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cases don’t have to do with the strength or weakness of the case but the defendant’s stomach to stand up and fight it.”

New York, NY – Florida cops are currently participating in what is being called “bag-a-f*g” operations all over the state, according to an article in Death and Taxes Magazine. The so called operation is basically an undercover cop, cruising parks or men’s restrooms, looking for guys who are looking to hook up. After finding a willing partner, they arrest the person on the spot. The magazine interviewed Russel Cormican, a defender of over 100 men in Florida who have been arrested using the method. Cormican says that Florida police are guilty of entrapment, as the cops in plain clothing are behaving in a manor that implies consent, and then arresting the men on the grounds of committing a “lewd act” or even “battery.” According to Cormican, the police claim that their reasoning behind “bag-a-f*g” is a result of complaints they’ve received. But, as Cormican says, police can easily state that complaints are anonymous. “You can’t really get into someone’s mind and figure out what their motivation is, but, they don’t do it to straight people.” Cormican told Death and Taxes, “What is a shame is that so many times these

Kaitlyn Hunt Pleads No Contest Vero Beach, FL – Kaitlyn Hunt, the 19-year old jailed over a sexual relationship she had with a 14-year-old girl, pleaded no contest on Thursday to five charges as part of a brokered deal by prosecutors and her attorneys, according to CNN. Hunt pleaded no contest to two counts of misdemeanor battery, misdemeanor contributing to the dependency of a child and two counts of felony interference with child custody. In August, Hunt violated a court order to not contact the alleged victim, and has been in jail ever since. According to the agreement, Hunt will be sentenced to four months in jail, followed by two years of house arrest with electronic monitoring and nine months of monitored probation after that, reports CNN. If Hunt has no violations, she will not be a convicted felon under Florida law, and there is a possibility that she can seal her file, having the case expunged after 10 years, according to prosecutor Brian Workman. But Hunt’s parents have been critical of the victim’s family for

Gay Men Looking to Hook Up Arrested?

dealing with the incident through the police. “If we start arresting kids for having sex or ‘sexting,’ you might as well turn the high schools into prisons,” Hunt’s parents said. Following the statement, the victim’s parents responded. “It was about age-appropriate relationships and following the rules and laws of our society,” their statement read.

Senator Clemens Fights to Protect LGBT Youth Tallahassee, FL – According to a Tuesday press release, Florida State Senator Jeff Clemens (D-Lake Worth) wants to end the cruel practice of forcing minors to attend so-called therapy that’s designed to attempt to change a person’s sexual orientation (i.e. “pray the gay away”). Senate Bill 240 will prevent licensed mental health providers from practicing sexual orientation change therapy on children under the age of 18. “A person’s sexual orientation is not a disease, disorder, or illness that requires treatment,” said Clemens. “Every study by the major medical and mental health organizations has denounced the practice of sexual orientation change therapy, concluding that such therapy is harmful

State Senator Jeff Clemens (D-Lake Worth)

to children and adults.” Conversion treatments can harm patients both physically and psychologically, and experts are saying that there is insufficient evidence that any type of psychotherapy can change a person’s sexual orientation. In more extreme cases, conversion therapy efforts have been labeled as “nonscientific” and “dangerous,” according to the statement. “This type of abuse of our youth by people selling themselves as mental health professionals is unacceptable,” said Clemens. “If we’re really interested in protecting the children of Florida, that protection should extend to every child.”

EQUALITY FLORIDA MIXER The Equality Florida Council Fall Mixer was held at the home of DC and Ken (below) in Wilton Manors. Among the guests were State Representative Joe Saunders and Nate Klarfeld (left). Photos by Big Dewitte

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Dear Britney Spears,


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h, baby, baby. Miss Spears, I’ve loved you since “...Baby One More Time.” After your meltdown, I continued to support you. I bought “Blackout” (yes bought), and even though you still appeared ill, I was rooting for you. To a certain extent, everyone was. People could relate to you – you were girl-next-door meets sex vixen with an everyman vibe – so it’s only natural that they would want to see you pull off an amazing comeback. After your sloppy performance at the VMAs in 2007, I had a feeling things weren’t going to be improving anytime soon. “Circus” – while entertaining and listenable – was a flop, with many fans complaining that you barely moved around stage on your tour. Unfortunately (for all of us), the internet exists. I saw videos of your performances for both Circus and Femme Fatale tours, and the fans were right: it was essentially all hand movements and very little dancing. Here’s the thing: it didn’t matter that you weren’t dancing, it mattered that you seemed like a shell of your former self. There was no enthusiasm, joy, or flirty behavior. It was just you, going through the motions for a paycheck. At the end of the day, the rest of the world is doing the same thing, so I get the laissez-faire attitude. But there’s a reason the rest of the world isn’t a pop star – we don’t have it in us. Whether it’s lack of talent or laziness itself, we can’t crank out albums and go on tour to change the lives of millions of fans. You can, or could rather. I used to think, “If her prescription drug cocktail is taking away her ability to dance or perform with enthusiasm, she should find another way to express herself creatively.” Now, I take it all back. You began “talk singing” in a bizarre accent on “Scream & Shout,” which has apparently carried over to “Work B**ch,” your newest single. The “werq” references make it clear that you were thinking of your gay fan base when you created the track, which is....thoughtful? Maybe you listened to Ru Paul while you were partying after a show one night


and thought “hey this seems like a good idea.” For whatever reason, you went with it. Now you’re raking in the dough from gay fans (including the younger gays who have no idea who you were before “Femme Fatale”), and you have the opportunity to really do something. Well it appears that ship has sailed as of Monday. On a radio interview with 99.7 NOW FM, you said, “A lot of my hair stylists and my beauty team that I work with are gay so I hang out with gays a lot and I just think

they’re adorable and hilarious.” While we can be hilarious and pretty adorable, it sounds like you’re talking to a five-yearold, not a grown adult who is supporting your lifestyle. Please don’t talk about us like we’re accessories or beanie babies. Our thirst for repetitive house music is the only thing that’s keeping you afloat. Signed, An Adorable, Hilarious Gay

