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AMAZING Wedding Cakes Star of “Amazing Wedding Cakes” Christopher Garren’s shares his best cake designs.





‘Project Runway: Under the Gunn’ crowns Oscar Lopez its first winner and we have your exclusive on this one of a kind designer...



“making it work!”

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find your

DIY style and rescue your holiday

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[fall/winter issue 2014] editor’s letter [6]


We were so excited when Oscar Lopez was the winner of Project Runway’s “Under the Gunn” TV show.

a winning winter wedding [8] Here in Florida our climate is pretty fair all year long, but for us who are pining for a winter themed wedding we can still enjoy one.

style files oh! so oscar [12] Project Runway: Under the Gunn declared Oscar Lopez, a 40-year-old from Coral Gables, FL, its first-season champion.

steampunk wedding style [14] A Steampunk wedding is the perfect marriage of science and history vintage and futuristic. It’s the Victorian era on steroids.

brides...say it out loud? [30] After all, you’ve got enough wedding-related stress as it is and you certainly don’t need to add to it with more drama.

make it work with tim gunn [42]

32 86

Tim Gunn is an American fashion and television personality best known for his role on the reality show Project Runway.

the crowning achievement [56]

Bess Wyrick, floral stylist and owner of Celadon and Celery, recently collaborated with Jeff Koons to create out of this world floral crowns.

purrfect feline eyes [68]

The sultry cat eye is my all-time favorite look! It’s classy yet totally fresh, and when you’re in a time crunch this look is the fastest way to look your best!

grooms corner [100] The Eldredge tie knot is an attention-grabbing tie knot and it’s at the height of its popularity.

heidi klum style [108] From the red carpet to the playground, Heidi’s fun style is cool and effortless.

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editor’s letter Must be the season of the Witch! Letter From The Editor: Welcome to our “Must be the Season of the Witch” issue of Florida Bride Magazine. The Necklace that I am wearing was inspired by a necklace worn by one of the main characters in the TV series Witches of East End on Lifetime. It was created by Peggy Li Creations. I fell in love with the necklace that the character Wendy was wearing, it was the inspiration for our re-creation photo of the series. We were so excited when Oscar Lopez was the winner of Project Runway’s “Under the Gunn” TV show. I have known Oscar for several years, and to have one of our very own Florida talents win is an absolute Thrill! When I asked Oscar to be on our Fall/Winter cover, he graciously accepted. Read his insightful interview on our inside pages. Steam Punk weddings are currently trending, and if you want to know what they are all about we’ve got the breakdown inside. Cake designer Christopher Garrens wonderful Steam Punk wedding cake is a piece of Art that fits in perfectly with our Steam Punk Wedding Section. Christopher is internationally known for his creative cake designs and extraordinary attention to detail. You may have seen him on WEtv’s Amazing Wedding Cakes. His cakes are an edible Masterpiece!

Editor’s Photo

Photographer: Estelle Delpino - 954.803.2138 Production Assistant: Sara Carpenter Hair & Makeup: Milene Miranda - 954.918.2621 Accessories: Peggy Li Creations & BeBe

We’re so social Subscriptions: We’re Pinning! Like Us! Tweet Us! Our Blog: Website: Phone: 954.773.4525 Email: Fax: 954.785.6749

One of the most sought after, editorial, runway and celebrity hair stylists in the business, Ted Gibson, shares his tips with our Florida Brides. Ted explains how to achieve the perfect look for your Special Day! If you haven’t had a chance to visit Ted’s braid bar at his salon in the W Fort Lauderdale you really should check it out. Our staff has gathered creative, trendy, fun and informative articles for you to read, and we hope that you enjoy reading all about them and utilize the ideas in your wedding day planning. Happy Holidays to All of You from All of Us here at Florida Bride Magazine! Grace Crompton Managing Editor Florida Bride Magazine

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The following professionals have contributed their talent to bring you the wonderful pictorials inside this issue. For consideration in becoming a contributor please email:

MAR JENNINGS Emmy-nominated TV Host, Lifestyle Expert and best selling author Mar Jennings is a master at creating a casual luxury lifestyle made simple and sMARt.


Lifetime’s Project Runway Under the Gunn winner Oscar Lopez. “The most important thing is to stay true to the person that you are.”




Grace Crompton Managing Editor

Mark Crompton Media Relations Director

Kim Beyrent Fashion Director


Chris has made appearances on Food Network, FOX 11 Good Day LA, Access Hollywood, Entertainment Tonight. Most recently he spent 3 seasons as a featured chef on the network show “Amazing Wedding Cakes.”


Ana’s extraordinary drive, attention to detail and ability to think out of the box, has earned her the respect from her clients. She takes pride in providing luxurious event planning.

TIM GUNN The best Tim Gunn style tips are universal and can help you make the right fashion choices and spruce up your wardrobe in no time


NAWP Charlotte is the National President of NAWP. As owner of A Red Rose linens she shares her expertise with our Florida Brides.

ESTELLE DELPINO Estelle’s photographic artistry is at the heart of the 40’s and 50’s pinup style. Creating memorable vintage styles through exquisite and beautiful imagery.

April Hochhauser Online Editor

Bonnie Patronis Copy Editor

Martin Fischer Sales Representative

Susan Benson Fitness Consultant

Sarah Hay Health Consultant

Mar Jennings Lifestyle Editor

Ted Gibson Beauty Consultant

David Beyrent Art & Production Director Florida Bride Magazine is published bi-annually. Copyright 2011. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction in whole or in part without the written consent of Florida Bride Magazine is strictly prohibited. While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of information in Florida Bride Magazine, no responsibility can be accepted for the quality of goods and services provided by advertisers or printer’s errors. All advertisements are accepted and published on the representation that advertisers are properly authorized to publish the entire contents and subject matter thereof. All editorial images not specifically credited to a photographer are courtesy of the respective company and used with their permission. IDOODLES and Over the Threshold are registered trademarks of Florida Bride Magazine. Published and printed in the USA

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A Winning

d d d

Winter Wedding d d

Here in Florida our climate is pretty fair all year long, but for us who are pining for a winter themed wedding we can still enjoy one. Here are some tips for planning your winter wedding: Beginning with your invitations set the theme with a wintery motif like a snowflake, Some venues may have placed holiday decorations up adding to your antlers or pine tree. wonderland.



dd d


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Add these great winter themed shawls. They come in all different shapes and designs and will not only give you that winter look, but keep our Bride warm in those chilly months.

d d

If you are going elegant and grand, a formal hotel ballroom that overlooks city lights evokes a holiday spirit. Blue or navy accented with icy pinks can match the season, and cranberry is a nice alternative to Christmas red and looks fabulous paired with sage and gold.

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quick tip

ld will Sage and go day evoke a Holi Charm!

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setting up your winter wonderland...


Adding crystal accents to your centerpieces will give your venue a sparkling wintery effect, and add shimmery material on your linens and chair covers.


Candlelight adds elegance and warmth and invokes the scents of the season. To bring in the holiday theme decorate with twinkling white lights, poinsettias and potted evergreens.

8 9


Signature drinks can include a twist on eggnog, hot toddies or spiced wine.

Add marzipan snowflakes or swiss dots, and use a snowflake or snow globe as a topper on your Wedding cake. Add rich texture to your bouquet by wrapping it in velvet.

d d

Make a grand entrance in a horse-drawn carriage, and be sure to bring a wrap in case of a cool evening.


DAVID TUTERA’S perfect winter wedding...

Your Design

No matter what look you’re going for here, candlelight is essential to a wintertime wedding. Lanterns, votives, pillars all in assorted heights, containers and even colors will add a gorgeous glow to your decor. Wooden tables are perfect for the season, either contrasted with a delicate pure-white runner or complemented with a great flannel fabric. Branches easily collected from the outdoors (thank you Mother Nature!) are a perfect accent to any centerpiece or table design and can be embellished with hanging crystals or small floral clusters.

Your Menu

Keep your guests as cozy during the reception as they felt during your vows. The perfect seasonal menu should consist mostly of hot dishes. Unique variations of a bruschetta, such as melted goat cheese with mushrooms or smoked mozzarella with a tomato confit make great hors d’oeuvres. A hearty, puréed soup with a crème fraîche garnish is a warming starter course. Consider serving your main course family-style at each table, which allows for a more communal experience. Your flavor profile could include pear, apple, cranberry, leek, ginger or mint.

Your Cake

A tall white cake accented with sparkling sugars would certainly fit the bill here, especially if each slice was drizzled with warm white chocolate right before it was passed to guests! And I also love the idea of a unique spin on dessert time: Seasonal pies (apple, pumpkin, cranberry-nut) cut and served hot with a tiny scoop of ice cream are a delicious alternative.

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A Steampunk wedding is the perfect marriage of science and history — vintage and futuristic. It’s the Victorian era on steroids. It’s truly back to the future in idea and finds it’s roots as far back as Jules Verne and H.G. Wells. Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, The Wild Wild West , Around the World in 80 Days and City of Lost Children are a few older examples that can help acclimate you to the Steampunk style and genre.

what is steampunk style?

The world of Steampunk uses steam-powered known and unknown gadgets and machines as it’s main source of power. It celebrates style, science and invention. The late 19th century, the Industrial Revolution and where Victorians might have thought society and science were headed is a general description. It’s based (mostly) on Victorian era style clothing that might include corsets, bustles and hats for ladies and top hats, vests and pocket watches for men.

