartering YP Civitan of Greensboro effective June 28, 2013; to the Appalachian District and District Governor Tammy Pearson for chartering the Rise and Shine Ladies Civitan Club effective June 28, 2013; and to the Great Southwest District and District Governor Bob Hurd for chartering the ARCA Buddies Civitan Club on June 26, 2013.



V O LU M E 9 , I S S U E 3

CLUB BEAMS FIRST COAST CIVITAN CLUB Arddy Farrell, First Coast President indicates they will install new officers on Sept 27, 2013. First Coast is also happy to have a volunteer Webmaster, John Bevis, and the club now has a functioning web page at As well as a Facebook page at First Coast Civitan Club, which can be used to keep up with club events and schedules. The Club meets the Fourth Thursday each month at Peppers Restaurant on Atlantic Blvd.

FRONTIER CIVITAN CLUB Frontier is hard at work on its Annual Holiday Tour of Homes, which will occur on Saturday, December 7 and involves home tours

HEART OF FLORIDA CIVITAN CLUB Heart of Florida Members participated in the Volunteer Appreciation reception at the Orlando Museum of Art. Members also continued their practice of volunteering at Clean the World which reprocesses soap from hotels for distribution in developing countries. It is amazing the number of lives that can be saved simply by having access to soap. This time the Heart of Florida members filled bags with soap, lotions, shampoo, and conditioners for victims of the Oklahoma tornado. Members also ushered at the final concert of the season for the Florida Symphony Youth Orchestra and volunteered to assist with a bulk mailing at the Orlando Museum of Art. Heart of Florida members have also already committed to assisting with next year’s second Orlando Area Golden Heart Award reception. Heart of Florida is also preparing for its annual Back to School Ice Cream Social Party at the Edgewood Children’s Ranch in August and its Yard Sale in October.

LAKE EOLA CIVITAN CLUB Lake Eola Civitan is proud to announce John Dietz will continue as President and Kate Gross will be President-Elect. We are also proud of John who is the District and Lake Eola Club Webmaster. At the Civitan Int’l Convention in Denver, the District received the award for Best District Website, and Lake Eola Civitan received the award for Best Club Website. John couldn’t get to Denver to receive the awards because he was in Rome proposing marriage to his girlfriend----she said yes. Congratulations to John on all fronts, and to dad Robert Dietz for receipt of the International Honor Key Award at the Denver Convention.

LEESBURG CIVITAN CLUB The Leesburg Club continues its successful and ongoing program of Open Houses at the Leesburg Library, which include light refreshments and a showing of the CIRC video. The Open Houses generally result in recruitment of one or two new members. GOOD WORK LEESBURG! Continued on Page 7




V O LU M E 9 , I S S U E 3

… two

LEESBURG CIVITAN CLUB CLUB BEAMS … two The Leesburg Club continues its successful and ongoing program of Open Houses at the Leesburg Library, which include light refreshments and a showing of the CIRC video. The Open Houses generally result in recruitment of one or two new members. GOOD WORK LEESBURG! Congratulations to the newest members of Leesburg Civitan, Kathy Chesley and Cindy Taylor. Pictured from left to right are Deb McCoy, Cindy Taylor, Trish Mlekodaj, Cathy Chesley and Kathy Parrish. Leesburg Civitan thanks Deb McCoy, Club Secretary and Area One Director for doing this initiation. “It is a great honor having two new members, both of whom I know personally and professionally. They will be a great asset to Leesburg Civitan” said Kathy Parrish, Leesburg Civitan President.


The editor of the Naples Civitan News, Nery Kircher, has kept us informed of the activities of the very busy Naples Civitan Club. The Naples Club is hosting the 2013 Florida District Convention in Naples Friday and Saturday Sept 13 and Sept 14. Registration forms just went out, so please register and join us in Beautiful Naples. Club Member Bob Kircher will be sworn in as Florida District Governor at the Convention. For the second year, Naples Civitan has sponsored the Collier Challenger Little League, providing individuals with disabilities from ages 4 to 22 with an opportunity to play baseball. Congratulations to the Naples Club which at the Denver International Convention received the award for Best Youth Project. The Naples Club Continues with its YEAR ROUND PROJECT collecting supplies for deployed soldiers. We will be collecting supplies for this project at the Florida District Convention in Naples. Naples members also volunteered at A Taste of Collier. This year’s Civitan Awareness gathering took place at the Naples High School cafeteria with participation from the Golden Gate HS and Naples HS Junior Civitans who, along with club members, enjoyed an evening of fellowship and a pizza dinner reunion. Over the summer Naples club members are also participating in Karaoke for MS (multiple sclerosis). Naples had six members in attendance at the International convention in Denver.




