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In July 1993 Richard Trainor and Joel Steadman opened what has become one of the most popular and lasting venues on the Gay Miami Scene, 18 years later they are proudly celebrating the past and looking to the future. Mark Magazine sat down with Joel to commemorate a fantastic 18 years!

Twist Celebrates 18 Years

Owners, Joel Syeadman & Richard Trainor reflect and look to the future! By Alex Vaughn

Why did you open Twist? Well, we wanted a venue that provided amazing entertainment great music and hot bartenders and a general good time! Why did you call it Twist? Richard and a few friends were having a few cocktails at the old Warsaw Ballroom with the intention of finding a name for the new club. Towards the end of the night, one of the guys in the group turned to Richard and said “I’m twisted!” Richard said that’s it, that’s the new name, “We’ll call it Twist!” How would you say Miami has changed as a city? Well basically Miami has grown up! The city has evolved into a globally relevant cosmopolitan area. We are now seen as a world player in culture and art, thanks to great events like Art Basel, we now have a captive global audience! Where is the future of the gay club scene? I think technology does play a big role in evolution of gay life – and will continue to integrate into the gay nightlife. More people have mobile access. I see Wifi access to Twist - when you sign in you become immediately aware of nightly specials, who is in the club, the technology will play a role in the live club scene. What’s in store for the party? Open bar all drinks 9-12 hors d’ouvres for same time – this is a special gathering of good friends and great customers over the years. People will also get to see the totally freshened up club - we have been working on for 6 weeks, We do refresh the club annually, but this year we have exciting changes to the Patio Bar including a

Florida Ceiling, new lights and new sound systems! What’s in the future of Twist? Technology, ones night life experience, Twist will continue to lead in offering what our customers want. The changes are so interesting, when you look back we lost so many during the ‘AIDS’ Generation and its so interesting to see that we now have an ever driving youth. Our video room has been a huge success, younger demographic now plays the tune they don’t want big dance floors and house music – They are saying to us ‘That’s not our Party’

Do you have plans to open other locations for ‘Twist’? We are always looking for expansion opportunities! You have had a tremendous amount of celebrity sightings over the last year, why do you think that is? Well I really believe Miami is attracting a celebrity scene like we had in the 1990’s, I mean we have had global celebrities in Twist this year, a lot of this has to do with the fact more movies are being produced here again. We had Jim Carrey in while he was shooting I Love You Philip Morris. We have also had Drew Barrymore, Katy Perry, Jenny McCarthy Richy Rich, and Jennifer Coolidge twice this season! What do you feel Twist has offered the community over the years – what are you most proud of? I have to say one of the best things about Twist is so many people have come here as their first foray into the gay world. I am very proud that after all the bravery they take on to take those steps into a bar that we welcome them with a friendly and unassuming atmosphere and that the bar man is ready to take them under their wing so to speak. We have such a relaxed and safe environment that so many guys have told me it was their first bar and they realized when they walked in there was a safe place to go. For that I am really proud and look forward to doing that for many years to come!


fashion&style By Alex Vaughn Hermes Gold Buckle $589

Diesel Black Belt $230

The Best Belts It’s a Cinch A belt is one of those staple pieces that you chose either for the practicality or for the style. Color co-ordination is always a good idea with a belt, but don’t shy away from bold colors to really transform a drab outfit. Belts have been documented for male clothing since the Bronze Age. Both sexes used them off and on, depending on the current fashion. In the western world, belts were more common for men, with the exception of the early Middle Ages, late 17th century Mantua, and skirt/blouse combinations between 1900 and 1910. Art Nouveau belt buckles are now collector’s items. In modern times, men started wearing belts in the 1920s as trouser waists fell to a lower line. Before the 1920s, belts served mostly a decorative purpose and were associated with the military. Today it is common for men to wear a belt with their trousers. Belts aren’t simply for the practical anymore but another statement of style. Belts are also a very easy way into a designer brand -- a timeless belt such as the Hermes ‘H’ or a Gucci ‘G’ will last a very long time and will add a key element to any outfit. As with all accessories, consider longevity and wear when searching for the right belt. Also, every man should have four belts: black and brown leather belts, one statement belt and a casual canvas belt for those days off. So, this summer invest in a timeless classic – just stay away from carbs, to ensure it lasts!

Red Studded Belt $31.95


Gun Belt Zoo Two Clothing $45

Burton Icon Belt $29.95

G- Star $48

Kenneth Cole $32


Muscle Gods Arrive in Miami! Johnny’s Miami Opens

Miami get’s its first all-male dancer’s club in years this weekend as club entrepreneur Sean David brings his all-male revue entertainment complex to Miami. Located in the downtown Miami entertainment district, Johnny’s Miami will be 6,000 square feet of pure adult entertainment with three outdoor patios, multiple bars, private VIP rooms and plenty of secured parking. “We will have three atmospheres,” says Sean. “One room features all male dancers, the second room a club and then outdoor patios for a bit of fresh air to cool you down”. The club is just a couple of blocks from three mega clubs, Space, Discotekka and Vagabond. Serving hours are until 5AM in the Miami Entertainment District. “We will open daily at 5PM and party till 5AM seven days a week,“promises Sean. Johnny’s Miami will have a roster of 80 male dancers. “We are going for the muscle, masculine and jock look,’ claims Sean. “We will have an international flavor with young jocks coming in from Germany, Montreal, Cuba and other international cities. Sean David has had his eye on Miami for several years and the

opportunity recently presented itself to open a Johnny’s there. “Miami is an untapped market and we feel we can fill a much needed void by bringing the Johnny’s franchise to Miami,” he claims. Johnny’s franchise? “Yes, we are presently scouting locations in New York City.” The color scheme of the club is ”gentleman’s red,” with lots of granite and mahogany. Johnny’s Miami officially opens tonight, Thursday, June 23. Last night, the club went through an invite only VIP press preview of the club. Hundreds of people from Dade, Broward and West Palm Beach jammed into the club and were in awe of the decor, the sound and lighting and the quality of the dancers. One reporter described many of the dancers as “muscle gods”. So, this week Sean David throws his hat in the Miami arena of club owners and entrepreneurs, bringing to Miami an all-male gay dancer’s club that’s been missing from the Miami club scene for many years. Johnny’s Miami is located at 60 N.E 14 street, just off I-395 at the Biscayne Boulevard exit, north to 14 street and then left 3 blocks.