There are no steadfast rules to Steampunk style, just your unique interpretation. As an added bonus, it’s also a “green” or eco friendly theme in that Steampunk style is about reusing and repurposing vintage objects and items giving them a new life. Think gears, cogs, steam engines, clocks, crude robots, flying machines, it’s a technological anachronism, misplaced objects in time, but on purpose. That makes the Steampunk style alternate history or alternate future to what we know to be actual history. It’s fun, whimsical and taken very seriously by those that live and celebrate the style, at least part of the time.


quick tipkeys on

Try antique uet for your bouq e look that vintag and feel!

14 Florida Bride Fall/Winter 2014 ♥ florida_bride_magazine.indd 14

10/30/2014 7:24:28 PM

how can I use a steampunk theme for my wedding? A Steampunk wedding infuses elements from the style into many different aspects of their wedding celebration. From wedding save the dates and invitations, to decor, cakes, and attire, the Steampunk style is injected. You may be wondering what this new trend you’ve been hearing about lately is, and where it came from. To understand we need to take a journey into the past, come along with me while we explore our history. A Steampunk wedding is the fusion of vintage and futuristic…the perfect blend of science and history. Its roots date back to Jules Verne and H.G. Wells and like Michael J. Fox it is a back to the future idea, a Victorian era on steroids!

Steampunk style uses objects that come from various machinery, cogs, wheels, chains, gadgets of all sorts to achieve its look. It is steam-powered by the Industrial Revolution of the 19th century. Its style is derived from the Victorian era with the corsets, bustles and hats for that time period. Men wore the pocket watches, top hats and vests while the ladies also sported hats. However, today’s Steampunk weddings are unique to your own interruption, and there are no steadfast rules to it. When thinking Steampunk think steam engines, flying machines and goggles. The movies Around the World in 80 days, and the Time Machine would help give you inspiration. Think futuristic and vintage, incorporate the look into your cake, bouquet, invitations – everywhere and anywhere you want to obtain the look. Remember, Steampunk is whimsical, romantic and fun!

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having a glamorous time

from Beach to Boudoir,,,

The best part of your wedding just may happen after the guests go home and you slip out of your fancy clothes. It’s your wedding night and the two of you want to be alone together. Special, but you don’t want to burden it with too-high expectations. There are a lot of little things that couples can do. Here are some simple ways to make your wedding night memorable. Flirt with each other during the wedding. Sure, you’re busy attending to guests, but take the time to meet each other’s gaze, touch each other’s arm or hand and steal some kisses. These little things keep you focused on each other, and build anticipation as the wedding night approaches. Fill your room with fragrance. “Scents are carried to your brain’s emotional center, where they can stimulate memories, emotions and moods. They soothe, relax, energize or arouse,” You can also sprinkle a few drops of essential oil on your sheets. Try sandalwood, lavender or jasmine scents that are said to increase arousal and sexual desire. Set the night to music. Load the CD player with your spouse’s favorite tunes, and put it on when you enter your hotel room. Or have a CD of your first dance playing softly in the background as you enter the honeymoon suite.

Let’s not forget the Wedding night attire! Our friends at Shell Belle Couture have got you covered. Shell Belle Couture is a Luxury Lifestyle Brand. A beautifully feminine collection of vintage inspired, coordinated Swimwear, Slip Dresses & Lingerie. Pieces that will carry you elegantly from Beach to Boudoir.


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What You Need:

8 oz. milk, 1 1½ oz. bittersweet chocolate, 1½ oz. Mexican spice mix, 1 1/2 oz. coffee-flavored Kahlúa

1¼ oz. black cherry vodka, 3¼ oz. cognac, 2 oz. unsweetened almond milk, 3¼ oz agave nectar.

How to Make It:

How to Make It:

Simmer milk over medium heat until warmed. Stir in the chocolate and spice mix until melted. Remove from heat and stir in Kahlua. Garnish with whipped cream.

Shake all ingredients vigorously in a cocktail shaker filled with ice, and strain into rocks glass filled with ice. Top with slivered almonds and nutmeg.

What You Need: 1½ oz. vodka, 5 oz. bloody mary mix, ½ c. cider vinegar, 1 tsp. salt, 2 blades of mace, 10 cloves, 10 peppercorns, 10 allspice berries, a dash of cayenne pepper. One thing that brings credibility to the oyster myth is the fact that these slippery critters are full of zinc. Zinc controls progesterone levels, which have a positive effect on the libido. Zinc deficiency can cause impotence in men,

so any food rich in zinc is considered an aphrodisiac in that respect, and oysters happen to be loaded with the mineral. How to Make It: Pickled Oyster Bloody Mary – Key Aphrodisiac Ingredient: Oysters. Serve this savory cocktail, garnished with the famed libido boosting seafood (oysters), at brunch to spark a morning romp! Mix vodka and bloody mary mix. To pickle the oysters, cook one quart of oysters in their liquor until plump. Remove the oysters and add cider vinegar to the oyster liquor. Bring the liquid to a boil, add salt, mace, cloves, peppercorns, allspice berries and a dash of cayenne pepper. Boil for five minutes, then pour the liquid over the oysters, seal in glass jars, and store in the fridge at least overnight. Garnish with oysters.


What You Need: Coffee is allegedly an aphrodisiac, so this drink could give you the energy to keep going (and going!) 1.5 oz. rum, 3¼ oz. amaretto, 1 oz. espresso, 1½ oz. simple syrup. How to Make It: Add rum, amaretto, and espresso to a cocktail shaker. Shake vigorously and strain into martini glass. Top with whipped cream. What You Need:


Chocolate Strawberry



Almond Crema

What You Need:


Mexican Hot

This one hits two aphrodisiacs, cinnamon and chocolate. So hold onto your hats!

Almonds are an ancient symbol of fertility, plus their vitamin E keeps your skin glowing through a long, frisky night.

Le Macchiato


Cocktails... Cherry

Romantic Aphrodisiac

Strawberries look extra romantic, and the chocolate will boost your endorphins. 4 oz. vodka, 1½ c. strawberry juice, 2 tbsp. melted dark chocolate, sliced strawberries.

How to Make It: Blend vodka, juice, and 1 tbsp. chocolate with ice in a blender. Drizzle remaining chocolate into the glass, then fill with cocktail and garnish with strawberries.

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Bobby Flay’ s Fall Cocktails Bobby Flay’s culinary versatility is evident in the multiple talents he brings to the field: as a critically-acclaimed chef/ restaurateur, award-winning cookbook author and television personality. However his first priority always remains with his restaurants. Bobby shares some of his favorite cocktail recipes for the Fall Season.

Bobby’s Pomegranate Sangria

Vanilla Martini

It’s been said that one bite of this deep, blood red fruit, bursting with hundreds of jeweled-hued seeds hidden behind ivory flesh, may have inspired the Spaniards for naming their city of Granada after it. While no one has ever become immortal for eating pomegranates, we do know its passion power is due to antioxidants, which allows more blood flow. Make a splash at your next bash for two with the Pomegranate What You Need: Sangria, which includes plenty of succulent fruit dipped in fine spirits and pomegranate juice. 1.5 part NAVAN natural vanilla liqueur, 2.0 part Premium silver tequila, 1.0 part Fresh lime juice, 1 Vanilla blossom. How to Make It: Add all ingredients in a cocktail shaker filled with ice and shake. Strain into a glass. Garnish with a vanilla blossom.

What You Need: 18 oz. POM Wonderful 100% Pomegranate Juice, 1 Bottle of dry, fruity Spanish white wine, 6 oz. Apricot brandy, 6 oz. Cream sherry, 1 oz. Prosecco or other sweet sparkling wine, 1 Lime sliced into wheels, 1 Lemon sliced into wheels, ½ Orange sliced into wheels, ½ Grapefruit sliced into wheels, Red apple wedges, Green apple wedges, Orange wedges, Grapefruit wedges, Cava Spanish Sparkling Brut. How to Make It:


Passion Cocktail

No Latin dish would be complete without some much-needed heat in every spoonful and whether you prefer cayenne or Serrano, they all have one thing to offer besides the obvious: capsaicin. This warms up the body, makes blood flow, and releases endorphins in the brain, a feel-good chemical.

Place all ingredients into a sangria pitcher. Refrigerate and let stand 2 hours before serving. For an individual serving, pour sangria over ice and top with fruit garnish. Finish each serving with a splash of Cava Spanish Sparkling Brut.

What You Need: 1.5 oz. Cuca Fresca Gold Cachaca, 3 Basil leaves, 1 Thin slice of Serrano pepper, ¾ oz. Passion fruit puree, ¾ oz. Simple syrup, ½ oz. Lime juice. How to Make It: Combine all ingredients in an ice-filled shaker. Shake well and strain into a martini glass. Garnish with a thin slice of Serrano pepper.

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A lifetime of memories in a Single Day

photography by A Pico Studio



A quality and elegant venue... The perfect combination for your wedding, corporate or social event. The D ouble Tree by Hilton Oce an Po i n t R es o rt & S p a o ffers cap t i v at i n g o cean v i ew s a n d t h e m o s t elegant appointme nts at e ve ry turn, y o u wi l l fi n d n o b et t er s et t i n g i n wh i ch t o cel e b r a t e l i f e ’s m o s t tr eas ure d mome nts than our Su n n y Is l es B each Wed d i n g Ven u e & R ecep t i o n f a c i l i t i e s . |

(786) 528-2500

| 17375 Collins Ave., North Miami Beach, FL 33160

For more information visit us at

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Event by Rene 561-251-5552 . 561-752-1677 312 EAST BOYNTON BEACH BLVD #4


was established in South Florida in 1990. Specializing in wedding decor, draping, lighting and floral design. See what inspires you. Call for a complimentary consultation.