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Liz Cheney

Liz Cheney Gets Bashed in New Ad

George and Barbara Bush Slammed for Witnessing Gay Marriage Nashville, TN – Last month, former President George H.W. Bush and wife Barbara Bush attended the Maine wedding of a couple who were longtime family friends. Coincidentally, that couple happened to be two women. At the wedding, the former President signed the couple’s marriage certificate as an official witness. While Bush may not have thought twice about the wedding, the president of the Southern Baptists Theological Seminary claims that by attending the wedding, the Bushes have now become same-sex advocates, accord-

ing to blogger Joe.My.God. Dr. R. Albert Mohler posted about the event on his website on Tuesday, claiming that anyone who witnesses a wedding between a same-sex couple is supporting their union. “Attendance at a wedding is not a neutral act,” he wrote on his website, “The history and context of the wedding ceremony identify all those present as agreeing to the rightness of the marriage and acting as witnesses to the exchange of vows. This is why the venerable language of The Book of Common Prayer, used in the overwhelming majority of Christian weddings, calls upon anyone with knowledge that the proposed union is invalid to speak, ‘or forever hold his peace.’ Anyone remaining silent at that point is affirming the rightness and validity of the marriage, and all who are preent are counted as both witnesses and those who celebrate the union.”


Jersey Assemblyman Could Challenge Christie on Marriage Equality Trenton, NJ – Last week, Gov. Christie began to appeal a court ruling that would allow same-sex marriages to begin in The Garden State at the end of October. Now, New Jersey Assemblyman Chris A. Brown has announced that he is prepared to change his vote from 2012 on same-sex marriage. Brown would be the first lawmaker who voted against marriage equality last year to change their mind and challenge Governor Chris Christie’s veto, according to PolitickerNJ. This is, of course, assuming that an override is posted for a vote in the near future. “This is a decision I came to on my own,” said Brown following a recent debate. “I just believe when it comes to civil rights, I don’t believe it’s appropriate for the public to vote on it.” Since Brown’s announcement, Republi-

October 9, 2013 H 9

Cheyenne, WY – Liz Cheney is receiving some heat from a new TV ad that focuses on her wishy-washy marriage equality views. Though Cheney has recently said she is “not pro-gay marriage,” the group responsible for the ad, the American Principles Fund, told the Los Angeles Times that their ad attacking Cheney will run for two weeks in Wyoming. Cheney, who is a Wyoming U.S. Senate candidate, comes from a Republican family that has since come to terms with marriage equality (and eventually embracing it) after sister and daughter Mary Cheney came out as a lesbian. Mary is now married to a woman, and both parents advocated publicly for marriage equality. But Liz Cheney’s views weren’t always crystal clear. While on MSNBC in 2009, Cheney said, “Freedom means freedom for everyone.” She went on to say that she opposed an amendment to the U.S. Constitution to ban same-sex marriage, stating that she supported equal benefits for same sex couples, calling anything less discrimination. Now Liz Cheney is in the hot seat with Wyoming, as many voters are unsure of what exactly her stance is. The new ad ends with a harsh narration: “Liz Cheney. Wrong for Wyoming.”

Harrisburg, PA – On Friday afternoon, Pennsylvania governor Tom Corbett said that gay marriage could be compared to a marriage between siblings. His comment came after a reporter on CBS brought up a statement from August made by one of his attorneys who said that allowing same-sex couples to wed was similar to allowing 12-year-olds to get married. “It was an inappropriate analogy, you know,” said Corbett. “I think a much better analogy would have been brother and sister, don’t you?” Human Rights Campaign spokesman Fred Sainz said that Corbett’s statement sounded like an April Fool’s Day joke, and was less than pleased to say the least. “Gov. Corbett provided today he is horribly out of touch with reality and does not represent the views of fairminded Pennsylvanians,” said Sainz. “Americans of all political stripes are embracing marriage equality and the nation is moving forward on the issue while Gov. Corbett wants to turn back the clock.”

can Assembly lawmakers Declan O’Scanlon and Holly Schepisi have both said publicly that they would vote in favor of an override, although they were not present for the vote last year.

Penn. Governor Compares Marriage Equality to Incest

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Women’s Shorts

Alice Walker: Beauty in Truth



he 5th Annual Ft. Lauderdale Gay and Lesbian Film Festival (FLGLFF) takes over the newly remodeled Classic Gateway Theater this weekend, from October 10 – 13. The festival features a beefy lineup of films and documentaries (37 films from 10 countries), many of which are South Florida premieres.


“Keeping true to our mission of showcasing films that enlighten, entertain and inspire, this year’s festival has the best roster of films in our history in Ft. Lauderdale,” says Mark Gilbert, chair of the FLGLFF board of directors. “Top off a cinematic experience with a great after party and you have the perfect recipe for a can’t-miss evening.”


