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will supremes decide gay marriage fate?

prop 8 Decision Paves Way for High Court Ruling By CLIFF DUNN

Doug Hewett Resigns as Hollywood City Manager









On Tuesday, the U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco ruled to deny an appeal of a February lower court decision against California’s Proposition 8. The appeals court’s ruling paves the way for the U.S. Supreme Court to decide the fate of marriage equality by next year. The 9th Circuit decision means the U.S. Supreme Court is likely to have two major gay-rights cases on its docket in the near future. The ruling comes less than a week after a federal appeals court in Boston ruled that the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA)—the federal law that declares marriage to be solely between a man and a woman—discriminates against married same-sex couples, by denying them the same benefits granted under the law to heterosexual couples. As in the California appeals court ruling, the Massachusetts judges chose narrow ground to assert that the law singles out gay couples for discrimination, in ways that violate their Constitutional rights to equal protection. Neither federal panel took the step of declaring that the Constitution supports the right to same sex marriage. Tuesday’s case concerns the statewide referendum passed by California voters in 2008 that placed a prohibition in the state constitution recognizing same sex marriages. In their 2-to-1 decision that struck down Proposition 8, the appeals court judges said, “Proposition 8 serves no purpose, and has no effect, other than to lessen

HOLLYWOOD — Embattled Hollywood City Manager Doug Hewett resigned on June 1, just 13 weeks and three days after he was hired as chief administrator for Florida’s 12th largest city. Hewett, 41, was arrested for DUI at approximately 3 a.m. on Easter Sunday, after Miami-Dade police pulled him over while leaving Swinging Richards, a gay adult club in North Miami Beach. The officer wrote in his report, “I immediately noticed the defendant had red bloodshot watery eyes, slurred speech and the strong smell of an alcoholic beverage emanating from his breath.”Hewett told police that he had consumed two beers, and two breath samples registered blood-alcohol levels of .145 and .139, much higher than Florida’s legal limit of .08. Hewett—whose annual salary as city manager was $172,000, plus perks—has pleaded not guilty to driving under the influence, failure to obey a traffic sign, and failure to use a designated lane. He leaves as city manager with a $66,000 severance package, and 12 months of health insurance coverage. City commissioners agreed to a “no disparagement clause’’ in exchange for Hewett’s promise to not sue the city. Hewett previously worked as Assistant City Manager of Fayetteville, North Carolina. «

the status and human dignity of gay men and lesbians in California.” The ban had reinstated a previous one against same-sex nuptials, just six months after the California Supreme Court struck it down as unconstitutional. ‘SUPREME COURT’ continues on Page 8 ‘


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JUNE 7, 2012

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POLITICAL DESK Bedfellows: LGBT Fundraising Elite Turns OUT for Obama Reelection BY JOE HARRIS The endorsement last month of President Obama for same sex marriage has all the usual suspects up in arms— social and religious conservatives, Evangelical and Fundamentalist Christians, Muslims, and Jews, and traditionalists who are nervous about governmental intervention into an institution older than God (the word itself, I mean, which dates back to around the 6th Century), as well as the center-right candidates who are anxious to assuage them, and thereby earn their political backing. But the president has been making all the right noises for an important constituency, and his campaign coffers are seeing the windfall results. So stoked is this segment of moneyed Democratic supporters—which comprise wealthy LGBT donors—that an Obama campaign fundraiser held yesterday required a larger venue, after organizers were bombarded with a barrage of RSVPs for the event, which featured pop performer Pink, after Obama’s May announcement. According to an analysis by CNN, among President Obama’s biggest fundraisers—known in the parlance of campaign finance as “bundlers”—at least 33, or about one out of every 16 of them—is openly gay. The Washington Post reports that as many as one out of six bundlers who supports Obama is gay. The estimates one in five. All told, they raised at least $8 million for the Obama reelection campaign from January to the end of March. That compares to the efforts of bundlers from the entertainment industry—which includes some of the biggest names in film, music, and television, among them actor and director George Clooney—

who, during the same timeframe, raised $6.8 million, according to the Center for Responsive Politics. Laws on campaign finance require that donors disclose their names, addresses, jobs, and employers, but there is no such disclosure required for sexual orientation. The law also doesn’t require that candidates release information about their bundlers. The Obama campaign has released its list, but the campaign of his Republican challenger, Mitt Romney, hasn’t. After the initial excitement of his 2008 campaign wore off, support for the president in the LGBT community waned—in large measure a result of what was seen as Obama’s lukewarm support for a repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell (DADT), and the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA). In 2010, actor Alan Cumming wrote, “We keep hearing that Obama is an ally—that DADT will end under his watch—but what do we actually get? Diddly squat.” DADT—the Pentagon policy that banned openly-gay men and women from serving in the armed forces— officially ended on September 20, 2011. Among the wealthy LGBT Americans who have opened their checkbooks to Obama’s reelection efforts are software entrepreneur and Gill Foundation benefactor Tim Gill, who has donated, with partner Scott Miller, $672,800 to Obama for America. Fred Eychaner, the owner of Chicagobased Newsweb Corp., has given $1,220,550, and co-hosted in February a $35,800-per-person LGBT fundraiser for Obama. Kathy Levinson, the former President and CEO of E-Trade, has donated $202,150. Karen K. Dixon and Dr. Nan Schaffer, her partner, hosted a Washington, D.C. fundraiser that was reported to have raised over a million dollars for Obama’s campaign. On the Republican side, Mitt Romney has not disclosed his bundler list, which makes it hard to know if there are any openly gay bundlers working for the GOP. But the presumptive Republican nominee is on record opposing same sex marriage and civil unions, and supports a Constitutional amendment to ban marriage equality for all Americans. «

(Below: Neil Patrick Harris, Suze Orman, Ricky Martin, Ellen DeGeneres, Dustin Lance Black)


JUNE 7, 2012


WORLD DESK Cannibal Gay Porn Star Fugitive Captured in Berlin BY PHOEBE MOSES BERLIN, FEDERAL REPUBLIC OF GERMANY – On Monday, German police officials announced the arrest of the fugitive Luka Rocco Magnotta, who had fled from Canada on May 26, after committing the grisly murder of his boyfriend— an incident that he videotaped, and which he followed with the cannibalism and sexual mutilation of the bound and naked man, a graduate student from Concordia University in Montreal. The gruesome crime precipitated what police call the largest manhunt in Montreal’s history. Six days after Interpol issued a “Red Notice” alert for the fugitive, Magnotta surrendered to Berlin police with a simple utterance of, “You got me.” Magnotta—a former gay porn star, whose real name is Eric Clinton Newman—became the subject of the international manhunt after a video circulated online showing a man—identified by investigators as Magnotta—stabbing another man with an ice pick, and then dismembering him, while the soundtrack from the movie “American Psycho” plays in the background. In the video, Magnotta reveals that he has slashed the other man’s throat, and then proceeds to dismember the body, and perform sexual acts upon it. Magnotta was dubbed the “Butcher of Montreal,” “the Chameleon,” and “Canadian Psycho,” after it was discovered that he had carved up the victim, 33 year old Lin Jun, a student whom Montreal police say had been “in a relationship” with Magnotta. The 29-year-old former porn star was sought by Canadian authorities for first-degree murder, defiling a corpse, and using Canada’s postal system to deliver “obscene, indecent, immoral, or scurrilous” material. Canadian police say the murder happened on May 24 or 25. Four days later, on May 29, authorities told shocked reporters that a severed human foot had been sent to the headquarters of the ruling Conservative Party. (For this action, Magnotta is likely to be charged with threatening the life of Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper.) The grisly details continued when Ottawa postal officials reported intercepting a hand in the mail that was addressed to


the opposition Liberal Party, and police discovered a mutilated human torso, which was later identified as belonging to the victim, Lin. French investigators—who the daily Le Figaro described as “terrified” of Magnotta—described him as a “profoundly disturbed man” and “habitual liar,” and used the accused killer’s cellphone signal to trace him to a hotel in a Paris suburb. Although Magnotta was not on the premises, on Saturday, Paris police found adult magazines, in addition to airsickness bags issued by Air Canada, the commercial carrier that Magnotta used to affect his escape from Montreal to Paris, disguised—as surveillance tapes from Montreal-Trudeau International Airport show—in a dark wig and Mickey Mouse T-shirt. Canadian authorities are also attempting to learn if Magnotta has killed in the past. Montreal police cite an online video depicting a man who resembles Magnotta committing torture against cats. Police say that animal rights activists have been looking for almost two years for a man who killed cats, and then posted the videos of it online. Montreal Police Commander Ian Lafreniere said of Magnotta, “This is the kind of guy that’s looking for attention. He likes to glorify himself with the Web. The Web will glorify him, and the Web is also going to bring him back to justice, because there are a lot of pictures of him out there, and it will help lead him to us.” As it happened, Berlin police arrested Magnotta at an Internet café after French authorities were tipped off by a client of Magnotta’s, who had recognized the fugitive and alerted officials. As the Montreal police commander, Lafreniere, predicted, it was “the Web” that proved his undoing, as he was reading about himself online, and looking at his image on the computer, which enabled the witness to recognize him. According to a former lover of Magnotta’s, he will do “anything to be famous.” Nina Arsenault, a transgender woman, said that the accused murderer would boast to her of his killing fantasies. Arsenault told police that Magnotta was a “f****d up kid,” and said he spoke regularly about killing both animals and people, including members of his own family. She told police that he once said to her, “I’m afraid when you look in my eyes, that you’ll see there’s nothing inside of me.” «

8 «JUNE 7, 2012

NATIONAL DESK NAACP Attempts to Bridge Divide Between Gay Rights and Civil Rights ORLANDO – Just days after President Barack Obama announced his support for marriage equality, the nation’s oldest civil rights organization reiterated its own support for gay marriage and other LGBT rights as civil rights. NAACP President Benjamin Jealous said that “It’s the responsibility and history of the NAACP to speak up on the civil rights issues of our times. The NAACP now firmly opposes all efforts to restrict marriage equality.” Jealous’ words echo similar sentiments to those of Julian Bond, a past NAACP board chairman, who also spoke strongly in favor of the resolution of the NAACP board of directors to endorse same sex unions. The resolution read in part, “We support marriage equality consistent with equal protection under the law provided under the Fourteenth Amendment of the United States Constitution.” But both Bond and Jealous know that the strongly evangelical nature of most African American churches— which interpret the Bible as the true word of God—have previously stood in the way of alliances between LGBT rights activists and black pastors, whose Bibles describe homosexual behavior as an “abomination.” Surveys show that 62 percent of American blacks oppose marriage equality, while more than half of all Americans support it.