Register Today at Florida Bride Fall/Winter 2014 ♼ 35 florida_bride_magazine.indd 35

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Wyndham Deerfield Beach Resort

Macadamia Crusted Fresh Grouper

About our Chef:

Jose Cathcart, Executive Chef Deerfield Beach, Florida

Jose is from St. Thomas U.S.V.I. He relocated to South Florida in 2001 as a young man to focus and pursue his career as a chef. He has worked in the hotel/hospitality industry for 14 years, in the Virgin Islands and South Florida. He loves working with food, learning something new every day and brings his Caribbean flair to the table. He is a hands-on Executive Chef with a passion for what he does.



Grouper Ingredients: 8 oz fresh Black Grouper, 3 oz Macadamia Nuts, 1 Tbsp Clarified Butter. Two Potato Hash Gastrique Ingredients: ¼ lb Bacon Layout Julienned, 8 oz Sweet Potato (medium dice), 8 oz Yukon Gold Potato (medium dice), 1 medium size Red Onion, 2 cups Red Wine Vinegar, 2 cups Granulated Sugar, Olive Oil.

Grouper Preparation: I use a center 8 oz cut portion of the grouper filet. I sear the center cut portion skin side up, then top with 3 oz of chopped macadamia nuts with 1 TBL spoon of clarified butter. Hash Preparation: Blanche potatoes in 210 degrees boiling water for 4 minutes. Cool to 42 degrees. Reduce 2 cups red wine vinegar and 2 cups sugar along with 1 medium size julienne red onion until thickened. Set aside. Render bacon in a sauté pan until crispy, extracting that wonderful flavor of bacon fat. Fold all the hash ingredients together in a steel bowl and cool. Sauté hash, shallots and garlic in Olive Oil. Deglaze with 2 oz. white wine, reduce and add ½ cup heavy cream and cook for 45 seconds. Then it’s ready to serve with seasonal veggies.

for the love of food... peach glazed ham

Robert Irvine

Robert Irvine is back in the kitchen to share his favorite holiday recipe “Big Sexy” Peach Glazed Ham.

Ingredients: 1 fully cooked ham, about 7 to 9 pounds, 1 (20-ounce) jar peach preserves, 1 1/2 tablespoons Creole mustard, spicy mustard or Dijon, 2 tablespoons peach liqueur (Schnapps) or peach nectar, 2 tablespoons lemon juice, Dash cinnamon.

Directions: Place ham in a large roasting pan and bake as directed on the wrapping, about 18 minutes per pound. Combine remaining ingredients, in a small bowl and stir until smooth. Remove the ham from the oven and score the skin in a diamond pattern. Spoon the glaze over, spreading to coat completely. Return the ham to the oven and bake for about 30 minutes longer.

Chef’s Tip: To make it really special, take small can pineapple rings, drain syrup and place pineapple rings on top of the glazed ham. Secure the pineapple to the ham with wooden cocktail sticks. Then take a small jar of cocktail cherries and place 1 cherry in the center of each pineapple ring. Continue to baste with the glaze during the cooking process. This makes a good looking ham for a holiday buffet table

36 Florida Bride Fall/Winter 2014 ♥ florida_bride_magazine.indd 36

bon appetite !!!

10/30/2014 7:25:13 PM



Waterstone Resort & Marina Boca Raton, Florida Executive Chef Steven Zobel

Harrissa-Crusted Lamb Chops with Saffron Couscous, Mango Chutney and Raita

Ingredients: Lamb, 12 ¾ inch thick lamb chops, 2 tbsp harissa, salt and pepper to taste, 1 c. raita (See Recipe Below), 2 c. saffron couscous (See Recipe Below), 1 c. Major Grey’s Mango Chutney, handful of mint sprigs for garnish. Raita: ½ c plain yogurt, 2 tbsp fresh lemon juice, 5 mint leaves chopped, salt and pepper to taste. Couscous: 2 c couscous, 2 c chicken stock, ½ tsp crushed saffron, salt and pepper to taste.

Preparation: Rub the lamb chops with harissa and refrigerate for one hour. To make the raita, combine the yogurt, lemon juice, mint, salt and pepper in a bowl. Stir to incorporate and refrigerate until ready to use. To make the couscous, place the dry couscous in a bowl. Combine the chicken stock, saffron, salt and pepper in a sauce pot and bring to a boil. Be sure to season the liquid generously. Pour the hot liquid over the couscous and cover with plastic wrap. Allow to sit for 15 minutes. Fluff the grain with a fork before serving. Meanwhile, remove the lamb from the refrigerator and season with salt and pepper. Grill the lamb to the desired doneness or saute in a hot pan with a little oil. Remove from pan and allow to rest 5 minutes. To serve divide couscous among flour plates. On each plate, arrange 3 lamb chops over a bed of couscous. Garnish with mint sprigs, and serve with the raita and chutney.

editor’s choice for the holidays...

One of my favorite memories of being a child at Holiday time was when my family made popcorn balls. My cousins and I had so much fun together that I wanted to share with you the recipe, in hopes that you too will enjoy the tradition for the holiday season. Your Editor


7 quarts popped popcorn, 1 cup sugar, 1 cup light corn syrup, 1/4 cup water, 1/4 teaspoon salt, 3 tablespoons butter, 1 teaspoon vanilla extract, Food coloring optional.


! ! ! e t i t e p ap

preparation Place popcorn in a large baking pan; keep warm in a 200° oven. In a heavy saucepan, combine the sugar, corn syrup, water and salt. Cook over medium heat until a candy thermometer reads 235° (soft-ball stage). Remove from the heat. Add the butter, vanilla and food coloring if desired; stir until butter is melted. Immediately pour over popcorn and stir until evenly coated. When mixture is cool enough to handle, quickly shape into 3-in. balls, dipping hands in cold water to prevent sticking.

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color trends Indigo Weddings

Oh, how we all love our Blue Jeans, but did you know the dye used in coloring them has a long history that is very involved in chemistry. The substance responsible for the blue color is indigo, which has been around for 4000 years at least. The word indigo is derived from a Greek term that means “from India”. It was often associated with political power or religious ritual in many world civilizations. When excavating a site in Thebes an indigo garment dating from c. 2500 B.C. was found. Herodotus first mentioned it in one of his writings around 450 B.C. describing its use in the Mediterranean area. Indigo is a colorfast, plant-based dye that can come from a number of different plants, but it was primarily found in a tropical plant called Indigofera. The chemical properties of indigo dye remained baffling well into the 19th century. It was so mysterious and challenging to work with that in many cultures, folklore arose around the dyeing process. The era of synthetic dyes was born when in 1856 at the young age of 17, William Henry Perkin working as a lab assistant at the Royal College of Chemistry in London, England discovered the synthesis of Mauveine conducting experiments in his apartment over an Easter holiday. Once dyed, indigo is so colorfast that it can last for centuries or even millennia.

40 Florida Bride Fall/Winter 2014 ♥ florida_bride_magazine.indd 40

10/30/2014 7:25:19 PM



So now when we think of the color for Fall instead of just thinking of orange or rust tones, think about accenting it with its direct opposite on the color wheel. INDIGO! Indigo pairs well with other colors like Buttercup, White and Citron


quick tip

Try pairing Indigo and Buttercup!

Florida Bride Fall/Winter 2014 ♼ 41 florida_bride_magazine.indd 41

10/30/2014 7:25:24 PM

Tim Gunn

Tim Gunn is an American fashion and television personality best known for his role on the reality show Project Runway. His signature catchphrase, “make it work,” made him a fan favorite.

work. making it

The best Tim Gunn style tips are universal and can help you make the right fashion choices and spruce up your wardrobe in no time. Thanks to decades of experience in the fashion industry, Tim Gunn is truly a style expert, and his words of wisdom can help you quickly improve your wardrobe and shopping choices. Check out the best Tim Gunn style tips from his reality shows and his books, including Tim Gunn’s Fashion Bible, and you’ll discover simple ways to change your bad fashion habits and develop new ones that truly help you look your best.

42 Florida Bride Fall/Winter 2014 ♥ florida_bride_magazine.indd 42

10/30/2014 7:25:26 PM

Wardrobe Maintenance TIM GUNN


In order to keep improving your looks, you should take a look at all your clothes once per season. When you gain or lose weight, it’s always a good idea to remove the items that don’t fit you well anymore from your main wardrobe. Keeping items you don’t wear in your wardrobe leads to clutter and can lead to confusion when you’re putting together outfits. Besides getting rid of everything that doesn’t fit or flatter your silhouette, you should also consider ensembles. If you own dresses that don’t go with any of your shoes or shoes that you can’t wear with any skirt or pants, you need to either give them up or go shopping.

Define Your Waistline When it comes to your silhouette, you shouldn’t hide it! One of the best Tim Gunn style tips has to do with waistline definition, because loose and big pieces usually end up adding more volume to areas you’re trying to hide. A good belt selection can help you cinch your waistline and celebrate your curves for a more flattering look, regardless of how much you weigh. “Have an assortment, from thin ones to wide ones. It’s that accessory that you can go a little crazy with, whereas your apparel can be a little conservative”, explained Gunn to

Consider Proportions The best of Tim Gunn’s style tips reflect the fashion expert’s philosophy, that the right proportion is key to any look. A universal view of dresses and skirts shows that the most flattering length usually hits at the knee for most women. Stick to the lower point of your kneecap and don’t go lower for most of your looks, unless you want to look frumpy or dowdy, according to Tim Gunn.

