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FORT LAUDERDALE – Although the 2012 SMART Ride was an outstanding achievement—raising in its ninth year over $860,000 to use for direct services benefiting those with HIV/AIDS—this year’s competitive event has been the backdrop of a less-than-friendly exchange between friends who support one another’s businesses and causes, but who have become embroiled in what may be an unfortunate misunderstanding, resulting in what one person calls “hurt feelings.” The SMART Ride is run as a team event in which fundraising is achieved alongside the esprit de corps and good-natured rivalry so common to modern sport. “It’s a camaraderie that’s built to work and excel together, as much as it is to raise as much money as we can for a very worthy cause,” explains John Zieba, co-owner of Rosie’s Bar and Grill in Wilton Manors, sponsor of the Friends of Rosie’s team in the SMART Ride, and the object of some of those hurt feelings. But David Vincent, founder and CEO of the Live Free Be Strong [LFBS] Foundation, which sponsors the Live Free Be Strong team, says that the friendly competition took an unfriendly turn in the lead up to the race, with the Rosie’s team members sporting shorts that bore the message “Live Free-Er Be Strong-Er” on the back side. “It sent the wrong message,” said Vincent. “We are an anti-bullying organization, and several members of my team came to me very upset at what they felt was them being SPOTLIGHT



Bullied? Per capita winners Team LFBS targeted” in a form of bullying through the apparel worn by Team Rosie’s. Vincent says that there may have been some objections to the attire by members of the Rosie’s team themselves. He says, too, that some members of his team, who are employed at Rosie’s, may have felt harassed, however unintentionally, by the message on the shorts. Zieba, shocked, says that nothing could NATIONAL DESK



have been further in the minds of him, Mulcahy, and their team. “This was meant to be fun, tongue in cheek, a tradition we started last year. We chose to single out their early fundraising efforts as a goodnatured way of competing with them, not to injure them in any way.” He challenges the suggestion that there was any retaliation in mind behind the shorts. “We have employees who ride on SUNSHINE STATE



other teams, including New Moon,” a neighboring establishment frequented by gay women. Tim Haymon, who was the captain of the Rosie’s team (but is not employed by the establishment), says he was not aware of any complaints from his teammates about the shorts. He acknowledged that he had heard Cover story, continued on page 8




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roward House is Broward County’s oldest and largest HIV/AIDS community service organization. Founded in 1988, it has 15 locations throughout South Florida. As previously reported, (Florida Agenda, November 14, 2012, SUNSHINE STATE: “Broward House CEO Resigns amid Child Sex Abuse Accusations”), this month, CEO Michael McGuigan resigned his position following an agonizing consideration by the agency’s board. Stacy Hyde has stepped in to serve as interim CEO. She has been with Broward House for 10 years this month, and has held a variety of positions in the organization. “I have been in a leadership position here for 10 years in some capacity or other,” she noted. “So really I am continuing to do everything I have always done: I

continue to focus on the staff, our clients and the community.” Hyde says that the focus at Broward House is on the clients’ needs, and forging a path for future service. “We have staff that has been here for anywhere between two to 20 years, their passion doesn’t change due to one cloud,” she explained. “Our clients are our inspiration. We use their grace and strength to continue to move forward because they rely on us.” Broward House helps over 6,000 people and Hyde says that every client is a unique opportunity to make a difference. “A client came here after suffering a lot of physical and sexual abuse,” she recalled. “He completed our substance abuse program, got better, and is now employed and happy.” She says that the assistance the agency offers its clients come in all

forms. “[There was] a gentleman who came here, but he died. He affected me because he died with grace and dignity, and without us I know he would have died on the street,” she related. “What also impacts me is the people we haven’t reached yet. In a way they affect me more because we haven’t reached them, and that is also what drives me: We have to reach them.” Hyde says that she and Broward House plan to focus in 2013 on building upon the solid foundation the agency has set. “I always believe you can continue to strengthen your core,” she said. “I want to continue to grow our outreach and prevention programs. For example, we have an ‘MPowerment’ program that targets young MSM [men-whohave-sex-with-men] between the ages of 18 to 30. It is crucial to reach the vulnerable.”

“We continue to strengthen our main offering,” Hyde noted, “because I believe if we expand the existing the services we can reach more individuals who are not in treatment. I also will be focusing on counselling and testing and reaching those who are HIV positive and don’t know it. That in itself is a big prevention component.” Hyde says that no matter what services Broward House unveils, community support is “vital.” “It takes the entire community to make changes,” she explained. No individual can do it all. It requires agencies, people, and business to do it. In any area HIV affects every single person, so it takes every single person to achieve change.” For more information, visit

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Allen West Concedes Congressional Race to Patrick Murphy FORT LAUDERDALE – On Tuesday morning, U.S. Rep. Allen West conceded to Democrat Patrick Murphy, ending one of the most expensive races for U.S. House. “While there are certainly still inaccuracies in the results, and the actions of the St. Lucie County and Palm Beach County Supervisors of Elections rightly raise questions in my mind and for many voters, after much analysis and this past weekend’s recount in St. Lucie County, our legal team does not believe there are enough over-counted, undercounted or fraudulent votes to change the outcome of the election,” West said. West’s bid to challenge the 18th Congressional District seat resulted in backfire for the GOP freshman in his candidacy for the redistricted House seat. A recount of the November 6 election results held in Port St. Lucie found Murphy winning by over 1,900 votes, a margin that was wide enough to trump an automatic recount. GOP officials claimed irregularities in early voting, and requested the initial recount. West, a first-term lawmaker and tea party ally, was one of two black Republicans serving in the U.S. House. In the race for the 18th district seat, West’s campaign raised over $17 million, more than four times that of Murphy. West was an early favorite of the Right. In a 2011 email circulated to House members, West referred to U.S. Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz as “the most vile, unprofessional, and despicable member of the U.S. House of Representatives,” and said that she was “not a Lady.” West’s concession means Republicans hold a 234-200 seat majority in the U.S. House. The still-unresolved race for U.S. Rep. Mike McIntyre’s (D-N.C.) district—in which McIntyre appears to have defeated his Republican challenger by a razor-thin margin—may be headed for its own recount

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Obama Nominates Openly Gay MiamiDade Judge to Federal Bench MIAMI – This month, the White House announced the nomination of Judge William Thomas to serve on the United States District Court for the Southern District of Florida. If approved by the U.S. Senate, Thomas will be the first openly-gay black man to serve as a federal judge. Of Thomas—who serves currently as a judge on Florida’s 11th Judicial Circuit— President Obama said that he and six other nominees “represent my continued commitment to ensure that the judiciary resembles the nation it serves.” Thomas is the seventh openly gay attorney nominated for a federal judgeship, which includes lifetime tenure. The first openly-gay black jurist nominated by Obama, Thomas would be the second out black judge. (Semi-retired federal Judge Deborah Batts was nominated by President Bill Clinton. She was also the first openlygay federal judge.)