mad paparazzi


mad paparazzi


mad paparazzi


mad paparazzi


cross-eyed By AJ Cross

Will Work For Food Homelessness is one of the most overlooked tragedies of the American culture. How is it possible that we have actually become so used to seeing another human being broken, destitute, dirty and starving and not give a second thought to how they ended up that way, and worse, not care? Even those of us with a heart and compassion can’t help but to assume that any money we would give to a homeless person would be used for alcohol or drugs, so we talk ourselves out of doing so. We assume that they have a choice and that either through laziness or poor life choices a homeless person is in the situation they are. That may be the case for so many of the adults on the streets, but what of the children? According to national statistics, 49,886 homeless children are in Florida, representing 6% of all children within the poverty sector of our communities. Most of these children are without parents or relatives able or willing to help. That is roughly 50,000 innocent and beautiful children doing incredible things simply to fill their stomachs and find shelter at night. Of that number, 30% have turned to prostitution to make it through to the next day, sometimes selling their bodies for a Happy Meal. 15,000 kids, mostly under the age of 16, find their way into public parks, beaches, YMCA, or seek shelter in abandoned alleys or buildings. Even reputable charitable organizations such as Covenant House are not equipped to manage this epidemic. The perverted and deviant of our society prey upon these children and take advantage of the fact that they have no alternative but to accept their solicitations for money or food. While law enforcement is policing the internet to protect our children at home from such people, there is no protection for those children on the streets. I decided to write about this tragedy for many reasons, one of which is having first-hand experience in the matter. I was once a homeless youth. Many of you may be shocked to learn that from the ages of thirteen to sixteen, I was homeless. It is not something I have shared with many people -- only those close to me have been privy to that information. Sometimes, however, in order to be impactful we must be vulnerable and expose aspects of our past to impress upon others that we are not simply making assumptions about certain subject matter. I have known hunger and fear and


uncertainty. I have encountered many of the older men in suits during their business lunch hour who did not think twice about buying me food or giving me money to fulfill their twisted fantasies. I did not chose being homeless, but was a victim of circumstance: A mother who died of a drug overdose; unknown father; dysfunctional and under budget Youth and Family Services Department and a disinterested society all played a part. For many years, I survived by breaking into churches and eating what I thought was crackers and drinking what I thought was grape juice. It was not until many years later when I learned that I was eating the Eucharist and “blood of Christ,� according to some religions, which for so many years unknowingly supported my life on the streets. I stole money from the donation boxes for food, as well. As an adult looking back, there are definitely some feelings of guilt, but I have always reconciled that with the fact that I was simply surviving. To have gotten to where I am in my life and never have fallen into drugs, crime or alcohol is the greatest blessing in my life, but that is not the case with so many abandoned youth in our society. I share that intimate detail of my life not out of a need of empathic concern, but because there were people in my life who stopped and really looked at me and recognized that it was their humanly duty and obligation to reach our their hand and help me. For those kindnesses, I will be eternally grateful. I ask that, before you discount a homeless child as pathetic or deserving of their circumstance, you look into their eyes and ask yourself if, by helping them, could you be doing more than just feeding their stomach, but saving their life?


the scoop Congrats to Le Patio, Rosie’s, To The Moon and Lips! Community Turns Out o By Brad ‘Scoop’ Casey

New Times has come out with its yearly Best of Broward/Palm Beach awards and four gay owned businesses have made the list. Congrats to Le Patio, that little cozy restaurant off Wilton Drive at 11th Avenue who won the Best Restaurant in Which to Close the Deal award. Small, cozy and cool, Le Patio is slowly making a name for itself, one customer at a time. Proud owners, Chef Vero and partner Jean, have worked very hard to make this restaurant a success. Best Bloody Mary award went to Rosie’s Bar & Grill. Rosie’s needs no description and continues to pack them in every day. We like their frozen Strawberry Margaritas, thank you, and especially on weekends. Congrats to Cliff and John for making our community proud. Antonio Dumas’ To the Moon took the Best Gift Shop award and we agree. If you can’t find something in this store, then stop shopping, ‘cause you won’t find it. This is Wilton Drive’s most unusual, eclectic business. If you haven’t gone in, do so – you will enjoy! Congrats, Antonio! LIPS continues to dazzle South Florida. They won the Best Drag Show category. New Times describes LIPS this way.: “Hips will swivel, pelvises will thrust, lines will be crossed, wigs will be thrown across the room, dollar bills will be wedged into bustiers and you will go home with glitter in your hair, frozen cosmos churning in your blood, and a smile on your face.” Congrats to GM Mitch and the girls. Footnote: What we found unusual in this year’s New Times Best of Awards Broward/Palm Beach, they neglected to have a Best Gay Bar award! Hmmmmm ….

The retirement party for Mona’s John ‘Mary’ Lyons was awesome and heartwarming. Hundreds and hundreds of wellwishers gathered at Mona’s on Saturday, the 11th, to send John into retirement after at least 20 years serving thirsty customers at some of Fort Lauderdale’s busiest bars … can we say the infamous 825, Bus Stop, Haymarket and, finally, 12 years at Mona’s. John was recently diagnosed with bone and lung cancer… damn it. Jerry Schultz, one of Fort Lauderdale’s great people, wanted to help John, not only spiritually, but financially, as well. Thus, the retirement party and John’s friends heard the call and raised over $9000. From my perch I spotted many movers and shakers, like Joe McCallion and Jim Rapherty, former owners of 825, Scandal owners Lloyd and Ken, real estate guru Larry Rowe, Monkey’s Gus Sanchez, famed attorney Arthur Smith, my good friend Rich LaPrimo of Hot Spots, Mike Terrazzi, master mixologist from Tropic’s restaurant and Lounge and that handsome man from Monkey Business, Gus Sanchez, helped raise money for the raffle. David Snyder of the classic Marlin Beach Hotel was also there, as were so many, many good people of Fort Lauderdale – the ones who paved the way for the rest of us. It was a pleasure and honor to help a friend. Thanks for picking us up this week and remember: To have a friend, you must first be a friend.