Support Shifts Away from Minnesota Anti-Gay Marriage Amendment MINNEAPOLIS, MINNESOTA – LGBT rights activists say that public support for an amendment to the Minnesota state constitution that would ban marriage equality has shifted against the proposed measure, upon which voters will decide in November. A new poll released on


Tuesday, conducted by Public Policy Polling (PPP), shows that 49 percent of North Star State voters do not favor the amendment, which would ban legal recognition for unions except those between a man and a woman. Forty-three percent of Minnesota voters support the amendment. The survey marks a stark shift since January, when PPP’s previous survey of Minnesota voters reported 48 percent expressing support for the amendment. The newest survey also shows that 47 percent of Minnesota voters think that same sex marriage should be legal—the same percentage who said it should be illegal in January. Currently, 32 states have laws denying marriage rights to their gay citizens.

HIV-Positive Man Claims Anti-Gay Doctor Denied Him Meds ELIZABETH, NEW JERSEY – Union County Superior Court documents indicate that a gay, HIVpositive man claims that he was denied treatment and visitors for—in the words of the attending physician— “Going against God’s will.” Joao Simoes is suing Trinitas Regional Medical Center because “requests for his lifesaving medication were not honored,” and his sister was denied visitation rights. Simoes was admitted to Trinitas Regional in August 2011, and was confined to the hospital’s mental health wing. Simoes’ complaint says that Susan V. Borga, M.D., from the hospital’s Department of Behavioral Health and Psychiatry, asked the man about his HIV status. When Simoes told the psychiatrist that he got HIV “from unprotected sex,” the complaint notes that “Dr. Borga closed the plaintiff ’s file, put it down and looked at plaintiff with disgust on her face and asked, coldly, ‘Is that from sex with men?’” Court records indicate that after Simoes told her had contracted HIV from sex with male partners, “Dr. Borga proceeded to exit the room.” Additionally, no other doctors or nurses came to check on Simoes, even after he told them that he required HIV medication.

Roman Catholic Cardinal Authorized Paying Abusers While in Milwaukee Post NEW YORK, NEW YORK – During his tenure as Archbishop of Milwaukee, Roman Catholic Cardinal Timothy Dolan of New York authorized payments—in sums of as much as $20,000—to sexually abusive priests, in order to persuade them to accept dismissal from the priesthood. At the time, then-Archbishop Dolan told a reporter that suggestions a “payoff ” had been made to a notorious pedophile priest to coax him to seek dismissal were “false, preposterous, and unjust.” That claim contradicts court records from a bankruptcy hearing for the Archdiocese of Milwaukee, which show that the archdiocese made such payments to several accused pedophile clerics as a means of encouraging them leave the priesthood, a move that would enable the Church to take them off the books. The process, called “laicization,” is a formal procedure requiring Vatican approval. “SUPREME COURT” continued from Page 1

FROM THE FRONT After the ballot measure amended the state constitution, two same sex couples sued in federal court, arguing that Proposition 8 violates the U.S. Constitution. After the three-judge panel ruled in February that the ban violates federal constitutional guarantees—but limited the ruling’s effects to within California—sponsors of Proposition 8 asked the 9th Circuit to assemble an 11-judge panel to reconsider the case. A majority of the circuit’s judges voted against such a rehearing. Although many believe that the U.S. Supreme Court will decide to hear one or both of these cases, the justices are not obligated to do so. Experts say that the nine-member high court is divided 4-to-4 on the question of marriage equality, with Justice Anthony Kennedy widely considered being the deciding vote. Both the California and Massachusetts federal appeals court rulings referred at several points to decisions by Justice Kennedy to legally justify the basis for their reasoning. «


The first Milwaukee archdiocese payment was made to Franklyn Becker, a former priest accused of abusing at least 10 minors, and who received a psychiatric diagnosis of pedophilia in 1983. The church paid more than $16 million to settle lawsuits involving Becker and another priest. «



JUNE 7, 2012



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The “Bully” Pulpit JUNE 07, 2012 • ISSUE 133



ne of my earliest childhood memories is being chased by three kids at summer camp, circa 1972, and being locked in a gym storage room while the trio stood on the other side of a glass window, congratulating themselves on their heroic efforts against a lone sevenyear-old menace. That’s the set up. The actual memory part of this memory is of me putting my fist through the glass window, necessitating 17 stitches and having the pleasure of seeing those clowns scatter, even if it was through the haze of a throbbing hand. (What do you want from me? I’m Irish-Italian from Queens, New York: it was embedded in my DNA.) Then as now, I’ve never much cared for bullies. In the early 1990s, I had the dubious “pleasure” of interviewing Fred Phelps on my WFTL radio talk show. This was about five years before the tragic murder of Matthew Shepard, so Phelps hadn’t quite reached his vitriolic stride (the proto-meme “God Hates Fates,” for instance, had not yet entered the cultural lexicon). He merely came across as a vulgar and offensive (and possible inbred)—but essentially harmless—clod. How wrong I was. When the Founders established protections for religious freedom, they did so at a time when intolerance and bigotry directed at religious

minorities were rife, and in order to protect community churches from governmental interference on behalf of a religious institution (as in the case of the crown-sponsored Church of England), or religious doctrine (such as occurred during the English Civil War and in pre-Restoration England, when powerful practitioners of an intolerant brand of Calvinism essentially criminalized all outward public displays of joy). Much as during the 1990s, when every news report began with accusations of rape against a professional athlete, the headlines today are replete with stories of collared bullies who use the Sunday pulpit to spew a particularly loathsome form of Biblical scholarship at undereducated congregations who either don’t know or don’t care to learn the scriptural bases for the raw villainy being encouraged by men— and women—of the cloth. Take the now-viral case of Sean Harris, the North Carolina pastor who advised, “Dads, the second you see your son dropping the limp wrist, you walk over there and crack that wrist. Man up. Give him a good punch. Ok?” adding, “The next thing you know, this dude, this kid is acting out childhood fantasies that should have been squashed.” Although Harris later said that he “misspoke,” and wrote that “I do NOT believe physical force is capable of fixing effeminate behavior or homosexual behavior,” he essentially repudiated his retraction when he added, cutely, that “we must not be hateful toward those whose behavior is an abomination to God,” effectively letting the congregation know exactly where he really stands on “all sexual perversions and immorality.” Another North Carolina pastor, Ron Baity of the Berean Baptist Church

in Winston-Salem, used his Sunday sermon to refer to homosexuality as a “perverted lifestyle,” and that gays should be criminally prosecuted, as in days of yore. “For 300 years, we had laws that would prosecute that lifestyle,” quoth the minister. His and Harris’s Tar Heel State colleague, Tim Rabon of the Beacon Baptist Church in Raleigh— what’s up with these Baptists?— offered aloud to his own churchgoing audience, “What is stopping them from redefining marriage for a person and a beast? We’re not far from that.” With soul-enriching sermons and religious “larnin’” such as this, is it any wonder that these bigoted yokels have pinned their political hopes on such blatantly un-American legislation as the Defense of Marriage Act, California’s Proposition 8, and Amendment 1 in North Carolina. There’s no question in my mind that these offensive laws will one day be overturned, and that the antiquated ideology of a hate-filled and intolerant segment of our society will be entombed in the dust of its own nothingness, along with its proponents. Until that time, we must live with the offensive ideas of small-minded men, protected by the same body of laws that they seek to use to deny civil rights to their fellow countrymen. (This is just as the Founders intended, when they established the First Amendment protections for speech and religion.) These bullies who hide behind their pulpits may accuse progressives and LGBT rights activists of attacking religion, through efforts to legalize marriage equality, but what they portray as an attack on religion by gays is really an attack on gays from the pulpit. «






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SUNSHINE STATE Orlando Gay Days Puts LGBT Tourism on the “Gaydar” for Central Florida Officials ORLANDO—More than the eyes of the Florida Family Association were focused upon Orlando Gay Days last weekend. As reported in Central Florida broadcast and print media, although sponsored banner planes flew overhead to “warn” tourists of the presence of thousands of gay and lesbian visitors, the sea of red shirts that took over Walt Disney World’s Main Street was noted by officials and other stakeholders in the region’s economic growth. And while Gay Days are not officially sanctioned by the Central Florida theme parks, OrlandoGayTravel. com estimates that the attractions will rake in over $13 million from last weekend’s visitors. Attendance numbers from previous years—130,000 descended upon area theme parks and satellite parties and events for Orlando Gay Days 2011— drew the attention and support of Central Florida’s preeminent tourism group, Visit Orlando, which promoted what has become one of the most attended LGBT events in the world, although not without notice from the mainstream media. The June 1 Orlando Sentinel featured a scathing criticism of the visitors’ bureau, which the newspaper derided for having “had little to do with [the] presence” of the “tens of thousands” of LGBT tourists who came to town. “After years of ignoring gay and lesbian travelers, however, Visit Orlando is starting to make more of an effort—some say an overdue effort—to promote the nation’s leading leisure-travel destination to this niche market,” the Sentinel article said. “Still,” the newspaper notes, “Visit Orlando doesn’t do nearly as much as many other destinations do to woo LGBT travelers, known for their above-average disposable income and propensity for travel. In recent years, gay travelers have been missing from the bureau’s marketing plans, even as it has reached out to other previously ignored niche groups, such as blacks and Latinos. Orlando has no dedicated LGBT marketing budget and doesn’t advertise on


gay-and-lesbian travel websites or at gay-pride festivals and events. Visit Orlando is a member of the International Gay & Lesbian Travel Association, but while it has made an effort to lure that group’s annual expo to Orlando, it doesn’t exhibit at the show.” A new group, Converge Orlando, hopes to fill that niche and focus its marketing efforts on attracting LGBT visitors to Orlando. Officials say that Orlando Gay Travel is lobbying extensively to bring the international “Gay Games” to Central Florida by 2018.