Conservative Legal ‘Ministry’ Advises Officials to Reject Gay Marriage Licenses WASHINGTON, DC — The religious conservative legal advocacy group, the Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF), is calling for state and local officials who are responsible for issuing marriage licenses in Maine, Maryland, and Washington state to abstain from personally issuing licenses to same-sex applicants, citing objections of faith or conscience. Three legal memos advise municipal clerks in Maine, county clerks in Maryland, and county auditors in Washington that provisions in state law allow them to delegate responsibility to co-workers who don’t have “consciencebased objections” to issuing licenses to same-sex applicants. “No American should be forced to give up a constitutionally protected freedom, nor should any American be forced to give up his or her job to maintain that freedom,” said Senior Counsel Austin R. Nimocks. “Religious freedom is

paramount to every American, including those issuing marriage licenses. They can perform their job without violating their conscience.” The memos also advise clerks or auditors who encounter resistance to contact ADF for legal assistance. ADF (originally known as the Alliance Defense Fund) was founded in 1994 by a group of influential conservative ministers (including then-Coral Ridge Ministries senior pastor D. James Kennedy and James Dobson, founder of Focus on the Family), with the goal of “defending the right to hear and speak the Truth through strategy, training, funding, and litigation.”

South Carolina Episcopalians ‘Secede’ Over Gay Policies CHARLESTON, SC – On Saturday, November 19, a majority of parishes belonging to the Episcopal Diocese of South Carolina voted to leave the Protestant Episcopal Church of the U.S. The secession concerned doctrinal disputes over the church’s acceptance of same-sex unions, and its ordination of gay clergy. The conservative South Carolina diocese is the fifth one to leave the mainline Protestant church’s national body. In recent years, Episcopal congregations in California, Illinois, Texas, and Pennsylvania have also left the fold. The Episcopal Church is part of the worldwide Anglican Communion, and has about 2 million members, making it the 14th-largest American religious denomination. In July, the national church approved a liturgy for use by clergy in blessing same-sex unions, as well as gay marriages in states where they are legal—the largest American denomination to do so. In 2003, the church elected its first openly gay bishop, V. Gene Robinson, of the Diocese of New Hampshire. In 2008, conservative Episcopalians bolted the main branch, declaring a rival Anglican Province of North America. The vote to sever ties came during a diocesan convention of about 200 people held in Charleston, just one month after the Episcopal Church’s certification that Bishop Mark Lawrence of the South Carolina diocese had abandoned the


church’s doctrine, discipline, and worship. Conservative Episcopalians say the Bible’s text condemns homosexuality, while progressives say it is subject to interpretation.H

British Court Overrules Demotion for Anti-Gay Marriage Posts LONDON, UK — London’s High Court has ruled in favor of a Manchester (UK) man who was demoted at work for posting his opinions opposing same-sex marriage on Facebook. Adrian Smith had called the possibility of church-held gay marriage ceremonies “an equality too far.” Later he added, “The Bible is quite specific that marriage is for men and women. If the state wants to offer civil marriage to the same sex then that is up to the state; but the state shouldn’t impose its rules on places of faith and conscience.” Smith’s employer, the Trafford Housing Trust, has a company policy against expressing political or religious opinions that could be deemed offensive. Officials ruled that his posts were inappropriate, and cut his salary by 40 percent. On November 16, the High Court found that Smith had done “nothing wrong,” and that his employer had unfairly punished him. “The breach of contract … committed [by the trust] was serious and repudiatory,” the judge wrote. After the court decision, Smith said that he was proud to live in a “free country where people have freedom of speech.” Unlike the U.S., where free speech is guaranteed by the First Amendment to the Constitution, Britain has no such written formal guarantee.H


Manors Commissioners to Consider Commuter Passenger Rail at Public Meeting WILTON MANORS — City commissioners will meet on Tuesday, December 4, 2012, at 6:30 p.m. in the City Commission Chambers (2020 Wilton Dr.), to discuss the plans for commuter passenger rail service in eastern South Florida. Commissioners will highlight recent changes to zoning, additional parking areas (located near Kids in Distress on NE 26 Street), grant money to support North Dixie Highway revitalization, and the city’s plans for its commitment to the regional project. The public is invited to attend (and ask questions), as are members of the Broward County Commission, the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT), and other stakeholder agencies.

Charges Filed in Murder of Transgender Prostitute MIAMI BEACH – Police have arrested a suspect in the until-now unsolved murder of a pre-operative transgender Miami prostitute, who was brutally stabbed to death this spring in her South Beach apartment. Miguel Pavon, 31, was arrested and charged with the first degree murder of Rene “Rosita” Hidalgo Hernandez, whose body was discovered in March after being stabbed 23 times, following sexual intercourse.


bloody imprint of a seven-inch butcher knife which was determined to be the murder weapon. Hidalgo had undergone hormone therapy but not genital reconstructive surgery. According to police records, Hidalgo “entertain[ed] sex partners four to six times a day in exchange for cash, marijuana, or for personal enjoyment, and would sometimes pick up homeless men for this purpose.”

Boca City Council Considers Revising Non-Discrimination Policies BOCA RATON – Last week, Boca Raton City Council members instructed the city attorney to devise a report which will consider revising the city’s nondiscrimination policies to include sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression. Palm Beach County LGBT activists drew public attention to the fact that the city had opted out of the county’s 2011 Equal Employment Ordinance, which provides legal recourse to individuals who may have been subjected to discrimination based on race, color, sex, national origin, religion, age, disability, familial status, marital status, sexual orientation, or gender identity or expression. “I do not believe that a majority of the members of the Boca Raton City Council have any problems protecting the rights of Boca Raton’s gay, lesbian and gender-nonconforming employees,” said Rand Hoch, President of the Palm Beach County Human Rights Council (PBCHRC). “Unfortunately, over the past few years, they made some very harmful decisions because city staff did not provide them accurate and complete information.”

