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COVER STORY Cover story photos courtesy of NBCNews



ay marriage has finally been legalized in France after a long, hard, grueling battle. In the past few weeks, there have numerous, violent attacks on gay couples. It got so out of control that even legislators received threats — including Assembly president, Claude Bartelone, who received a gunpowder-filled envelope on Monday. One of the biggest protests against same-sex marriage that we’ve ever seen gathered together hundreds of thousands of people from the French provinces, including conservative activists, schoolchildren (with their parents of course), priests, retirees and more. The protest ended in blasts of tear gas, as right-wing extremists (some even donning masks and hoods) charged the police, damaging cars along the Champs-Elysees Ave before attempting to get to the presidential palace. Justice Minister Christiane Taubira told lawmakers that country’s first same-sex weddings could be as soon as June. Taubira said, “We believe that the first weddings will be beautiful and that they’ll bring a breeze of joy, and that those who are opposed to them today will surely be confounded when they are overcome with the happiness of the newlyweds and the families.” On the cover of Tuesday’s Liberation newspaper in France, famed gay photographers Pierre and Gilles took over the front page (in addition to several on the inside), loading them up with extremely provocative photos, including one of three soccer players — completely nude except for their shoes — facing the camera. The issue will likely become a big piece of French history. France is the 14th country to legalize gay marriage nationwide, and America is now in the hot seat. How did France legalize gay marriage before us? The ball is in our court now.

Police prepare for violent anti-gay marriage protests in Paris prior to passing of legislation in France’s National Assembly

MGLFF 2013 FILM SCHEDULE Anarchy in Zirmunai Tue Apr 30 07:00PM Miami Beach Cinematheque Born This Way Sun Apr 28 06:00PM Colony Theater Breaking Through Fri May 03 07:00PM Colony Theater Continental Fri May 03 09:30PM Coral Gables Art Cinema Continental Sat May 04 02:00PM O Cinema-Miami Shores

April 24, 2013 H 4

Facing Mirrors Sat Apr 27 08:00PM Miami Beach Cinematheque G.B.F. (Gay Best Friend) Opening Night Film & Gala Fri Apr 26 08:00PM Olympia Theater at the Gusman Center Geography Club Thu May 02 09:30PM O Cinema- Miami Shores

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Wed May 01 08:00PM New World Symphony

Interior. Leather Bar./ In Their Room London Sun Apr 28 08:30PM Colony Theater

Hot Guys With GunsClosing Film Sat May 04 08:00PM Colony Theater

Kings and Queens Tue Apr 30 09:30PM Miami Beach Cinematheque

I Am Divine Fri May 03 08:30PM Miami Beach Botanical Gardens I Do-Centerpiece Film & Gala Wed May 01 08:00PM O Cinema- Miami Shores In The Name Of Sun May 05 06:30PM Coral Gables Art Cinema In The Name Of Thu May 02 07:30PM O Cinema- Miami Shores In Their Room London Sun Apr 28 08:30PM Colony Theater Interior. Leather Bar./ Adults Only Thu May 02 09:30PM Miami Beach Cinematheque

Pit Stop Fri May 03 11:30PM Coral Gable Art Cinema

The Invisible Men Sat Apr 27 10:30PM Miami Beach Cinematheque

Pit Stop Sun May 05 07:30PM O Cinema-Miami Shores

The Rugby Player Mon Apr 29 08:00PM Colony Theater

La Partida- Sneak Preview Sun May 05 09:15PM O Cinema- Miami Shores

Raid Of The Rainbow Lounge Thu May 02 07:00PM Miami Beach Cinematheque

The Skin I’m In Sat May 04 03:00PM Coral Gables Art Cinema

Let My People Go! Sat Apr 27 03:00PM Miami Beach Cinematheque

Stud Life Campbell Ex Sun Apr 28 08:00PM Miami Beach Cinematheque

Let My People Go! Sun May 05 09:00PM Coral Gables Art Cinema Margarita Fri May 03 07:00PM Coral Gables Art Cinema Mr. Angel Mon Apr 29 09:30PM Miami Beach Cinematheque Out in the Dark Sat Apr 27 09:15PM Olympia Theater at the Gusman Theater

Submerge Sun May 05 01:30PM Coral Gables Art Cinema Submerge Sat May 04 04:30PM O Cinema-Miami Shores Tennessee Queer Wed May 01 09:30PM Miami Beach Cinematheque The Go Doc Project Sat May 04 08:00PM Coral Gables Art Cinema

Transgender Tuesdays Sun Apr 28 03:00PM Miami Beach Cinematheque Tudo Sue Deus Criou Mon Apr 29 07:00PM Miami Beach Cinematheque TWO: The Story of Roman and Nyro Tue Apr 30 08:00PM Colony Theater Valentine Road Sun Apr 28 05:30PM Miami Beach Cinematheque Valentine Road Sun May 05 04:00PM Coral Gables Art Cinema

What Women Like (Women’s Shorts Program) Wed May 01 07:00PM Miami Beach Cinematheque Where The Men Are-Part 1 (Men’s Shorts Program) Sun Apr 28 10:30PM Miami Beach Cinematheque Where The Men Are-Part 2 (Men’s Shorts Program) Sat May 04 10:30PM Coral Gables Art Cinema White Frog Sat Apr 27 05:30PM Miami Beach Cinematheque Who’s Afraid of Vagina Wolf Sat Apr 27 06:00PM Olympia Theater at the Gusman Center Wildness Sat May 04 12:30PM Coral Gables Art Cinema Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow Sun May 05 05:00PM O Cinema-Miami Shores Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow Sat May 04 05:30PM Coral Gables Art Cinema