Advocates Host Roundtable on the Future of Florida HIV Criminalization Laws WILTON MANORS – Under Florida law, it is unlawful for any person who has HIV, with knowledge of such infection, and having been informed that he or she may communicate it to others through sexual intercourse, to have sexual intercourse with any other person, unless the other person has been informed of the presence of HIV and has consented to the sexual intercourse. Across the country, as well as closer to home, HIV criminalization laws are becoming of increasing concern to persons living with HIV/AIDS, and their advocates. According to these, fear of legal reprisals has been linked as a factor in preventing people from getting tested for HIV, as well as seeking medical treatment for the condition. It also fuels the societal stigmas for people living with HIV/AIDS. On Wednesday, a roundtable discussion was held at Wilton Manors’ Hagen Park Community Center, in conjunction with Positively U and the Positive Justice Project, as well as other LGBT rights groups and advocates, including Michael Rainier, executive director of the Florida Democratic LGBT Caucus, and chairman of the Redistricting Steering Committee for the School Board of Broward County. “HIV Criminalization Laws: How They Hurt the Health of Floridians” was made possible, in part, through the financial support of the AIDS Healthcare Foundation, and the Law Offices of George Castrataro. «

JUNE 7, 2012

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A celebration of friends

By Dale Madison

Although much of gay life revolves around the appreciation of—some might call it a Cult of—youth and beauty, at least one LGBT community organization believes that “maturity matters,” and they put their money where their mouths are, to back that up. A Celebration of Friends (ACOF), founded in 2001, has raised over $144,000, and they have donated it back to the LGBT community: that speaks volumes about the organization. “Our funds have been distributed to Tuesday’s Angels, the Pride Center at Equality Park, and Buzzy’s Boys,” says Tom Spence, the ex-Marine Founder and President of ACOF. “Being a 501(c) 4 organization, we always donate a percentage of our funds back into the community,” adds Spence, who sports the sobriquet, and is known to friends as “Tomcat.” In 2002, Spence and a few dedicated friends held the first ACOF “Celebration” in New Orleans, where 100 supporters turned out, and raised over $1,000 to support Buzzy’s Boys, a non-profit that assists children who are hospitalized from complications of HIV/AIDS. In 2003, ACOF held its annual meeting in Fort Lauderdale, where it’s been held—with the exception of one year, during which it was held in Miami—ever since. “A Celebration of Friends 2012” will be held June 21 to 24, at the Fort Lauderdale Airport Hilton, during the weekend of the Stonewall Street Festival and Parade. As the organization moves into its second decade, Spence & Co. have big plans for its members, as well as for the organization’s posterity. “We are currently working on Habitat of Friends,” says Spence. “Our good friend, Chuck Nichols [of Tuesday’s Angels] has been working with us to establish this retirement community for seniors. It is something that has

long been needed,” he adds. Spence grew up in Hattiesburg, Mississippi—“not an environment that is easy to grow up in,” he admits. “I was one of the ones who started Prime Timers, and Sage,” remembers Spence. “When I say ‘seniors,’ I don’t mean that all of the members are senior citizens. We have a number of members who just prefer the company of gentlemen who are a little more mature. Being a former Marine, along with [late partner, Bill Elder] the Colonel, I founded A Celebration of Friends. As you know, the older you get, you get farther from the mainstream, and it’s more difficult to ‘fit in’,” he explains. “We have now expanded into Europe, with chapters in France, and other locations with lots of new members. We look at it as all one family,” says Spence, who adds that ACOF has a special place in its organizational heart for Greater Fort Lauderdale, which the group refers to as the “Palm Springs of the East Coast.” Spence and his fellow board members feel a sense of duty to their organization’s past, as well as to the future of the LGBT community. They are especially grateful to those who have stepped up in support of their aims through the years. “This is our eleventh year, and we are still going strong,” Spence notes with optimism. “Tony Dee and Charlie Mielke of Tropics restaurant have been such strong supporters and sponsors of the event over the years—even going back to Chardee’s days.” Among the building blocks for a stronger organization, Spence and ACOF have added free HIV testing as an additional service to members. Kicking off their second decade, the future looks bright for these mature gay activists, and the men who admire them. For more information, visit «

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What’s Inside: Although we still have a couple of weeks until Stonewall Street Festival and Summer Pride Twilight Parade, there’s a lot to do around South Florida, including a trip this weekend to America’s southernmost point, to help the citizens of the Conch Republic celebrate Key West Pridefest, which kicks off tomorrow. See where the hottest of the hottest spots will be found, OUT in Florida. For those of you who have never been to the world’s largest Lusophone country—the Editor in me wants you to look it up, but the Smartest-Kid-in-the-Class in me has to tell you it means “Portuguese-speaking”—the Dean of Globetrotting Scriveners, Robert Elias Deaton, takes you deep into South America’s largest— and, arguably hottest—city, the jewel of Brazil, São Paulo, inside Travel. Isn’t it wonderful rediscovering old friends? Although Galanga Thai Kitchen has been a familiar site on Wilton Drive for years, the Gayborhood favorite just celebrated its One Year Anniversary under new ownership, and Richard David Chamberlain shows you what’s new and familiar at the Wilton Manors classic, this week in Dining. Don’t know “squat” about lunges? (Sorry, I couldn’t resist.) Fitness guru Tom Bonanti offers some powerful advice on keeping your legs powerful all summer long. Grant James reviews the new album (“Magic Hour”) from glam pop/nu-disco group Scissor Sisters, as well as the new EP (“1991”) from Harlem-born lyricist Azealia Banks, in The SCENE. Justin Jones takes us into the “Danger Zone”—and a topic visited by singer Cyndi Lauper in “She Bop,” if memory serves—with a brand new Love Jones, and Chef Jean Doherty has a tasty side dish for summer—Green Bean Salad!—in this week’s Recipe. Have a great weekend! CD «





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Mitt Romney Offers Praise for Anti-Gay “Chick-Fil-A” Founder During Commencement Speech LYNCHBURG, VIRGINIA – During a May 12 commencement speech at Liberty University— the largest Evangelical Christian institution of higher learning in the world—Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney offered praise for the school’s late benefactor, Rev. Jerry Falwell, along with the founder of fast food chain Chick-Fil-A, a company that LGBT rights advocates say has donated millions of dollars to anti-gay organizations, and other reactionary groups. “The calling Jerry answered was not an easy one,” Romney said of the late minister and founder of the Moral Majority, who died in 2007. “Today, we remember him as a courageous and big-hearted minister of the Gospel who never feared an argument, and never hated an adversary. Jerry deserves the tribute he would have treasured most, as a cheerful, confident champion for Christ.” Along with founding Liberty University, Falwell was an outspoken opponent of gay rights. During the 1970s, Falwell joined former Miss America runner-up and singer Anita Bryant in her efforts to fight a Miami-Dade County ordinance that prohibited discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation. Falwell went to Miami and told supporters that “so-called gay folks would just as soon kill you as look at you,” and referred to gays as “brute beasts,” and “part of a vile and satanic system.” Romney also took time to mention Truett Cathy, the founder of the Chick-Fil-A fast food chain, who was present to receive an honor during the Liberty University commencement. Since last year, gay rights groups have boycotted Chick-Fil-A for its financial support of groups that oppose marriage quality and LGBT rights. The presumptive GOP nominee praised the restaurant chain. “The Romney campaign comes to a sudden stop when we spot a ChickFil-A,” Romney said to Cathy. “Your chicken sandwiches were our comfort food through the primary season, and there were days that we needed a lot of comforting. So, Truett, thank you, and congratulations on your well-deserved honor today.” LGBT advocates report that in 2009 alone, the WinShape Foundation—the charitable arm of Chick-Fil-A—donated over $1.7 million to groups that oppose gay rights. The beneficiary groups include Focus on the Family, the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, the Eagle Forum, the Family Research Council, and Exodus International, one of the world’s largest promoters of “ex-gay,” conversion therapy.

Vatican Denounces Nun’s Book that Justifies Same Sex Relationships VATICAN CITY, ITALY – The Vatican’s top doctrinal watchdog has denounced a book written by an American nun who taught

Christian ethics at Yale Divinity School, in which she presents a theological justification for same sex relationships, as well as masturbation, and remarriage following divorce. According to Vatican officials, “Just Love: A Framework for Christian Sexual Ethics,” by Sister Margaret A. Farley, is “not consistent with authentic Catholic theology,” and should be avoided by faithful Roman Catholics. The book by Farley, who is a past president of the Catholic Theological Society of America, includes an endorsement of marriage equality, which she writes “can also be important in transforming the hatred, rejection, and stigmatization of gays and lesbians,” adding that “same-sex relationships and activities can be justified according to the same sexual ethic as heterosexual relationships and activities.” “This opinion is not acceptable,” the Vatican said. According to Roman Catholic dogma, homosexual acts are “acts of grave depravity,” “intrinsically disordered” and “contrary to the natural law.” In addition to gay relationships, Farley’s book praises the practice of female masturbation, which she says “usually does not raise any moral questions at all.” The nun, a member of the Sisters of Mercy of America, which operates Holy Cross Hospital in Fort Lauderdale, writes that “many women” find “great good in selfpleasuring—perhaps especially in the discovery of their own possibilities for pleasure— something many had not experienced or even known about in their ordinary sexual relations with husbands or lovers.” The Vatican condemned Farley’s suggestion, saying that “the deliberate use of the sexual faculty, for whatever reason, outside of marriage is essentially contrary to its purpose.” Farley’s book was published in 2006, but the Vatican first notified the nun’s superiors of its concerns in 2010, saying that “Just Love” was “a cause of confusion among the faithful.” According to Cardinal William J. Levada, an American prelate who heads the Vatican office that deals with matters of doctrinal purity—and which has historical roots in the Church’s medieval Inquisition—Farley’s book “cannot be used as a valid expression of Catholic teaching, either in counseling and formation, or in ecumenical and interreligious dialogue.” Levada’s statement was approved by Pope Benedict XVI who, on Sunday, ended a threeday meeting in Milan, that had been organized to promote family values. Farley, an award-winning scholar, responded to the Vatican’s censure. “I can only clarify that the book was not intended to be an expression of current official Catholic teaching, nor was it aimed specifically against this teaching. It is of a different genre altogether,” said Farley. She added that “Just Love” provides “contemporary interpretations” of its subject matter, and seeks to replace antiquated and “taboo morality” with ideas based upon “present-day scientific, philosophical, theological, and biblical resources.” «


e’re a sucker for Brazilian butts. And nowhere on earth are there more on display then in the incredible city of São Paulo. It’s not only the largest city in Brazil; it’s the largest city in all of South America, and the seventh-largest city by population in the world. It’s just another example of the fact that size matters. At last count, the population of São Paulo was just over 11 million—three million more than NYC. Ah, and the people. Attractive, friendly, open, and happy. And, lest we forget the most charming part, they speak Portuguese—but with an Italian accent, in case you’re relying on your Rosetta Stone. They’ll be rattling it off at such a machine-gun pace that there is no point in trying to keep up your end of the conversation. It’s all part of the adventure in this city named after Saint Paul—as in the Apostle, not Minnesota. Getting to São Paulo can be a bit of a headtrip since it’s an eight-hour flight from Miami (or ten hours from New York) non-stop as the crows fly via the national airline TAM Linhas Aereas. Translation: two full-length movies, a fourcourse dinner and a three-hour nap. It gives new meaning to the phrase: somos nós lá ainda? (Are we there yet? for the Baptists among us.) Upon landing at the São Paulo/Guarulhos– Governador André Franco Montoro International Airport, take a deep breath and plunge head first into the excitement. You get to the city via taxi (there is a bus, but you’re gay, remember?). This will set you back exactly 85 Brazilian reals, or $42 in real money. Buy a prepaid taxi voucher in advance, since the traffic will be monstrous. Though it’s only 19 miles to São Paulo, it could take as long as an hour to get there. You don’t want to be in the back seat