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The opening night (Thursday October 10) will kick off with a screening of “G.B.F.” (gay best friend). The film focuses on Tanner (Michael J. Willett), a high school student that accidentally outs himself. It doesn’t take long for everybody to find out, making Tanner the first openly gay student at the school. Tanner’s situation brings the plight of a popular group of girls (fighting for “supremacy”) to a screeching halt – after all, the ultimate accessory is the “gay best friend.” Tanner is forced to choose between his new popularity and the friends he’s leaving behind. /floridaagenda /floridaagenda

Five Dances

October 9, 2013 H 14

After the screening, the opening party will begin, featuring Willett of “G.B.F.” The evening will feature cocktails, burlesque and music at Stache (formerly China White), which has recently branded itself as a “1920s drinking den.” According to a press release, “master mixologists” will be behind the bar to serve “unique crafted cocktails” and hand out

Gore Vidal: The United States of Amnesia

beers courtesy of Bud Light. The festival will be running two films simultaneously for majority of the weekend, so scheduling your screenings is going to be a little tricky. Kicking off Friday night is “Who’s Afraid of Vagina Wolf?,” a comedic, pseudo-autobiography that

examines one woman’s mid-life crisis, occurring the day after her 40th birthday. Running in the sibling theatre at the same time as “Wolf” is “The Last Match (La Partida).” The film focuses on a teen rent boy, named Reiner, who falls in love with a friend from a slummy soccer field in his Havana neighborhood. Though both have wives/girlfriends, their newfound love makes it hard to choose between the two. Following “Wolf”/”Match,” the festival will be screening two more films on Friday night. “The Happy Sad” (based on a play by Ken Urban) follows the lives of two couples: one white and straight, the other black and gay. All of the characters find their personal lives intertwined as they redefine their own sexuality, creating new relationship “norms.” If you’re feeling a little more wild, you may consider “I Am Divine.” The documentary focuses on the

fabulous actor, singer and drag queen known as Divine (real name Harris Glenn Milstead). “Divine” combines movie clips, rare home movies, photos, television appearances and live performance footage with new interviews from John Waters, Ricki Lake, Mink Stole, Tab Hunter, Michael Musto, and many others that were close to the wild muse. Saturday houses a myriad of LGBT films, shorts and documentaries – nine to be exact – so chances are your day is going to be packed. “The New Black” takes viewers to the pews, out onto the streets and provides a seat at the kitchen table as it tells the story of the fight to win marriage equality in the 2012 Maryland elections. “In Bloom” touches on a first love and a first loss, following a young gay couple during their ups and downs. “In Bloom” gives perspective on modern relationships as well as the turmoils of losing a lover.

Following both closing films, the festival’s finale will take place at the Alexan Solmar, with special guests and beer courtesy of Bud Light. The goal of the FLGLFF (according to their mission statement) is to “produce events and programs that bring the LGBT community together through film.” Whether it be comedy, a documentary, or a collection of short films, the festival brings together film lovers from all walks of life to entertain and inspire. For more information visit

THURSDAY OCTOBER 10 “G.B.F.” - 7 p.m.

FRIDAY OCTOBER 11 “Who’s Afraid of Vagina Wolf?” – 7 p.m. “The Last Match (La Partida)” – 7:15 p.m. “The Happy Sad” – 9:15 p.m.

Who’s Afraid of Vagina Wolf?

“I Am Divine” – 9:30 p.m.

SATURDAY OCTOBER 12 “The New Black” – 12 p.m. “In Bloom” – 12:30 p.m. “Romeo Romeo” – 2 p.m “Bridegroom” – 3:15 p.m.

Free Fall

“The Rugby Player” – 4:15 p.m. “Reaching for the Moon” – 5:30 p.m. “Test” – 7 p.m. “Five Dances” – 8:15 p.m. “Free Fall (Freier Fall) – 9:15 p.m.

SUNDAY OCTOBER 13 “Monster Pies” – 12 p.m.

Monster Pies

“Mr. Angel” – 12:15 p.m. “Gore Vidal: The United States of Amnesia” – 2 p.m. “Health, Hope & Happiness” – 2:15 p.m. “Big Gay Love” – 4:15 p.m. “Life, Love & Lust” – 4:30 p.m. “Southern Baptist Sissies” – 6:30 p.m.

Big Gay Love

“Alice Walker: Beauty In Truth” – 7 p.m.

All screenings will take place at the Classic Gateway Theatre. 1820 E Sunrise Blvd, Fort Lauderdale, 33304.

Souththern Baptist Sissies

October 9, 2013 H 15

“Big Gay Love” centers on Bob, a “big,” wisecracking, successful party planner who is desperately seeking Mr. Right. After he meets a chiseled heartthrob, named Andy, his insecurities come into play and he begins

The closing night films are practically day and night, so it shouldn’t be too difficult deciding on your final film for the weekend. “Southern Baptist Sissies” unearths the hard task of growing up gay in a church that believes it is a sin. Originally a play (presented by Del Shores in 2000), the film has been shot with multiple cameras, in front of a live audience to make you feel as if you’re watching the original play. “Sissies” won many awards, including the GLAAD award for “Best Los Angeles Theatre.” The other option for your closing film is “Alice Walker: Beauty in Truth.” The documentary follows the courageous life of Alice Walker – author, poet, human rights activist and self-proclaimed “renegade.” Walker made history as the first black woman to win the Pulitzer Prize for fiction for her smash hit novel, “The Color Purple.”


The closing day of the FLGLFF is going out with a bang this year. Kicking off the day is a screening of “Monster Pies,” a “heartwarming” Australian LGBT coming of age drama. Running simultaneously is “Mr. Angel.” Shot over six years, “Mr. Angel” chronicles the life of transgender advocate, educator and porn pioneer, Buck Angel. “Gore Vidal: The United States of Amnesia” paints a portrait of the famed Gore Vidal. An essayist, political commentator, critic and of course, frequent television guest, Vidal was also openly gay, which at the time, was not very common. Screening while Vidal is up is “Health, Hope & Happiness,” a collection of short films, ranging from comedy to drama.

to struggle with his body-type. Another collection of women’s shorts, “Life Love & Lust,” explores just that as the filmmakers showcase the comedy of dating to the “drama of forbidden love.”