Choosing Pants One of the most controversial Tim Gunn style tips has to do with pants. The reality TV star is firmly against pants that flair or trousers that are tapered. “They should fall straight from the widest part of the hip”, according to Gunn. That advice can be tricky for a lot of women, who can find pants that fit their hips but not their waist or the other way around. According to Tim Gunn, the best solution is to go with lower-rise pants, paired with the right tops that won’t allow for any skin to show.

Shopping in Big Department Stores One of the best Tim Gunn style tips has less to do with fashion, but the way you approach shopping, especially in big department stores. Gunn’s advice is to quickly navigate the entire store when you’re not looking for a very specific item. Take mental notes on the areas that attract you the most, then go back to them and figure out which outfit or piece works best for your style and wardrobe. Stores display the trendiest clothes in the most visible areas, but that doesn’t mean you should stick to them. Only pick the trends that work with your style, according to Gunn, no matter how much you might like them. If you don’t need any advice on shopping, make sure you check the list of Tim Gunn’s style tips that help you get the most flattering looks. Florida Bride Fall/Winter 2014 ♥ 43 florida_bride_magazine.indd 43

10/30/2014 7:25:28 PM

Lopez Oscar



“There are always going to be external factors that try to interfere with your life,” says Lifetime’s Project Runway Under the Gunn winner Oscar Lopez. “You cannot allow that. The most important thing is to stay true to the person that you are.”

Oscar! Oh! so

florida_bride_magazine.indd 45

He abided by that mantra even when his mentor, Project Runway season two contestant Nick Verreos, initially called his work “glam cha-cha.” It was his final collection of five looks completed in three days, including a cashmere cloak, jacquard skinny pants, and a silk georgette gown with cape detail that impressed the judges. “I have seldom met a designer who is as deft and meticulous at execution,” said Tim Gunn. “One could have easily believed that Oscar had spent days on a challenge, not 10 hours.” Florida Bride Fall/Winter 2014 ♥ 45 10/30/2014 7:25:35 PM

Here I am in Project Runway’s “Under the Gunn’s” winner Oscar Lopez’s studio. Gazing around I could sense the passion, commitment and love this designer has placed into his collections. I had met Oscar several years ago at a bridal show and immediately recognized his talent. When

I turned on Project Runway you can only imagine my excitement when I saw him on the show. As we chatted and laughed, he graciously brought me almond milk and oatmeal cookies, and made a delightful mocha latte that any coffee shop would envy. As I readied for our interview he took me amidst a room full of beautiful gowns he has designed, every woman’s fantasy! I could not be more happy for Oscar, and wish him the very best as he goes forward in his career. Be proud Florida, one of our own has made it!



I understand you loved design from the time you were very young. Do you remember what the first thing was that caught your eye about design? I always loved the feminine shape, it is so beautiful. In Cuba with the political regiment that we have we were not allowed to have too many American movies so we have Italian movies. I remember the first time I saw this woman, Sophia Loren. She was so glamorous, I was like, wow! I loved the hats, gloves, the jewelry and fur, I fell in love with that! My family was like you should be outside playing with basketball or football with your friends, but I said, “No, I want to stay here and watch Italian movies.”

How was Nick as a mentor on the show? Nick was fantastic, he is very easy to work with, and so open to do whatever it takes for him to mentor you in the right way and let you be yourself. He has so much experience in the fashion industry, and has such good and positive energy. He is the person you always want to have close by. His mentoring was the best! Do you think you may want to do more in bridal design in the future? Yes, definitely. Every designer always wants to have a bridal collection. However, a design collection is not something that comes cheap. It takes an investment and would be costly, but definitely I would love to design more bridal in the future.


Will you be moving to LA to utilize your sewing salon? Miami will always be my home, my first place. I would like to travel back and forth to California, then Miami, New York, London and Paris. To be in a fashion show in Paris would be a dream come true.

Oscar Lopez

Oscar! Oh! so

by Managing Editor Grace Crompton

I haven’t seen talent like this in years Heidi Klum 46 Florida Bride Fall/Winter 2014 ♥ florida_bride_magazine.indd 46

10/30/2014 7:25:36 PM


What a wonderful compliment from Heidi Klum when she said “I haven’t seen talent like this in years”. It must have made you feel great, I know that my jaw dropped! Oh my God, I could not believe it when she told me that, it was amazing! As an artist you work so hard, and put everything into it from your soul. You do that not expecting people will tell you that, you do it because it is your passion. Then you have a person like Heidi Klum tell me that on the show. She stood up from her chair and said, “I want to look at your garments up close.” They give you a $2500 budget, and she said I can see thousands of dollars in this collection, how can you do it with the amount of time that you had? To impress someone like her who is in the fashion business all the time was amazing. It made me feel so good because you want to be good, and be as close to perfection as possible, which is really hard because only God is perfection! How does it feel being a self-made designer? It feels amazing! I have been working so hard the whole time. I am the kind of person who does not like to fool around because there is something you can’t get back, and that is time. I didn’t grow up in this country, I come from a country that was really difficult to find fabric or even a needle to sew with. I came here when I was 31 so when I got here I said if I want to make it “I can’t walk, I have to run.” Some people have the luxury of having more time, but not in my case. It is very important not only to put all your efforts into your target, but to have the right person around, we need that energy. Someone by your side who wants the best for you, to make you a better person and help put you on the right track. They have to also love what you do. I am blessed to have my partner Rick. I had to focus on my target.

“ I have seldom met a designer who is as deft and meticulous at execution

Tim Gunn

Florida Bride Fall/Winter 2014 ♥ 47 florida_bride_magazine.indd 47

10/30/2014 7:25:44 PM

Oscar! Oh! so



How does it feel to be a self-taught designer? In the movie “The Last Emperor” Valentino said “You don’t learn couture in school, you learn couture making dresses.” You work hard every day. Just like the famous quote from Tim Gunn, “Make it Work”. I remember in the first challenge, the red carpet dress, I needed to put an invisible zipper in a dress, and they had removed the special foot on the machine that I needed to do it. I went to Tim and said, “I have a problem, I am trying to put an invisible zipper in my gown, and they removed the special foot I need”. He looked at me and said, “Well, Make it Work”. So, I sewed the zipper by hand! Students that receive fashion classes in school are shown what came before them such as designs from Frederick Charles Worth, the father of couture and other designers that were self-taught. They were the ones that put the formula together, that is what you learn in school, but that is not everything you need. There is something else we have been born with, something that burns inside you, it’s a gift. It is very important, something is telling you inside what path to take, and how to make it work. We follow this in order to realize what we have to do. What was your favorite challenge on the show? I have a few, there are so many. I think my favorite that was the most challenging one for me was to create a line from Francesca, it was so not me. I like glamour, feathers, French laces. We design for the same woman, but for different occasions. I loved that because I was able to think out of the box to design something for daytime, very trendy. It was one of my favorites. I also loved the Pompeii one, to be able to translate the gladiator and the tragic situation that happened there with the volcano. If you saw that episode everyone else was into the blood and the explosion, where I was more into the big gardens and fountains and the beauty of it. It was very resort looking yet projected the mysticism that Greek women have. What do you see in the future for your designs? I want to have my line in very exclusive stores, and also I always want to have a place for my clients who don’t want to go to stores to have a private consult with a designer, and create something very exclusive for them. I would also like to have something global, I love what I did with Francesca where I could also design a trendy line. Was there any advice that you received from Tim Gunn in the show that you felt was valuable to your career as a designer? First, Tim is so proper. He was very impressed with my work. He would say, “I cannot believe how fast you are with your construction skills. You need to own that, your construction skills are incredible. And the fact he could see me design for a very trendy girl, a very lady girl. He was very impressed about that. He loved the elegance of my clothing. To have an identity as a designer is very important. No matter what you do, the trends you are going to do, you will always having something that is you as a designer. The construction is always going to be an identity, some details of glamour and elegance that I always want in my work. People need to recognize who you are as a designer, be very focused. At the end whatever the client wants you have to make it work. There was quite a variety of different designers that you had to team up with. Was there anything you learned from them? Yes, I did learn from them. For example I remember Shan, he was so good with tailoring jackets and leather and mixing fabrics. Sometimes you say to yourself, I’m not going to mix that because maybe it won’t work, and then you see another designer making it work. I would say I learned a lot from each one of them. You are always going to learn from other designers that are around you.