when that meter is ticking. Our favorite hotel in São Paulo is the Mercure São Paulo Alamedes Hotel. It’s not the most luxurious hotel in the city, but it is one of the most convenient and reasonably priced at $139 per night. It has everything you could possibly need—room service, a good gym, rooftop pool with a view, a fantastic cute staff, and wi-fi service. It is centrally located in the most fashionable part of town, called the Jardins district, which not only has the most exclusive shopping street in the country—it’s called Oscar Freire (think Rodeo Drive), it has the majority of the gay clubs as well as the São Paulo Museum of Art. On the club scene, spending Sunday at Dorothy Parker (Alameda Lorena, 2119 – Jardins) is must do. During the rest of the week, it’s a very very private club with a guest list. And no, you’re not on it. On Sunday, however, they open the doors to extremely cute gay guys who like dancing flesh to flesh beginning at 11 p.m. and hanging out until 2 a.m. or so. Not far away is the Ritz (Alameda Franca, 1088 – Jardins), a fun burger and pizza joint where you can people watch all night, and linger over a cappuccino. Afterward on Fridays and Saturdays, head across town to Flex Club (Ave. Marquês de São Vicente 1767 - Barra Funda)—an enormous hanger-like structure that holds 2,000+. While that may sound like a large number, wrap your head around 4 million! That’s the number of gays expected to attend the Parada do Orgulho Gay GLBT de São Paulo on June 10. Translation: Gay Pride, São Paulo style. Prepare to sweat—and grin ear-to-ear. « Robert Elias Deaton is a world-traveling epicure who enjoys the finer things in life.



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Squats Reign Supreme for Power and Strength By tom bonanti


or anyone who is serious about weight training, you know that “leg day” is no walk in the park. Leg routines require, above all others, attention to proper form, serious concentration, and set after set of some of the most important and grueling exercises known to Muscledom. Lunges, dead lifts, and squats are essential for building tree trunk legs and glutes of steel. Yet squats more than any of the others are also great for abdominals— and most upper body muscle groups, as well. Some say that deep squats performed properly can actually boost testosterone production in most healthy males. All I can say is that squats better deliver results for all the pain and suffering they induce! In nearly every sport or fitness activity, your legs are your most important asset. That’s why squats are often called the “king” of all exercises. The squat involves glutes (butt), hamstrings (back of upper legs), calves, and most especially, the quadriceps (tops of the upper front legs). Like I mentioned previously, in addition to being the best exercise for lower body, squats also involve, at least indirectly, many upper body muscle groups as well, including deltoids, lats and traps, and especially abdominals. When you do squats, place a barbell on a squat rack, or set up the bar on the Smith machine. Doing squats on a Smith machine (at the outset at least) can be safer, but the apparatus does somewhat restrict the range of motion of your squat. Whichever you prefer, use light weight when you begin. Duck under the bar, and position it across your shoulders on your trapezius, slightly above the rear deltoids. Grasp the bar using a grip width that is comfortable for your body, and pull your elbows to the rear. Inhale deeply, rotate your pelvis forward, keep your head up, look straight ahead, and carefully lift the

bar off of the rack. Move back a step or two from the rack and set your feet shoulder width apart, keeping your toes pointed at an angle that’s slightly outward. Now, here is the most important caution regarding the squat. You must maintain a very erect body position when descending into the deep squat position. Leaning too far forward, or flexing the spine as you squat can be dangerous for your lower back. This error, which is very common even among seasoned athletes, is the major cause of lower back injuries. Once you have descended so your thighs are parallel to the floor, extend your legs and straighten your torso to return to the starting, upright position. There you have it, the perfect squat! A couple of other pointers can help you do squats safely and effectively. First, you should learn how to go down into the squat position so that you are low enough. The top of your thighs should be parallel to the floor in a well-executed squat. If you stop the squat any higher than that, you will lose some of the benefit to your butt and hamstrings. Secondly, learn to breathe properly by inhaling as you descend, and exhale as you come up. Thirdly, try to lower yourself slowly and carefully, and try to more explosively return to the upright position. If you want to build legs and butt, you simply have to do squats. I recommend that you do them twice a week. Always begin with a light set, with manageable weight. Try three sets of 10-to-12 reps after your initial warm-up set. For more tips on how to get legs of steel, contact«

Tom Bonanti is a certified personal trainer and owner of Pump’n Inc Gym at 1271 NE 9th Ave, Fort Lauderdale. For more tips on how to get bigger beefier arms by summer, give me a shout at

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Discovering Your Soul through Your Tastebuds BY RICHARD DAVID CHAMBERLAIN


alanga Thai Kitchen has been an established haven of gastronomic delights on Wilton Drive for years. And as a result, it’s hardly unusual to find the free valet parking lot full, and patrons, dressed date fancy, waiting to be seated. But on a recent raining Thursday night, we stopped by again when business was light, and discovered what Galanga Restaurant is really about. Without the din of loud clientele and clattering dishes, Galanga becomes an oasis of zen, a tranquil embrace whose touch is feather light, like lying inside a lotus blossom. The Sushi Bar is backed by an aquarium that sweeps full length across a wall. The splash of color—bright blue and yellow and brilliant red—on fish that glide more than swim in a rhythmic pattern of movement, dance to the sound of jazz that flows rather than pulses its way across the room. The food has always been wonderfully consistent and while it never arrives at your table with the kind of speed

you would like, it’s only because we’re anxious to get to the taste treats that await. Our standard favorites include the always crisp, surprisingly delicate Thai Glazed Chicken Lettuce Wraps ($9.00), with ground chicken, ginger, basil, bell peppers, onions, chestnuts and a plum sauce; as well as the Crab Cake ($12.00), the real deal heaped with lump crabmeat, Thai spices, and served with a piquant aioli. Recent additions to the menu from the Sushi Bar include the Kobi Tuna Roll ($11.00), a combo of rare tuna wrapped with seaweed, then lightly dusted with tempura and quick fried, topped with tempura flakes, spicy mayo, wasabi cream and masago. Both visually tempting and the kind of roll that makes for dueling chopsticks at the plate, as even the best of friends fight for the last piece. The Healthy Lobster Wrap ($20.00) brings joy to the table in the form of steamed lobster, spring mix, and avocado, wrapped with a thin rice paper, but no rice. That’s where the “Healthy”

comes in. If you’re in the mood for something with a kick, set your mouth on fire with the Cronic Roll ($14.00), an inside out roll, with tuna, masago, green onion, garlic, avocado, asparagus, tempura jalapeno, and aonori. Moving away from the sushi bar and back into the kitchen, the house specialty has always been the Unbelievable Seabass ($28.00), a perfectly grilled Chilean seabass, sauteed with mixed vegetables, and a drizzle of Thai chili sauce. Try it and become an instant convert. For duck lovers, the Delightful Duck ($23.00) is prepared in a crispy confit, with sauteed mixed vegetables, and a tamarind sauce. For the more traditionalists among us, the various curry dishes available include Red Curry, with bamboo shoots, red peppers, green peppers and carrots; Green Curry, with green beans, snow peas, zucchini and green peppers; Panang

Curry, red and green peppers, green beans and ground peanuts; or Masaman Curry, which adds potatoes, onions, tomatoes, and peanuts. The Curries are priced according to your entrée selection: Tofu ($14), Chicken, Beef Or Pork ($15), Squid ($16), Shrimp ($16), Mixed Seafood ($19), Scallops ($20)—and all are served with jasmine rice. This particular Thursday we asked our waiter Erik for Three Best Friends ($19.00), a flavorful blend of beef, shrimp and chicken, sautéed mixed vegetables, in a light peanut sauce. The portion is easily enough for two, plus some for the dog, who thought she had died and gone to heaven. Come to think of it, so did we.« GALANGA THAI KITCHEN & SUSHI BAR 2389 Wilton Drive Wilton Manors, FL 33305 954-202-0000


“Redefining Diva” by Sheryl Lee Ralph BY Terri Schlichenmeyer


s it so horrible to know what you want? You don’t think so. That’s why you’re decisive, you state your needs clearly and firmly, and you expect people to act accordingly. What’s wrong with that? Nothing. So why do people call you the “B” word that rhymes with itch? You’re not nasty or horrible, so why would they call you a diva? Author Sheryl Lee Ralph doesn’t know the answer. But, as she says in her new book “Redefining Diva,” if they call you that last name, you really should thank them. Okay, so you’re a diva. What is that, anyhow? The word, says Ralph, has gotten a bum rap lately, but it was originally an Italian noun derived from the Latin word for deity; in other words, a diva is a goddess. Ralph also says that the word is an acronym for Divinely Inspired Victoriously Anointed. A diva, says Ralph, “copies no one. She is her own woman.” Ralph became a diva through a lifetime of observing strong women. Her mother, a Jamaican immigrant, worked in a hospital to pay for her ticket to America.