Delray Man Sentenced to Federal Prison for Sex Chat with Teen Miguel Pavon

After neighbors contacted police— concerned that she hadn’t answered her phone or walked the dogs in her Michigan Avenue Apartment—officers discovered blood throughout the apartment and Hidalgo’s naked body, along with the

WEST PALM BEACH – A Delray Beach man was sentenced last week to 10 years in federal prison for using a Web app to engage in ‘sexting’ with a law enforcement officer who was posing as teenage boy. John Michael Romero Mendoza

was sentenced in federal court in West Palm Beach, after pleading guilty to enticement in August. In June, Mendoza, 26, was arrested on Palmetto Park Road in Boca Raton, after chatting online with an undercover Boca Raton police officer (who was posing as a 15 year old) using BoyAhoy, a gay social networking app. “Hi sexy how u doing,” Mendoza posted. After Mendoza asked the officer how old he was, he responded that was 15. “I’m 18 – 3 years. Get it hehe,” the officer wrote. According to court documents, Mendoza wrote, “Don’t be nervous sweetie,” and then sent him an image of his penis. “Do you like it,” he asked before requesting of the alleged teen, “can I have ur phone #.” Mendoza phoned the undercover officer, and the two engaged in a “sexually explicit conversation.” Court documents show that Mendoza told the officer that he didn’t “mind that you’re 15.” Using the BoyAhoy app to chat, Mendoza offered a massage and oral sex to the “teen” if he would ride his bike to a meeting place near the junction of Palmetto Park Road and Interstate 95. He was arrested upon his arrival. The police report indicated that Mendoza’s car contained pornographic magazines, condoms, and lube in plain view. Mendoza faced the prospect of life imprisonment. In addition to the 10-year sentence, Judge Donald Middlebrooks recommended that Mendoza undergo a 500-hour drug treatment program, and serve five years of supervised release after he is discharged from prison.

Gay Key West Man Writes Anti-Obama Expletive, Commits Suicide KEY WEST – Police are investigating the circumstances of the apparent suicide of a gay Key West man, who allegedly told his partner, “If Barack [Obama] gets re-elected I’m not going to be around.” Henry Hamilton, 64, who was found dead in his home on November 8, also wrote the words “F*** Obama” across his last will and testament before killing himself. Hamilton, who was reported to be stressed about the future of his tanning business, was found dead next to empty prescription bottles for Xanax and for

NOVEMBER 21, 2012 H 7

Seroquel. The former is an anti-anxienty medication while the latter is used to treat schizophrenia and nervous disorders. Hamilton’s partner, Michael Cossey, told investigators that Hamilton had been “very upset about the [presidential] election results” and was “very stressed about his business.” Key West police say there is no evidence of foul play.

Fort Lauderdale Gay Men’s Chorus Opens 27th Season in December

FORT LAUDERDALE - The Fort Lauderdale Gay Men’s Chorus will present the first concert of its 27th season, “In the Spirit,” December 6, 7, and 8 at 8 p.m., at the Fort Lauderdale Art Museum Auditorium. The performances will feature Christmas standards, holiday favorites, and many suprises. Tickets are $25 for general seating, $40 for VIP seating. For more information and to purchase tickets visit



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ne of the conventions I enjoy about the works of horror novelist Stephen King is that inanimate objects are often the story’s “villain,” whether it be a car, a spooky hotel with a grisly past—even an entire town where an evil malaise has taken root, metastasizing into a corruption that is experienced in various ways by the residents, as in “Salem’s Lot,” “It,” and (on a much larger scale) the soon-to-be-movie-trilogized “The Stand.” We’ll get back to this. The criminal charges filed last week against a Wilton Manors man, Jim Ellis, for helping to defraud inexperienced investors—many of them gay retirees living in Greater Fort Lauderdale’s Gayborhood—is hardly the stuff of “Welcome to Fort Lauderdale” postcards, but neither is it the only cringe-worthy example of the corruption and decay that can creep in around the edges of a place, even in a paradise like our own Gay Village and its environs (now you can start to see the simile with the works of Stephen King). Oh, the stories I could tell you of some of the fringeworthy and cringe-worthy who populate the burg. The fibbers who claim to be CIA operatives, contract killers, porn stars (those ones, you can believe). The stalwart employer who told his employee that some men around these parts would pay him “thousands of dollars to suck his” (you see where this went). That same 20-something kid asked by another local marqueename “how much it would cost to be” that said man’s sex slave for the weekend (and then repeated the offer, just in case it was missed the first time). Just as in a Stephen King


story, evil can take root and change— corrupt, even—both the unsuspecting and suspecting with whom it comes into contact. When I first met the late realtor Patrick Campbell (a native of Ireland and habitué of “these parts” for many years), I told him that I had ancestors named Campbell who were likewise from the “old sod.” He advised me that I should travel to the land of my family, and once there, I would start to notice people who bore me a family resemblance. “And then,” he said, equal parts glee, mischief, and caution, “you’ll hear a ring of lies.” Some lies, family ones and “family” ones, are more benign than others.H


Department of Corrections In last week’s issue, we incorrectly identified the author of a story (“Broward House CEO Resigns amid Child Sex Abuse Accusations”) as Candelaria Mota. Ms. Mota was not the author of the piece, which was written by Agenda staff writers. We sincerely regret the error and any confusion it may have caused.H


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“there was some hurt feelings,” but wasn’t personally involved in decisions about team attire. There’s no disagreement between Zieba and Vincent or anyone else in acknowledging Rosie’s support for the LGBT community, and in particular Vincent’s LFBS Foundation. “I am a friend of both John and Cliff [Mulcahy, Zieba’s business partner]. They are great guys, and terrific supporters of this community.” He adds that they “wrote the very first check to the [LFBS] Foundation, and that he “used to ride on the Rosie’s SMART Ride team.” SMART Ride founder Glen Weinzimer told the Agenda, “A lot of our teams have a healthy rivalry, but none of them did anything that took away from their tremendous accomplishment,” adding that “what we’re doing together is so much bigger and more important than an unfortunate misunderstanding.” Weinzimer suggested that, “from an organization standpoint, if there are any hurt feelings, both teams should make it clear that there was no ill intent, and focus their great energies on continuing the invaluable work they do for our community. Their hearts and souls are all in the right places.” “The real news here,” says Zieba—who offered his apologies to those, including Vincent, who may have been offended,



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no matter how unintentionally—is “the $860,000 that was raised for an amazing cause, and that we remain committed to supporting this community, and that includes supporting Dave [Vincent] and his Foundation.”H

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ORT LAUDERDALE - The 9th Annual SMART Ride began on Friday morning, November 16, with the participants in the two-day event to support the fight against HIV/AIDS assembling at 4 a.m. for a Ride Day orientation, and a 5 a.m. breakfast, just before the official guntime of 6:40 a.m. On Thursday, November 15, the riders, supporters, and event sponsors took part in Dedication Ceremonies and a Candle Light Vigil. The Friday morning Ride Out kicked off the 165-mile long trek at MorningStar Renewal Center in the east-central Miami-Dade community of Pinecrest. By early afternoon, the riders began to arrive at the 100-mile point, Hawks Cay. SMART Ride organizers say that this year’s top ten fundraising individuals are Timothy Haymon, Ed