V O LU M E 9 , I S S U E 3


NORTH TAMPA CIVITAN CLUB Tampa's annual Paint Your Heart Out was held again in April and as usual, the North Tampa Civitan Club responded in full force. With the help of some additional friends and family members we took control. The home selected for this event was in the Sulphur Springs area of Tampa and met all the requirements for this charitable Contribution. While the painting was taking place, the owner stayed outside, encouraging the painters and thanking them for all their work. On May 18, our club received the "Lesile Morris Community Impact" award from the Council for Exceptional Children, Tampa Bay Chapter 194 ESE. They credited the North Tampa Civitan Club with serving and contributing in the community since the 1950s. Attending this awards banquet by our club President, Duane Bishoff was an outstanding event and real honor for our Club. A big factor in our winning this award was our community project at Caminity Exceptional Center, where each year we have a Christmas party with Santa and gifts for the kids as well as present a monetary gift card to each teacher.

PINE CASTLE CIVITAN CLUB The Pine Castle Civitan Club has had some interesting meetings for its members. At one meeting they focused on recycling, and Victoria Freeman presented a “fishing” expedition which allowed club members to drop the pole into a large card board box where an item could be caught by a snap and fished out. Each item was something that should never be thrown into the river. Members also had pictures to color relating to safe environments. Another meeting activity was a musical delight, as members were entertained by Chad Harris with his guitar. Members joined in singing the Star Spangled Banner, Mickey Mouse, and I’m A Little Teapot. On June 27, 2013 Pine Castle Civitan Club celebrated its 24th Anniversary. Thanks to the sponsoring club Uptown and Club Builders Mattie Fraser and Mary Jo Marjenhoff.

ST. PETERSBURG CIVITAN CLUB In June, St Pete Civitan held their 27th Annual Police and Firefighter’s Awards Ceremony, recognizing Fire Officer of the Year Richard Ganci, Firefighter of the Year, Bill Westlund, and St Petersburg Police Department Training Officer of the Year, Scott Laaniner. St Petersburg Civitan also recognized the 2013 recipients of their High School Scholarship, Robert Cook and Ashley Ridgeway, who each received a $1000 scholarship. St Petersburg Civitan also continues its many years of support for PARC and Special Olympics, both with time and financial contributions.




V O LU M E 9 , I S S U E 3

… four

TAMPA METRO CIVITAN CLUB Tampa Metro Civitan members, celebrated its 86th anniversary by presenting a “Civitan 101” program, initiating a new member, and honoring Glenn Williams’ dedication to Civitan by making him a Life Member. The club hosted the Citizen of the Year banquet, unveiling the portrait of this year’s winner, Mr. John Sykes. Club members, along with Leto High School Junior Civitans handled the awards at the Area and State Special Olympics Equestrian Games. They also did awards for the County Special Olympics Golf event. A very colorful day was spent volunteering at the Color Me RAD 5K race in which participants are showered with neon bright colored corn starch throughout the race. The event raised $20,000 for Special Olympics. Tampa Metro also presented donations to Lee Moffett Cancer Center, Buddy Baseball and Team TRIDENT (Training and Recreation for the Intellectually Disabled Enhancing their Natural Talents).

TREASURE COAST CIVITAN CLUB Thanks to Ruthann Hewson, Editor of the Treasure Coast Civitan Newsletter for updating us regarding the clubs status. Treasure Coast resumes fall meetings with its Board meeting on Aug. 3 and its first meeting on Aug. 22 at Southern Pig and Cattle. I am doing a Club visit on Aug. 22 and look forward to the visit. Polly Forestier and Victor attended the International Convention in Denver and represented the Treasure Coast Club. Treasure Coast has continued its Golden Heart Award event, and the 2013 winners were published in the Stuart News. Treasure Coast will be collecting school supplies at its Aug. 22nd meeting for its continued support of the Salvation Army after school project. Polly Forestier presented a check from the club for $250.00 to Tahra Cessna, Behavioral Services Coordinator, for Treasure Coast Autism Project (TCAP).

