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randon Voss has become the king of nightlife in New York City. His company Voss Events produces some of the most spectacular happenings in the Big Apple – from Drag Race premiere parties to New Year’s Eve galas. Now, he’s bringing his patriarchy to South Florida, starting off with a weekly drag brunch at Señor Frogs in South Beach on April 3. Voss Events is a marketing, special event and production company building experiences for brands and consumers through lifestyle, entertainment and nightlife. Live production has become a signature of Voss, consistently delivering superior entertainment for stars like Cher, Lady Gaga and Kyle Minogue. Before event production, Voss was a bartender and then an investment banker. “When I was in school at NYU, I was always bartending all over the place at different spots,” he told us. “Excel, Splash. I knew everyone in the industry. After college, I was working at Lehman Brothers during the height of the mortgage crisis back in 2009. I lost my job because the company went out of business. There weren’t jobs at that time for investment bankers. No one was hiring us because there were a million unemployed.” “So instead of fighting that impossible job market, I had a buddy who was struggling with a lounge in Midtown,” he said. “I decided to throw a party there for fun while I was unemployed. It was the first nightlife event I really did on my own. I ended up running that party for years.” From there, Voss forgot about investment banking and produced an array of other successful nightclub gigs. But that’s not his business model anymore. “Three or four years ago, we started to transition out of nightclubs to more special events and client based business.” This includes producing the official RuPaul’s Drag Race premiere and finale parties, events for Fire Island, happenings at W Hotels, and their

own events around the special holidays like Halloween and Pride. “One thing I do with W Times Square is I help them with a monthly networking event in New York, Señor Frogs approached me to do something similar there. I replied, ‘No. I don’t think this is a place for after work professionals.’ But then I got thinking about something we could do there, and I came up with the idea of a drag brunch.” “Señor Frogs in New York is huge with an off-Broadway theatre sized stage. So we came up with the idea of drag brunch. It became a huge thing. We do 600 to 900 brunches a week. The first few weeks there was a line around the block. It’s funny because nightclubs are such a dying breed right now. Millennials don’t really go to clubs - at least in New York. But we are doing this.” Because of the brunch’s success in New York, Voss is bringing it to other Señor Frogs locations across the country. “It’s done really well in New York and they wanted to bring it to all their locations. I said let’s start with Las Vegas and Miami – two markets I know well. I have worked there before so it’s the best place for me to start.” Vo s s involved Edison Farrows, the South Beach promoter who has been working in the c o m munity for 15 plus



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