Pascoe, Julie Slater, Michael Dillon, Michael Fowler, Will Richardson, Gabriel Hernandez, Neal Harry Barton, William Renaud, and Paul O’Rourke, and the top five teams are the SoBe

SAFE Riders, Pride Pack, Friends of Rosie’s, Let’s Roll Bitches, and Live Free Be Strong. According to SMART Ride founder Glen Weinzimer, the ride raised over

$860,000. The SMART Ride began in 2003 as bicycle event to provide 100 percent of pledges for the communities to use for direct services benefiting those with HIV/AIDS. Prior to last weekend, $3.3 million has been raised to support that goal.H

If your non-profit organization is not listed in the Agenda Non-Profit Services Directory, please send your information to

Florida Agenda Non-Profit Services Directory AIDS HEALTHCARE FOUNDATION/OUT OF THE CLOSET HIV testing, client services, STD’s testing & treatment, AHF Pharmacy 2097 Wilton Dr., Wilton Manors (954) 318-6997 BRIAN NEAL FITNESS & HEALTH FOUNDATION Weekly group workouts, gym membership, nutrition and life mentoring classes by professionals, online programs, exercise, and health monitoring for persons living with HIV/AIDS and other life-challenging conditions. 2435 N. Dixie Hwy., Wilton Manors (954) 336-0436 (561) 255-4913 BROWARD HOUSE HIV services, shelter, empowerment, housing, client services 1726 SE 3rd Ave., Ft. Lauderdale (954) 522-4749 CARE RESOURCE BROWARD HIV Testing, case management, 830 E Oakland Park Blvd, Oakland Park (954) 567-7141 CARE RESOURCE DADE HIV Testing, case management 3510 Biscayne Blvd., Miami (305) 576-1234 Ext.287 COVENANT HOUSE Emergency/temporary shelter & crisis intervention 733 Breakers Ave., Ft. Lauderdale (954) 561-5559 DRAG IT OUT, INC. Drag it OUT’s mision is to provide a safe space for the LGBTQ community and their supporters who are interested in exploring gender identity, self-expression and community activism by way of educational workshops, social opportunities and artistic projects. Learn how to get involved at 1310 SW 2nd Ct. #103 Fort Lauderdale (954) 612-4489 (954) 213-7112 FAMILY THERAPY CENTER Anger management 2415 University Dr., Coral Springs (954) 345-6222 FUSION Program open to the GLBTQ community. Activities include meditation, social events, groups, movies, games, classes, and condom distribution campaign. 2304 NE 7th Ave., Wilton Manors (954) 630-1655 GAY & LESBIAN YOUTH SUPPORT GROUP Provides support to gay and lesbian youths 16 to 24 years of age 1480 SW 9 Avenue 2nd Floor Ft Lauderdale Sunshine Cathedral Campus (954) 764-5150 LAMBDA Support groups, substance abuse 1231-A E Las Olas Boulevard Fort Lauderdale, FL  33301  (954) 761-9072 LATINOS SALUD Free HIV rapid testing, Free one-on-one counseling and life coaching for gay Latinos. Free peer networking dinners and leadership training for gay Latinos 25 to 44. Free clubhouse for Latinos 18 to 30, planning alternative social events 2330 Wilton Dr., Wilton Manors (954) 765-6239 and (954) 533-8681 LEGAL AID SERVICE - BROWARD HUMAN RIGHTS INITIATIVE Low-income gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender (GLBT) individuals in need of legal services, Gay/

Lesbian/Bisex/Trans; Legal Services 491 N State Rd. 7, Plantation (954) 358-5635  MEN’S WELLNESS CENTER HIV & STD’s Testing & treatment 6405 N. Federal Hwy., Suite 205, Ft. Lauderdale (877) 259-8727 MINORITY DEVELOPMENT & EMPOWERMENT HIV Testing, case management 5225 NW 33rd Ave., Building 5, Ft. Lauderdale (954) 315-4530 OUT OF THE CLOSET HIV Testing, referrals 2097 Wilton Dr., Wilton Manors (954) 358-5580 POVERELLO Food Bank for People living with HIV Fitness Center and Alternative Therapies Annex HIV Testing 2056 North Dixie Highway Wilton Manors, FL 33305 954-561-3663

SPECTRUM PROGRAMS Case Management, Marriage & Family therapy, Outpatient Counseling, Psychiatric Services, Substance Abuse Residential Treatment 450 E Atlantic Blvd., Pompano Beach (954) 580-0770 (954) 781-4405 SUNSERVE Counseling, mental health intake and referral, Noble McArtor Senior Day Care Center, youth and family services 1480 SW 9th Ave., Ft. Lauderdale (954) 764-5150, (954) 764-5055, (954) 764-5055, (954) 549-0263 TEEN SPACE 211 Tough teen issues, bullying, counseling 3217 NW 10th Terr., Suite 308, Ft. Lauderdale THE COMMUNITY Anger management, counseling Self pay/Sliding Scale $25-$85  16 NE 4th St., Suite 130, Ft. Lauderdale (954) 533-9819

PRIDE INSTITUTE OF FORT LAUDERDALE Gay/Lesbian/Bisex/Trans; Mental Health Services; Substance Abuse Detox; Substance Abuse Inpatient (954) 463-4321, 954-453-8679 (800) 585-7527

THE EAST HEALTH CENTER HIV/STD’s Testing, screening and treatment, Immigration medical examination 2421 SW 6th Ave., Ft. Lauderdale (954) 298-1749 (954) 467-4705

RED HISPANA HIV Testing, Hispanic support groups, emergency relief fund assistance, pre-case management 1350 East Sunrise Blvd., Suite 129, Ft. Lauderdale (954) 462-8889

THE PRIDE CENTER AT EQUALITY PARK HIV Testing, support groups, elderly, youth resources, transgender resources, bereavement 2040 N Dixie Hwy, Wilton Manors, FL 33305 (954) 463-9005

SOUTH FLORIDA GENDER COALITION Support groups for Cross-dressers, trans-sexuals and significant others; Age 18 and older. 3233 NW 34th Ct., Ft. Lauderdale (954) 578-9454, 954-677-2587

THE WELLNESS CENTER Support groups, Lipoatrophy (Facial Wasting) 2921 NE 6th Ave., Wilton Manors (954) 568-0152