48 Florida Bride Fall/Winter 2014 ♥ florida_bride_magazine.indd 48

10/30/2014 7:25:48 PM



Who was your favorite judge? Wow, that’s difficult, I love Jen Rade and Rachel Roy. Jen has such an amazing vision about fashion. She is a stylist, she has dressed celebrities like Angelina Jolie and Cher. She was so hilarious, they edited so much of her critique, but she was so funny. Rachel Roy is a designer and Zanna Roberts Rassi, the senior fashion editor of Marie Claire is very editorial, so imagine trying to please all of them. We noticed during the show that you never had anything negative to say about any of the other designers. You seemed very compassionate towards them. They ask you everything about everyone, what your thoughts are about the way they design. I believe a critique should be constructive, you don’t have to be mean and destructive. People who are mean are very insecure. I am very secure about myself, and don’t need to humiliate anyone. I was focused to compete, not to start a conflict. We saw you on the show helping your fellow contestants, how do you feel about that? I heard someone on the show say that Mondo, one of the other mentors of another group, said they couldn’t help another designer because they were in a competition. Some people were concerned that I had more skills than others especially being fast in construction. People would say to me, “why are you helping the other designers, you are in a competition?” Well, if you are in a competition then you want your opponents to complete their task, or you don’t have a competition. When you go to battle, you cannot expect that another person has the same skills that you have, less or more. If they are not ready to get into a fight with you then it isn’t your fault because they were the ones that chose to be in the competition. You always have to be on guard though, because these people may surprise you and have skills you don’t expect them to have, and defeat you. To helping other designers I would say it’s like pirates. Even pirates have a code, when they want to make it work they stop fighting and make a deal in order to have a good fight. I wasn’t giving them ideas, just helping them finish their work. What has your life been like since becoming a Project Runway winner? It has changed my life a lot. In the social media I have so many followers. One of the things I do like is that when you go to a show you become a leader for someone. People begin to feel familiar with you as a designer and a person, they write such nice things to me. They even created a fan page for me, and they are hungry, waiting for what I am going to do next. I want to be a positive inspiration for them. It’s surprising to me how recognized your name can get when you are on a show such as Project Runway. In conclusion is there anything you would like to add? I was so honored they picked me for the show. I want to say Thank you to all the people that work behind the scenes in the show, the camera people, the sound people, everyone was so amazing! They took such good care of us, they treated us like princes. Thank you to Tim Gunn, the judges, all my fans, and all the people that cared about me. My partner, family, friends and Thank you to Florida Bride Magazine for giving me this opportunity. Thank you to Project Runway, Westin company. People that supported me. We can work and have everything, but if we don’t have the kind of opportunity that magazines and media afford us, who would know, it is so important to us.

Gazing around I could sense the passion, commitment and love this designer has placed into his collections

florida_bride_magazine.indd 49

Grace Crompton Managing Editor

10/30/2014 7:25:48 PM

Real Florida Weddings from

CENTER COURT Glen Davis is the former starting center for the NBA team Orlando Magic and is currently with the LA Clippers. His nickname, Glen (Big Baby) Davis was proven it on his wedding day as he cried like a baby seeing his lovely soul mate walk down the aisle. The theme of the wedding was all that glitters. They met in a lounge in Boston during college. It was Love at first sight and they never left each other’s side since that night.

to Center Stage



54 Florida Bride Fall/Winter 2014 ♼ florida_bride_magazine.indd 54

10/30/2014 7:25:57 PM


the details

Photographer: Tab McCausland Coordinator: Eventfully Yours Venue: Grand Bohemian Design and Floral: Greenary Production


Florida Bride Fall/Winter 2014 ♼ 55 florida_bride_magazine.indd 55

10/30/2014 7:26:17 PM

Crowning Achievement B

ess Wyrick, floral stylist and owner of Celadon and Celery, recently collaborated with Jeff Koons to create a floral crown featured on the cover of New York Magazine. Since then, Bess’s floral crowns have been featured in many photoshoots from coast to coast. Throughout her childhood, Bess found solace from her natural surroundings. Whether climbing trees, cruising the desert or playing in the ocean – the different textures, colors, and formations created by mother earth constantly intrigued her. While most children dreamed of being a ballerina, a teacher, a figure skater or a doctor, Bess decided at a young age that her dream career would involve somehow engaging with nature for the rest of her life, but wasn’t sure this could be a way of life. We are talking about gorgeous details, which are beyond our wedding loving dreams. Details, details and more details. Every single detail is a piece of art which is styled to perfection, we can not believe it is real. So without further adieu, we like to introduce the fabulous and very talented Celadon & Celery. It’s time for a dose of breathtaking inspiration. DIY Floral Crown Tutorial with Celadon & Celery Today we’re sharing one of her DIY floral crown tutorial’s showing you how to design your own version of the gorgeous floral crowns Celadon & Celery has come to be known for. Choose a branchy base or vine base like olive or clematis. Easily create a loop or wreath and use floral tape to attach to itself. Wire your chosen flowers like ranunculus or roses heads. Use the candy cane loop and cut stem off of bloom. Don’t cut the wire. Adorn the flower blooms anywhere on the base of the crown. I love it when all the flowers are in the front of the crown. Try this simple DIY crown and then just LET YOUR CREATIVE JUICES FLOW!

56 Florida Bride Fall/Winter 2014 ♥ florida_bride_magazine.indd 56

“I am always laughing and therefore so are my flowers.” 10/30/2014 7:26:20 PM

“ Jeff Koons the Most Successful American Artist Since Andy Warhol

Florida Bride Fall/Winter 2014 ♥ 57 florida_bride_magazine.indd 57

10/30/2014 7:26:22 PM

Real Wedding Inspiration

Steampunk Style

“ a grafting of Victorian aesthetic and punk rock attitude onto various forms of science-fiction culture

Florida Bride Fall/Winter 2014 ♥ 63 florida_bride_magazine.indd 63

10/30/2014 7:26:27 PM

Real Inspiration The inspiration for this Victorian Steampunk styled shoot came to Deanna of Deanna McCollum Photography when she was reading The Steampunk Bible. The book defines Steampunk as “a grafting of Victorian aesthetic and punk rock attitude onto various forms of science-fiction culture.” The plan behind the shoot was to inspire couples to be creative with their wedding details, that they could be unique and adventurous, and still be pretty. Ten wedding vendors in Victoria British Columbia collaborated on the shoot. The shoot was held at Merridale Ciderworks on Vancouver Island. With it’s copper distillery and rustic feel, the venue fit the theme perfectly. The dress was redesigned by Victoria Bridal Boutique to recreate a Victorian-era style gown. Royal purple and copper accents in the flowers, the cake and the couple’s attire completed the look.

Steampunk Style the shoes

the details

Design and Decor: Beauty Bride. Eva Satchell Venue: Merridale Ciderworks Florals: Bella Fiore Custom Floral Design. Cake: Ooh La La Cupcakes Invitations: Tuktu Paper Company. Laura Prpich Dress: Victoria Bridal Boutique

the groom

Makeup: Melanie Baird Hair: Elena Roberts, Conscious Hair by Elena Costume pieces and corset: Victoria Costume Shop

64 Florida Bride Fall/Winter 2014 ♥ florida_bride_magazine.indd 64

10/30/2014 7:26:35 PM

the dress

the decor the bouquet

Florida Bride Fall/Winter 2014 ♼ 65 florida_bride_magazine.indd 65

10/30/2014 7:27:02 PM

What every Bride should know about

Cranberries those holiday

The holiday season is upon us and the shelves will soon be filled with Cranberries, in cans, bottles and boxes, and freshly wrapped. It has long been thought to aid in urinary tract infections, but new research has some very important facts that you should know about these little red berries.

Did you know, for instance that low-calorie cranberry juice combats two major cardiovascular risks oxidized: LDL (the problem leading to the buildup of cholesterol plaque in the arteries) and inflammation. Cranberry juice now appears to also act as what some are calling “Teflon for your teeth”. It seems that compounds in the fruit are preventing buildup of dental plaque. It also suggests that cranberry polyphenols may reduce inflammation in the mouth, and could be a promising weapon against cavities and gum disease. But, Wait it gets even better. Brides Listen UP!!! People who consume cranberry or its juice have thinner waists! Yes! A berry that is rich in antioxidants, vitamin C, a variety of micronutrients and can help us to be thinner. A study published in the journal Nutrients included 10,891 adults. Researchers analyzed food diary data from participants in CDC’s National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey and found overall, cranberry juice drinkers averaged 7.5 ounces per day. Those with low-to-moderate intake were less likely to be overweight or obese and had smaller waists, compared to non-drinkers of cranberry beverages.

Just added Cranberry Juice to my shopping list. Florida Bride Fall/Winter 2014 ♥ 67 florida_bride_magazine.indd 67

10/30/2014 7:27:04 PM

{Feline } sultry



The purpose of a feline eye is to use eyeliner to elongate the eye, like a cat’s. In doing so, you add intensity, and the effect of an instant eye lift – and who wouldn’t want that? The sultry cat eye is my all-time favorite look! It’s classy yet totally fresh, and when you’re in a time crunch this winged-out look can be the fastest way to look your best! The challenge, however, is to get the “wings” to look symmetrical without spending all day to do it.

Here is a trick I’ve discovered that does just that. To begin:

Dip the tip of your eyeliner brush into a black gel eyeliner. Begin to create the tail of what we will call the wing. Beginning at the outer corner of your eye, angle your brush toward your temple. Now place the gel liner on your top lash line from about a quarter of the way in from the inner corner of your eye, where your lashes begin. Note: You can use dash lines to help guide you, then connect them to create a smooth straight line. Make a small, elongated triangle off of the tail you made in the beginning. With your eyeliner brush make a diagonal line coming off the winged liner you drew and connect it to the liner you traced on your upper lash line. Fill in the triangle shape making it appear thicker by using a felt-tip liquid liner. And there you have it, the perfect Cat’s Eye….Meow


quick tip

Q-Tips are your best friend!