UPTOWN CIVITAN CLUB There is so much Uptown Civitan news it is hard to know where begin. Congratulations to Uptown for winning the 2012 Shropshire Outstanding Club Award, the 11th time they have won this award. And congratulations also to Uptown for winning the Outstanding Club Newsletter Award. And Club Member Mattie Fraser, along with Frontier Club Member Helen Galloway, also brought home the award for Best District Newsletter for the Sunbeam. Congratulations to Helen and Mattie. Uptown members continue to serve at Ronald McDonald’s House and feed the homeless at Clara White. Fundraising Chair Nancy Greene brought Uptown together at the Pampered Chef Party, and over 20 participants got to eat food they had seen prepared. Congratulations to Club Member Linda Weinstein for her Silver Medallion Member Plaque for 25 years of service. In June, Uptown presented Gateway Girl Scouts with $250.00 for scholarships for uniforms and badges. Uptown Past Presidents awarded a $1000 scholarship to Charmaine Pedroza, who graduated first in her class from Ed White and will be attending the Univ. Of Florida. Uptown also welcomes two new members, Renee McQueen, Executive Director, PACE Center for Girls, and Lauren McCarter, advisor to the Ed White Junior Civitan Club. CONGRATULATIONS TO UPTOWN FOR THE 2012 SHROPSHIRE OUTSTANDING CLUB AWARD, FOR ITS 30TH ANNIVERSARY IN MAY, AND FOR ANOTHER OUTSTANDING YEAR !!!!


HOTEL REGISTRATION THE INN ON 5TH 699 5th Avenue Naples, FL 34102 239-403-8777 Civitan Room Rate: $119 plus tax.

DEADLINE FOR RESERVATION: AUGUST 17, 2013 When you register, please advise that you are with Florida District Civitan.

MEETING REGISTRATION FORM Name: Address: Civitan Club: Spouse/Guest Attending: Registration Fee: $105.00 X


First Time Attending?

Please make check payable to Florida District Civitan. Mail check to Lynn Maurer, 2826 Regal Lane, Oviedo, Florida 32765-7573.




V O LU M E 9 , I S S U E 3

The Florida Sunbeam Hillary Brightman, Publisher 831 N. Westmoreland Drive Orlando, FL 32804 E-mail: Robert & Hillary Brightman, Editors 831 N. Westmoreland Drive Orlando, FL 32804 E-mail: Phone: 407-340-8608 If undeliverable, please return to: Hillary Brightman, Publisher 831 N. Westmoreland Drive Orlando, FL 32804 E-mail:

FLORIDA DISTRICT WEB SITE… See the great Florida District web site by John Edward Dietz, Website Webmaster!

A Message from Mattie Fraser To my Fabulous Florida District Civitans… Thank you so much for your support in my unsuccessful campaign for President-Elect 2013—2014. Your caring and encouragement meant a great deal to me. Thanks to those who worked in my booth, who asked their friends to vote for me, and your friendship throughout the who process! When the results were disappointing, you were there for me. What more could I ask for!! Special thanks to my campaign team for their expert guidance and advice, and to my home club, Uptown Civitan, who went above and beyond, and to all those around the district who made the extra effort in Denver THANK YOU SO MUCH. I am proud to say I am Civitan.

Thank You, Mattie! Mattie, We were also disappointed in the outcome of the election. But during my year as Governor, I have repeatedly been reminded of what you have contributed to the Florida District and to Civitan through the years. When I talk to the Sunset Club and Arlington Club, they mention how important your mentoring has been. We noted in Club Beams this month that Pine Castle Civitan just celebrated its 24th anniversary, and you were one of the club’s builders. Everywhere I go in the Florida District I come across Mattie Fraser fingerprints. You have already won at least one of all the awards we give, but I wanted to take this occasion to say one more time how much we appreciate all that you have done for Florida District Civitan.

Thank you!!!!! Bob Brightman, Florida District Governor

Sunbeam july 2013 (final)  

July 2013 Florida Civitan District Newsletter, the Sunbeam

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