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he year that is drawing towards its close, has been filled with the blessings of fruitful fields and healthful skies.” So wrote Abraham Lincoln in his first proclamation of a national day to give thanks. Thanksgiving is upon us, and from the entire staff at the Florida Agenda, we hope you have a happy and healthy holiday. There’s plenty to do as we draw November to a close and make way for a southern winter wonderland. See what’s in store, and ahead, this week OUT in Florida. Among the most yummy of those things to do: The studly, stunning, and sizzling King of Adult Film Jeff Stryker is at the world-famous Boardwalk Bar this week for a special pre- and post-Thanksgiving engagement (talk about your stuffing). The super-stallion is the subject of this week’s Guilty Pleasures (by Yours Truly, thank you very much). If someone does a count of the number of delicious southwestern restaurants we have from which to choose in our little corner of heaven, that number would have to include Chipotle. Our Gourmand-in-Residence, Richard David Chamberlain, offers a pre-Thanksgiving look at the specialty Tex-Mex joint, in a new Dining column. Robert Elias Deaton continues his intimate look of the west coast’s Gayborhood: WeHo, otherwise known as West Hollywood, California, which forms the basis for Part Deaux of this special Travel feature, within. But wait, there’s more: Chef Jean Doherty from Le Patio offers up a tasty new Recipe, and—yes—there’s even more. Pass the yams, and don’t hold back on the pie, Pumpkin. Happy Thanksgiving. CD


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West Hollywood Part Deux



f we were forced to pick a hub of the minicity of West Hollywood, California, the vote would center on a 24-hour supermarket called Pavilions, at the corner of Santa Monica Boulevard and Robertson Drive. As corners go, it’s rather famous, if for no other reason that it was the spot were we once ran smack dab into Ethel Merman, plugging her disco album like a street hawker. The year was 1978, and everyone was jumping on the disco bandwagon, even the First Lady of the Musical Stage. And where Celebrities are common at The Factory

better to pitch a dance album? Across the street stood the legendary Studio One, the major gay disco of its time. These days, The Factory is housed in the building at 652 N LaPeer Dr., and it still provides the best dance sound in the city. Huge and packed, it is the way to sweat into the night after having bar-hopped down Santa Monica Boulevard, where the streets are alive with activity until well after 2 any morning. The venerable club Micky’s (8857 Santa Monica Blvd.) has been a popular landmark for decades, although an electrical fire in 2007 shut the place down for several years while renovations freshened the look, if not the clientele. It reopened with its sleaze factor in place, helped along with nearly naked gogo boys, who hawk $2 all-you-can-eat tacos on Tuesdays. Do not confuse Micky’s with its neighbor, Fiesta Cantina (8865 Santa Monica Blvd.), which has its own all-you-can eat Tuesdays tacos for $5, and a fantastic roof-deck for people watching, if you’re more into look but not touch. This club has a reasonably-priced menu and full bar, heavy on the tequila, with drinks on the strong side to compete with your

A typical busy night at Revolver full and very satisfied stomach. For those who start their evenings around 2 p.m., Trucks in your place. At 8809 Santa Monica Blvd., the attraction here is the drink specials that run daily from 1-8 p.m., with $3.50 well drinks and $3 beers. Limited outdoor seating. One of the oldest standbys on this street of dreams is the Revolver, named after its Have a no-frills good time at Mother Lode infamous revolving front door. It started trough in the men’s room for a urinal. If you life back in the day as a dry cleaner before drive a truck or like those who do, this is the being transformed into a video bar of some place for you and your flannel shirt or wife clout, then retransformed several other times, beater. before returning to its roots. Revolver (8851 At the other end of the style spectrum is 11 Santa Monica Blvd.) is a retro throwback to Restaurant and Nightclub (8811 Santa Monica an earlier time, taking us back and keeping us Blvd.). Housed in the old Italian Revival First planted in the 80s and 90s. Only the boys have National Bank of Sherman building, owner been updated, with a lot of handsome muscle Rich Grossi has blended style with an eclectic types mixing with twinks that all conveniently food and drink menu. Expect a mixed crowd rub past one another in this narrow and loveyof lookers here, so dress up as if you belong, dovey intimate space. No mention of WeHo clubs would be and you will.H complete without a genuflect to the Mother Lode (8944 Santa Monica Blvd.). A block Robert Elias Deaton is a world-traveling removed from the main action, the “Mother” epicure who enjoys the finer things in life. as its known is San Francisco-trashy in a good

way. No attitude, no fancy décor, and a long


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20 H NOVEMBER 21, 2012

FORT LAUDERDALE/WILTON MANORS ALIBI 2266 Wilton Drive, Wilton Manors Gayborhood tradition since 1997. Comfortable, inviting atmosphere with indoor video bars, outdoor drinking and dining. Drink specials all week, with mammoth 22-ounce Long Island Iced Teas for $3 on Thursdays. BILL’S FILLING STATION 2209 Wilton Drive, Wilton Manors Videos, pool tables, dart boards, dance floor, happy hour, live shows, Tuesday and Thursday karaoke – and great burgers, to boot. Fun and friendly truck-stopthemed bar. BOARDWALK 1721 N Andrews Ave., Fort Lauderdale Over 100 of the sexiest men from all over the world. Go-go dancers, cages, billiards, 2-4-1 Happy Hours. Drag emcees and did we mention the Boys? BOOM 2232 Wilton Drive, Wilton Manors The bar with two names features a dance club and Gayborhood bar. Drag Bingo on Mondays, karaoke Mondays and Tuesdays, dance music Fridays and Saturdays, and (indoor) Sunday T-Dance. CORNER PUB 1915 N Andrews Ave., Wilton Manors Friendly atmosphere, unpretentious clientele and staff. Next to Island City Pizza (so you can get your drink AND your slice on). CUBBY HOLE 823 N Federal Hwy., Fort Lauderdale Butch bar and grill with a rockin’ daytime crowd (and a fun nighttime one, too). Fifty cent pool, 2-for-1 drinks all day every day, video games, hot movies on HDTV and DirecTV. Thursdays it’s Bare Bear Chest Night, and every Friday and Saturday the fur flies with Hot Bears on Poles (where their Grizzlies Grind)! DEPOT CABANA BAR AND GRILL 2935 N Federal Hwy., Fort Lauderdale Adjacent to the America’s Best Inn and Suites. Pool open daily – No Cover or Day Pass. Great food, daily happy hour, Sunday afternoon T-Dance Poolside. Karaoke and live music. Open daily at 11:30 a.m. DUDES 3270 NE 33rd St., Fort Lauderdale Men dancing for men. Hot go-go boys in an upscale atmosphere, piano lounge for more quiet interludes. Steamy shower shows. JOHNNY’S 1116 W Broward Blvd., Fort Lauderdale Club, bar, lounge. Male dancers and the men who love (to ogle) them. Sunday amateur strip contest (and karaoke!). LIPS 1421 E Oakland Park Blvd., Oakland Park The Ultimate in Drag Dining. Dinner and shows six nights a week. Sunday Gospel Brunch with the Sisters of Sequins. THE MANOR 2345 Wilton Drive, Wilton Manors WeHo vibe (think: LA’s The Abbey) in the heart of the Gayborhood. Dine, drink, dance, play, mingle. Theme rooms (salsa and merengue every weekend in the Latin Quarter!). Live dancing and dining. MATTY’S ON THE DRIVE 2426 Wilton Drive, Wilton Manors Drink specials, billiards, and a chill gayborhood vibe. 75 Cent drinks on Wednesdays. No Drama, No Smoking.