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Ex-Ravens Linebacker Jumps In To Support Equality Fort Lauderdale – Ex-Baltimore Ravens reserve linebacker Brendon Ayanbadejo called on professional athletes Tuesday to stand up for marriage equality. He said it is “the right thing to do.” Ayanbadejo’s career started in Miami in 2003, where he has lived for the past 10 years. Joined with Equality Florida, the athlete asked for everyone’s help. When speaking about

DWTSFS Receives Impressive Donations

Orlando – An openly gay ex-college football kicker wants to join the big leagues. With a deep-seated confidence in his sexual orientation, 23-year old Gendreau wants to take a big-time shot at his future: he wants in the NFL. The Orlando native said he knew he was gay at a very young age. Now, he wants people to accept him for who he really is, while taking his talent seriously. “All those kids playing sports in the South or anywhere else,” Gendreau said, “kids who are afraid to be themselves, I just want to put my arm around them and help them. And if my story can do that, I figure I owe it to them to give it the best ending I can.”

make $2,000 or less a month, and must be able to provide documentation for a life altering physical condition such as HIV, AIDS, Heart Disease, etc. In order to keep the sponsorship, qualified individuals are required to go to Steel Gym once a week (on average), as well as participate in one of the many classes offered weekly. For more information visit

Eighth Grader Fights For A Gay-Straight Alliance Club Orlando – Bayli Silberstein left Monday night’s Lake County School Board meeting in tears. The eigthth grader looked

April 24, 2013 H 7

Wilton Manors – Dancing With The South Florida Stars brought in an impressive $6,000 to benefit the Brian Neal Fitness & Health Foundation. The Brian Neal Fitness and Health Foundation targets financially challenged people living with HIV/AIDS in Fort Lauderdale. The Foundation allows and encourages people to maintain a fit and healthy lifestyle while continuing to fight HIV/AIDS. Due to the amount of money raised, the Foundation has generously aggreed to give away 75 Steel Gym Memberships to those who qualify. To qualify, you must

Kicking Through Discrimination

Courtesy of NFLBlgspot

Brendon Ayanbadejo

gay marriage, he said, “It’s personal, but I equate it to equal rights, and a lot of people can’t see it that way.”

defeated after board members voted 4-1 to postpone a final vote that might have allowed a proposed gay-straight club to form at the school. Bayli, an openly bisexual 14-year-old, has been trying to start a Gay-Straight Alliance at Carver Middle School in Leesburg to combat the bullying of her fellow gay classmates.

April 24, 2013 • ISSUE 179





Clinton Says We Are “The Agents Of Change” Los Angeles, CA – The GLAAD Media Awards, which take place each year in Los Angeles, boast a large number of well known attendees: from the LGBT community to their allies. Former President Bill Clinton made an appearance and gave a controversial speech about the Employment Non-Discrimination Act and immigration reform. “The whole story of the life of our country, of a more perfect union, is to widen the circle of opportunity, to strengthen and enhance the reach of freedom and cement the bonds of community as it gets ever more diverse. Don’t you let anyone tell you otherwise. You have made this a better, a more interesting, and a more well-prepared country for the future,” he said. “We need you fully-armed for the continued struggle for equality. You are the agents of change.”


Father Of Deceased Son Will Walk 5,000 Miles To Teach Equality La Grande, OR – Joe Bell is going to walk it off. The father of a 15-year-old who committed suicide after living with antigay bullying, will walk across America to inspire, but also as part of a healing process. Three months after his son Jadin’s death, Joe Bell is going to walk 5,000 miles, ending in Delaware. Along the way, Bell will stop at several schools in order to discuss the importance of taking action against homophobic bullying. Jadin hung himself in January after repeated harassment at his Oregon school. The teen was reported to have previously complained about the problem to the school officials.

Sen. Kelvin Atkinson Comes Out Of the Closet Las Vegas, NV – The Nevada State Senate voted 12-9 to overturn the statewide constitutional amendment that currently bans same-sex couples from marrying on Monday morning. The twist? It was after Northern Nevada Sen. Kelvin Atkinson (D) told his colleagues during a legislative debate on the possible repeal. Atkinson said, “I know this is the first time many of you have heard me say that I am a black, gay male.” The proposal now heads to the state Assembly, where Democrats currently outnumber Republicans 27 to 15.

April 24, 2013 H 8

Boy Scouts May Finally Receive Some Equality Irving, TX – There’s an end in sight for The Boy Scouts of America’s anti-gay dilemma. They are calling for an end to their ban on homosexual members, but are still enforcing the ban for adult leaders. The change must still be approved by the group’s council members at the largely anticipated meeting May 20. According to the Washington Post, “A 16-year-old gay scout from California, Ryan Andresen, was denied the eagle scout badge last year and has been held up by opponents as an example of the current policy’s injustice. A lesbian mother also became a national figure last year when she was removed from her position as den mother in a Cub Scout troop.”






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Q & A


PEOPLE WHO NEED PEOPLE An Interview With Filmmaker Mikael Buch



Photo courtesy of MGLFF

“Let My People Go!” is screening on Apr. 27 and May 5 as part of the Miami Gay and Lesbian Film Festival. Visit for more information.