The Scoop can be reached via e-mail at

mark’s list ROYAL T-DANCE

Royal Palms Resort & Spa’s next scheduled t-dance is during their grand opening celebration weekend benefiting the Pride Center of South Florida. The June t-dance is Sunday, June 26th from 4 to 9 p.m. When you RSVP early via Facebook, you’ll have access an exclusive Facebook VIP entry line! There is a limited number of rooms still available for just $119/night (Facebook special). These rooms are selling out fast, so call (800) 2377256 today to reserve now. The Royal Palms Resort & Spa is located at 717 Breakers Avenue on Fort Lauderdale Beach.


The Manor Entertainment Complex presents The Center Of The Universe Gathering on Saturday, July 2 from 6:30 p.m. to 3:30 a.m. Sorcerers, wizards, witches, princesses, warlords, magicians, hobbits and other ghastly creatures from across the galaxy will be converging on the Mystical Manor for a diplomatic mission involving potions and preposterousness. There will be dance floor position jostling from competing star system crews, so to avoid embarrassing defeat, we advise touching up on “the force” before mounting your broomstick/ unicorn/spaceship/beam-me-down-machine. The Loose Cantina Band will be playing from 10 to 11:30 p.m. followed by D.J. Irish Neal the Leprechaun plus

D.J. Harry Pothead. The Manor is located at 2345 Wilton Drive in Wilton Manors.

St Pete Pride June 25th

The St. Pete Pride promenade has come a long way in its nine years of existence. Their diverse LGBT community, including allies, local politicians and businesses enjoy a fun-filled day packed with food, sun, dancing and enjoying community. Pride Weekend is about more than just a few hours on the hot streets of Central Avenue. Of course - that’s the biggest party you definitely don’t want to miss, but there is even more planned for you. A full list of events occurring Thursday, June 24th - Sunday, June 26th is available at www. Get ready to have the time of your life at the Ninth Annual Pride In Paradise!! With close to 100,000 people in town from all over the country for Florida’s Largest Pride Celebration - all of the parties will be packed, the beach will be full and the events will surely make memories that will last a lifetime.


Fort Lauderdale Gay Men’s Chorus: Living Out Loud on Saturday, June 25 at both 2 and 8 p.m. at the Broward Center for the Performing Arts, 201 SW 5 Avenue in Fort Lauderdale. For more information, visit


For additional events visit:

Happy Hour Daily

4-8PM - 1/2 off select wines


bar guide Fort Lauderdale / Wilton Manors ALIBI

2266 Wilton Drive Wilton Manors Gayborhood tradition since 1997. Comfortable, inviting atmosphere with indoor video bars, outdoor drinking and dining. Drink specials all week, with mammoth 22-ounce Long Island Iced Teas for $3 on Thursdays


2232 Wilton Drive Wilton Manors The bar with two names features a dance club and Gayborhood bar. Drag Bingo on Mondays, karaoke Mondays and Tuesdays, dance music Fridays and Saturdays, and (indoor) Sunday T-Dance.


2209 Wilton Drive Wilton Manors Videos, pool tables, dart boards, dance floor, happy hour, live shows, Tuesday and Thursday karaoke – and great burgers, to boot. Fun and friendly truck-stopthemed bar, great staff.


1721 North Andrews Avenue Fort Lauderdale Over 100 of the sexiest men from all over the world. Go-go dancers, cages, billiards, 2-4-1 Happy Hours. Drag emcees and did we mention the Boys?


1915 N. Andrews Ave. Wilton Manors Friendly atmosphere, unpretentious clientele and staff. Next to Island City Pizza (so you can get your drink AND your slice on).


823 N. Federal Hwy. Fort Lauderdale Butch bar and grill with a rockin’ daytime crowd (and a fun nighttime one, too). Fifty cent pool, 2-for-1 drinks all day every day, video games, hot movies on HDTV and DirecTV. Thursdays it’s Bare Bear Chest Night, and every Friday and Saturday the fur flies with Hot Bears on Poles (where their Grizzlies Grind)!


2935 N. Federal Hwy. Fort Lauderdale Adjacent to the America’s Best Inn and Suites. Pool open daily - No Cover or Day Pass. Great food, daily happy hour, Sunday afternoon T-Dance Poolside. Karaoke and live music. Open daily at 11:30 a.m.


3270 N.E. 33rd St. Fort Lauderdale Men dancing for men. Hot go-go boys in an upscale atmosphere, piano lounge for more quiet interludes. Steamy shower shows.


1116 W. Broward Blvd. Fort Lauderdale Club, bar, lounge. Male dancers and the men who love (to ogle) them. Sunday amateur strip contest (and karaoke!).


1421 E. Oakland Park Blvd. Oakland Park The Ultimate in Drag Dining. Dinner and shows six nights a week. Sunday Gospel Brunch with the Sisters of Sequins.


300 S.W. 1st Ave. Fort Lauderdale Fort Lauderdale Arts & Entertainment District meets South Beach. Friday nights they’re here, they’re queer, and they drink free from 10:30(ish) to Midnight. Only House Music club in town with its own Classical (and classicallychiseled) violinist.


2345 Wilton Drive Wilton Manors WeHo vibe (think: LA’s The Abbey) in the heart of the Gayborhood. Dine, drink, dance, play, mingle. Theme rooms (salsa and meringue every weekend in the Latin Quarter!). Live dancing and dining.


bar guide o Fort Lauderdale / Wilton Manors MATTY’S ON THE DRIVE

2426 Wilton Drive Wilton Manors Drink specials, billiards, and a chill gay- borhood vibe. 75 Cent drinks on Wednesdays. No Drama, No Smoking.


2740 N. Andrews Ave. Fort Lauderdale Cozy neighborhood bar. Karaoke, drags shows, Patio Bar – and open at 9 a.m. daily.


502 E. Sunrise Blvd. Fort Lauderdale Cocktail Lounge in the heart of Searstown. Fun customers, fun bar- tenders and fun proprietor (the Leg- endary Jerry). Outside patio. Wednesday karaoke, Thursday Speed- ball Tournament.