The day continues with an “intimate portrait of a modern same-sex marriage” in “Romeo Romeo,” the winner of the 2013 Audience Award for Best Documentary at Tribeca (“Bridegroom”), an LGBT sports documentary titled “The Rugby Player,” and a crippling case of queer writer’s block in “Reaching for the Moon.” At night, the inspirational stories continue, with “Test” – a heartfelt drama taking place in San Francisco circa 1985. “Five Dances” weaves dance, film, art and entertainment into a tale of finding romance in the big city. Saturday night’s festivities close with “Free Fall (Freier Fall),” a story of two German policemen falling in love, despite their current lives that they are “content” with.


2013 Fort Lauderdale Gay and Lesbian Film Festival



October 9, 2013 H 16



The Week 10/10 to 10/16

Emilie Sande, Mamma Mia and India.Arie

Chicago October 11th, at Broward Center for the Performing Arts. Photo: Paul Kolnik


A Laser Light Experience Back in the day, the laser light show was the one true place a burgeoning teenager could explore both their sexuality and their recreational drug use. Now, as a gay adult, relive at least one aspect of that missing link and whisk your date away to an evening of laser graphics, laser beams, and the sounds of classic rock. The Laser Light Experience shows are a must-see for longtime fans (and new fans) of Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Aerosmith and other featured rock bands. There are four different laser shows: Laser Vinyl (a line-up from various art-

ists including Aerosmith, AC/DC, Journey, Kiss, Queen, Van Halen and more); Laser Zeppelin; Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon; and Laser Beatles. Each show runs approximately 45 minutes and starts at 6:25. AutoNation IMAX Theater (inside of the Museum of Discovery and Science). 401 SW 2nd Ave, Fort Lauderdale, 33312.

5th Annual Fort Lauderdale Gay and Lesbian Film Festival This year’s festival takes place over the weekend with a range of events and film showings. All of the movies are being screened at the Gateway. The films offered are a diverse mix, ranging from the documentary I Am Divine (about the notorious drag queen and Pink Flamingoes star) to the teen rent boy Cuban drama The Last Match. Don’t just enjoy the films, though, events range from after-parties to meet and greets with various directors. The films run throughout the weekend. For more information (including even times and tickets) visit

To have your event listed, please email


What gay man doesn’t love a sassy, talented, and intelligent woman? Even better, what if she was a Scottish singer taking her influence from the legendary Nina Simone? Emilie Sande is all of these things: a gay man’s fantasy. She broke onto the scene recently, in 2011, with her debut album Our Version of Events. Her fame really took off during the 2012 Summer Olympics, when she performed in both the opening and closing ceremonies. Also, NBC played her song “Wonder” during the closing credits of each broadcast. With her talent, we aren’t surprised. 8:30 p.m. The Filmore Miami Beach. 1700 Washington Ave, Miami Beach, 33139.

After Halloween, October is known for one most important thing: beer! Mona’s and Lisa’s Backyard hopes to capitalize on this with their Oktoberfest Fuss celebration, featuring not only Becks beer but also a full-on bratwurst cookout. All gay Germans and fans of gay Germans are invited to join. They plan on crafting signature German dishes, including soaking the mean in Budweiser over night before flame broiling it. Boiled assorted potatoes and zesty sauerkraut finish the meal in style. Specials for the day include three drafts for $7. Open at 12 p.m. Mona’s Cocktail Lounge. 502 E Sunrise Blvd, Fort Lauderdale, 33304.

The surprise smash success of her debut album Acoustic Soul way back in March of 2001 catapulted this neo-soul chanteuse to relative American popularity. Both a critical and commercial success, India.Arie is most notorious for her perfectionism, agonizing over each detail before performances and album releases. This perfectionism (while possibly horrible in a relationship) leads to engagingly beautiful live performances. Her recently released CD SongVersation explores the same sisterly, advice-y themes she is known for. 8 p.m. The Filmore Miami Beach. 1700 Washington Ave, Miami Beach, 33139.

MONDAY 10/14

Dine Out Fort Lauderdale Planning to spend a lazy Monday night re-watching the complete Breaking Bad final season? Why not go out and take advantage of


Dinosaurs in Motion Exhibit: Museum of Discovery and Science If it’s feeling like a caveman you’re after, the Museum of Discovery and Science has just the exhibit for you. Dinosaurs in Motion offers the chance to manipulate life-size metal dinosaurs inspired by actual fossils. Test out your creativity with hands-on activities like the Junkyard Workstations, where visitors can create their own sculptures out of recycled material scraps. Sort of like what happens when dating in Wilton Manors— trying to create a perfect relationship out of the scraps of the losers wandering around the drive. The exhibit runs until January 5. Open 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. (12 - 6 p.m. on Sundays). Museum of Science and Discovery. 401 SW 2nd St, Fort Lauderdale, 33312.


Wicked Wednesdays College Night


India.Arie (10/13)

Had a long week already? In college and trying to find any opportunity to get wasted? Well, hump day concludes with a specialsfilled night at Rumors Bar and Grill. We 1$ wells, 1$ domestic drafts, and 1$ Schnapps, getting drunk never cost so little. Karaoke in The Red Room begins at 6 p.m. This night mixes the young with the cheap—a fine mix if ever there was one. 6 p.m. Rumors bar and Grill. 2426 Wilton Dr, Wilton Manors, 33305.