GS: How much, if any, of you is in Ruben or Teemu? MB: [Laughs] I think I’m more of a Ruben than Teemu, that’s for sure. But I’m not really Ruben either. The identity setting is autobiographical, but the character itself is imaginary. I think the character has a lot of things of me and a lot of the things of Nicolas Maury, the actor who plays Ruben, and a lot of things that are just out of my imagination. GS: I’m glad that you mentioned Nicolas, because he is a marvelous physical comedian. He has an expressive and elastic face and when one of the characters says Ruben “wiggles like a worm,” he isn’t kidding. MB: Meeting Nicolas has been really important for me. I had done two short films with him before “Let My People Go!” He has been really important, because before I met him I didn’t dare to do comedy. I had wanted to do comedy for a long time but I had been doing more dramatic films. When I met him he had such a special way of acting, being a comedian. He seemed like a modern Buster Keaton. That was very interesting

and very inspiring to me. I was thinking of him when I wrote the part (of Reuben). GS: “Let My People Go!” takes a humorous look at various relationships, including those between gay sons and their mothers and fathers. In one scene, Ruben accuses his mother Rachel of forcing him to relive his coming out, even though she knows he is gay. MB: The important thing for us, when we wrote the script, was not doing a comingout film. It shouldn’t be a film about coming out, but about a gay character that was accepted by his family. I want to talk about how family can accept a gay son because they love him. But there are still some stereotypes and ideas that exist inside the family. I wanted to talk about that, too. For example, how the mother accepts the fact that he’s gay, but maybe he’ll find a nice woman and he’ll settle down. The same thing with the father; when the father says you can’t preach to me because you’re gay, it’s a kind of idea that even if all of the family is really accepting of him and supportive, they still have stereotypical ideas about what homosexuality is.

GS: Carmen Maura, who plays Rachel, is perhaps best known for her work with Pedro Almodovar. “Let My People Go!” is reminiscent of Almodovar’s style of comedy. Is he a filmmaker who you consider to be an influence on your work? MB: Ah, yes, very much so. I grew up in Spain, spent my whole childhood in Spain, and his films were important to me. Carmen was really more than an actress, she was an icon of my teenage years. I was really lucky to have her in the film. Because I had grown up in Spain, when I started the casting I wanted her to have a little bit of Spain in the film. GS: “Let My People Go!” also gives us intimate relationships between older people — Ruben’s father Nathan and his mistress Francoise, attorney Goldberg and his longtime male companion Schwartz. Why was it important for you to include those kinds of relationships in the movie? MB: I think it’s a film about every kind of love and desire. I was interested to explore that side. What was interesting about the Goldberg character to me was that he has Continued on Page 10

April 24, 2013 H 9

Gregg Shapiro: You co-wrote the screenplay for “Let My People Go!” with Christophe Honoré. how did the two of you come to work together on this project? Mikael Buch: I met Christophe when I was at film school. I went to the National Film School in France. When you do your final study project in school you have to choose a kind of “godfather” tutor. I had just seen “Dans Paris”, one of his films, which I love very much, so I asked him to be my tutor. We met like that. Since then I’ve been working with him on some of his films. When the time came to write my film, it felt natural to work with him because he was the person who knew me the best and knew the kind of cinema I wanted to do.


n Finnish and French with English subtitles, the modern, campy farce “Let My People Go!” (Zeitgeist) follows a young gay couple, Ruben (the elastic Nicolas Maury) and Teemu (Jarkko Niemi), as their relationship is threatened by a variety of outside influences. The first and greatest is that postman Ruben unwittingly finds himself in possession of about 200,000 Euros. This causes such a rift between the pair that Ruben leaves rural Finland to return to what he thinks is the safety net of his family in Paris. Arriving just in time for Passover, Ruben can sense the rather large black cloud hovering over everything: his nephew Gabriel, his relentless mother Rachel (Almodovar regular Carmen Maura), his unfaithful father Nathan (Jean-François Stévenin), his sister Irene’s (Amira Casar) marriage to gentile Herve (Charlie Dupont) and even his own difficulty sleeping. Things become even more complicated when elderly, widowed lawyer Goldberg (Jean-Luc Bideau) becomes enamored with Ruben. As Ruben puts it, his life has become “one bad Jewish joke.” Back in Finland, Teemu learns the truth about the suspicious stash of cash. He hops on a plane to Paris to make amends with Ruben, but unfortunately, he’s about to make an appearance just as everything goes from bad to worse, including the arrest of Ruben, his brother Samuel (Clément Sibony) and Nathan. Lovesick Goldberg doesn’t help matters when he sends Teemu away. However, when Teemu appears at the door on the night of the Seder, like a blonde Elijah, it’s clear that Ruben’s days of suffering are over. I spoke with writer/director Mikael Buch about the film in early 2013.





How’s this for diversity? MGLFF will be presenting “I Am Divine,” a film about Harris Glenn Milstead, on Friday, May 3rd

shocking number of gay stereotypes still linger. Yes, at least we are being portrayed in mainstream media, but at what cost? Cameron and Mitchell of “Modern Family” are hilarious. On “The New Normal,” Bryan and David are adorably quirky. “Glee” boasts a cast made up entirely of underdogs, one of whom is the strong but young Kurt. The problem may not present itself to everyone, but it’s extremely jarring for me. These popular, lovable characters are made so glaringly gay that it becomes the main point of focus in their role on the program.

Why do characters need to be so stereotypically gay in order to gain a devout fan base? For me, it would be more effective to see a character struggle, battle demons, triumph, learn and grow — all before learning that they are homosexual. With the Miami Gay and Lesbian film festival this weekend, we have the opportunity to see a plethora of unique gay characters. From a documentary based on a group of prosecuted gays from Palestine to a love story based on two men that fall for each other in a small town in Texas,

this festival has more gay diversity than anything we’ve seen in mainstream media in the past few years. Hopefully the big wig entertainment execs will catch some of these films and realize the need for diversity with gay roles in mainstream media. Sexuality is just a facet of ourselves. There’s so much more to us than our sexual identity, and when that is finally recognized by the rest of the world, I’ll be able to rest easy. It’s not all bad though. We’ve come a long way from the “bend and snap” hair stylist from “Legally Blonde.”

such a joyful and liberated way of expressing himself, doing whatever he wants. I thought it was really funny to confront Ruben, who has a very complicated way of living his desires, with a character like that, who can allow himself to be the president of the Jewish community and at the same time go disco dancing at a gay club. He does whatever he wants [laughs].

and Gentiles. Do you think that it will always be an “us versus them” relationship, or will the Jews and the “goyim” ever find common ground? MB: I think that as long as we have real Jewish mothers [laughs] it will always be an issue. I think that was the whole idea of the (Jewish) spray (utiltized by Rachel). I think until we find a way to invent that in real life [laughs], I don’t think it will be resolved.