2039 Wilton Drive Wilton Manors Relaxing, friendly, hip, unique- the alternative gathering place on Wilton Drive. Wine tastings and events. Tuesday and Wednesday Late Night In the Biz.


924 N. Flagler Drive Fort Lauderdale Interracial Private Social Club. Bottle club memberships. Get your groove back on Wednesday nights with $2 drinks.


1508 N.E. 4th Ave. Fort Lauderdale Voted World’s Favorite Leather Bar. Pig Dance first Saturday of the month – South Florida’s Busiest, Craziest Monthly Party (with caged hunks at Midnight on Saturdays – is there a downside to this?).


2829 W. Broward Blvd. Fort Lauderdale Nexus of the A-Gay List. Be Seen in the Scene (without making one). Food, folks, libations, and a killer Sunday Funday.


3073 NE 6th Avenue Wilton Manors A line-dancin’, tight blue jeans-wearin’ good time. Country and western music,


two-steppin’, three-steppin’, pool tables, and themed events year ‘round. Cowboys and Indians was never this much fun, Pilgrim.


2031 Wilton Drive Wilton Manors Where Sports come first. Nationally known destination sports bar with TVs streaming NFL, MLB, NBA and college games. Pool tables, dart boards and large indoor (and now smoke-free) facility. Outdoor patio features area for smokers. Mixed crowd of gay men and women (who would have thought?). Featured in Bloomberg Businessweek and recommended by LOGO.


321 W. Sunrise Blvd. Fort Lauderdale Private Men’s Club. Pay cover, then uncover. Monday In the Biz, Thursday Leather Nights. They bring the party (and the mattresses), you bring the booze.


2400 E. Oakland Park Blvd. Fort Lauderdale Cozy neighborhood bar with daily happy hour, and regular patrons. Show night Thursdays at 9 p.m. Karaoke Friday and Saturday nights, and with matinee on Sunday afternoon.


205 E. Oakland Park Blvd., Fort Lauderdale Levis-and-leather neighborhood bar, where the Bears line dance and the cowboys are VERY friendly.


2829 W Broward Blvd. Fort Lauderdale Dance, shoot pool, drink til 4 a.m., 7 nights a week. Doors open at Midnight; dance til Dawn.


401 N. Fort Laud. Beach Blvd. Fort Lauderdale In the W Hotel on Fort Lauderdale Beach, downstairs it’s the elegant Whiskey Blue, up- stairs the luxe Living Room: hot dance and social settings in a distinctive atmosphere with signature cocktails and upscale patrons. Indoor and outdoor lounges.

bar guide o Miami / Miami Beach BAR 721

721 N. Lincoln Lane Miami Beach Plush, lush and flush, a luxe, sexy décor that includes soft carpeting, comfy couches and a Grown Up Playroom equipped with a flat screen TV for video games, pool table, ceiling-mounted speakers. Enjoy 5 to 10 p.m. happy hours including $6 premium drinks.


777 NE 79 St. Miami With an urban vibe on the weekends, a diverse crowd and a diverse musical format, including Hip Hop, R&B, House, Reggae, Soca, Latin and Old School. Gogo bois and drink specials.


2301 S.W. 32nd Ave. Miami Gay Latin scene, with Salsa, Merengue, Reggaeton, Hip Hop and House music always playing.


950 NE 2nd Ave. Miami Hot music, hot scene, hot bartenders, and hot patrons in the hot heart of Downtown Miami.


1625 Michigan Ave. Miami Beach On Miami Beach’s famed Lincoln Road, never a cover. Drink specials all week long, live DJs, high energy music and a fun crowd getting their dance on til late.


1200 Ocean Drive Miami Beach This bar and restaurant in the heart of South Beach’s Art Deco District. Mouthwatering burgers, boys (and girls!). Weekend cabaret shows Thursday through Sunday.


727 Lincoln Rd. Miami Beach Dance, drink, party all night on Miami


Beach’s Lincoln Road. Tons of events throughout the year, including fundraisers for Winter Party, White Party, and Miami Beach Gay Pride.


34 NE 11th St. Miami Mingle and mix with gays and str8s in the heart of Downtown Miami. Indoor dance floors and outdoor rooftop bar, spectacular light show.


1057 Washington Ave. Miami Beach Great music, friendly staff, hot tourists and locals. Never a cover, always a groove. Bungalow Bar = Hot Men. In SoBe’s Art Deco District.


3215 NE 2nd Ave. Miami Urban, sophisticated and chic in Midtown Miami with a bar that ices over. New York pedigree meets Miami attitude. Nightly DJs, never a cover.