68 Florida Bride Fall/Winter 2014 ♥ florida_bride_magazine.indd 68

10/30/2014 7:27:07 PM

Seeking the perfect

eyebrow tweezing tips...

the perfect tweeze… The full eyebrow has been trendy for a while and is showing no signs of going away. Eyebrows draw attention to the eyes and are a focal point to your face and therefore very important in your overall appearance. They are the single most important feature on your face giving it perfect punctuation. In an instant they can add a decade or take it away. Don’t Overpluck. Did you know that a larger space between your eyes will make your nose look bigger and your eyes too far apart? The beginning of your eyebrow should line up with the bridge of your nose and not the outer edge of your nostril. In other words, the further in the better! When it comes to your outer brows to find out where they should end, think of a diagonal line that goes from the corner of your nose to the outside corner of your eye. Try using a pencil as your visual guide. The pros warn against plucking your eyebrows on a daily basis. They say tweezing once every three weeks is best. According to the pros hairs that might be on different schedule have time to grow out, which make brows appear more even. Try to avoid making too much of an arch with your brows. Rainbow or paisley shaped brows leave you with a surprise look on your face. Find out where your natural arch is by looking for your eyebrow’s highest point. It normally is about twothirds of the way from the inside of your brow (it is not suppose to be centered perfectly). Below the brow is where you should tweeze, it will create a lifting effect. If you have light brows use a brow powder to shape and shade before plucking to help teach you what you are doing right. Pluck around that shape, no more. Do not forget to keep the above brow area free of stray hairs and always keep your tweezers clean. Use some isopropyl alcohol on them to avoid any bacterial build-up. Use a few feathery strokes with an eyebrow pencil (different than an eye pencil). It will adhere better. When choosing a brow pencil choose a shade lighter than your natural color. Your goal is to shadow and not draw on your brows. Another choice is an angled brush dipped in a brow powder that is also a shade lighter than your natural color. When using a prescription or over the counter anti-aging retinoid cream it can wreak havoc on your skin if you wax your eyebrows. Retinoids tend to make your skin extra sensitive and thin. Remember if you are using a retinoid, stick to tweezing and wait about six weeks after discontinuing its use before waxing. Finally, if you aren’t sure about how your brows should look consider going to see a brow specialist. They will help you find your natural brow, and give you guidelines for your at home routine. Getting your brows done is almost like having a mini face lift.

Florida Bride Fall/Winter 2014 ♥ 69 florida_bride_magazine.indd 69

10/30/2014 7:27:09 PM


Real Florida

I’m sharing my story because it’s a part of my life testimony. We never have total control over what can happen day-to-day, but my wedding day is proof that despite some of life’s hardships you can still have a wonderful and beautiful celebration of your love.

Barbara Alex

Photography by: Unashamed Images


My husband Alex and I have three beautiful children Jaylen, Mia, and Kaleb. Two out of my three children have a debilitating disorder that affects their nervous system. My son Kaleb and daughter Mia both have Batten Disease. Batten Disease is a neurodegenerative disorder that typically begins in childhood. We never suspected that anything was wrong with Mia and Kaleb until January 2013 when they both began to have reoccurring seizures. After multiple visits to physicians, several lab tests, MRI’s, genetic testing, genetic retesting, and 48hour electroencephalograms for both children, we were then given the official diagnosis of Batten Disease (Neuronal Ceroid Lipofuscinosis). In some cases the early signs of Batten Disease are subtle, taking the form of personality and behavior changes, developmental delays and stumbling, but as the disorder advances, life-altering challenges surface such as progressive loss of sight and motor skills, forms of mental impairment, and the worsening of seizures. Both of my children were able to communicate more in words, but have since regressed. My husband Alex is also in the U.S. ARMY and has been stationed out of the state of Florida, so I’ve been primarily caring for our three children, although I have the support of family-friends and my local church.

78 Florida Bride Fall/Winter 2014 ♥ florida_bride_magazine.indd 78

10/30/2014 7:27:22 PM

“a strong love”

Lake Mary, Florida

The morning of my wedding day, my son Kaleb had a violent seizure that landed us in the emergency room until about late afternoon. As a result, I was late to the wedding venue for the scheduled arrival time, but in that moment being on time for my wedding was of lesser importance. My children are very important to me and family comes first. Once I found out that my son Kaleb was going to be discharged from the hospital, I then rushed to gather everything I needed to take with me to the venue. I stopped at a local gas station. As I began to fill up my car the gasoline sprayed into my eyes, my face, and all over my body. I ran into the store and asked for help because I couldn’t see, but I knew I needed to rinse my eyes out and do my best to get some of the gasoline off my face and body. As I began to drive home, I noticed that my eyes were still burning and my face was peeling. I knew I needed to still have my make-up professionally done for my wedding, so I reached out to my cousin Ruth and she was able to contact a professional make-up artist named Lynn that was able to do an exceptional job on my face despite the irritation from the gasoline that was sprayed on my face.

Barbara was a gorgeous bride, the wedding decor was beautiful, the bridal party wore vibrant colors, the groomsmen were sharp, and the groom looked great in his ARMY Dress Blues, but there was something more important about this April 30, 2014 wedding that really mattered”, said Anesha Collins. The trials that Barbara, Alex, & her immediate family faced the morning of their special wedding day are stories of strength, support, and encouragement. florida_bride_magazine.indd 79


the details

Venue Location: Lake Mary Events Center Videography & Photography: Unashamed Imaging, LLC. Photographer/Videographer: Anesha Collins


Florida Bride Fall/Winter 2014 ♥ 79 10/30/2014 7:27:34 PM

Real Florida


Photography by: Tamara Pizzeck Photography Photographers Assistant: Catherine Ann Photography



Country Themed, Sunflowers, wheat, boots, mason jars and lace. Crimson Red (Alabama-for the bride) & Burnt Orange (UF Gatorsfor the groom)--plus they wanted a fall/wintery wedding & their favorite colors are red & orange! The theme was simple to choose “suits & boots” because it is the perfect description for Steven & Ashlei. They wear suits to work everyday as attorney’s, but you can’t get them out of their boots!


the details


Event Venue: Wishing Well Barn Florist: Brown’s Floral Shop Music: DJ Knex Makeup Artist: Something Blu Photographer: Tamara Pizzeck

82 Florida Bride Fall/Winter 2014 ♥ florida_bride_magazine.indd 82

10/30/2014 7:27:43 PM

“suits and boots

Wishing Well Barn, Florida

The entire wedding, songs, decor, and food were all chosen based on Steven & Ashlei’s personality, upbringing and favorite things in life!

Florida Bride Fall/Winter 2014 ♥ 83 florida_bride_magazine.indd 83

10/30/2014 7:27:47 PM

AMAZING Wedding Cakes

Let them eat cake...

Christopher Russom is the owner of Christopher Garren’s Cakes. His adventures in the kitchen began at the tender age of nine, when he attempted to make a cake for his mother and realized, after two hours of baking, that he had forgotten the flour. Since then, Chris has taken a bit of a circuitous route to his present status as one of the leading creative forces in the industry. Spending time in each of the disparate fields of landscaping, interior design, plumbing, catering, and construction, he picked up various useful skills along the way that he would later apply to decorating in some quite unlikely methods. Throughout his many careers, Chris has always maintained a link to the culinary world, where he would ultimately find his Zen. Ever since he was convinced to make his first wedding cake, Chris has worked to continually improve his art, learning by experimentation and pushing forward with constant innovation. In an industry ruled by trends and fads, Chris has built his success on his continued devotion to clean, precise work, cutting edge designs, and cakes of a truly singular quality.

86 Florida Bride Fall/Winter 2014 ♼ florida_bride_magazine.indd 86

10/30/2014 7:27:55 PM

A self-proclaimed shy guy, Chris has made appearances on Food Network, FOX 11 Good Day LA, Access Hollywood, Entertainment Tonight, and numerous other national and international guest appearances on varied television programs and commercials. He travels and teaches internationally. Most recently he spent 3 seasons as a featured chef on the network show “Amazing Wedding Cakes.”

As long as Christopher Russom continues to receive artful visions of cakes dancing in his head, cake lovers everywhere will live happily ever after.

Steampunk Cake Just as unusual and quirky as the cake wizard himself, this charming cake shop is a gallery of cases upon cases of cake artistry, but the centerpiece and inspiration for the shop’s design is a Victorian steampunk, H.G. Wellsinspired wedding cake, topped with a fantastical flying machine and unusual timepieces. The cake-inspired decor conjures images of the nineteenth century “The Dream of Flight,” and stepping inside may make you want to reach for a goldrimmed monocle with which to accessorize. After having made thousands of cake creations throughout his career, Russom says he prefers the romanticism of constructing wedding cakes. As a star of WE tv’s “Amazing Wedding Cakes” and a contestant of countless cake competitions on the Food Network.

Florida Bride Fall/Winter 2014 ♥ 87 florida_bride_magazine.indd 87

10/30/2014 7:28:02 PM



Though the traditional guest sign in book has been around for years, couples nowadays are getting creative with them. Here are a few ideas to update the way your guests sign in:

retro inspired Perfect for retro-inspired weddings, why not setup a table with an old typewriter and allow your guests to type their messages and words of wisdom? This will also work as a treat if your wedding theme is vintage – all you need is to find an older looking typewriter. Plus it will also keep the kids entertained as they experiment with something they’ve probably never even seen before.

wishing trees

Wish trees are another idea I really love: they look super pretty and they’re incredibly easy to create at home even if you’re not very craft-savvy. Plain rectangular tags are used for the messages but you can get more creative and style it to better complement the overall theme of your wedding: you can play with the color of the tags or you can also cut them into any shape you want – hearts, flowers or butterflies.

message in a Bottle Have a jar placed on your reception tables, label it with the table number and ask your guests to write well wishes on a piece of paper. Every year on your anniversary, the two of you will open the container and read the notes.

Personalized Any personal item can be used as a guest sign in book. A favorite instrument, a boat paddle or even a outside patio bench.

Fingerprints Fingerprints are now the big craze, have guests place their fingerprints on a picture of a tree.

river rocks You could easily DIY this alternative guest book idea. Buy pre-glossed river rocks, place a sign instructing guests on how to leave a message on the stones. Use permanent markers to ensure their well wishes do not fade over time.

Wine Bottles

Custom wine bottles labeled with your anniversaries. Guests sign the bottles. You will have a great time opening a bottle at each milestone.