Ralph’s grandmother, a North Carolina belle, was headstrong and fearless enough to tussle with the burglars who killed her husband. Divas, you see, know that risks are to be seized. At sixteen, Ralph took on a big risk when she went to Rutgers University. She had initially considered going to medical school, but she hated dissecting. She switched to law school, but considered it “boring.” Then Ralph stumbled into drama auditions, tried out for a play, and found her niche. When a Diva discovers what she’s meant to do, Ralph says, she knows it. After working with the Defense Department, she landed in Hollywood and the movies, but Broadway was her first love. Good Diva that she is, she tackled every opportunity, which eventually gained her a part as one of the original “Dreamgirls,” in the stage show. She ultimately quit the show, went back to Hollywood, and enjoyed more fame on television. Today, Ralph still acts, because Divas know “yes” can be satisfying. She also works with the Diva Foundation, an

organization that focuses on HIV/AIDS awareness and testing. She does it to memorialize her friends and because, she says, a “real Diva counts…her blessings.” I wasn’t sure what to expect when “Redefining Diva” crossed my desk. Is it a memoir? Or is it meant to inspire? The answer to that, delightfully, is both. Author Sheryl Lee Ralph weaves a lot of advice into this biography, giving readers plenty of takeaways while she shares tales of family, fame and folly. And that’s what makes this book so enjoyable: Ralph imparts life lessons in between star-studded gossip and her own personal experiences, on-stage and off. Advisements are wrapped inside anecdotes, which somehow make them more memorable and definitely more fun to read. I liked this book, and I think you will, too. Read “Redefining Diva” for the advice. Read it for the biography. Either way, this’ll be a book you’ll want to read.«

“Redefining Diva” by Sheryl Lee Ralph © 2011, 2012, Gallery Books $14.00 / $16.00 Canada 200 pages

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bar guide


FORT LAUDERDALE/WILTON MANORS ALIBI 2266 Wilton Drive, Wilton Manors Gayborhood tradition since 1997. Comfortable, inviting atmosphere with indoor video bars, outdoor drinking and dining. Drink specials all week, with mammoth 22-ounce Long Island Iced Teas for $3 on Thursdays. BILL’S FILLING STATION 2209 Wilton Drive, Wilton Manors Videos, pool tables, dart boards, dance floor, happy hour, live shows, Tuesday and Thursday karaoke – and great burgers, to boot. Fun and friendly truck-stop-themed bar. BOARDWALK 1721 N Andrews Ave., Fort Lauderdale Over 100 of the sexiest men from all over the world. Go-go dancers, cages, billiards, 2-4-1 Happy Hours. Drag emcees and did we mention the Boys? BOOM 2232 Wilton Drive, Wilton Manors The bar with two names features a dance club and Gayborhood bar. Drag Bingo on Mondays, karaoke Mondays and Tuesdays, dance music Fridays and Saturdays, and (indoor) Sunday T-Dance. CORNER PUB 1915 N Andrews Ave., Wilton Manors Friendly atmosphere, unpretentious clientele and staff. Next to Island City Pizza (so you can get your drink AND your slice on). CUBBY HOLE 823 N Federal Hwy., Fort Lauderdale Butch bar and grill with a rockin’ daytime crowd (and a fun nighttime one, too). Fifty cent pool, 2-for-1 drinks all day every day, video games, hot movies on HDTV and DirecTV. Thursdays it’s Bare Bear Chest Night, and every Friday and Saturday the fur flies with Hot Bears on Poles (where their Grizzlies Grind)! DEPOT CABANA BAR AND GRILL 2935 N Federal Hwy., Fort Lauderdale Adjacent to the America’s Best Inn and Suites. Pool open daily – No Cover or Day Pass. Great food, daily happy hour, Sunday afternoon T-Dance Poolside. Karaoke and live music. Open daily at 11:30 a.m. DUDES 3270 NE 33rd St., Fort Lauderdale Men dancing for men. Hot go-go boys in an upscale atmosphere, piano lounge for more quiet interludes. Steamy shower shows. JOHNNY’S 1116 W Broward Blvd., Fort Lauderdale Club, bar, lounge. Male dancers and the men who love (to ogle) them. Sunday amateur strip contest (and karaoke!). LIPS 1421 E Oakland Park Blvd., Oakland Park The Ultimate in Drag Dining. Dinner and shows six nights a week. Sunday Gospel Brunch with the Sisters of Sequins. THE MANOR 2345 Wilton Drive, Wilton Manors WeHo vibe (think: LA’s The Abbey) in the heart of the Gayborhood. Dine, drink, dance, play, mingle. Theme rooms (salsa and merengue every weekend in the Latin Quarter!). Live dancing and dining. MATTY’S ON THE DRIVE 2426 Wilton Drive, Wilton Manors Drink specials, billiards, and a chill gayborhood vibe. 75 Cent drinks on Wednesdays. No Drama, No Smoking.

the month – South Florida’s Busiest, Craziest Monthly Party (with caged hunks at Midnight on Saturdays – is there a downside to this?). ROSIE’S BAR & GRILL 2449 Wilton Dr., Wilton Manors Nexus of the A-Gay List. Be Seen in the Scene (without making one). Food, folks, libations, and a killer Sunday Funday. SCANDALS SALOON 3073 NE 6th Ave., Wilton Manors A line-dancin’, tight blue jeans-wearin’ good time. Country and western music, two-steppin’, three-steppin’, pool tables, and themed events year ‘round. Cowboys and Indians was never this much fun, Pilgrim. SIDELINES 2031 Wilton Drive, Wilton Manors Where Sports come first. Nationally known destination sports bar with TVs streaming NFL, MLB, NBA and college games. Pool tables, dart boards and large indoor (and now smoke-free) facility. Outdoor patio features area for smokers. Mixed crowd of gay men and women (who would have thought?). Featured in Bloomberg Businessweek and recommended by LOGO. STABLE 205 E Oakland Park Blvd., Fort Lauderdale Levis-and-leather neighborhood bar, where the bears line dance and the cowboys are VERY friendly. SMARTY PANTS 2400 E Oakland Park Blvd., Fort Lauderdale Cozy neighborhood bar with daily happy hour, and regular patrons. Show night Thursdays at 9 p.m. Karaoke Friday and Saturday nights, and with matinee on Sunday afternoon. TORPEDO 2829 W Broward Blvd., Fort Lauderdale Dance, shoot pool, drink til 4 a.m., 7 nights a week. Doors open at Midnight; dance til Dawn. WHISKEY BLUE 401 N Fort Lauderdale Beach Blvd., Fort Lauderdale In the W Hotel on Fort Lauderdale Beach, downstairs it’s the elegant Whiskey Blue, upstairs the luxe Living Room: hot dance and social settings in a distinctive atmosphere with signature cocktails and upscale patrons. Indoor and outdoor lounges. WILTON’S BIER GARDEN 2245 Wilton DriveWilton Manors German cuisine meets Der Gayborhood, in a fun, relaxed atmosphere. Upstairs dining, downstairs outdoor patio and bar, DJ music, and a fun staff make one of Wilton Manors’ newest venues a good time to be had by all. MIAMI/MIAMI BEACH ­ CLUB BOI 777 NE 79 St., Miami With an urban vibe on the weekends, a diverse crowd and a diverse musical format, including Hip Hop, R&B, House, Reggae, Soca, Latin and Old School. Go-go bois and drink specials. CLUB SUGAR 2301 SW 32nd Ave., Miami Gay Latin scene, with Salsa, Merengue, Reggaeton, Hip Hop and House music always playing. DISCOTEKKA 950 NE 2nd Ave., Miami Hot music, hot scene, hot bartenders, and hot patrons in the hot heart of Downtown Miami.

MONKEY BUSINESS 2740 N Andrews Ave., Fort Lauderdale Cozy neighborhood bar. Karaoke, drag shows, Patio Bar – and open at 9 a.m. daily.

JOHNNY’S MIAMI 62 NE 14th Street, Downtown Miami Club, bar and lounge. Johnny’s Miami boasts the best sound system in town! Plenty of safe, secured parking. Open 5pm to 5am daily. Hot male dancers and daily drink specials.

MONA’S 502 E Sunrise Blvd., Fort Lauderdale Cocktail Lounge in the heart of Searstown. Fun customers, fun bartenders and fun proprietor (the Legendary Jerry). Outside patio. Wednesday karaoke, Thursday Speedball Tournament.

MOVA LOUNGE 1625 Michigan Ave., Miami Beach On Miami Beach’s famed Lincoln Road, never a cover. Drink specials all week long, live DJs, high energy music and a fun crowd getting their dance on til late.

NAKED GRAPE 2163 Wilton Drive, Wilton Manors Relaxing, friendly, hip, unique – the alternative gathering place on Wilton Drive. Wine tastings and events. Tuesday and Wednesday Late Night In the Biz.

PALACE BAR 1200 Ocean Drive, Miami Beach This bar and restaurant in the heart of South Beach’s Art Deco District. Mouth-watering burgers, boys (and girls!). Weekend cabaret shows Thursday through Sunday.

PJ’S CORNER POCKET 924 N Flagler Dr., Fort Lauderdale Friendly neighborhood interracial bar with drinks specials every night of the week including, “In the Biz Mondays” at 9 p.m. with 2-4-1 drinks and $3 Cosmos and Apple Martinis, “Splash Friday’s” wet underwear contest, and Sunday’s pool tournament, both with a $50 cash prize! RAMROD 1508 NE 4th Ave., Fort Lauderdale Voted World’s Favorite Leather Bar. Pig Dance first Saturday of

SCORE 727 Lincoln Rd., Miami Beach Dance, drink, party all night on Miami Beach’s Lincoln Road. Tons of events throughout the year, including fundraisers for Winter Party, White Party, and Miami Beach Gay Pride. SPACE 34 NE 11th St., Miami Mingle and mix with gays and str8s in the heart of Downtown Miami. Indoor dance floors and outdoor rooftop bar, spectacular light show. TWIST