MONKEY BUSINESS 2740 N Andrews Ave., Fort Lauderdale Cozy neighborhood bar. Karaoke, drag shows, Patio Bar – and open at 9 a.m. daily. MONA’S 502 E Sunrise Blvd., Fort Lauderdale Cocktail Lounge in the heart of Searstown. Fun customers, fun bartenders and fun proprietor (the Legendary Jerry). Outside patio. Wednesday karaoke, Thursday Speedball Tournament. NAKED GRAPE 2163 Wilton Drive, Wilton Manors Relaxing, friendly, hip, unique. The alternative gathering place on Wilton Dr. Now serving tapas nightly. Social Hour features $5 house wine glasses, $1 Barcelona Bites, and In The Biz all the time. PJ’S CORNER POCKET 924 N Flagler Dr., Fort Lauderdale Friendly neighborhood interracial bar with drinks specials every night of the week including, “In the Biz Mondays” at 9 p.m. with 2-4-1 drinks and $3 Cosmos and Apple Martinis, “Splash Friday’s” wet underwear contest, and Sunday’s pool tournament, both with a $50 cash prize! RAMROD 1508 NE 4th Ave., Fort Lauderdale Voted World’s Favorite Leather Bar. Pig Dance first Saturday of the month – South Florida’s Busiest, Craziest Monthly Party (with caged hunks at Midnight on Saturdays – is there a downside to this?). ROSIE’S BAR & GRILL 2449 Wilton Dr., Wilton Manors Nexus of the A-Gay List. Be Seen in the Scene (without making one). Food, folks, libations, and a killer Sunday Funday. SCANDALS SALOON 3073 NE 6th Ave., Wilton Manors A line-dancin’, tight blue jeans-wearin’ good time. Country and western music, two-steppin’, threesteppin’, pool tables, and themed events year ‘round. Cowboys and Indians was never this much fun, Pilgrim. SIDELINES 2031 Wilton Drive, Wilton Manors Where Sports come first. Nationally known destination sports bar with TVs streaming NFL, MLB, NBA and college games. Pool tables, dart boards and large indoor (and now smoke-free) facility. Outdoor patio features area for smokers. Mixed crowd of gay men and women (who would have thought?). Featured in Bloomberg Businessweek and recommended by LOGO. STABLE 205 E Oakland Park Blvd., Fort Lauderdale Levis-and-leather neighborhood bar, where the bears line dance and the cowboys are VERY friendly. SMARTY PANTS 2400 E Oakland Park Blvd., Fort Lauderdale Cozy neighborhood bar with daily happy hour, and regular patrons. Show night Thursdays at 9 p.m. Karaoke Friday and Saturday nights, and with matinee on Sunday afternoon. TORPEDO 2829 W Broward Blvd., Fort Lauderdale Dance, shoot pool, drink til 4 a.m., 7 nights a week. Doors open at Midnight; dance til Dawn. WHISKEY BLUE 401 N Fort Lauderdale Beach Blvd., Fort Lauderdale In the W Hotel on Fort Lauderdale Beach, downstairs it’s the elegant Whiskey Blue, upstairs the luxe Living Room: hot dance and social settings in a distinctive

atmosphere with signature cocktails and upscale patrons. Indoor and outdoor lounges. WILTON’S BIER GARDEN 2245 Wilton DriveWilton Manors German cuisine meets Der Gayborhood, in a fun, relaxed atmosphere. Upstairs dining, downstairs outdoor patio and bar, DJ music, and a fun staff make one of Wilton Manors’ newest venues a good time to be had by all. MIAMI/MIAMI BEACH ­ CLUB BOI 777 NE 79 St., Miami With an urban vibe on the weekends, a diverse crowd and a diverse musical format, including Hip Hop, R&B, House, Reggae, Soca, Latin and Old School. Go-go bois and drink specials.


Beaumont, Margo, and others. This legendary establishment has been around for over 30 years, and host Happy Hour specials daily from 11 a.m. - 8 p.m. AQUA NIGHTCLUB 711 Duval St., Key West, FL Aqua features the “Reality is a Drag” show six days a week, followed by dancing. Monday is karaoke night and don’t miss the great happy hour specials from 3 to 8 p.m. daily. KWest 705 Duval St., Key West, FL Daily Happy Hour from 3 to 8 p.m., and a piano sing-a-long every Wednesday night. Men dancing for men after 10 p.m. Weekly drink specials and “Wet Jockey” contests on Fridays.

CLUB SUGAR 2301 SW 32nd Ave., Miami Gay Latin scene, with Salsa, Merengue, Reggaeton, Hip Hop and House music always playing.

SALOON ONE 801 Duval St., Key West, FL (Behind 801 Bar) This is the only gay leather bar in Key West. Conveniently located behind 801 Bourbon Bar.

DISCOTEKKA 950 NE 2nd Ave., Miami Hot music, hot scene, hot bartenders, and hot patrons in the hot heart of Downtown Miami.

LA TE DA 1125 Duval St., Key West, FL An upscale hotel complex with 3 bars, cabaret and restaurant.

JOHNNY’S MIAMI 62 NE 14th Street, Downtown Miami Club, bar and lounge. Johnny’s Miami boasts the best sound system in town! Plenty of safe, secured parking. Open 5pm to 5am daily. Hot male dancers and daily drink specials.

PEARL’S PATIO BAR FOR WOMEN 525 United St., Key West, FL Tropical themed women’s bar for gay women and gay-friendly women alike. Patio bar with a full bar featuring drinks like “Cosmopearlitans” and “Pearl’s Passion”.

MOVA LOUNGE 1625 Michigan Ave., Miami Beach On Miami Beach’s famed Lincoln Road, never a cover. Drink specials all week long, live DJs, high energy music and a fun crowd getting their dance on til late.

BOBBY’S MONKEY BAR 900 Simonton St., Key West, FL The gay Cheers style neighborhood bar of Key West. Happy Hour from Noon to 7pm, Karaoke on Sunday nights, pool tournaments on Tuesday nights at 7pm. Free Wi-Fi access.