October 9, 2013 H 17


Mamma Mia How could a lame Swedish pop group from the late 1970s become both a cultural touchstone and gay favorite? Well, through such catchy if cheesy songs as “Dancing Queen” and “The Name of the Game.” Before Meryl Streep struggled through these songs for the film version, Mamma Mia! was a Broadway smash. The tour-

India.Arie at The Filmore Miami Beach at Jackie Gleason Theater

our city’s six week-long celebration of our best restaurants! From October 1 – November 7, 40 Fort Lauderdale restaurants are offering specially crafted, three course meals at $35. Some gay favorites are included in this mix, including Dapur and Primavera. Foodies, gastronomists, or anyone looking for a nice night out can enjoy both this price and the food. For more information visit

Emilie Sande Comes to Miami

Oktoberfest Fuss: Mona’s and Lisa’s Backyard

SUNDAY 10/13


The acclaimed Broadway musical takes center stage at the Broward Center for the Performing Arts. The winner of numerous Tonys and Academy Awards for the film version, Chicago is a venerable production, one of the contemporary classics. The story deals with murderous women and their attempts to manipulate their fates through notoriety and the press. Taking place in the Roaring 20’s, Chicago is a world of fast living, hard drinking, and voluptuous vixens. Wouldn’t it be great to shoot your ex? Wouldn’t it be even better to get away with it? John O’Hurley from Seinfeld plays the Richard Gere role in this production. 8 p.m. Broward Center for the Performing Arts. 201 SW 5th Ave, Fort Lauderdale, 33312.

ing musical comes to the Adrienne Arsht Center. The musical takes place on the Greek island of Kalokairi, as an engaged young woman attempts to find her father in Greece. She narrows it down to three, invites them over (pretending to be her mother), and wackiness ensues. 8 p.m. Adrienne Arsht Center. 1300 Biscayne Blvd, Miami, 33132.


FRIDAY 10/11

2) BILL’S FILLING STATION 2209 Wilton Drive Wilton Manors

1) ALIBI 2266 Wilton Drive Wilton Manors

17) RAMROD 1508 NE 4th Ave Fort Lauderdale

16) NEW MOON 2440 Wilton Drive Wilton Manors

15) NAKED GRAPE 2163 Wilton Drive Wilton manors


3) BOARDWALK 1721 N Andrews Ave Fort Lauderdale

18) ROSIE’S BAR & GRILL 2449 Wilton Drive Wilton Manors

October 9, 2013 H 18

27) VILLAGE PUB 2283 Wilton Drive Wilton Manors

26) TROPICS 2000 Wilton Drive Wilton Manors

25) TORPEDO 2829 W Broward Blvd Fort Lauderdale

24) 13 I Even 2037 Wilton Dr Wilton Manors

23) THE STABLE 205 E Oakland Park Blvd Fort Lauderdale

22) SMARTY PANTS 2400 E Oakland Park Blvd Fort Lauderdale

21) SIDELINES 2031 Wilton Drive Wilton Manors

20) SCANDALS SALOON 3073 NE 6th Ave Wilton Manors

19) RUMORS BAR & GRILL 2426 Wilton Drive Wilton Manors

4) BOOM 2232 Wilton Drive Wilton Manors 5) CORNER PUB 1915 N Andrews Ave Wilton Manors 6) CUBBY HOLE 823 N Federal Hwy Fort Lauderdale 7) Dapur 1620 N Federal Hwy Fort Lauderdale 8) DUDES 3270 NE 33rd St Fort Lauderdale 9) INFINITY LOUNGE 2184 WIlton Drive Wilton Manors 10) JOHNNY’S 1116 W Broward Blvd Fort Lauderdale 11) LIPS 1421 E Oakland Park Blvd Oakland Park 12) THE MANOR COMPLEX 2345 Wilton Drive Wilton Manors 13) MONA’S 502 E Sunrise Blvd Fort Lauderdale 14) MONKEY BUSINESS 2740 N Andrews Ave Fort Lauderdale /floridaagenda






k o o L T OU


October 9, 2013 H 19







ou are what you eat!” How many times have you heard that? As trite as they sound, there is wisdom in those words. Whether you’re trimming down, building muscle or doing both, your nutritional program is the greatest key to experiencing success no matter your goals. Working out, doing cardio and rest are essential to good health and building a gorgeous physique, but you have to fuel your body with the right foods or you will waste time spinning your wheels. The good news is that you don’t have to blow money on expensive supplements when there are good 1. OLIVE OIL: This baby is high in the healthy fats your body needs to control your cholesterol levels and produce hormones like testosterone. Olive oil helps eliminate inflammation in muscles caused by mega-workouts.

We're Hands-on Men

Simply, the best massage. Period.

954.630.1444 2153 Wilton Drive, Wilton Manors

#MM18817 - #MA36377, #FB9745553, #MA48320, #MA46554

October 9, 2013 H 20

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2. Y  OGURT: Natural yogurt, either low-fat or whole milk based contains the good bacteria your body needs to maintain healthy digestive and immune systems. Yogurt is also a great source of calcium, the mineral that fuels every muscle contraction in your body. 3. GARLIC: While the next guy you French kiss may not appreciate your affinity for this herb, garlic can help you get “big”. Animal research shows that garlic combined with high levels of protein yields elevated testosterone levels and less muscle breakdown. How perfect is that?! 4. PASTA: Building muscle mass requires protein and carbohydrates. Carbs help the protein you eat get to your muscles more efficiently. One cup of cooked pasta yields 45 grams of carbs, which is the minimum that hard-gainers need per meal to experience serious gains.