88 Florida Bride Fall/Winter 2014 ♥ florida_bride_magazine.indd 88

10/30/2014 7:28:11 PM

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what’s in a sketch? “Pose Prints”

the i-doodles


Denise and Jen, the Mother-Daughter Co-Founders of PosePrints have a longtime love of homemade crafts and drawings that led to PosePrints’ creation in 2007. Jen Moss is PosePrints’ Artist. The daughter of two finance gurus, she fell miles from the tree and adores all things creative. As a child, she was often commissioned to illustrate her friends’ school projects, and she literally cringes at the thought of gifting a store-bought greeting card. In an attempt to be “practical,” Jen skipped art school to study Mass Communications at UCLA, where she kept up her drawing and had her first itch to make a business out of it. Denise Foster is, according to Jen, an “amazing mother” with every sort of business savvy they needed to transform Jen’s drawings into a business. Denise started her career with business school in San Francisco, and has applied her skills to a variety of careers -- from long-time CPA to entrepreneur. Working to move Jen’s art beyond the casual realm of friends and family has been her most meaningful professional endeavor. Denise has three children and lives in the Bay Area. The duo first opened with personalized caricature cards. Since then, they have added magnets, notepads, calling cards and wedding ceremony programs to their product line, along with hundreds of new caricature features and accessories.

90 Florida Bride Fall/Winter 2014 ♥ florida_bride_magazine.indd 90

10/30/2014 7:28:20 PM

Down the aisle in what’s in a sketch?



bloggerbrides TRENDY CEREMONY IDEAS Your wedding is a huge part of your amazing, lifelong adventure as a couple. Don’t let your ceremony be anything but extraordinary! There are some fun, practical, and totally unique ceremony ideas for your wedding to inspire your upcoming day. We’ve rounded up unique ideas for ceremony seating, backdrops, bridesmaid bouquet alternatives, a nighttime activity for guests, and much more. So, if you’re ready to take your ceremony to a more creative level, hop onto our blog to be inspired…

Have your bridesmaids carry something other than the traditional bouquet. They can carry matching clutches or try a colored lantern for a unique take on the ceremony. Offer decorative hankies for your guests to help with all that crying. florida_bride_magazine.indd 91

Ideas for Wearing Fresh Flowers in Your Hair for your Wedding... Whether you’re opting for an elegant English rose look, or a bohemian bride, laden down with wildflowers (or something in between) fresh flowers are incredibly versatile, and add such prettiness and uniqueness to a wedding day look. Now wearing fresh flowers in your hair on your wedding day can be tricky, but once you follow a few simple tips, you’ll have the most heavenly one-of-a-kind tresses. If you want your fresh flowers to last into the evening, perhaps consider dryer varieties like baby’s breath, heather or lavender, and pair with foliage, herbs or succulents. Chat with your florist about resilient flower choices, along with which flowers have allergens in them. Try not to get any perfume near the blooms. Fresh flowers can look great with your hair up, down or a little bit of both. Whether you create a crown or a slide, or dot some small flowers around your updo, remember to keep the rest of your look quite natural.

Florida Bride Fall/Winter 2014 ♥ 91 10/30/2014 7:28:22 PM


up and coming designers

Florida Bride Magazine is always on the lookout for unique oneof-a-kind designers. That’s just what we found from Lace and

Love. They offer unique and one of a kind ideas for wedding shoes with a vintage twist. The vintage lace designs are hand finished to the bride’s specifications with the final aim being to achieve their dream shoes. They can be personalized with initials, miniature picture frames or wedding date. Miniature picture frames are a great way to remember a loved one and have them with you every step of the way. They use Victorian, antique, and new lace so the shoes can be a unique alternative to “something old” or there are blue shoes in lace for “something blue.” Pieces of lace from a mother’s or grandmother’s gown can be incorporated. The possibilities are endless. They are passionate about all things vintage and were inspired to start the business when the owners sister couldn’t find shoes like these for her own wedding at affordable prices. They wanted to offer brides the opportunity to make a vision come to life and to have one of a kind, unique wedding shoes which can be kept for a lifetime. Over this past year they have sent shoes to delighted brides all over the world.

My shoes provide enchanting elegance combined with a touch of something old, something blue or both!

94 Florida Bride Fall/Winter 2014 ♥ florida_bride_magazine.indd 94

10/30/2014 7:28:37 PM



A new year is nearly here, ushering in a new swoon-worthy wedding season. We went up and down the coasts talking to wedding experts and everyone agrees: It will be the year of true romance. Weddings are going softer and sweeter. It’s a return to classic chivalry, to the things that made mothers cry, and it’s happening just in time for you to melt hearts and make memories.

Pink is back! Do you already feel like a blushing bride? Carry that sweet love over to your color scheme.

The return to romance ushers in a new love for the formality

of days gone by. Think white-gloved waiters and big band dancing, crystal candlesticks and gold-rimmed china. One major bridal inspiration for the return to tradition comes from Hollywood. “It’s the look of ‘The Great Gatsby,’” brides are still falling hard for the bubbly, approachable elegance of the Roaring Twenties.

Lush, soft, Exquisitely romantic

the flower of the year is the manypetaled tree peony, says New York’s Ariella Chezar, whose work has been seen at the White House. Amber Gustafson of Los Angeles’s Amber Events picks a similar bloom — the sweet-smelling garden rose.

The flower garland

is back in a big way. Ariella loves citrus garlands for bars and over doorways lemons, limes, oranges on the stem. “And fern garlands are really beautiful. I love them down the center of a long table.”

Freehand illustrations

will adorn invitations everywhere this year. Melinda Morris of Lion In the Sun, a paperie boutique in Brooklyn, New York, tells us that these invites are completely custom, so if you can dream it, an artist can help you bring your vision to life. And in the sweetest trend of all, invitations this year are getting small. The most requested look is for an invitation smaller than the standard 5x7 something little, dainty and infinitely precious.

Your cake will shine!

The look ranges from a fairy dusting of very fine glitter on the top tiers, to wild disco ball sparkle. Right now flavor is very driven by season, In the summer, choose a lemon cake with lemon flavor. In the winter, brides are looking for chocolate cakes with rich accents of mocha or praline.

Looking for a chic wildcard idea? Forgo reception favors altogether for a “pillow present,” a

little welcome gift left for guests at their hotel. Who doesn’t want to arrive from a big trip to find milk and cookies, or wake to a breakfast surprise of scones and local jam? Florida Bride Fall/Winter 2014 ♥ 95 florida_bride_magazine.indd 95

10/30/2014 7:28:41 PM

Luxury black diamond


What are Black Diamonds and Where did they come from?

The technical term for black diamonds is carbonados diamonds. They are found in Central African Republic and Brazil. However, where they are found is not compatible with the formation of conventional diamonds. All right then, how are they made? According to Stephen Haggerty and Jozsef Garai, both of Florida International University, believe that Black Diamonds originate in outer space. They have been found to contain trace elements of nitrogen and hydrogen, which they claim are sure indicators of an extraterrestrial origin. Current research supports their claim showing that black diamonds formed in stellar supernovae explosions prior to the formation of the solar system, and were once the size of asteroids before landing on earth! Black diamonds can be used alone in jewelry or designers will mix them with either white or colored diamonds/gemstones that reflect light to add brilliance and sparkle. We are finding them on many celebrity wrists and fingers in the past several years. They have also been wearing them in long chains and necklaces. You will find there are lots of really cool jewelry pieces that include black diamonds, styles that look like the classic art deco era are in.


d e d n e susp

One of this year’s hottest trends includes hanging chandelier cakes and hanging centerpieces. We think they’re pretty gorgeous. Just imagine the time and effort that goes into them! You can clearly see all the detail and special touches each cake has and then think of adding an element of being suspended from a ceiling. Suspended wedding cakes are usually held up by a specialty swing-like suspension from the ceiling. These special cakes are not only gravity defying, but also sure to impress all your guests. Another breathtaking trend is hanging centerpieces above the wedding reception tables. They can be very ornate or simple, it’s up to the bride. We are loving this trend and think it’s going to be one that will be around for a while.

96 Florida Bride Fall/Winter 2014 ♥ florida_bride_magazine.indd 96

10/30/2014 7:28:43 PM



of attention We love it when we see brides get creative with their wedding centerpieces. The right table decor seamlessly ties together the sincerity of the ceremony with the celebration atmosphere of the reception. Handmade is definitely in while bland, boring flower vase designs are definitely out. Steer away from the standard decor options (mirrors, floating candles, feathers) and opt to share a little bit of your personality with each and every table. Remember, some wedding centerpieces compliment a wedding theme while others are specifically meant to be a main, bold focal point of the day.

Florida Bride Fall/Winter 2014 ♼ 97 florida_bride_magazine.indd 97

10/30/2014 7:28:47 PM

G rooms

Corner Silk Knot


Handmade silk knot cufflinks add an elegant accent to any french cuffed shirt. Silk knots are a versatile accessory for finishing a look. Use a silk knot to provide a detail, adding a splash of color to a formal ensemble. Or use muted silk knot cufflinks to blend in and shift attention. Like the seven-foldtie and a crisp white shirt, silk knots are a staple in any man’s wardrobe.

What’s trending in Groom colors?

{ }


Beige: Beige has its own persona which adds to a groom’s style quotient. Beige works best for tuxedos, jackets, suits.


Navy Blue: Navy is the new black. From double breasted to kneelength , the color has captured every possible event. Today it is the color that makes it’s presence felt.