1057 Washington Ave., Miami Beach Great music, friendly staff, hot tourists and locals. Never a cover, always a groove. Bungalow Bar = Hot Men. In SoBe’s Art Deco District. ORLANDO/CENTRAL FLORIDA Hanks 5026 Edgewater Dr., Orlando, FL Friendly local bar with a cruisy attitude. One of Orlando’s oldest and friendliest Gay bars. Beer and Wine. Pool Tables, Video Games and a Large Patio area. Hamburger Mary’s Bar & Grill 110 W Church St., Orlando, FL Eat, Drink & Be Mary! Tuesday BINGO with Miss Sammy & Carol Lee, Wednesday Trivia with Doug Bouser and Leigh Shannon’s Cabaret Dinner Show is every Saturday, 7:30 p.m. Parliament House 410 N Orange Blossom Trail, Orlando, FL All gay entertainment complex with 130 newly-remodeled hotel rooms. Cruisy Hotel, Nightclub, Pool Bar, Bear/Leather Bar. New Phoenix 7124 Aloma Ave., Winter Park, FL Winter Park’s ONLY Gay & Lesbian Bar. Been There Forever! Karaoke every Tuesday and Friday at 9 p.m. Drag shows every Saturday night. Home of the $1 Jello shots. Pulse 1912 S Orange Ave., Orlando, FL Orlando’s Premier Gay Bar & Nightclub with Ultra Lounge, Jewel Box Dance Floor, and Adonis Dancers. Twisted Tuesdays with $10 All-U-Can Drink, College Wednesdays (18+) and 2-4-1 every Friday for Happy Hour. Savoy Orlando 1913 N Orange Ave., Orlando, FL “The hottest” gay bar and nightclub in Orlando. The MEN OF SAVOY Dancers from 6 p.m. til 2 a.m. every night in the main bar! Video Bar, Pool Tables. Wylde’s 3557 S Orange Ave., Orlando, FL Neighborhood bar South of Downtown Orlando. Jukebox, Video Games, Pool Tables and Dancers. Paradise Orlando 1300 N Mills Ave, Orlando, FL Orlando’s casual Gay & Lesbian bar and nightclub. Patio, Tiki Bar and Pool Tables. Happy Hour 4 til 9 p.m. and drink specials every day til 9 p.m. Bar Codes (Formerly Bear Bar) 4453 Edgewater Dr., Orlando, FL Friendly Bar, Real Men and Bears... Oh My! Beer and Wine. Tends to attract the after work Happy Hour crowd. TAMPA BAY 2606 2606 N Armenia Ave., Tampa, FL Tampa’s favorite Levi/leather bar has two floors (dimly lit), with the upstairs being the more cruisy. There’s Hog House shop on-premises, and the 2606 is home to the Tampa Leather Club. Monday is Underwear Night, Tuesdays are $1 drinks and on Wednesdays, Longnecks are just $1.50. Azalea Lounge 1502 N Florida Ave., Tampa, FL Exposed brick, cold beverages and friendly staff are the mainstays of the recently bloomed Florida Avenue flower! Neighborhood bar, pool tables. Baxter’s Lounge 1519 S Dale Mabry, Tampa, FL Tampa Happy Hour Tradition. Serving up some of the hottest dancers Wednesday thru Saturday nights at 10PM. Flirt Nightclub & Showbar 1909 N 15th St., Tampa, FL (Ybor City) Get that hometown feeling. Amazing lazer shows, big headliners and has been around for 6 years. City Side 3703 Henderson Blvd., Tampa, FL Tampa Bay’s “Best Happy Hour” til Midnight every night of the week. GBar 1401 E 7th Ave., Tampa (Ybor City), FL Dance Club & Video Bar. Open Tuesday through Saturday, 4 p.m. til 3 a.m. No cover before 10 p.m., $5 after with ID. Valentines Nightclub 7522 N Armenia Ave., Tampa, FL Voted #1 Nightclub in Tampa. Open 7 days a week 3 p.m. to 3 a.m. Monday, Latin Night, Tuesdays are Boys Night Out, Wednesdays are Karaoke Night, Thursdays, No Cover Dance Party, Fridays feature Hot Go-Go Girls, Saturdays are Latino Night “Uncut” and Sundays are Hip Hop Night.

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Ki Ki Ki III 1908 W Kennedy Blvd., Tampa, FL One of The Oldest Bars (beer and wine). A plain bar without pretention with its share of young regulars. Rainbow Room 421 S MacDill Ave., Tampa, FL A mix between a neighborhood bar and a community center. Main bar with pool, darts, jukebox. Outdoor Tiki patio has a full volleyball court and live bands. Beer & Wine. ST. PETERSBURG Georgies Alibi 3100 3rd Ave. North, St. Petersburg, FL One of the most popular gay bars in St. Pete. It’s always busy! Great VJ’s play Top 40 music. Mondays are Drag BINGO and Talent contest, Pool tourney Wednesdays, and the legendary Long Island Iced Tea nights on Thursdays. Ages 21 and over, never a cover! Flamingo Resort 4601 34th St. South, St. Petersburg, FL Florida’s “largest, luxury all gay resort.” Non-stop entertainment, great menu, and drinks served poolside at the Cabana. Weekly events and 2-4-1 Happy Hour daily from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. Saturday Happy Hour ($1 off) 11 a.m to 9 p.m. Gemini Lounge 2315 Central Ave., St. Petersburg, FL Gemini Lounge aims to serve a variety of tastes; music, karaoke, Internet access, poetry readings and sports on TV. Oar House Bar & Liquor Store 4807 22nd Ave. South, St. Petersburg, FL Fun, friendly, laid-back atmosphere where you can get great drinks at cheap prices! Drama free! Happy Hour daily from 2 p.m. til 9 p.m. Haymarket Pub 8308 4th St. North, St. Petersburg, FL More of a Men’s bar. Showing hot videos, beer specials, Saturday Underwear Night, and different events each week. Hideaway 8302 4th St. North, St. Petersburg, FL The oldest Womyn’s bar in the country. Where music is always the main entree! Coldest selection of beer in town. Detour 2612 Central Ave., St. Petersburg, FL The hottest club in St. Pete. Daily specials, karaoke nights and gogo boys from Rico’s Men. Noted for it’s Saturday Drag shows and Karaoke nights. Full liquor bar. MELBOURNE/COCOA Cold Keg NightClub 4060 W New Haven Ave., Melbourne, FL Largest Gay Club in Melbourne Florida and the Premier Gay Bar & Nightclub in Brevard County. Ultra Lounge 407 Brevard Ave., Cocoa, FL Nestled in Cocoa Village, this bar has a full coffee bar, serving espresso, lattes, cappuccinos as well as draft beers & wine. JACKSONVILLE The Metro 2929 Plum St., Jacksonville, FL The Metro Entertainment Complex has been serving the GLBT community for 17 years. Features a total of 7 different venues under one roof to choose from. Lesbo-A-Go-Go, monthly Tea Dances, special quest performers, female impersonators and live musicians. Boot Rack Saloon 4751 Lenox Ave., Jacksonville, FL Your Neighborhood Gay Bar - the place for men. Cold beer, music and a warm and cozy atmosphere. Hot men and cheap beer... We all know where that leads! AJ’s Bar & Grill 10244 Atlantic Blvd., Jacksonville, FL Annie and Janie invite you to stop by and see some old friends and meet some new ones! Great food, awesome service, delicious mixed drinks and live entertainment. Park Place Lounge 931 King St., Jacksonville, FL A fun and comfortable gay bar that’s accommodating to both gays and non-gays. A great place to watch your favorite game, or enjoy playing Wii while the liquor flows! The Norm 2952 Roosevelt Blvd., Jacksonville, FL A neighborhood bar. Everyone is welcome, but remember it is a girls bar! Beer and Wine only. 616 Bar 616 Park St., Jacksonville, FL A warm and friendly atmosphere with a Patio bar. Karaoke on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Thursdays the Jax Bears are here for happy hour. Fridays and Saturdays enjoy the “Beer

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bar guide • THE SCENE

Three Layers Cafe 1602 Walnut St., Jacksonville, FL The name Three Layers comes from their large variety of delicious three layer cakes. An inviting loft style cafe located in Springfield. Enjoy a bistro style lunch or just stop in for your morning coffee.

801 Bourbon Bar 801 Duval St., Key West, FL Cabaret shows upstairs with nightly performances by famed performers Sushi, Kylie, RV Beaumont, Margo, and others. This legendary establishment has been around for over 30 years, and host Happy Hour specials daily from 11 a.m. - 8 p.m.

Bo’s Coral Reef 201 5th Ave. North, Jacksonville Beach, FL There are great shows Thursday through Sunday with the best of female impersonators. Pool tables, video games, and a large outdoor patio. The only gay bar on the beach!

Aqua Nightclub 711 Duval St., Key West, FL Aqua features the “Reality is a Drag” show six days a week, followed by dancing. Monday is karaoke night and don’t miss the great happy hour specials from 3 to 8 p.m. daily.

Incahoots 711 Edison Ave., Jacksonville, FL This club offers good crowds every night. Recently remodeled with three bars and a friendly staff. Everyday is a different special. A fun place anytime. Full Liquor bar. Closed on Mondays and Tuesdays except for special events.

KWest 705 Duval St., Key West, FL Daily Happy Hour from 3 to 8 p.m., and a piano sing-a-long every Wednesday night. Men dancing for men after 10 p.m. Weekly drink specials and “Wet Jockey” contests on Fridays.

Kickbacks Gastropub 910 King St., Jacksonville, FL This is a top class venue serving over 600 different bottled beers, 84 beers on tap, breakfast, lunch and dinner 20hrs a day 7 days a week! PENSACOLA The Roundup 560 E Heinberg St, Pensacola, FL A neighborhood gay men’s bar... Pensacola’s Cowboy Bar. Open 2 p.m. til 3 p.m. daily. Cabaret 101 S Jefferson St. #E, Pensacola, FL Not strictly a gay bar, the charming and friendly Cabaret is very much a fixture in Pensacola’s GLBT community, drawing a mixed bunch each evening for happy hour, karaoke, videos, comedy shows, live music, and all-around hobnobbing and socializing. KEY WEST Bourbon Street Pub 724 Duval St., Key West, FL Opened in October of 1995 and has continued to grow ever since, it is now part of the larger collection of gay action in The Bourbon St. Pub Complex. Hot Go-Go boy dancers and a busy crowd. “Where the boys are!”

The scene By grant games

Azealia Banks: “1991”

Rapper and lyricist Azealia Banks was actually born in 1991, from which year she takes the name of her new EP. You can tell just from listening to “1991,” which mixes elements of house, rap, and R&B—all with a 90s flare. The Harlem-born hoodrat (who is openly bisexual) is a classic “lady in the streets, freak on the mic.” Her raps are fast and loose, with 90s house music serving as a phenomenal backdrop for the songs. In addition to rapping, Banks also does her share of singing on the EP, which fits nicely, and serves to break the songs up a little. She does have some musical similarities to Lil’ Kim, Foxy Brown, and Eve, but she manages to keep the EP fun and fresh overall. Hopefully, “1991” will lead to a bigger success when her debut album, “Broke With Expensive Taste,” reportedly drops sometime this year. 9/10

Saloon One 801 Duval St., Key West, FL (Behind 801 Bar) This is the only gay leather bar in Key West. Conveniently located behind 801 Bourbon Bar. La Te Da 1125 Duval St., Key West, FL An upscale hotel complex with 3 bars, cabaret and restaurant. Pearl’s Patio Bar for Women 525 United St., Key West, FL Tropical themed women’s bar for gay women and gayfriendly women alike. Patio bar with a full bar featuring drinks like “Cosmopearlitans” and “Pearl’s Passion”. Bobby’s Monkey Bar 900 Simonton St., Key West, FL The gay Cheers style neighborhood bar of Key West. Happy Hour from Noon to 7pm, Karaoke on Sunday nights, pool tournaments on Tuesday nights at 7pm. Free Wi-Fi access. Garden of Eden 224 Duval St., Key West, FL A Rooftop Bar with the BEST VIEWS in the city & “BEST Long Island Ice Teas made by Melinda!” Gay, straight, fat, or skinny... Doesn’t matter! Clothing optional - gay friendly! WEST PALM BEACH

Scissor Sisters: “Magic Hour”