PALACE BAR 1200 Ocean Drive, Miami Beach This bar and restaurant in the heart of South Beach’s Art Deco District. Mouth-watering burgers, boys (and girls!). Weekend cabaret shows Thursday through Sunday. SCORE 727 Lincoln Rd., Miami Beach Dance, drink, party all night on Miami Beach’s Lincoln Road. Tons of events throughout the year, including fundraisers for Winter Party, White Party, and Miami Beach Gay Pride. SPACE 34 NE 11th St., Miami Mingle and mix with gays and str8s in the heart of Downtown Miami. Indoor dance floors and outdoor rooftop bar, spectacular light show. TWIST 1057 Washington Ave., Miami Beach Great music, friendly staff, hot tourists and locals. Never a cover, always a groove. Bungalow Bar = Hot Men. In SoBe’s Art Deco District. KEY WEST ­ BOURBON STREET PUB 724 Duval St., Key West, FL Opened in October of 1995 and has continued to grow ever since, it is now part of the larger collection of gay action in The Bourbon St. Pub Complex. Hot Go-Go boy dancers and a busy crowd. “Where the boys are!” 801 BOURBON BAR 801 Duval St., Key West, FL Cabaret shows upstairs with nightly performances by famed performers Sushi, Kylie, RV

GARDEN OF EDEN 224 Duval St., Key West, FL A Rooftop Bar with the BEST VIEWS in the city & “BEST Long Island Ice Teas made by Melinda!” Gay, straight, fat, or skinny... Doesn’t matter! Clothing optional - gay friendly! WEST PALM BEACH H G ROOSTERS 823 Belvedere Rd., West Palm Beach, FL Dark bar that attracts a fun party crowd. Camp is in at H.G.’s, where drag shows and bingo nights pack in crowds looking for laughs and fun. THE LOUNGE 517 Clematis St., West Palm Beach, FL Sushi, tropical views and tasty cocktails are accompanied by acclaimed resident DJ Daisy DeadPetals. FORT DIX BAR & CLUB 6205 Georgia Ave., West Palm Beach, FL Mostly local crowd looking to mingle and relax. The bar is a bit on the dark and dingy side, but who knows--that could be a plus. FORT DIX BAR & CLUB 6205 Georgia Ave., West Palm Beach, FL Mostly local crowd looking to mingle and relax. The bar is a bit on the dark and dingy side, but who knows--that could be a plus.


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To have your event listed, please email


oMonday, November 26, 5 a.m.-5 p.m.,

oTuesday, November 20, 10 p.m.-4 a.m.,

White Horizons—The Legendary Morning Party, Discotekka, 950 NE 2nd Avenue, Miami, $40 general admission.

Official Madonna Tour AfterParty, Grand Central Miami, 697 N Miami Ave., Miami, $20 general admission, $50 VIP admission. oWednesday, November 21, 9 p.m.-3 a.m., White Martini Party, Mova Lounge, 1625 Michigan Ave., Miami Beach, no cover.

oWednesday, November 21, 10 p.m.-3 a.m., Dolce—A Women’s Event, Queen Lounge, 841 Washington Avenue, Miami Beach, $8 admission.

oThursday, November 22, 10 p.m.-5 a.m., White Journey Kick-off Dance Party, Score Bar, 727 Lincoln Road, Miami Beach, $25 admission.

oFriday, November 23, Noon-7 p.m., White Paradise T Dance, Dream South Beach Hotel, 1111 Collins Ave., Miami Beach, roof-top cocktails and pool-dipping, $40 admission.

oFriday, November 23, 10 p.m.-8 a.m., Urge: White Dreams, Space Nightclub, 34 NE 11th St., Miami, $60 general admission, $100 VIP admission.

oFriday, November 23, 10 p.m.-4 a.m., Bang—A Women’s Event, Score Bar, 727 Lincoln Road, Miami Beach, $14 admission.

oSaturday, November 24, Noon-7 p.m., Heatwave Pool Party, Dream South Beach Hotel, 1111 Collins Ave., Miami Beach, $40 admission.

oSaturday, November 24, Noon-9 p.m., White Sunset Tea, Palace Bar, 1200 Ocean Ave., Miami Beach, no cover.

oSaturday, November 24, 10 p.m.-5 a.m., The White Party, SOHO Studios, 2136 NW 1st Avenue, Miami, $30 student admission, $99 general admission, $150 VIP admission.

oSaturday, November 24, 9 p.m.0-4 a.m., Cirque Blanc 11—A Women’s Event, Nikki Beach Club, 1 Ocean Drive, Miami Beach, $25 general admission, $75 VIP admission. oSunday, November 25, 1 p.m.-9 p.m., Muscle Beach Party, 12th Street Beach, Miami Beach, $75 general admission, $125 VIP admission. oSunday, November 25, 11 a.m.-6 p.m., White Splash Pool Party—A Women’s Event, Maxine’s, 1752 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach, no cover.

Get Your Business Really Seen!

oMonday, November 26, 11 p.m.-5 a.m., Swan Song—the Closing Event Party, Twist, 1057 Washington Avenue, Miami Beach, no cover.


oFriday, November 23. Dance the night away in your sexiest leather. Masks optional. DJ David Merrill from Washington, DC. VIP Lounge opens at 8 p.m. Dance floor opens at 11 p.m. Boom, 2232 Wilton Drive, Wilton Manors.


oSunday, December 2, at 8 p.m. Wanda Sykes is considered “one of the funniest stand up comics” by her peers and ranks among Entertainment Weekly’s 25 Funniest People in America. Tickets: $45 to $75; Club Level $115. For info and tickets: 954- 462-0222 or





Jeff Stryker

“Swings” —Bigtime—into Fort Lauderdale’s Boardwalk Bar Adult Film Legend Makes Exclusive Appearance at the Boardwalk



uch like the posteriors of his many scene partners, Fort Lauderdale will never be the same come November 21, as legendary adult entertainment star Jeff Stryker appears exclusively at The Boardwalk Bar, on North Andrews Avenue in Fort Lauderdale, Wednesday, November 21 to Saturday, November 24 (talk about something to give thanks for). Boardwalk owner and impresario Victor Zepka—whose long list of headliner adult entertainer appearances includes such hotties as Brent Everett, Lukas Ridgeston, and the Visconti Triplets, to name just a few—has “pulled it out” in a big way, bringing in Stryker, still spicy hot and giving fans his “all.” The living legend Stryker’s tool was immortalized as the best-selling dildo of its time and was—I am not making this up—the subject

of an academic analysis for higher education Bowling Green State University Conference in Cultural Studies: “Lesbian Pornography and Transformation: Foucault, Bourdieu, and de Certeau Make Sense of the Jeff Stryker Dildo”). In addition to an ‘enormous’ catalog of delicious same-sex porn, Stryker, who calls himself sexually “universal,” also starred in “Jamie Loves Jeff,” one of the biggest-selling straight adult movies of all time for producer Vivid Entertainment. At The Boardwalk, Stryker will appear live, signing autographs, answering questions, and hawking his exclusive Jeff Stryker merchandise. Any guesses on which “piece” is the most requested? Tickets for Jeff Stryker are on sale now at Ain’t nothing like the real ‘thing,’ baby.H