GS: … he’s kind of a nebbish. MB: [Laughs] Yes, absolutely. The whole comedy idea came from the gap between Charlton Heston and Ruben.

GS: “Let My People Go!” employs humor to address the age old subject of Jews

GS: Cecil B. DeMille’s “The Ten Commandments”, which you include in the

movie, has become a staple of Passover entertainment. What would it mean to you if “Let My People Go!” shared a similar place of honor? MB: That would be great. I don’t ask so much [laughs]. Just that people have a good time with the film. The first image I had when I started writing the script was of Reuben seeing the image of Charlton Heston in the Cecil B DeMille film. The whole idea was confront the image of the super Jew, the ideal of the Jewish son. Ruben is such a clumsy character…

Mikael Buch Q&A Continued from Page 9

April 24, 2013 H 10

Photo courtesy of MGLFF


ast week’s guest editorial from an openly gay teacher, Patrick Robert, set out to prove one thing: with gay marriage in the (hopefully) near future, gay culture is in dire need of a makeover. Yes, we are proud, wonderful, unique people. However, keep in mind that stereotypes don’t just appear out of thin air. Face it — we’re an over-sexualized, party-hungry group of people whose entire belief system revolves around an LA Fitness membership. You’re thinking, “Hold on, I find that assumption offensive. I don’t think that necessarily defines me as a person.” You might be right. To be fair, I find it offensive too. Nothing bothers me more than watching a group of people publicly receive a souless, offensive, ignorant, stereotypical depiction. Once a stereotype gets out there, it’s hard to shake. Slavery ended in 1865, but it wasn’t until 1964 when segregation came to a halt. Figure several years after that until biracial couples weren’t considered taboo any longer, and you’ve got yourself a long time line of discrimination against African Americans. While the “token black” character still makes the occasional appearance in the media, there has thankfully been a decent amount of African American programs in the past that helped break the mold, i.e., “The Cosby Show,” “Fresh Prince of Bel Air,” “Sister, Sister,” “That’s So Raven,” etc. I wish the same could be said for recent gay film and television projects. Instead, a

GS: Mikael, have you begun working on your next film project? MB: Yes, I’m currently writing a script. It will be a comedy also. But I’m a little superstitious when I’m writing, so even my closest friends don’t know what I’m writing about. My mother keeps trying to call me to find out what I’m writing about, but she won’t know [laughs].



April 24, 2013 H 11

BAR MAP 1) ALIBI 2266 Wilton Drive Wilton Manors 2) BILL’S FILLING STATION 2209 Wilton Drive Wilton Manors

15) NAKED GRAPE 2163 Wilton Drive Wilton manors

16) NEW MOON 2440 Wilton Drive Wilton Manors

17) PJ’S CORNER 3) BOARDWALK POCKET 1721 N Andrews Ave 924 North Flagler Drive Fort Lauderdale Wilton Manors 4) BOOM 18) RAMROD 2232 Wilton Drive 1508 NE 4th Ave Wilton Manors Fort Lauderdale 5) CORNER PUB 19) ROSIE’S BAR & 1915 N Andrews Ave GRILL Wilton Manors 2449 Wilton Drive Wilton Manors 6) CUBBY HOLE 823 N Federal Hwy 20) RUMORS Fort Lauderdale BAR & GRILL 2426 Wilton Drive 7) DEPOT CABANA Wilton Manors BAR AND GRILL 2935 N Federal Hwy 21) SCANDALS SALOON Fort Lauderdale 3073 NE 6th Ave Wilton Manors 8) DUDES 3270 NE 33rd St 22) SIDELINES Fort Lauderdale 2031 Wilton Drive Wilton Manors 9) INFINITY LOUNGE 2184 WIlton Drive 23) SMARTY PANTS Wilton Manors 2400 E Oakland Park Blvd Fort Lauderdale 10) JOHNNY’S 1116 W Broward Blvd 24) THE STABLE Fort Lauderdale 205 E Oakland Park Blvd Fort Lauderdale 11) LIPS 1421 E Oakland Park Blvd 25) TORPEDO Oakland Park 2829 W Broward Blvd 12)THE MANOR COMPLEX Fort Lauderdale 2345 Wilton Drive 26) TROPICS Wilton Manors 2000 Wilton Drive Wilton Manors 13) MONA’S 502 E Sunrise Blvd 27) VILLAGE PUB Fort Lauderdale 2283 Wilton Drive 14) MONKEY BUSINESS Wilton Manors 2740 N Andrews Ave Fort Lauderdale

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AIDS Walk Miami, Rush and Smashing Pumpkins

Sand & Seafood The 29th Annual Pompano Beach Seafood Festival kicks off its festivities Friday night and will continue until Sunday evening. The festival serves up some of the freshest seafood in town and provides a wide variety of entertainment with everything from Reggae to a Journey tribute band. It’s the perfect weekend spot for sand, music and grub. 5 p.m. Pompano Beach Pier. At the corner of Atlantic Blvd and A1A, Pompano Beach.