Pastels: Pastels are know n to add the missing spark in your dry wardrobe. Subtl e in nature, in Mints, powd er blues, blush pinks and mustards.

100 Florida Bride Fall/Winter 2014 ♥ florida_bride_magazine.indd 100



Salmon: This soft color is in. Salmon with whites and navy blues, brings a summery feel to the event.

Photography by 10/30/2014 7:28:53 PM


The Eldredge tie knot is an attention-grabbing tie knot and it’s at the height of its popularity. It’s a much more difficult knot to tie than a standard Four-in-hand style. These clear step-by-step instructions will help you to tie this tie knot very easily and quickly. The Eldridge is a unorthodox, complex & eye-catching necktie knot that involves 14 separate steps. It was invented by Jeffrey Eldredge in 2007 and achieved internet fame in 2008. As opposed to the vast majority of tie knots, the Eldredge knot is produced by using the small end as the active end.

When completed, the remaining small end is hidden behind the shirt collar.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

Start with the wide end of the tie on the left and the small end on the right. The tip of the wide end should rest at the top of your belt buckle. Only move the active (small) end. Small end over the wide end to the left. Under the wide end and to the right. Up to the center, towards neck loop. Through the neck loop and to the left. Across the front, to the right. Then up into the neck loop from underneath. Down to the left and around the back of the wide end to the right. Keep this part loose. Bring it across the front towards the left and through the loop made in the previous step.


Pull the small end towards the left to tighten.


Up to the center, towards neck loop. Down through the neck loop and to the left.


Up to the center, towards neck loop. Down through the neck loop and to the right. Keep this part loose.


Across the front towards the left and through the loop made in the previous step.


Pull the small end towards the left to tighten.


Tuck the rest of the small end behind neck loop on the left side.

Strut your stuff! Florida Bride Fall/Winter 2014 ♥ 101 florida_bride_magazine.indd 101

10/30/2014 7:28:56 PM

Real Florida


Autumn and Collin are both audiologists and met while working on their doctorates. They went separate directions for residency, Autumn in Little Rock and Collin in Phoenix. In their 4th year, Autumn randomly decided to visit Collin and they have been inseparable ever since!

Photography by: Carrie Wildes Photography

Collin& Autumn

We LOVE the details and colors of their wedding. The girls dresses are from White House Black Market and Autumn got them tan Toms wedges and chunky orange jewelry. Autumn said Collin is the more stylish of the two of them as she opened her gifts from him, cute Tory Burch flats and pearl earrings from Tiffanys. The guys wore tan suits, Sperrys with orange laces and bottoms, argyle socks, and orange and blue ties. Autumn walked up to Collin for their first look in the courtyard before the ceremony and Collin had a little bit of “eye sweat” that his brother said never happens so it was really sweet.

104 Florida Bride Fall/Winter 2014 ♥ florida_bride_magazine.indd 104

10/30/2014 7:29:04 PM

“florida keys style

Postcard Inn, Florida Keys Their décor included lanterns, orange and white straws, koozies, and postcards from their travels on all the tables. They had a canvas for their guests to sign from their engagement session. Instead of a cake they did tiny cupcakes and their favorite cookies which are huge chocolate chip and sea salt from Datz’s bakery Dough.



Event Venue: Postcard Inn Hair Stylist: Destiny and Light Flora: Lou’s Florist Props: Wedding Paper Divas


Florida Bride Fall/Winter 2014 ♥ 105 florida_bride_magazine.indd 105

10/30/2014 7:29:12 PM

{ The History of the History

Wedding Gown }

The first recorded wedding gown was worn by Princess Philippa, the daughter of Henry IV in 1406, according to Discovery’s TLC. Wealthy and royal women were typically the only people who could afford a special dress for one occasion only. As different styles, hemlines, colors and fabrics became popular, common women would do the best they could to imitate those of higher status. Trains and garters became traditions during the 1500s. As fashion trends went through transitions, bridal gowns followed. Sleeves, waistlines and the shape of gowns changed. Puffy sleeves gave way to fitted sleeves and back again. Corsets and petticoats merged into higher waistlines; then it was on to slimmer skirts and then back to princess fairytale shapes again.

Significance Because materials were handspun, the more material used and the more luxurious fabrics used indicated one’s great wealth or royal standing. Middle and lower class women used less luxurious fabric, meaning they could use more of it. Gold or silver thread was preferred--particularly among the wealthy--and jewels or furs adorned wedding gowns. The term “bridal gown” was coined during the 1930s, which was a decade of glitz and glamour despite the hard times.

Function Most women wore their best dress or altered their wedding gown after the wedding to become the gown they wore for social events or church. This worked particularly well during the 1800s when wedding dresses highly resembled everyday fashion. During World War I, women often wore their best suit, borrowed one or rented one for the occasion. The Great Depression brought on similar circumstances; it wasn’t proper or feasible to spend a great deal of money on a dress.

Types Velvet, silk, satin and fur were commonly used in wedding dresses for those who could afford such fabric, into the late 1800s. The mid-tolate 1800s saw organdy, tulle, lace, silk and linen. Polyester, taffeta and double-knit gowns were introduced during the 1900s.

Color Wedding dresses were as bright and colorful as the bride’s family could afford. Before the mid-1800s, brides opted for gowns dyed purple, red or even black as those colors signified wealth and prosperity. Many brides chose to wear blue dresses, because it was thought to bring good fortune, prosperity, faithful husbands and fertility. Blue represented purity, and was the color of choice for wedding gowns until Queen Victoria wore a white wedding dress in 1840. She was also the first bride to have her bridesmaids carry her train. Since then, white has become one of the most popular colors for wedding dresses, particularly in England and the United States. Floral and plaid-patterned dresses were largely worn until the turn of the century, when department stores and catalogs made it easier for brides to purchase white fabric and patterns. White was eventually dubbed the color of purity and remains the most popular choice for wedding gowns in the Western culture.

106 Florida Bride Fall/Winter 2014 ♥ florida_bride_magazine.indd 106



The Edwardian period brought a greater extravagance to bridal fashion. Wedding gowns were further embellished with lace and pearls. This continued to the outbreak of WWI, when styles became simpler and reflected the changing role of women in society. Hemlines rose and tightly laced corsets disappeared. Wedding gown styles continued to follow the fashion trends of the day, including the short flapper dress popular in the 1920’s and the fashions of the early 1930’s. The influence of the movies with glamorous evening gowns also influenced wedding dress design.

10/30/2014 7:29:22 PM

Size Gowns were always floor length--it was deemed decent and proper--until the 1920s when the first wedding dress to come just above the knee was made by CoCo Chanel. After World War II, when clothing, among other things, was rationed, floor-length gowns made a comeback. The 1970s introduced bell bottoms and pants suits as bridal attire, although actual dresses and skirt suits were still worn.



Tulle and lace were prominent fabrics in 1950’s wedding dresses. Brides wanted to emulate the trendy French styles. They felt that the inclusion of both tulle and lace reflected wealth, so they integrated the materials into many of the wedding dress styles. Ivory was the most common wedding dress color choice. In the mid 1950s, modern brides were looking for something different than the traditional floor-length ballgown. The tea length or ballerina dress was the perfect response. These dresses were simpler than the full ballgown but could still be worn at both a civil ceremony or a church ceremony.



During the decade of the 1960’s, fashion was in a state of transition. Some were hanging on to the 50’s style that Jackie O and Grace Kelly were wearing during the early 60’s. Others opted for a more free form style, with short skirts and dresses in a simple, straight design without a waistline.

florida_bride_magazine.indd 107

Florida Bride Fall/Winter 2014 ♥ 107 10/30/2014 7:29:25 PM

Heidi! easy fashion fixes

When she’s not rocking high fashion on the catwalk or ruling Project Runway, Heidi Klum relies on an easy uniform. From the red carpet to the playground, Heidi’s fun style is cool and effortless. Have a Formula “Invest in a pair of great-fitting jeans that you can wear over and over, and a nice blazer. Then pair them with booties and rotate in fun tops or tees. You’ll be sophisticated and comfy. With a pair of heels, it even works for a meeting.” Let the Kids Go Wild (With Style) “They enjoy things that are colorful and silly. Designing my line for kids [it’s called Truly Scrumptious] is so much more fun than designing for adults, and I love shopping for mine more than for myself.” Never Sacrifice Comfort “Birkenstocks are my favorite--I have all different styles! You need arch support, always.” The Best Bare-Bones Beauty Routine: “I use Clear shampoo and conditioner and always let my hair air-dry. Then it’s Mario Badescu buttermilk moisturizer, a little eye cream, and I’m done.” Find Your Go-To Labels “I don’t just buy fancy brands; there are a lot of fun things that aren’t super-expensive. I really like long dresses from Allegra Clothing. What’s your sneakiest beauty trick? “I don’t really have any sneaky ones. I’ve been telling people about blotting paper because that’s something I love. Instead of staying dry by reapplying powder over powder and powder, you take the oil off. I think that’s a great trick that people forget about. I love the Clean & Clear Oil-Absorbing Sheets and Victoria’s Secret does a simple one. What are your go-to products when you’re making a mad dash out the door? “I just get dressed and sometimes I’ll put on a light foundation. I don’t really ‘dress-up’ when I go anywhere. Maybe a little bit of eyebrow filler and mascara. I want the sun to go directly on my skin, and not through all these layers of makeup.”

108 Florida Bride Fall/Winter 2014 ♥ florida_bride_magazine.indd 108


quick tip

paper Use blotting ays alw rather than apply re to g in hav r! e powd

10/30/2014 7:29:27 PM

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