dining By Tim Slivinski It’s Easy to Fall in Love with Over Easy We all have those sausage if you prefer mornings when, — and over medium for whatever eggs. When his plate reason, we wake up arrived, the French toast famished. We down a was nicely grilled eggcup of coffee or two, dipped bread, nothing but we really need fancy, but oh so simple some food, something and delicious. He to energize us for the pronounced the bacon day ahead. We could perfectly crisp and the scramble some eggs, egg yolks at the perfect maybe fry a little bacon, soft/hard combination. but we really don’t feel Another member of the ambitious – and then clean plate club was there’s the mess to clean declared. up. To top it off, we’re just not in the mood for some Another visit had me selecting a pecan waffle. chef’s “froo-froo” creation of mango-basil-jalapeno Though I am not generally a waffle or pancake French toast topped with crème fraiche and caviar. lover, I had overhead another customer exclaiming We crave good old-fashioned down home breakfast over the perfect golden doneness of his waffle on a food. Welcome to the Over Easy Café. previous visit. The man was absolutely correct. The There’s nothing fancy or over the top at the Over waffle arrived with a perfect golden crunch. I hastily Easy, and that’s exactly what makes it so special. filled the waffle’s little pockets with butter and You are greeted with a hell-o when you walk in the syrup, and began another perfect morning. Pecans door, and whether you slide into a booth or take a studded the waffle just enough to add flavor but seat at the counter, the coffee arrives swiftly and not to be overwhelming. That morning, my partner your cup will never be empty again. There’s a very was in an omelet mood, so he ordered a three good chance that Cathy, the owner of the café since cheese omelet. A large omelet arrived with a side 1995, will be at your side taking your breakfast of hash browns and an order of toast. The omelet order with a big smile. was oozing melted cheese and covered over half the Deciding what to order may be the biggest plate. Again, he too was off to a great morning start challenge of your morning. as bite after bite quickly In true diner fashion, the disappeared. Over Easy Café choices are seemingly No, there’s nothing fancy 318 East Oakland Park Blvd. endless. One morning I about the Over Easy Café, opted for two eggs, corned and that’s what makes it so 954-561-1177 beef hash, hash browns, homey. The café is spotlessly and rye toast. If, like me, clean, the staff — many of you are a fan of the shredded hash brown potatoes whom appear to be family — are courteous and for breakfast, then run, don’t walk, to the Over Easy friendly, and no one ever feels ignored. As you Café. I don’t know why these delicious breakfast sit and enjoy the hominess of the place and the potatoes are so rare in South Florida, but they are. deliciousness of your breakfast choice, you soon When I find a restaurant that serves them, they realize that this is a place that has a very steady begin to win my approval immediately. My eggs regular clientele. Names are shouted as people enter arrived perfectly over easy—just like the café’s the front door, and that, too, is a sign of a well-run name—the hash was crispy on the exterior and soft and well-loved business. As you dine, take note of on the interior, the potatoes were also crispy with a the colorful tropical mural that lines the left wall as soft center, and the toast was perfectly buttered. I you enter the café. Cathy told me it was painted for settled back in the booth and just knew it was the them by artist John Noyet. It adds a perfect South start to a good day. I joined the clean plate club that Florida touch to your experience. day, too! The Over Easy Café is open seven days a week My dining partner opted for one of the Daily for breakfast and lunch, and they also offer delivery Triples called the Island City Slam. It offers a choice service and catering. Stop in and give them a try of two pancakes or two slices of French toast, two and perhaps you will become a regular. I plan to eggs and two bacon strips and two sausages. He become one, so maybe I will see you there. opted for the French toast, the sausage and bacon View more food reviews: combo — they will let you have all bacon or all






travel By Paul Rubio The World on Sale: Summer 2011


Summer is the perfect time of year to give into your deepest pangs of wanderlust and fulfill your travel fantasies. As the debate lingers on whether the recession has ended or not, some hotels are still offering great discounts this summer, from a GLBT sanctuary in the jungles of Costa Rica to one of Florida’s best kept secrets. Below are a few of my personal picks for summer 2011’s best sales!

center of attention (though resident iguana George would like to think it’s him). Whether sipping margaritas by the pool, getting carried away at the hotel spa, or watching the waves crash from the Club Level balcony, the hotel fosters an unabashed haven for relaxation, romance, and self-indulgence.

Villa Roca, Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica from $50/night via Direct Website

For over 11 years, Villa Roca has drawn LGBT visitors from far corners of the globe to delight in mountain top views over the Pacific. The resort’s infinity pool is arguably my favorite in the world. Sipping cocktails during happy hour, watching the sun set into the forest canopy, hearing the calls of the howler monkeys, and watching naked hotties jump into the clothing optional pool, I have experienced some of life’s great “moments” in the pool at Villa Roca. A stay includes Wi-Fi and a fabulous breakfast (with great gallo pinto) overlooking the ocean. Hotel guests split their time between sunbathing and drinking at the pool, trekking to the remains of the former gay, nude beach called “playita,” and enjoying the nature trails of Manuel Antonio National Park.

Vero Beach Hotel & Spa, Vero Beach, Florida from $109/night for Florida resident via Direct Website

The Ritz-Carlton, San Juan, Puerto Rico from $239/night (including breakfast, parking, and free upgrade) via Direct Website

In this resort-heavy district of Isla Verde, the RitzCarlton, San Juan Hotel, Spa and Casino (www. stands out among the competition, combining all the splendor of a Ritz with the simplicity of the tropics. A tropical elegance motif unites the vast spaces of the oceanfront sanctuary. In common areas, grand pineapple chandeliers shine upon fresh exotic floral arrangements while lush reds and greens contrast the teak furniture in guestrooms. The marble lion-clad, five-in-one 7,200 square foot swimming pool emerges as the resort’s

With two Florida guidebooks and over 1300 hotel reviews under my belt, Vero Beach Hotel & Spa still triumphs as my pick for Florida’s best vacation value and the state’s best-kept secret. The light, West-Indies-style décor, replete with oversized fans, rich hardwood furniture, and luxurious plantation shutters scream “fabulous!” The lobby buzzes with fashionable and friendly hotel guests, enjoying Kimpton’s signature complimentary wine hour, a relaxed forum for meeting fellow patrons and their adorable pets. Similar to the common areas, the attention to detail and level of casual luxury of the rooms is similar to award-winning five star Caribbean hotels, while the $109 rate is less than an average Holiday Inn. The rooms are straight out of a seductive Ralph Lauren catalog - whimsical whites, cappuccino dark wood craftsmanship, and light blue accents to match the ocean views. The textured walls, the decadent crown molding, the epicurean touches, and the complete interior design fantasy was our weekend reality. And the views of the ocean will blow you away! http://www.


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fitness By Tom Bonanti Learn to Chill This Summer! Take a break! It’s summertime and for most of us that means slowing down and relaxing a little. Sounds like a good idea, but for many this is problematic. Between the job (if you still have one), the struggling economy, rising gas prices and other nagging worries, there seems to be little time or opportunity to take a break and chill out. Yet, if you want to remain productive at work and in the gym, you’ve got no other choice. You’ve simply got to make time to relax and unwind. I know, there is so much to do and if you’re not doing it, you’re thinking about doing it. In order to relax, you’ve got to give yourself permission, so cut yourself a little slack. It sure beats having a heart attack or stroke. Here are a few tips to follow that will help you to take a break from the rat race and teach you how to chill out, live longer and enjoy yourself. Learn to carry a small notebook with you everywhere – to work, to the gym, etc. Jot down anything that occurs to you that needs to be done. Go through the list now and then. Cross off what you really don’t need to do, and you’ll feel lighter. Then, as you work your way through the list, check off what you’ve accomplished and you’ll feel more in control of your life. You’ve got to learn the value of sleep. Whether you are a bodybuilder, business executive, or just a regular person, sleep and rest are essential to a tired body and an exhausted brain. Experts tell us that 8-10 or even 12 hours of sound shut-eye are essential to good physical and mental health. If you have trouble sleeping, here are some techniques. First, try not to work out before going to bed because the changes in metabolism can keep you revved up and wide-eyed. Secondly, keep your work area separate from your sleeping quarters. Keep your bed and nightstand clear of papers and clutter that will remind you of work and deadlines. Third, keep the temperature cool and shut out all needless light. Use a soft mask or eye pillow over your eyes to block out light and all visual distractions. When you get home from work, try a little