April 24, 2013 H 14



Richard Blanco: Setting the New Standard For America

The Week 04/25 to 05/01 BY GRANT JAMES Richard Blanco at the Museum of Art Fort Lauderdale on Saturday 4/27


FRIDAY 04/26

Dine Out, Fight AIDS

A Rock & Roll Legend Comes To Town

Dining Out For Life South Florida invites you to participate in this fantastic annual fundraiser. Presented by Broward House, the event is simple yet highly beneficial to the community. Participating restaurants will donate a percentage of their sales to HIV/AIDS healthcare – some of them have even pledged to donate 100% of the night’s sales. Some of the restaurants are local favorites – Alibi, Dapur, Rosie’s – while others are new participants entirely. For more information visit

Canadian rock band Rush will take to the BB&T Center stage for a night of good ole’ Rock & Roll. Aside from being the third highest grossing rock band for consecutive gold or platinum studio albums (falling just behind The Beatles and The Rolling Stones), they were also inducted into the Canadian Music Hall of Fame in 1994. The progressive rock group holds 24 gold and 14 platinum records, and was inducted into the US Rock and Roll Hall of Fame just last week. 7:30 p.m. One Panther Parkway, Sunrise, 33323.

To have your event listed, please email

Richard Blanco is the first openly gay person, the first immigrant, the first Latino and the youngest poet in history to read at a Presidential Inauguration. The choice to use Blanco at Barack Obama’s second inauguration was an interesting one, which seemingly set the tone for his current term. With gay marriage pushing forward and some shred of equality on the horizon, we’d like to thank Richard Blanco for being a part of it. The Museum of Art Fort Lauderdale will host a reading by Blanco, followed by a Q&A Session and book signing. 6 p.m. Museum of Art Fort Lauderdale. One Las Olas Blvd, Fort Lauderdale, 33301.

Win the Date of Your Dreams Bill’s will host its first annual Bachelor Auction this Saturday, so if you’ve ever fantasized about a date with a football player, now’s your chance. Presented by South Florida Gay Flag Football League and hosted by Nikki Adams, you’ll have your hands full choosing between these four sexy guys. The winner receives a dinner date that will surely match up to your dreams. 9 p.m. Bill’s Filling Station. 2209 Wilton Dr, Wilton Manors, 33305.

The Bear Necessities Move over boys, the bears are taking over. Bear Invasion’s debut brought in over 400 hot and sweaty bears – all looking for a good time. DJ Sean Mac from Atlanta, GA will be spinning the beats for the night, so you can expect a lot of great House music (every-

The Beatles With Rain (4/28)

Pianos On the Run

The Beatles Incarnate? According to Associated Press, “Experience The Beatles With Rain” is “The next best thing to seeing The Beatles.” The tribute band tackles every song imaginable by The Beatles: “I Want To Hold Your Hand,” “Let It Be,” “Come Together,” “Hey Jude,” “Hard Day’s Night” and more. The tribute act just finished a successful run on Broadway and is now taking it on the road for all to see.

Set aside your skepticism and approach the concert with an open mind and you’re sure to be impressed. 8 p.m. 1700 Washington Ave, Miami Beach, 33139.

AIDS Walk Miami Walk for a cure. Celebrating 25 years of searching for a cure, AIDS Walk Miami is really doing great things. The event is presented by Care Resource, one of South Florida’s biggest HIV/AIDS community organizations. The Grand Marshal will be Dr. Robert C. Gallo, who was one of the two doctors that discovered HIV as the cause of AIDS. The Master of Ceremonies will be Scott Padgett, Local 10 News Meteorologist. It’s a big day for a huge cause. For more information visit www.aidswalkmiami. org. 8 a.m. Miami Beach Convention Center. 1901 Convention Center Dr, Miami Beach, 33139.

Grow Downtown Whole Foods and Flagler Garden come together to create a community green market event to celebrate everything green. The event – called Grow Downtown – marks the first event to take place at Flagler Garden, a new garden project based in downtown Fort Lauderdale. Local green market vendors will be present to offer a variety of produce, live music will set the tone and Whole Foods will be slinging the sangria (all proceeds will be donated to Flagler Garden). 11 a.m. Flagler Garden. 441 NE 3 Ave, Fort Lauderdale, 33301.

MONDAY 04/29

Classic Chinese Culture 5,000 years of Chinese culture, song and dance are gracefully placed center stage for both inspiration and

Shen Yun (4/29)

SUNDAY 04/28



FTL Play Your City is an interesting concept. A “brigade” of pianos will be on display for the public to see in Fort Lauderdale’s newest art district, Fat Village, coinciding with their monthly art walk event. After seeing the pianos in all of their glory, they will disperse throughout downtown Fort Lauderdale. The public has some participation as well, deciding on the final destination for the pianos. A map of each piano’s traveling schedule will be provided for any attendees of the event. 7 p.m. Fat Village. NW 1st Ave & NW 5th Street, Fort Lauderdale, 33301.

entertainment. The production, titled Shen Yun, takes 100 of the world’s best classically trained artists and combines them with impeccable choreography, costumes and animated backdrops to create an enjoyable and memorable experience for viewers. 7:30 p.m. Kravis Center for the Performing Arts. 701 Okeechobee Blvd, West Palm Beach, 33401.


thing from Tribal to Progressive). 9 p.m. Boom Nightclub. 2232 Wilton Dr, Wilton Manors, 33305.

Bauhaus Singer Bounces Back Peter Murphy will be celebrating 35 years of his goth rock band, Bauhaus, at Grand Central this Tuesday. While he has put out solo material, he will be playing solely Bauhaus songs on this tour. You can expect all of your favorites including, “Bela Lugosi’s Dead” and “Ziggy Stardust.” 8 p.m. Grand Central. 697 N Miami Ave, Miami, 33136.

Don’t Take Her Seriously Kathleen Madigan has been around since the 90’s, but might not have appeared on your radar until her stint on Last Comic Standing. She has appeared in numerous late night talk shows and also starred in her own HBO half-hour special, as well as a Comedy Central half-hour special. She states on her blog, “I’m typing this Microsoft Word 2003. I’m really not a person to be taken seriously.” 8 p.m. Hard Rock Live. 1 Seminole Way, Hollywood, 33314.