clean foods that will do the job. Here are some great and affordable foods that can help you build muscle size and stay healthy and trim as well. This is a list of my “top eight.” 5. S  ALMON: Six ounces of salmon provide 34 grams of protein and 4 grams of omega-3 fatty acids, the healthy fats that reduce muscle inflammation and help you to burn fat as energy. 6. LEAN BEEF: Bring on the beef! Lean beef is a source of cholesterol, the main ingredient that helps your body produce its own testosterone. It’s also a good source of creatine, B vitamins and zinc – just make sure to trim the fat! 7. E  GGS: Whole eggs are rich in healthy fats and lecithin, all of which are great for building mass. Hold the yolks if your cholesterol is high or you need to cut up. 8. W  HOLE MILK: If you’re a hardgainer, there is nothing better than whole milk for building mass. The fat in milk is less likely to be stored as body fat than many other types of dietary fats. Milk also helps the body absorb cancer fighting Vitamin D. For more tips on clean eating and muscle building power foods, contact Trainer Tom at trainertomb@aol. com. Check out Pump’n Inc. at www. and call to schedule a free intake with me at (954) 5571119. Here’s to an Autumn filled with success and power!



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• 3 chicken breasts, cooked and diced • Knob of butter • 1 tb spoon flour • 1 small onion chopped • A good pinch of black pepper • ½ pint chicken broth • ½ cup milk • 12 ounces frozen mixed peas and carrots or sliced mushrooms • 2 refrigerated pie crusts (I prefer to use puff pastry) reheat your oven to 425 degrees. Take out the pie crusts so they’ll come to room temperature. In a saucepan, simmer butter and onion until soft. Stir in flour and pepper, and cook until bubbly. Slowly stir in broth and milk, a little at a time. Heat to boil, stirring constantly. Boil one minute. Congratulations! you have just made a béchamel sauce. Add the chicken, and the veggies. Unroll 1st pie crust using the lid of your cocotte cut around it with a paring knife. Spoon the chicken filling into the little cocottes. Place the pastry on top





of each one, making sure to make a few holes with your knife so it’ll breath. Bake for approx 20 mins. Serve with a Salad… you are a chef ! Although born in Dublin, Ireland, Chef Jean Doherty spent most of her life in Lyon, France, the gastronomical capital of the world. Together with Vero, her partner of 25 years, Jean has owned and run multiple restaurants including Fort Lauderdale’s Le Patio.

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THE MERMAID BAR Fort Lauderdale’s Best Kept Secret

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he Mermaid Bar is one of Fort Lauderdale’s best kept secrets. Sure there’s regulars (which majority of the servers know by name), and word of mouth from fellow WASPs keep it consistently busy, but I’m willing to wager a good amount of South Floridians don’t know that this little gem even exists. Tucked inside of the upper level of Neiman Marcus (just near the seasonal decorations) in the Galleria Mall, the chances of you wandering in accidentally are slim to none. If you see a line of three or four people waiting for a seat, either at the bar or the handful of tables to the right, you may get turned off and leave completely. Don’t. The line moves quick, and the food is beyond fantastic: there’s a reason this lunch spot’s Yelp page is littered with 5 star reviews. On our recent trip, we were lucky – no wait. The space just recently reopened after renovations, and boy does it show. They’ve redone the ceilings, floors, table and counter tops, and chairs. It’s one of those changes that was long overdue according to the staff, but regulars likely didn’t even notice, as the space has always looked beautiful. We sat at one of the tables and looked over the menu for what felt like an eternity before deciding what to order. Everything sounded like the perfect culmination of flavors. The Crab Louie salad ($17.50) with jumbo lump crab, greens, egg, tomato, cucumber and “louie dressing” caught my eye, mostly due to its low calorie count of 420 (yes, the menu now lists the calories for each item). The daily Sampler ($10.50) is another “fan favorite” – a cup of soup and half of a sandwich of your choice (chicken salad, tuna salad, egg salad, or roast turkey sandwich). I finally decided on the All Natural

Chicken Cobb salad ($11), and my friend ordered their allegedly glorious Grilled Double Cheese ($10.50). We ordered a cub of the restaurant’s famed tomato bisque soup to start with, and FYI, it’s famous for a reason. Hands down, this is one of the best tomato bisques that I’ve ever encountered. My Chicken Cobb arrived with beautiful presentation. The egg was whole but sliced perfectly and the chicken, bacon and avocado were carefully placed across from each other (in case you have a particular way of eating your salad). The red wine vinaigrette was a perfect pair for the salad. My friend’s grilled cheese was everything you’d hope for; a respectable amount of high quality melted cheese between crispy, buttery bread, served with tomato bisque and fresh fruit. The gourmet grilled cheese combined with the flavorful tomato soup is a hit with regulars (according to our server), which didn’t surprise us. Though Neiman’s is also famous for their deserts, including their giant homemade chocolate chip cookies, ($5 for one that comes in a decorated box), but we were simply too full to put anything else down. We ordered a Cappuccino Viennese ($4.75) to end the meal on a fantastic note. We thanked our server, and left the little bistro with smiles on our faces. If you enjoy quality food and friendly staff, you’ll want to check out this gem as soon as possible. Maybe the next time you go shopping. Make sure to tell them Florida Agenda sent you.




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f you want to really experience a travel destination, you need to get out and meet the people. Tour the countryside. Explore regions off the beaten path. The best way to do that is on a bicycle tour. Not just for Tour de France junkies, bicycle tours are a popular vacation option and there are tours designed for everyone from the dedicated cyclist to the weekend recreational rider. Experience the fragrant, scenic wine country of France. Share a family adventure in Costa Rica. Ride the steep slopes of the Italian Dolomites. Where you go and what you do is completely up to you. Start your incredible journey by finding the trip that’s right for you. The price for a cycling trip can accommodate the leanest budget or prove as luxurious as you desire. Check out some of these options, which do not include travel to or from the cycling location.