stretching. Chances are you have been sitting most of the day and your lower back is killing you. Take a few minutes and lie flat on your back on the floor, in a yoga position called shavarsana. First, bring you knees up so that your lower back touches the floor. Lower your legs straight out and your back will be in a good position for relaxing. Let your feet flop outwards, have your arms a little out from your sides with palms facing upward. Tilt your head forward a little so that your neck is in a relaxed position. Now, go through your whole body mentally focusing your attention on one area at a time. Start with the soles of your feet and work your way up to your temples and forehead. Think “relax” as you breathe in and out deeply and slowly at each area. Visit a Spa. I know such indulgences can be expensive, but not as costly as you may think. There are at least a half-dozen spas listed in this publication with professional services geared toward men. Why not pamper yourself with a peppermint body scrub or a papaya facial? If you can’t get away to a day spa, treat yourself to a full body massage at home. Just call your massage therapist and schedule! And finally, make time for your friends this summer. Don’t let work and worry rob you of one of life’s greatest gifts, friends. Consider the bigger picture to see where your deepest satisfaction lies and then try to live life to the fullest! Tom Bonanti is a certified personal trainer and owner of Punp’n Inc Gym at 1271 NE 9th Ave, Fort Lauderdale. For more ideas on summertime workouts contact



auto used cars

used cars

2003 BUICK CENTURY all power, very clean, good miles, luxury for $5,988 Call Dr Bill at (954) 260-9500

2008 JEEP WRANGLER X HOLMAN CERTIFIED 21k miles, full power$17,988 Call Dr Bill at (954) 260-9500

2004 PORSCHE BOXSTER ONLY 32K MILES, 5 speed, leather, alloys & more for $17,988 Call Dan Roskidany (954) 551-9462

2006 JEEP LIBERTY low mileage new car trade, all power options, alloys, CD & more $13,988 Call Dr Bill at (954) 260-9500

2008 BMW 328I HOLMAN CERTIFIED 36k miles, leather, moonroof, mint!$23,588 Call Dan Roskidany (954) 551-9462

2006 FORD F-250 SUPER DUTY CREW CAB DIESEL 4X4 new tires, loaded, FX4 Offroad. check it! $27,588 Call Dan Roskidany (954) 551-9462 2010

2008 AUDI A4 2.0T S-Line, 6speed, 20k miles, loaded, rare car! $24,988 Call Dr Bill at (954) 260-9500 2006 NISSAN PATHFINDER SE CD, all power options $15,988 Call Dan Roskidany (954) 551-9462 2001 NISSAN XTERRA 1 owner, low miles, nicely loaded, must see $9,988 Call Dan Roskidany (954) 551-9462 2007 INFINITI G35 Leather, All Power, Fully Loaded, 30k Miles, perfect $19,988 Call Dr Bill at (954) 260-9500 2011 SUBARU IMPREZA OUTBACK SPORT WAGON 5 speed, 8,000 miles, all power options, must see $19,588 Call Dan Roskidany (954) 551-9462

VOLKSWAGEN GTI LIKE NEW, only 14k miles, loaded with all the options, must see $21,988 Call Dr Bill at (954) 260-9500 2003 BUICK CENTURY all power, very clean, good miles, luxury for $5,988 Call Dr Bill at (954) 260-9500 2003 2008 HONDA RIDGELINE 1 owner new car trade, LOADED UP!! $20,988 Call Dan Roskidany (954) 551-9462 2010 2007 VOLKSWAGEN JETTA loaded nicely for less $14,988 Call Dr Bill at (954) 260-9500 2005 HONDA ACCORD EX V6 20k miles, leather, alloys, sunroof $14,988 Call Dan Roskidany (954) 551-9462


body rubs YOUNG MILITARY DUDE!! Strong Top! 28 y/o, 5’8, 170.  Cuban/Puerto Rican, Beautiful Face, Tan Skin, Brown Eyes, Awesome Body.  Well Hung, straight-acting, NO Attitude, Very Discrete.  Anything Goes! Alex (786) 319-7665 STRONG BLACK HANDS Exotic Body Rubs, Body Hair Trimming, Pedicures, 7 days/10AM-MID $80/In, $100/Out. Get intimately pampered by Rico (954)536-5138 SENSUAL MASSAGE AND BODYWORK I offer excellent massage sessions consisting of Deep Tissue, Swedish and Sensual Touch. I can customize the session to your needs. Try adding a Shave-Trim / Saltscrub / Bodywash / Face Treatment & More! Me: 41, Hot Bear Cub with nice legs and butt. Clothing optional. Hours: 8 am - Midnight. To book an appointment, call David, (954) 802-8128. • NYC ITALIAN Muscular, Hung & Healthy, 5’7”, 155lbs. Hot Top, Masculine, Friendly attitude for Erotic Body Rub. Hotel Calls Welcome, 24/7. Call Nick in SoBe (305) 674-8416

phone dating CONNECT WITH HOT GUYS Tired of web-flakes and games? Meet Local Guys in Minutes by Phone. Plus, you always Cruise, Match, and Reply Free! (954)7617070 Ft. Lauderdale, (305)250-9909 Miami. Mention code 5811, 18+ WHERE GUYS MEET BROWSE & RESPOND FREE! (954) 761-7070, (305) 250-9909 USE FREE CODE 5901 VISIT MEGAMATESMEN.COM, 18+ HOT HORNY HUNG BI STUDS & BIG DADDY MUSCLEBEARS Try for FREE. 18+. Call (954) 334-5555 / (305) 455-6969 WHERE GUYS MEET BROWSE & RESPOND FREE! (954) 761-7070, (305) 250-9909 USE FREE CODE 5901 VISIT MEGAMATESMEN.COM, 18+