Smashing Pumpkins Kick Off Sunfest 2013

April 24, 2013 H 15

Sunfest 2013 will kick off its weekend long festival with some serious headliners. The first night hosts extraordinary talent such as the Smashing Pumpkins and Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes. The festival is notorious for their diverse talent which is showcased via rappers, singers, rockers and everything in between. This year’s first night should be a huge success for the festival – after all, who could pass up an opportunity to see Billy Corrgan? 5 p.m. Downtown West Palm Beach. 525 Clematis Street, West Palm Beach, 33401.

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aube is a classic French stew made with cubed beef braised in wine, vegetables, garlic, and herbes de Provence. Although most recipes call for red wine, some call for white, as do the earliest recorded daube recipes, like “Grannies Pork” — the one you love that I serve at Le Patio which has olives (see photo below) and others that have prunes, or flavoring with duck fat, brandy, nutmeg, cloves, juniper berries, or orange zest (the list is long). For best flavor, it is cooked in several stages, and cooled for a day to allow the flavors to meld together. In the Camargue area of France, (my favorite place in the world) bulls killed in bullfighting festivals are often used for daube. All stews are wonderfully warm and comforting, but this recipe stands out for its simplicity and versatility. Traditionally, it should be prepared the day before it is served. It is generally served with rice, noodles or mashed potatoes, and accompanied by red wine. • 2 teaspoons olive oil • 1 tablespoon of flour • 1/2 lb smokey bacon chopped • 12 garlic cloves, crushed • 1/2 bottle red wine • 1/2 cup beef broth

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• 3 lbs boneless chuck roast, trimmed and cut into 2-inch cubes •2  lbs chopped carrots • 2 big onions chopped • 1 tablespoon tomato paste • 1 (14.5-ounce) can diced tomatoes, undrained • 1 bouquet garni • Salt and pepper

Heat olive oil in a thick assed saucepan over medium heat. Add garlic, bacon and onion to pan; cook for 5 to 10 minutes or until all is fragrant, stirring occasionally. Remove with a slotted spoon; set aside. Increase heat to medium-high. Add beef to pan. Sprinkle beef with salt and black pepper. Cook 5 minutes, browning on all sides. Sprinkle with a good tablespoon of flour. Add wine to pan, and stock. Stir well. Bring to a boil, scraping the bottom of the pan to loosen the browned bits. Add onions, bacon and garlic and all the remaining ingredients. Simmer for 2 or 3 hours or until the beef is tender. Discard bouquet garni. Garnish with chopped fresh thyme, or rosemary. You are the chef! Although born in Dublin, Ireland, Chef Jean Doherty spent most of her life in Lyon, France, the gastronomical capital of the world. Together with Vero, her partner of 25 years, Jean has owned and run multiple restaurants including Fort Lauderdale’s Le Patio.



greens, tomatoes, Kalamata olives, onions, pepperoncini and feta cheese. Open early for breakfast, The Over Easy Café packs on the egg combo platters. In a tribute to Wilton Man-

ors, the Island City Slam ($6.29) serves up two pancakes or two pieces of battered French toast, two eggs (any style), plus two pieces of bacon and two pieces of sausage. Of course there’s Biscuits & Sausage Gravy ($4.49) with tater tots or grits. The omelets are made with three extra large eggs and offered in the usual assortment—from Plain ($5.00) to Cheese ($5.50) to Western ($6.00) to our favorite Black Bean Chipotle ($6.95) with Green Peppers, Onions and Salsa. The Over Easy Café is owned by Cathy Cerniglia who opened the place back in 1995. She sold it at a profit in 2002, but then bought it back in 2005. Seems she missed her home away from home too much. Eight years later, she’s still sitting at the counter on her favorite stool, chatting up her guests, trading local gossip, and mothering all the come within her domain. On Thursday, April 25, The Over Easy Café is donating 50% of every check as part of Dining Out for Life campaign, the annual national event that raises money for AIDS service organizations. Locally, the money goes to Broward House, providing medical care and housing to over 6,000 clients. What better time to try out the grub and don’t forget to tell them Florida Agenda sent ya.


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ust the name of the dish made our mouths water: The Inside Out Bacon Cheddar Burger ($8.75) is a thick, tasty twist on a theme. Two-thirds of a pound of lean ground beef that is stuffed with bacon and cheddar cheese, grilled, and then topped with more bacon and cheese and sandwiched between a toasted Challah roll. High in calories, but just as high in flavor. And flavor is what The Over Easy Café is all about. There’s nothing stylish or elegant about this place; no pretense of posturing for The Over Easy. Tables along one wall, and a counter with stools complete a look that says good eats and plenty of them have attracted the steady stream of customers into this diner-style restaurant. The staff and their guests seem to all know one another, and greet newcomers with the same downhome welcome. Listen to the banter and you’re likely to hear that the roast beef has just come out of the oven and has been sliced that morning for the Phillie Cheese Steak, available as a wrap ($7.95) with grilled onions and peppers accompanied by tater tots, fries or hash brown potatoes. Juicy and delicious that says home cooking without the cleanup. Old reliables like Old Fashion Meatloaf ($6.95) or Liver & Onions ($6.25) bring back visions of childhood and meals in the kitchen. The mashed potatoes have bits of skin to prove they’re real, topped with sausage gravy that you just know didn’t come from a can. As if to accommodate the Cross-Fit Gym right next door, there are healthy entrees here as well, portioned in Mixed-Martial-Arts size. The selection of salads includes an extremely tempting Greek affair ($6.95) with mixed