Maui, Hawaii, Nov. 8-14, $1,499

Spend a week exploring the island by bike, from its heavenly beaches to its scenic natural wonders and you’ll discover why Maui has been voted “Best Island” by readers of Conde Nast Traveler for more than a dozen years. Presented by Vacation Bicycling, of Athens, GA. Call (800) 490-2173 or go to vacationbicycling. com for more information.

California Desert Escape, Nov. 17-22, $2,190. Cycle the

grandeur, and empty roads of the Southern California desert region. This group tour (limited to 14 riders) visits Palm Springs, Palm Desert, Anza-Borrego Desert, Borrego Springs and the Salton Sea. Presented by Undiscovered Country Bike Tours, call (877) 322-1667 or go to

Florida Keys Ride, Dec. 8-14, $885


Holland & Belgium Bike and Barge, April 12-

May 22, $1,275 Holland is the most bike-friendly country in the world, and this tour from Amsterdam to Belgium includes stops in Flanders and Brugge. View fishing villages, working windmills, winding dikes along the beautiful Dutch polders, blooming acres of flowers, impressive castles, cheese making and organic farms, while spending evenings on floating comfort in a Dutch boathotel. The accommodations also include hearty breakfasts, packed lunches for picnics, afternoon snacks, refreshments, dinner and special wine and cheese parties. Presented by Bike and the Like. For more information, call (877) 776-6572 or go to Andalucía, Spain, 6 days, numerous dates March through May, from $2499. Luxuriate in essential Spain

on your cycling vacation as you pedal through the natural beauty of Andalucía with stops at hotels each night. This trip requires an active rider.


Cross Country USA: Portland to Portland, 45 days, Aug. 24-Oct. 2,

$16,999 If you’re ready for the bike trip—and challenge—of a lifetime, join this bicycle tour that stretches from the Pacific to the Atlantic. This requires an avid, experienced rider. Blackberry Farm, Great Smoky Mountains, 6 days, beginning May 11 or 18, $5,499

Explore 4,200 untouched acres adjoining the Great Smoky Mountains National Park in eastern Tennessee on Blackberry Farm while spending your nights in a luxury spa setting.

Myanmar, 8 days beginning March 11 or 18, $6,499

Beginning with tours of the city and an overnight stay the Governor’s residence, then on to Bagan and overnight at The Bagan

Lodge, then on to the Amara Mountain Resort in Kalaw, which includes a visit to an elephant sanctuary. A flight to Heho is followed by a trip to Pindaya and two days of exploration before traveling by bike to the Inle Lake View hotel. This trip is for recreational riders and is rated as a luxury trip. For an all-inclusive package, Trek Tours supplies everything, even the latest Trek bicycles. Additionally, the company has so many bike tours scheduled, from luxury trips to family vacations to those devoted to hard-core biking, that there’s certain to be one that fits your schedule. The trip leaders are not just cyclists but also, trained travel guides. The trips are ranked to indicate, not only the length of the trip, but the level of cycling difficulty. For information on the tours listed below or one of the hundreds of other tours offered, call (866) 464-8735 or check out its web site For additional bike tours check out The National Bicycle Tour Directors Association (NBTDA), an organization of bike-tour professionals founded in 1990. Collectively the NBTDA represents hundreds of multi-day, non-competitive bicycle tours, including commercial touring companies, and fundraising rides for nonprofit organizations. For a list of tours and more information go to

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This 45 mile trip (limited to 75 riders) includes hotel accommodations in Key Largo, Marathon and Key West, as it explores the Florida Overseas Heritage Trail. In addition to housing, the trip includes: three

dinners, five breakfasts, baggage truck, and parking at the trip origin hotel in Key Largo and happy hours. Presented by: Pedal Across Wisconsin. For more information, call (847) 309-4740 or go to /floridaagenda /floridaagenda




CLEAN IT RITE—THE BEST CLEANING SERVICE FOR YOUR BUCK! 1BR, $60, 2BR, $70, 3BR $80. Excellent references. 10 years in the business. Serving BROWARD, North Miami, and South Palm Beach. Contact Manny, (954) 560-4443

ELITE RELOCATION MOVING & STORAGE We’ve provided quality moves for over 30 years. It’s always a smooth move when you choose Elite Relocation. Contact us today: 954.975.8660

RED BOX MOVING -- owner in truck on every move. Call norbert directly. Affordable, reliable, careful. COUNSELING Mv#567/insured. (954)305-9176 or (561)506-5540A MIND AT PEACE PSYCHOTHERAPY SERVICES. Ron, “Doc” Chambers 954-627-0103 1975 East Sunrise Blvd., Suite 629 Ft. Lauderdale, Florida 33304. Serving PEST CONTROL Adults, Children, Couples and Families HIV Related Issues Depression – Schizophrenia Relationship Problems - Anger GOT ANTS? Aloha bugs inc. Full service pest control. Management. Same-Sex Domestic Violence - Many Other Ant Specialist, White Fly, Lawn Spraying. Serving your Community for over 20 Years. (954) 920-BUGS (2847) Mental Health Issue. ***Affordable Counseling Fees*** SEEKING PLEASURE? You can’t think right when you’re stressed out. I CAN HELP with a unique service. *HOLISTIC RELAXATION* Sessions are spiritually oriented, confidential and private in my intimate studio. *Professionally Trained *References *Here to serve. Rates as low as $45. Call today and schedule your consultation. Paul Bunting - Life Coach 754-444-7348

EMPLOYMENT JAVA BOYS IS LOOKING FOR A BARISTA. Please apply in person, Shoppes of Wilton Manors. PART TIME BARTENDER AND NIGHT SECURITY POSITION AVAILABLE. Bartender should have a following... Call Jerry (954)786-0287. 5 POINTS MASSAGE, Your Relaxation Oasis in Wilton Manors is looking for 2-3 exceptionally talented Licensed Massage Therapists to work as contract workers, part time on an appointment by appointment basis. Thai massage, Reflexology, and other specialty techniques especially considered. Men and women considered. Must be licensed in the State of Florida and carry state-required personal liability insurance. Studio opens in early June. Call Tom Marten at 954-295-7041 or e-mail at for further info. Be part of Wilton Manors premiere massage studio.