It’s apparent that Scissor Sisters really want to keep disco alive (or bring it back to life—however you want to look at it), and for that, I applaud them. Who doesn’t enjoy a high-pitched male voice, sung over a funky 70s beat? Akin to a modern day Bee Gees, Scissor Sisters (formed in 2000) released their latest album, “Magic Hour,” on May 28. Singer Jake Shears pulls you into his nu-discobased universe, with the help of producer Alex Sidha, also known by his artist moniker, Boys Noize. On opening track, “Baby Come Home,” Shears weeps for his love to—wait for it—come home. While the lyrics of the songs are traditional, the delivery and sound are anything but. “Keep Your Shoes On” feels like being stuck in a K-hole—but in the best way possible. The band does manage to slow things down at the right times, with funk-ballads aplenty that fit Shears’s voice like a glove. Single “Shady Love” (which features Azealia Banks: see above) is a definite highlight of the album, and contributes to it a whole other layer. The Calvin Harris-produced track, “Only the Horses,” is the closest to

H G Roosters 823 Belvedere Rd., West Palm Beach, FL Dark bar that attracts a fun party crowd. Camp is in at H.G.’s, where drag shows and bingo nights pack in crowds looking for laughs and fun. The Lounge 517 Clematis St., West Palm Beach, FL Sushi, tropical views and tasty cocktails are accompanied by acclaimed resident DJ Daisy DeadPetals. Fort Dix Bar & Club 6205 Georgia Ave., West Palm Beach, FL Mostly local crowd looking to mingle and relax. The bar is a bit on the dark and dingy side, but who knows--that could be a plus.


gay and straight. Did you know that in the Caribbean, TOTI is slang for a beloved male appendage? How apropos. GAINESVILLE Spikes 4130 NW 6th St., Gainesville, FL It is a laid-back kind of place, with friendly bar staff. The crowds vary depending on the night. The bar has a nice open air patio area that is rarely used, but would be nice if it was. University Club 18 E University Ave., Gainesville, FL This is a fairly average small college town gay bar. It is usually busy and crowded on Thursday nights.

FORT MYERS Office Pub 3704 Cleveland Ave., Fort Myers, FL Oldest gay bar in South West Florida with a festive attitude. This bear-friendly Office likes to have fun with underwear parties, drag shows, Wii bowling! Check out their country and western music night on Saturdays. Tubby’s 4350 Fowler St., Fort Myers, FL Where men come to compete (in tournaments). “Never a cover... always a smile” Tubby’s is a no-frills video bar with a total of 10 TVs and two projection screens available for patrons to use as they wish. Add a six-hour 2-4-1 Happy Hour during the Wii tournaments on the big screen! The Bottom Line 3090 Evans Ave., Fort Myers, FL This gay entertainment complex is one of the longest running clubs in southwest Florida at over 20 years, The Bottom Line features 7 bars, pool tables, drag shows and occasional guest appearances by porno stars. VENICE TOTI: Tavern on the Island in Venice 127 Tampa Ave. East, Venice, FL This South Beach inspired gay bar, boasts a dance floor and a game room with pool tables and dart boards. It’s clean, the music is mixed and the staff are friendly. A mixed crowd can be found most nights... younger, older (duh, this is Venice),

a “radio-friendly” single that Sisters have ever done, and manages to keep the band’s sound and integrity intact. “Magic Hour” is Scissor Sisters most polished and cohesive (while still experimental) album to date. 8.3/10

his dressing room. Doctors confirmed he had suffered a concussion, but say he is in good shape now. Canadians never catch a break.

Making a SCENE:

Bieby Blues

It’s been a rough week for Justin Bieber. On May 27, the Canadian pop-star was accused of assaulting a photographer who was snapping pics of Bieber and girlfriend Selena Gomez as they exited a movie theater in Calabasas, California. The photographer claims that a scuffle took place, and he called 911, but Bieber and Gomez left the scene before police got there. The photographer was taken to a local hospital after complaining of chest pains, and he filed a police report. Days later, at his show in Paris on May 31, the singer accidentally ran into a wall of glass backstage, as reported by TMZ. He was between songs, and managed to suck it up, went back onstage, and performed the rest of his set. After the show, The Beebs passed out for about 15 seconds in


Leaked video footage of Madonna’s tour dress rehearsal in Tel Aviv has surfaced on the Web, and people are not happy. The controversial pop star is seen during a rehearsal for “Express Yourself,” when the song seamlessly transitions into Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way.” Madonna fans were in an uproar last year when Gaga released “Born This Way,” as they noted a striking resemblance to the prima diva’s “Express Yourself.” Madonna seems to still be feeling some pent-up aggression towards Mother Monster, and it looks like the PriMa-donna is going to be taking it to the stage. «




WILTON MANORS STONEWALL STREET FESTIVAL Sunday, June 24, on Wilton Drive, Wilton Manors’ main thoroughfare. The 13th annual Stonewall Street Festival, from 12 to 10 p.m. This year will feature a parade, over 125 exhibitors, activities, and A-List main stage entertainment, all through the day—including Andy Bell from 1980s pop group Erasure, who takes the stage immediately after the Summer Pride Twilight Parade, performing such hits as “A Little Respect” and “Chains of Love.” The street festival will highlight local businesses, and include merchants and sponsors from the fields of health and wellness, recreation and entertainment, travel, community resources, and others. At 7 p.m., the parade kicks off on Northeast 20th Street and will follow Wilton Drive north to its Five Points finale. For more information, visit

MIAMI “THE DONKEY SHOW”/THE ADRIENNE ARSHT CENTER Described by The New York Times as “Passion. Sex. A Rollicking Cool Party,” “The Donkey Show” opens on Friday, July 13, at the Adrienne Arsht Center’s Ziff Ballet Opera House. The celebrated smash hit is described as “the ultimate night fever—a crazy fun house of disco mirror balls and feathered divas, of roller skaters and hustle queens, enchanted by an everso-light sprinkling of Shakespearean magic.” MIAMI BEACH BRUTHAZ Thursday, July 19 through Sunday, July 22. Founded in July 2006 as an annual summer lifestyle event for gay men and women from around the world, Miami Beach Bruthaz includes a series of social, educational, and personalized activities that promote unity, camaraderie, and a sense of belonging. The event is focused around central themes of Knowledge, Culture, and Fashion. Miami Beach Bruthaz features an upscale White Party with a celebrity guest, a serious hip hop party, a rooftop pool party, and a men’s fashion show. The Saturday night party features the sounds of Brazil, and Sunday brunch at the Palace on Ocean Drive is surely not to be missed. For more information, visit

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Wicked Sticks Anonymous BY JUSTIN JONES


o there you are, sitting in front of your computer with your jeans around your ankles, your underwear at your thighs, one hand on a mouse pad, and the other on your 21st digit. The laptop’s bluish glow is the only source of light in your bedroom: it illuminates the soaking wet end of the t-shirt bunched up in your mouth (you had to keep it out of the way of your hand, after all). You don’t want anyone else in your apartment building to hear the animalistic sounds that emanate from the porn that’s playing on your computer (although you DO want to make sure that YOU hear every graphic detail), so you’re wearing headphones. And how ironic the whole scene is. The measures you’ve taken to hide your self-pleasure—right down to making sure the blinds in your bedroom are closed in just the right direction, so the neighbors can’t peer in—are the very measures that have given you away. You don’t know, for instance, that the glow cast by your monitor creates a vivid silhouette on your blinds for the benefit of the curious outside. Nor did you anticipate your headphones disguising the sounds of laughter right outside your window. No, as careful as you were, those details went unnoticed. Thankfully, you have a roommate who cares. After hearing laughter outside your building, he investigates. He finds the scene troubling—possibly even embarrassing—to you. After seeing the frenzied shadow-show projected onto your blinds, he nobly attempts to inform you that you’re being watched (and mocked). He tries knocking at your bedroom door—which, of course, you can’t hear. So he knocks louder. When you realize someone is at your door, you play it cool. You throw the bed comforter over your legs, and minimize the pornographic window on your computer screen. You have previously opened Facebook in another window

tab, in case such an incident was to occur. “Come in,” you say politely, trying to breathe as slowly as possible. “Um, dude,” your roommate says, “people outside can see what you’re doing.” You feel the empathy in his voice and, though your heart drops, you unabashedly oppose admitting to anything. “See me doing what? Talking to people on Facebook?” you respond, still out of breath, and still visibly rather— impassioned. Your roommate shakes his head, and while you know there’s no way out of this, you stick to your guns—because, for some reason, this is somehow embarrassing. “Dude,” you say, “Look, I was on FACEBOOK.” And you turn your laptop around to show your roommate the “truth.” Yes, there is Facebook maximized on your screen, but then those pesky headphones get in the way—they unplug themselves just when you think you’ve proven your “innocence” to your roommate. With the headphones out, your computer routes the sound to its speakers, and the sounds coming from your computer aren’t from iTunes—they’re from XTube. Obnoxious, disgustingly sexual, and embarrassingly loud. Your eyes lock with your roommates’. Your erection has perished upon the altar of the Gods of Embarrassment. You feel the urge to jump up and run away, and you would—except you’d fall, because your pants are still around your ankles. So you laugh, and your roommate laughs with you. «

Justin Jones, 25, is a writer based in Minneapolis. In addition to his column lovejones, Justin pens Through These Eyes, a bi-weekly column for Lavender Magazine. He writes about things like being alive, being in love, and drinking too much.