Friendly, Affordable, and Plain Good Eats


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he Aloft Hotel San Jose (Forum 2 Business Park, Lindora, Radial a Santa Ana) is a recent addition to the new Aloft Hotels Group, a vision of the W Hotel chain. Dramatic with its open ductwork and raw concrete walls, high ceiling lobby and chic xyz lounge, the Aloft is as trendy as it is ground-breaking. From the liquid gel floors in the elevators that change colors with each footstep, to its glass-enclosed rain shower in the hightech equipped rooms and suites, the Aloft is where we began our Costa Rican adventure a few months ago. We had made the trip to San José aboard Spirit Airlines, flying non-stop from Fort Lauderdale International. San José is both the capital city of Costa Rica, and our rendezvous point to link up with the Source Events team. The travel organizer helmed by Craig Smith had chartered the sailing yacht msy Wind Star from Windstar Cruises, and booked the trip as an all-gay experience, which is the specialty of Source Events as it happens. The SE team and selected passengers had spent the night at the downtown Barceló San Jose Palacio Hotel (Autopista General Canas 3km, El Robledal), a convention hotel located in the residential El Robledal district of San Jose. As hotels go, the Barceló San Jose Palacio is more Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall while the Aloft is pure Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge. In any case, once at the Barceló, we boarded the transfer coach to journey as a group to the msy Wind Star berthed in Puerto Caldera, located on Costa Rica’s Western coast in the province of Puntarenas. It was a somewhat tedious two-hour bus trip broken only by the compulsory stop at a large souvenir shop, where we got a close up view of our fellow passengers, as they perused the aisles of shaker toys, carved wooden statues, ceremonial headdresses and flavored Costa Rican coffee (which, we learned, contains the highest caffeine content of any coffee in the world). The embarkation process aboard the Wind Star was a painless one, with one notable exception. Windstar Cruises does not accept debit cards as a form of payment of miscellaneous on-board charges, a fact

Jesse Brown (left) and Doug Candler aboard the msy Wind Star

that Source Events had failed to share. What could have been an embarrassing moment was fortunately sidestepped with the grace of an adagio dancer. But for future reference: sail on Windstar, bring a charge card. Not even a prepaid card will do. The unfurling of the sails is a magical moment at sea, and the Wind Star was at its most majestic as we watched the sun set into the Pacific Ocean and began

the first hours of our cruise immersed in luxury. DJ Chris Racine made the most of the moment for the Sail Away dance party by the top deck pool, with cruise director Heinie Lund playing matchmaker with more enthusiasm of a latterday Carol Channing. Captain Pedro Pinto, who calls Lisbon, Portugal home, was on the bridge, steering us safely to Quepos, our first port of call. Not that Quepos was on anyone’s

mind, of course. All thoughts this second focused on food with the elegant AmphorA restaurant the setting for an exquisite five-course meal. Then, as the stars broke through the clouds and set the stage for a nearly full moon to light our route south, strangers became new friends and the mood on board was one of candlelit adventure and romance. Next week, learn about the secret beaches of Costa Rica and the real Bridge over Trouble Water.



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n most developed countries in the world, fats make up a minimum of 10% of daily food allowance. However, in the United States, the numbers are far higher; roughly 30 to 40% is the average person’s fat intake. Moreover, the amount of fat — unhealthy fats at that — being consumed daily is skyrocketing. This over-indulgence of fat is beginning to cripple our country and has started an obesity epidemic. As a developed country, we need to start using our mouths to educate our adults and youth about nutrition, instead of filling them with yet another greasy meal. You do the math: Consuming 30-40% of fat in your diet is equivalent to eating a fifth of a pound of pure fat a day. This is six times the amount that the body needs. The American Heart Association is trying to push America towards getting daily fat consumption down to about 20%, but the organization admits that this may be an unrealistic goal for most people. With modern conveniences and a lack of need to store fat for a harsh winter, the need to consume so much fat seems positively prehistoric. We’ve taken a step back as a nation with these outdated thoughts on nutrition, and now it’s time to move forward to set an example for the rest of the world to follow. Meanwhile, many other countries have diets that are setting the tone that America should take note of. Significantly, not only is the United States NOT leading the push toward well-balanced nutrition, we’re not even paying attention. By using their regional foods, meats and seafoods, other countries have been able to fight the flab and keep their obesity rates to a minimum. With this country’s trade agreements and power, we have the resources to easily obtain almost any food item from around the world, and yet we do not.

Not only are we losing this battle, we aren’t even fighting to stay in the game. Not so much true with the rest of the world. For instance, in Japan, citizens consume about 30% fat — not saturated fats that are so common in American fast foods, but rather polyunsaturated healthy fats, the type of fats found mostly in plant-based foods and oils. Japanese cuisine emphasizes fish as the protein of choice, which comes in several different forms such as sushi, sashimi and tempura. Another mainstay is rice, which can stand alone, or be added into soups and other small side dishes. The Japanese people also tend to eat three main meals throughout a day, consisting of a breakfast, lunch and dinner. The Mediterranean diet is also another popular and healthy way to live. Amazingly enough, the countries associated with the Mediterranean consume more fat in their diets than America, but again, these fats are of the unsaturated kind. Staple foods of the Mediterranean diet consist of rice, breads, potatoes, pastas and cereals, always accompanied by plenty of fresh local vegetables. Olive oil is used widely in Mediterranean cooking, providing more health benefits than most conventional cooking oils. Nuts, seeds, sardines and other oily fishes are also consumed as part of their healthy fats. America — now is the time to notice what other people are doing right, and jump with both feet onto the nutrition bandwagon. Dieting is not as hard as it sounds, and the benefits can easily outweigh the doctor’s bills. Consume wisely and take a positive step toward longevity and health. Enjoy, savor, and taste your way to a future of good health. Andy Kress is a certified fitness trainer and nutritional counselor. He can be reached at 954-789-3930.

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MORE THAN 200 MEMBERS CAN’T BE WRONG... “Club One CrossFit is awesome!” “ workouts, most fun ever...” “Love it! Nothing else comes close.”