FOR HIRE HOUSE-SITTER AVAILABLE Former New York City butler and private Palm Beach chef available now to house-sit long/short term. For extra secuity, I am teamed with a retired State Police K-9. Prior and local refrences available. Please call Kevin at 954-804-0862 or e-mail for an interview. Thank you.

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PET SITTING/WALKING PAWPAL DOG WALKING/PET SITTING. Serving Wilton Manors, Ft. Lauderdale, & Oakland Park. Please call Rob. (469) 260-6969 or visit my website

RENT / LEASE OAKLAND PARK – Adorable 2BR/1BA tropical cottage home with everything new - kitchen, appliances, paint and more. Large yard, screened patio. Just minutes to beach, entertainment, hospitals, businesses and highways. $1,500/mo. Call (954) 383-4091 WILTON MANORS 1 BEDROOM, VERY CLEAN, CENTRAL AIR, BACk patio, tile throughout, laundry on premise. private parking avail now $800, 1645 Dixie Highway. Call Nick 954-805-1195 POINSETTIA HEIGHTS A beautiful 2/2 overlooks pool. Duplex surrounded by lush gardens and wellmaintained landscaping. Updated kitchen with granite counters, terrazzo floors, large closets, central A/C, W/D. Small pets allowed. Non smoker. Perfectly suited for a roommate. $1500/mo. Call 954-563-1576 WILTON MANORS $695 to $795 Ready to move in 1BD/1BA. Large units, tile floors, walk in closet, newly renovated kitchen and bath, new appl., private paved patio with tropical landscaping, off street parking for one car, Free laundry onsite. Smoke Free unit. No Smoking. No pets. Call 754-366-7563 SPACIOUS STUDIO,COTTAGE/FT.LAUDERDALE Private gated complex/parking.separate entrance.Garden/ courtyard. Full kitchen,walk-in closet,A/C heat,tile floors/ close to wilton man.beach,shopping,bars REDUCED $650./month For Info. Call noon -8pm. (954) 522-8147 OAKLAND PARK unfurnished room available August 1st. Professional GWM seeks same. Share bathroom. W/D in unit. Lite kitchen privileges. Non smoker. Must be employed. No pets. Please call Sergio (954) 303-5355

PERFECT RELOCATION RENTALS 4 Week+ Special from $325/Week Gay Owned & Operated Apartment Hotel. Beautiful Studio,1 & 2 BR Apts. With Full Kitchens. Turn-key, fully furnished &equipped, clothing optional pool, laundry, parking. Central to Wilton Manors & Haulover Beach. Incl. Wi-Fi, utilities, cable, tel. Pets Welcome. Call Joe or Jack at ROOMMATES (954) 927-0090 or visit FT. LAUDERDALE, Private unfurnished room available in SFH. Share bath. Lite kitchen privileges. Rent includes JOURNEY WORKSHOPS utilities and internet. MUST be employed, and have verifiJOURNEY TO DISCOVERY WORKSHOPS “Create Your able reference, clean and neat and NON-SMOKER. $600/ Personal Journey” These workshops are to help you find bal- MO, & deposit of $250. Room is available immediately. ance in your life, your thoughts, your behavior and to learn Jim (954) 303-5355 what best serves you. For our workshop & events schedule Visit or call Kathryn 954-306-8251 SPIRITUALITY THE PARISH OF STS. FRANCIS & CLARE 101 NE LICENSED MASSAGE 3rd Street - staffed by Franciscan friars - just N of Broward RECESSION RELIEF- $40 per 90 Mins-Out Calls Higher. Blvd. and E of Andrews Ave. Mass Times: Sat @ 5 PM; Sun Swedish & Deep-Tissue. Specialty is Back, Lower Body, and Feet. @ 10:30 AM; Wed @ 7 PM. Where we welcome and apCouples Discount. Seniors Welcome. 16 Years Experience. Delray preciate diversity - a progressive community in the Catholic tradition. 954-731-8173; Beach. MA 18563 Dennis (561) 502-2628





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SPONSORS: Steel Gym, Push Fitness, Graves Foundation, Pride South Florida, Gibson Leon Trust, Manor Complex, Storks, Guy Magazine, Florida Agenda


CLASSES: Total Body by Michael Festa • Healthy Eating Workshop • Beach Jog with Brian Neal • Beginners Weight Training by Brian Neal • Amped by Intense Fitness • Sweat by Intense Fitness • Yoga by Robert Schlien • Boot Camp by Brian Neal • Intensity by David Levinson • Nutrition by Rigo • Life Coaching by Howard Cohen • Peter Jackson POZ Fitness Program

2435 North Dixie Hwy Wilton Manors, FL 33305


A 501(c)3 organization providing services to financially challenged people living with HIV/AIDS in Fort Lauderdale



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The Russotto Group is on the move again!

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Getting YOUR Word Out!

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Florida Agenda Issue 203  

Gay South Florida's Newspaper of Record

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