954.660.6223 Find your local number: 1.800.777.8000 18+ Ahora en Espa単ol


get him on the line



Men Cruise Free Full Access With This Code: MRKL

professional services

professional services

air conditioning

babysitting YOUR LOCAL BABYSITTER Noa Swordy- Your local baby-sitter! Qualified pre-school teacher. Clean background check. Fluent in English, French, and Hebrew. Available day and night. Call for affordable rates. (954)579-9661

body grooming

computer services FREE BRIEF COMPUTER ANSWERS BY ERIC AT THE STONEWALL LIBRARY BY APPOINTMENT Also Affordable In-Home, Installations, Tutoring, Virus Disinfection & Troubleshooting. Knowledgeable, Personable Service. Call Eric (954) 903-4383 or **OPTIMA** COMPUTER REPAIR-COMPLETE IN HOME SERVICE Get the best performance, protection & value from your computer investment. *A+ Hardware & OS CERTIFIED. *Friendly, professional, RELIABLE service. Reasonable rates. Call: Mike (954) 817-3883


CLEAN IT RITE Best cleaning for your buck. Reliable & affordable. 10 years in business. 1 BR, $45.00, 2BR, $55.00, & 3BR, $65.00. Manny (954) 560-4443 Broward, Palm Beach, & Dade

counseling / support GLBTQ HELPLINE & SUICIDE AWARENESS PROGRAM Lonely? Not leaving the house much? And you just can’t get motivated? Concerned about the way a b uddy is acting? Depressed, at the end of your rope? Got something on your mind you can’t talk to friends or family about? Call the GLBTQ Helpline & Suicide Awareness Program. Simply to talk, learn, and become aware. (305) 646-3600. Free & Confidential. Tri-lingual counselors available 24/7

professional services

professional services

counseling / support

A MIND AT PEACE/ THERAPEUTIC SERVICES RON “DOC” CHAMBERS, MSW 954-627-0103 1975 East Sunrise Blvd Suite 629 Fort Lauderdale HIV Related Issues, Anxiety, Depression, Schizophrenia, Relationship Problems, Anger Management Problems, Same-Sex Battering and/or Domestic Violence. Most Insurance Accepted/Credit Cards Accepted.


professional services

professional services

professional services

professional services

employment SOUTH BEACH- Part time sales associate for adult bookstore. Send resume to Bartenders - Full & Part Time positions available at Michele’s Dining Lounge, 2761 East Oakland Park Blvd, Fort Lauderdale. Call Michele at 954.821.6877 or submit your resume to NIGHTCLUB POSITIONS- TWIST- The popular gay bar in South Beach seeks responsible applicants with experience for all positions. Email resume to SLAMMER is looking for a few good men. Apply in person on Mondays, 8PM. No phone calls, Locker and Bar positions available.

home improvement DEREK’S 24 HR HANDYMAN SERVICE Introducing our new cabinet shop! For all your custom made cabinetry countertops laminates.YOU MUST SEE OUR WORK, just ask our clients. All electrical to code; ANY & ALL plumbing work, Drywall finish work / repair. Crown / baseboard pro-install, interior/ exterior painting, demo work, Pressure washing, Decor tile install,Complete home up-dates. For large jobs,4-man crew available. WE CAN HANDLE IT ALL! Instant call back,direct service response. No job is ever too small.Excellent references. Derek (954) 825-5598 or E-mail:

licensed massage RECESSION RELIEF – $40/90 MINS! LEAVE YOUR STRESS UP TO ME Out calls higher. Let Denny make you feel like a Queen. Couples discounts, seniors welcome. New location: Delray Beach. 16 yrs experience. MA 18563. Denny (561) 502-2628. PROFESSIONAL THERAPEUTIC MASSAGE Deep Tissue, Swedish, Reflexology, Stretching. Mon-Sun, 10am-8pm. In/Out Calls. NON-SEXUAL. Fort Lauderdale. Call Robert (954) 4942372 Lic: MA 19604 AWESOME MASSAGE BY JIM Offering Swedish, Deep Tissue, Sports and Lomi Lomi Massage. All in a very comfortable, relaxed and Private Massage Studio conveniently located On the SE Corner of Oakland Park Blvd and Federal HwyNationally Certified and Licensed MM22293- or call Jim Libonati (954)600-5843

spirituality CHURCH OF THE HOLY SPIRIT SONG welcomes you to come and worship with us every Sunday at 10am and every Wednesday night at 7pm. We meet at the Spirit Song Worship Center at 2040B North Dixie Highway, Suite 3 in Wilton Manors (Building B on Equality Park Campus, behind the Pride Center). God loves you just the way He made you. Come discover His purpose for you. For more info: 954-418-8372,, DIGNITY FT LAUDERDALE Roman Catholic Mass every Sunday 7 PM at Holy Angels CC 2917 NE 6th Ave, Wilton Manors. Monthly socials and more. There is always room at our table.

upholstery GOLD COAST UPHOLSTERY Re-upholstering, Cushions, Throw pillows, Large selection of fabric to choose from or bring in your own fabric. Broward / Dade / Palm Beach. Call Edgar (954) 491-4937

moving ELITE RELOCATION MOVING & STORAGE We’ve provided quality moves for over 30 years. It’s always a smooth move when you choose Elite Relocation. Contact us today: 954.975.8660 GUYS and DOLLIES Moving • Storage • Packing • Crating • Shipping. “A” Rated Member of the BBB. Registered Movers since 1976. Major credit cards accepted. For free price quote call (954) 566-1270 RED BOX MOVING -- OWNER IN TRUCK ON EVERY MOVE. CALL NORBERT DIRECTLY. Affordable, Reliable, Careful. MV#567/INSURED. (954)305-9176 or (561)