KEY WEST PRIDEFEST Key West has a lot to be proud of: the southernmost U.S. city recently tied with San Francisco for the title of Best City for Unity Between Gays and Lesbians, and they won hands down in Best City for Unity Between Gays and Straights. Both their city and county official mottos are “One Human Family. Their LGBT leaders serve openly, and visitors are welcomed throughout the island. Key West shows their pride every day, and this is your chance to be a part of the celebration. Come out for Key West Pride, June 6 to 10, and enjoy dance parties, drag shows, bike tours, water excursions, a street fair, and even a parade through town. Their Miss Pride, Mr. Pride and Ms. Pride competitions are infamous for their fun and their skin. Make your plans now to attend Key West Pride. Most events are All Welcome. All events are uniquely Key West. For more information: WOMENFEST The 20th Annual Womenfest will be held in Key West from September 4 through 9. Parties, dancing, film festival and outings for women. For more information:


ST PETE ST. PETE PRIDE The 10th Annual St. Pete Pride Street Festival and Promenade returns Saturday, June 30. The diversity of Southwest Florida’s LGBT community and visitors from around the world join local allies, business and community leaders, and supporters for a day of food, fun, dancing, music, and fun. St. Petersburg’s Grand Central District transforms into “Carnivale,” with an attendance estimated near 100,000. Following in the great tradition of the Stonewall Riots and the start of the modern gay rights movement, St. Pete Pride has grown into one of the country’s largest Pride events. In 2011, the number of attendees topped 90,000. For more information: «

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This Week’s Delicious Recipe



reen beans are fantastic in a salad, both healthy and delicious. Mix ’em with the right ingredients, and you’ll be hooked

forever. Shallots will give the dish that lovely pink color, and, of course, an unforgettable flavor.

minutes for tender). Remove from heat and stir in the bacon, along with whatever nuts you are using, and salt. To toast nuts or seeds on the stovetop: Toast in a small dry skillet over medium-low heat, stirring constantly, until fragrant and lightly browned, from three to five minutes. If you’re using the broiler, watch them like a hawk—

• 1 teaspoon, extra virgin olive oil • 1 large shallot, minced • 1 pound, green beans, trimmed • ½ cup water • 2 slices bacon, cooked and chopped • 2 tablespoons, chopped toasted hazelnuts, almonds, or walnuts • Salt Heat the oil in a frying pan over a mediumhigh heat. Add the shallot and cook, stirring, until it starts to brown, between 30 seconds and a minute. Add the green beans and cook, stirring often, until seared in spots, between two and three minutes. Add a little water, then cover, and reduce the heat to medium. Cook, stirring occasionally (about three minutes for a tender-crisp result, or six

Although born in Dublin, Ireland, chef Jean Doherty spent most of her life in Lyon, France, the gastronomical capital of the world. Together with Vero, her partner of 25 years, Jean has owned and run multiple restaurants including Fort Lauderdale’s Le Patio.

value from your computer investment, *A+ Hardware & OS CERTIFIED. *Friendly, professional, RELIABLE service. Reasonable rates. Call Mike (954) 817-3883

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A MIND AT PEACE/ THERAPEUTIC SERVICES/ RON "DOC" CHAMBERS, MSW (954) 627-0103 1975 East Sunrise Blvd., Suite 629 Fort Lauderdale. HIV Related Issues /Anxiety /Depression /Schizophrenia /Relationship Problems /Anger Management Problems /Same-Sex Battering /Domestic Violence. Most Insurance Accepted /Credit Cards Accepted.


ELITE RELOCATION MOVING & STORAGE We've provided quality moves for over 30 years. It's always a smooth move when you choose Elite Relocation. Contact us today at (954)975-8660 - RED BOX MOVING -FLORIDAAGENDA.COM OWNER IN TRUCK ON EVERY MOVE. CALL NORBERT DIRECTLY. Affordable, Reliable, Careful. MV#567/INSURED. (954) 305-9176 or (561) 506-5540

Computer Services


RETAIL SALES POSITION ON WILTON DRIVE- Full and Part Time Positions Available Now! Call 954-873-3889 PT / FT ADVERTISING ASSOCIATE NEEDED - We are a streaming / internet LGBT radio station, south florida based. This a commissioned sales position. For more info do contact us via email; SALES ASSOCIATES - The Florida Agenda, Mark Magazine are looking for dynamic salespeople to join our team. Are you energetic, proactive, and passionate about sales? Then this could be the “Star Role” for you! Seeking true “go-getters” with a great work ethic. Existing accounts available for immediate income. Contact Bobby @ 954-336-0436 or JOHNNY's MIAMI HUNTING FOR BEARS - GREAT $$$ South Florida's Favorite Male Strip Club is seeking BEAR DANCERS for new Special Event. Great Pay + Tips. Send photo and contact info to


JOHNNY's MIAMI LOOKING FOR DANCE MANAGER MINIMUM 2 YEARS EXPERIENCE. GREAT PERSONALITY A MUST. If you have experience in nightclub personnel management… Join our growing team! Send your resume to

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Derek’s 24 HR HANDYMAN SERVICE. Introducing our new cabinet shop! For all your custom made cabinetry countertops laminates. YOU MUST SEE OUR WORK, just ask our clients. All electrical to code; ANY & ALL plumbing work, Drywall finish work / repair. Crown / baseboard pro-install, interior / exterior painting, demo work, Pressure washing, Decor tile install, Complete home up-dates. For large jobs, 4-man crew available. WE CAN HANDLE IT ALL! Instant call back, direct service response. No job is ever too small. Excellent references. Derek (954) 825-5598




complete computer repair FREE ESTIMATES - No extra charge for Inhome. FREE Computer tune-up with any service. Laptop screen and keyboard screen replacement. Viruses, Spyware, Data Recovery, Lockouts and more! SAME DAY SERVICE - LOWEST PRICE GUARANTEE Call Ernesto: 754-234-5598 Where’s PCLauderdale? Anywhere you want us to be! Computer support for the home or office. We deliver! South Florida’s Premier Tech Solutions Provider 954.636.3322 www.PCLauderdale.Com “OPTIMA” COMPUTER REPAIR COMPLETE In - Home Service. Get the best performance, protection and value from your computer investment, A+ Hardware & OS Certified. *Friendly, professional, RELIABLE service. Reasonable rates 954817-3883

COUNSELING A mind at peace/Therapeutic Services - Ron “Doc” Chambers, MSW 954-627-0103, 1975 East Sunrise Blvd. Suite 629, Fort Lauderdale. HIV related issues/ Anxiety / Depression / Schizophrenia / Relationship Problems / Same-Sex Battering / Domestic Violence. Most Insurance and Credit Cards accepted.


Male Cosmetologist or EAsthetician Florida licensed professional wanted for all male guesthouse. We do it all except hair services! Reception, exceptional ADVERTISING THE 47 MARCH 08, 2012 INand clientFORservice, spa OPPORTUNITIES maintenance sales FLORIDA AGENDA CLASSIFIEDS CALL aptitude a plus. Submit your resume to: KEITH CHAMLEE AT 954-465-1563 or call 954-565-2307.


Home Improvement Derek’s 24-Hr Handyman Service

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COMPUTER SERVICES of your home and office. Excellent

OS CERTIFIED. *Friendly, professional, RELIABLE service. Reasonable rates. Call Mike (954) 817-3883


A MIND AT PEACE/ THERAPEUTIC SERVICES/ RON "DOC" CHAMBERS, MSW (954) 627-0103 1975 East Sunrise Blvd., Suite 629 Fort Lauderdale. HIV Related Issues /Anxiety /Depression /Schizophrenia /Relationship Problems /Anger Management Problems /Same-Sex Battering /Domestic Violence. Most Insurance Accepted /Credit Cards Accepted.


ELITE RELOCATION MOVING & STORAGE We've provided quality moves for over 30 years. It's always a smooth move when you choose Elite Relocation. Contact us today at (954)975-8660 - RED BOX MOVING - OWNER IN TRUCK ON EVERY MOVE. CALL NORBERT DIRECTLY. Affordable, Reliable, Careful. MV#567/INSURED. (954) 305-9176 or (561) 506-5540



PLACE TO PALACE - Home Improvement and handyman services. Best rates, and smart solutions. Drywall, Painting, Tile, Doors, Wood Decks, Masonry, Purgolas, and Ceiling Fans. Turn windows into doors! Truck available for yard clean-up or apartment maintenance and moves. FREE estimates! Lic. & Ins. CC#11-FC-16297-X Cert. Ctrl#11-18694. Call Ben (954) 5659674

Licensed Massage Recession Relief - $40 per 90 MINS - Out Calls Higher. Swedish, Deep Tissue, Specialty Back, Lower Body & Feet. Couples Discounts. Seniors Welcome. Delray Beach, 16 yrs Experience. MA18563 Dennis (561) 502-2628

Moving Elite Relocation & Moving Storage - We’ve provided quality moves for over 30 years. It’s always a smooth move when you choose Elite Relocation. Contact us today: 954.975.8660

ALWAYS MOVING - Moving and Storage Know What You’re Paying Before You Move Flat Rates, Free Estimates, Family Owned Free Wardrobes-Licensed and Insured 305650-9080 www.alwaysmovingsofla. com

rent/lease furnished PERFECT RELOCATION RENTALS 3-6 MONTHS From $325/week & $1300/month. Beautiful Studio, 1 & 2 BR Apts. Turn-key, fully furnished & equipped, clothing optional pool, laundry, parking. Close to Gay & Nude Beaches. Pets Welcome. Incl. utilities, cable, tel., Wi-Fi Internet. (954) 9270090 or visit

Spirituality The Parish of Sts. Francis & Clare 101 NE 3rd Street - Just North of Broward Blvd. and E. of Andrews Ave. Mass Times: Sat @ 5 PM; Sun @10:30 AM ; WED@7PM. Where we Welcome & Appreciate Diversity - a Progressive Community in the Catholic Tradition. (954)731-8173 -

Church of the Holy Spirit song Welcomes you to come and worship with us every Sunday Morning at 10AM and every Wednesday Night at 8PM. We meet at the SpiritSong Worship Center at 2040B North Dixie Highway Suite 3 in Wilton Manors (Building B on Equality Park Campus behind the Pride Center.) God Loves You Just The Way He Made You. Come discover His purpose for you. For more info: (954)418-8372 We are here for you…DIVINE MERCY CHAPEL- The American New Catholic Church 2749 N.E. 10th Ave., Wilton Manors, FL, 33334 (954)567-1930

Wilton Manors – East Fort Lauderdale RENTALS, SALES|

RENT / LEASE 2 Bed, 1 Bath Apt. All Tile, Crown MLDG, Laundry, very clean avail Now. $ 850 731 nw 1st Ave. Gay Complex. 954.805.1195 1/1 close to all major expys. Airport & Downtown. Private Deck, 1st last & security. $695 James 305-213-3473 N.E. Ft. Lauderdale- Wilton Manors Area Large Efficiency, Quiet Comlex, Tile Floor, New A/C and Refrigerator, Private Patio, Cable Ready, Pest Control included, No Pets Please. $585 By Appoitment (954)592-3772 Fort Lauderdale - Condo Quality 2/1 - Walk in shower, Designer bath, Open Granite Kitchen, Smooth-top Range, DW, Icemaker, very spacious unit, CAG. $1250/ mo. 1 yr Lease, F/S. Call 954-448-9811 Wilton Manors - Large 1 BD Apt. Located on quiet cul-de-sac one block from Shoppes of Wilton Manors. CAG, ceiling fans, tile floors, fireplace, lots of storage. 12 ft. sliding glass doors lead to screened pool and patio. W/D on premises. Rent, which includes electric, water & propane is $975/mo. Sorry no pets. (954)563-4442. Sunday Mass 10:30AM, Friday Holy Hour 7:00PM WIG WILD INSPIRATIONAL & GATHERINGS Looking for Lip/Sinc Choir members (Glee Style). Mon&Wed 7pm-10pm. Have energy and a fun spirit, call 754-444-1944 or email (info@

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