A N A F F I L I AT E O F P U S H F I T N E S S , F T. L A U D E R D A L E ’ S B E S T P E R S O N A L T R A I N I N G G Y M W W W. P U S H F I T N E S S F T L . C O M

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1098 NE 45th St. (Floranada Rd.), Oakland Park, FL 33334 Call 954.530.4304 /floridaagenda /floridaagenda



THE PARISH OF STS. FRANCIS & CLARE 101 NE 3RD STREET - STAFFED BY FRANCISCAN FRIARS - just N of Broward Blvd. and E of Andrews Ave. Mass Times: Sat @ 5 PM; Sun @ 10:30 AM; Wed @ 7 PM. Where we welcome and appreciate diversity - a progressive community in the Catholic tradition. 954731-8173;

PERFECT RELOCATION RENTALS– 3-6 MONTHS FROM $325/WEEK & $1300/MONTH Beautiful Studio, 1 & 2 BR Apts. Turnkey, fully furnished, equipped, Full kitchen, clothing optional pool, laundry, parking. Central to Wilton Manors & Haulover Beach in Historic Dania Beach.. Pets Welcome. Incl. parking, laundry, cable, Wi-Fi Internet/Telephone. 954-9270090 or visit

RENT / LEASE ROYAL PARK Near Wilton Manors 1BR/1.5BA, $825-$900/mo. 2BR/2BA, $950 - $1100/mo. Gated Security, Clubhouse, Pools, Gym, Sauna and Steam room. Pets OK. Cable/Water/Trash incl. Call Naim Naqi, Realtor RWSF Realty 954.565.2025. POMPANO BEACH 2/2 CONDO First Floor, Tile throughout, New A/C, Water Heater, Stainless Applic, Baths.Screened patio with Storage, Pool, Tennis, Laundry, Both Bedrooms Oversized! Only $850. F/L/S Robert Geary MacKilligan Cell 954-234-8759 “Your Life Partner In Real Estate” Galleria International Realty FT LAUDERDALE BEACH “THE VUE” 2/2 Plus Den/Office. High End Modern Furniture! Amazing Ocean Views! Hardwood Floors! Granite & Stainless Kitchen, Wrap Around Balcony, Oversized Master Suite, Jacuzzi, Private Balcony With Ocean Views, Beach Club With Pool / Club, 24 Hour Security, Valet, 2 Parking Right Outside Elevator, $3000 F/L/S/ Robert Geary MacKilligan Cell 954234-8759 Galleria International Realty

WILTON MANORS/FT LAUDERDALE Large, 2 bed/1bath apt. Central A/C, updated, Private patio and parking, Washer/Dryer, 4 unit gay complex, drive by and look at. Cleanest apt in the area!! 19 NE 16th Street, 954-805-1195 Nick. $900.00 I will work with you on move-in cost! THE LAKES, UPDATED LAKEFRONT 2/2 Large unit is just 4 miles to Wilton Manors! Dogs OK, Includes Cable, Trash, Pool. $1199/mo. Call Ron Spradlin, CR Realty (954)802-3224 WILTON MANORS 1/1- 9 UNIT GAY COMPLEX Tiled floors, CAC, Pool (Clothing Optional) Small dogs OK, NO Cats! One year lease with F/L/S. 125 NW 25th St. (954)326-9096 LAS OLAS BLVD/DOWNTOWN/COLE HAMMOCK AREA3/2.5 + loft w/over 2,400 sq ft, 24 ft ceilings, fireplace, formal dining room, granite kitchen, fenced deck, mother-in-law suite. Master suite on 2nd floor w/ jacuzzi tub & over-sized shower. Walkin closets in all bedrooms, tile floors. $3300/mo F/L/S/small pets OK w/dep. 954-234-8759  Call Robert MacKilligan, Galleria Intl Realty

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1 BEDROOM APT IN DUPLEX- large private fenced yard,very nice apartment, washer dryer in great neighborhood. 825 NE 16th Place, $850/mo. Available  May 15. call Nick 954-805-1195 NE WILTON MANORS HUGE TOWNHOUSE- 3/2.5 w/2 car over-sized garage, around 2,000 sq ft, newer construction, 12 ft ceilings & balcony in all bedrooms. granite throughout, stainless appliances, W/D, jacuzzi in master, hurricane proof, low electric bill, 1 mi. to Wilton Dr., 2 mi. to beach. close to shops & parks.  Small pets welcome. $1,900/mo.  Call 754-204-7400. NE FT LAUDERDALE/WILTON MANORS AREA- Lovely, IMMACULATE, 1/1, includes tile floors, A/C, washer/dryer available, cable ready, water, garbage, pest control, gay friendly, NO PETS please. $725/mo.  by appt. 954-592-3772

MOVING ELITE RELOCATION MOVING & STORAGE We’ve provided quality moves for over 30 years. It’s always a smooth move when you choose Elite Relocation. Contact us today: 954.975.8660 RED BOX MOVING -- OWNER IN TRUCK ON EVERY MOVE. CALL NORBERT DIRECTLY. Affordable, Reliable, Careful. MV#567/INSURED. (954)305-9176 or (561)



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Health Insurance Will Be Mandatory In 2014  As low as 3-4 dollars a day for full health coverage, with prescription, vision and 0 dollar co-pay dental.

 Government giving subsidies for health insurance now!  Zero co-pay for physical, lab, EKG, colon/prostate screening  If you are turning 65 within the next 3 months or on disability you may be eligible for a zero premium medicare advantage plan.

 Life insurance that accumulates tax differed interest

 Homeowner insurance quotes available upon request

Call, Email or Text me for a free quote, no obligation what so ever!

Alexander H. Vorgias Zander One Insurance Corp. Direct 954-529-5564

We're Hands-on Men


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deep tissue



Geno sports



Simply, the best massage. Period. 954.630.1444 2153 Wilton Drive, Wilton Manors

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