professional services

real estate


rent/lease razzo floors, CAC, patio, parking. $1100/mo. F&S (954)566-8049 S.E. FTL 2/1 DUPLEX Conveniently located. Newer carpet in bedrooms, Tile floors, small fenced back yard and coin W/D on property. Next to walking path, 2 blocks from marina, less than a mile to HWY 95, only 5 miles to beach. $900 a month after discount, first and $1000 Security moves you in. Call Kevin 719-439-5082 or Todd 954-868-7015 WILTON MANORS 2/1 DUPLEX- CAC, tile floors, fenced yard, plenty of parking! Pets OK! $895/mo. F/S (954)608-8305 FT. LAUD/WILTON MANORS Large 2/2, Tile throughout, except new carpet in bedrooms. Newer appliances, sliding glass door off master to deck and boat dock. Call Ben (954)942-3399 I also have 1 & 2 BD apts by the beach! WILTON MANORS 2/1- Walking distance to the Drive! Huge living room and closets, terrazzo floors, CAC, patio, parking. $1100/mo. F&S (954)566-8049 WILTON MANORS Walk to the Drive! Small 1/1. Partially furnished (double bed, couch and large TV + some kitchen items) Tile throughout. Ceiling fans, 2 A/C units. $640/mo. $300 sec. dep. (954)565-5898

roommate wanted

business for sale 4COP LICENSE FOR SALE License only! License has just been renewed . This License can be used at any location in Broward County to serve & sell all Beer, wine, spirits. This license can be used for a bar, restaurant, package store anywhere in Broward County. Please email with questions and terms.


ROOMMATE TO SHARE OAKLAND PARK POOL HOME Large 4BD/3BA ranch style house w/ screened pool. Bedroom has walk-in closet and private bath. All utilities, internet, and DirecTV incl. Share with two guys and a cat. No smoking, drugs or additional pets. Please be responsible and employed. $600/mo, available now. Michael (954)540-3543 TROPICAL POOL HOUSE Private room in 2,000 sq.ft. house. Call Bob at 954-646-1605 ROOMMATE WANTED Partnered Gay Couple looking for roommate to share 3- BD duplex, private room with adjoining bath, large closet with additional walk in closet, W/D, adjoining patio area. No smokers or cologne wearers. Full use of house and kitchen. We have 3 cats. $650/month includes utilities - no deposit/security needed. Richard: 954-296-5633 or

WILTON MANORS GAY COMPLEX Remodeled 1/1, CAC, Tile Floors, Heated Pool, Pets OK. One Block to Wilton Drive! $800/mo.-$1700 moves you in. Call (954)600-0620

furnished rentals

ALIBI AREA Furnished Studio Apt. Lg Studio with private entrance and parking, walk-in closet, fn, AC, kitchenette, laundry on site, Electric and Direct TV included, NO SMOKING,NO PETS $650/mo+sec. Call 954-682-9428

PERFECT RELOCATION RENTALS – 3-6 MONTHS From $295/week & $1100/month Beautiful Studio, 1 & 2 BR Apts. Turn key, fully furnished & equipped, clothing optional pool, laundry, parking. Close to Gay & Nude Beaches. Pets Welcome. Incl. utilities, cable, tel., Wi-Fi Internet. 954-927-0090 or visit

MIDDLE RIVER & LAKERIDGE: MOVE-IN SPECIAL 1/2 OFF 1ST MTH RENT!! 1 Bedroom/ 1 Bath $680/mo or $175/wk OR 2/2 $850/mo or $225/wk--(6 or 12) month lease. Pay your deposit today and you’re in* details (954)527-9225

NE FTL/WILTON MANORS Deluxe Furnished Apts. Colohatchee Park Area, Tile, Fan, Laundry, No Pets, Single Occupant Furnished Efficiency with kitchenette, includes utilities and Direct TV $650/mo + sec. Furnished Studio with full kitchen, includes utilities and Direct TV $750/mo + sec. Call 954-682-9428.

ROYAL PARK Near Wilton Manors 1BR/1.5BA, $825-$900/mo. 2BR/2BA, $950 $1100/mo. Gated Security, Clubhouse, Pools, Gym, Sauna and Steam room. Pets OK. Cable/Water/Trash included. Call Naim Naqi, Broker/ SFG, Realtors 954.565.2025 WILTON MANORS 2/1- Walking distance to the Drive! Huge living room and closets, ter-

real estate

Thinking of Investing? Here is what one of our clients had to say about Gibson Group: Rick’s combination of experience, tenacity, integrity, and instincts has been an incredible asset to me as an investor. With his help I have built a portfolio of over 50 units. He continues to exceed my expectations in overseeing renovations, tenant acquisition and relationships and more. His company, Gibson Group Property Management has perfect synergy with his real estate marketing and sales skills as a Realtor. I get detailed monthly reports I can just turn over to my tax accountants. I could not recommend him more highly. Tim Heffner, 2011

THIS WEEK’S FEATURED NEW LISTING SPECTACULAR WILTON MANORS POOL HOME This phenomenal Northeast location offers a three bedroom, two bath pool home with spacious split floor plan. The home is immaculately maintained and features a huge kitchen and Florida room with views to a stunning, custom heated pool with Jacuzzi, auto-chlor, LED lighting, and remote control. Asking Price: $359,000

FEATURED CURRENTL AVAILABLE LISTINGS DRAKE TOWER INCREDIBLE VIEWS Popular Drake Tower has many amenities and features but this unit may arguably have a combination of the best views and renovations in the complex. With views of the river, City, pool, and more, this condo is beautifully renovated with exquisite taste. Make an offer. Short Sale. Asking Price: $139,000

RIVER LANDINGS TOWNHOME VALUE This gorgeous 2 bedroom, 2 and a half bath townhouse condo is located on Wilton Drive just minutes from the best Wilton Manors has to offer. Gated community with beautiful pool and more, this unit is a short sale, and has been approved. Back on the market. Asking Price: $179,900

TWO CURRENT PENDING SALES SAILBOAT BEND EIGHT UNIT COMPLEX Great location for this complex of eight 2 bedroom, 1 bath apartments with central courtyard and huge common area suited to add 3-5 additional rental units. Units have travertine tile floors, private backyard areas, and all have central a/c. XLNT for investors. Asking Price: $649,000

LOFTS OF WILTON MANORS This spectacular unit just North of 26th Street in Wilton Manors features four stories, 3 bedrooms, 3 and a half bathrooms, and 38’ ceilings in living area. Very low maintenance, and great privacy in this small complex. Relatively new construction. Asking Price: $299,000

For help selling your property, investing, or buying a home call


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