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Chipotle Mexican Grill One from Column A, Two from Column B



hink Mexican food at its most essential—healthy, locally grown, and often organic—and you’ve got the essence of Chipotle. It’s a sparking clean, sorta fast-food chain with extremely limited selection options on the menu, which is a one-sheet with four basic choices.  Forget ordering taquitos or quesadillas or fajitas.  There’s no fish tacos, no tamales, and no chili rellenos. This is Chipotle, not Taco Bell. Here, the choices are as simple as  1-2-3. 1) Select a burrito, a taco trio, a salad or a bowl. 2) Decide if you want your protein to be chicken, steak, barbacoa shredded beef, carnitas shredded pork, or a veggie mix that includes guacamole and black beans. 3) Pick your salsa of choice: fresh tomato, roasted chili corn, tornatillo green chili, or tornatillo red chilli. Eat. That’s where the excitement starts. When we venture to Chipotle, we usually point to the Burrito Bowl on the menu.  This concoction is basically a burrito without the tortilla—cilantro-lime rice, black beans, your choice of the aforementioned proteins, plus salsa and cheese. Like nearly everything else

on the menu, it’s $6.95 ($8.75 if you add The exceptional Guacamole an ice-cream scoop worth of housemade is made fresh in-house multiple guacamole). Just listing the ingredients doesn’t times a day using whole, ripe do justice to the pork or beef, marinated in a avocadoes—pit removed—plus secret sauce of chipotle pepper adobo, cilantro, onions, jalapenos, cumin, cloves, garlic and oregano. and lime. It’s an instant Chipotle’s Burrito It’s that flavor that makes this dish, hit when coupled Bowls come packed full of and any of the others that feature with the traditional fresh ingredients the barbacoa or carnitas. fried corn tortilla chips ($2.95). and lots of flavor Scrap the bowl and wrap the There are no $$ free chips dish in a flour tortilla, and you at Chipotle, and the guac have the Chipotle Burrito. serving is packed into a tiny Same price with some added cup which makes dipping fiber and carbs. A 700 calorie a chore. You’ll work up a meal that makes itself at sweat trying to lick up every home in your stomach. Bring bit—or, maybe it’s just the back the bowl and scrap the sizzling hot Red Chili Salsa tortilla, add lots of romaine which is also available for lettuce and turn the meal into a ($1.75). Salad—still $6.95, but without The trio of Crispy or Soft the calories and fat that the Tacos ($6.25 for chicken, tortilla brings along with the ride.  $6.65 for pork) is hardly a The tastiest 360 calories that will bargain compared to other change the way you view Mexican. A menu items.  If you’re looking for 3 ½ ounce scoop of guacamole adds an the biggest bang for the buck, the additional 150 calories, and worth every one. portion size of either taco trio is on the light

size, particularly when compared with the similarly priced burrito. This is still, after all, a fast-food chain where you’re not paying for dining elegance. What Chipotle delivers, and delivers well, is dependable, flavorful, and freshly made Mexican fare, with a convenient Internet ordering option that allows you to preselect your menu items for later pickup at a designated time. ( CreateOrder.aspx) And as always, tell them Guy Magazine sent you.H



This Week’s Delicious Recipe By JEAN DOHERTY


elouté sauce is one of the original “mother sauces” of classic French cuisine. It is also my soup every day at Le Patio. A lot of people ask me, “What is a velouté”? Despite the fancy-sounding name, velouté is actually just a white sauce that is usually stock-based and thickened with a white roux. The word “velouté” is French from “velour,” which means “velvet.” As its name implies, a correctly made velouté will have a smooth and velvety texture. The ingredients for a velouté sauce are butter, flour, and a light stock. The type of stock will depend on the dish being created. Although chefs usually make velouté with chicken, veal, or fish, some also use beef, ham, or bouillon. This sauce is commonly referred to by the type of stock that was used in the recipe, such as a chicken velouté or a fish velouté. I use only olive oil and fresh herbs in my velouté. Start out with minced onions, tenderly simmered in extra virgin olive oil, stir in a little flour (to make the roux that will lightly thicken the soup), and cook until the oil and flour are foaming nicely, moisten with a stock (or milk or wine, depending on your

major ingredient), and then simmer for a few minutes more. That’s the traditional base for a myriad of soups, be they based on chicken, mushrooms, artichokes, broccoli, or even fish. When making vegetable soups, don’t be too lavish with chicken stock, particularly canned stock. If it is too strong, you’ll muffle the taste of vegetables like broccoli or zucchini. No rules here—trust your own judgment and taste: You are the chef.H

Although born in Dublin, Ireland, Chef Jean Doherty spent most of her life in Lyon, France, the gastronomical capital of the world. Together with Vero, her partner of 25 years, Jean has owned and run multiple restaurants including Fort Lauderdale’s Le Patio.


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Beautifully finished with plantation shutters, new carpet, new appliances, paint, landscaping, and more. Great value with impact windows and doors, two car garage, upgraded newer kitchen with granite countertops and stainless steel appliances, views to private fenced backyard, no HOA! Offered at $219,000

Property Management with a full range of services from marketing, tenant screening, rent collections, maintenance, renovations, bookkeeping and reporting and more. For more information call General Manager, Rosy Baron 954-309-6155


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ELITE RELOCATION MOVING & STORAGE We’ve provided quality moves for over 30 years. It’s always a smooth move when you choose Elite Relocation. Contact us today: 954.975.8660

WILTON MANORS/FT. LAUDERDALE DUPLEX Just south of Five Points! Nicely updated 1BD/1BA with a great yard for your pet. W/D, corner lot $795.00 F/L/S call Robert MacKilligan, Galleria Int. Reality 954-234-8759


POMPANO BEACH 2 BD/2BA South of Atlantic Blvd. 1st floor, new A/C, tile floors, stainless steel appliances! Screened patio overlooking great green space. W/D and mailbox right outside of front door! Move in now! $925/mo. F/L/S Call Robert Mackilligan, Galleria Intl. Reality 954-234-8759 or

DEREK’S 24-HR HANDYMAN SERVICE PROPERTY MANAGEMENT AND VACATION RENTAL - Introducing our new cabinet shop! For all your custom made cabinetrycountertops laminates. You must see our work, just ask our clients. All electrical to code, ANY & ALL plumbing work, Drywall finish work / repair. Crown/ baseboard proinstall, interior/ exterior painting, demo work, Pressure washing, Decor tile install, Complete home up-dates. For large jobs, 4-man crew available. WE CAN HANDLE IT ALL! Instant call back, direct service response. No job is ever too small. Excellent references. Derek (954) 825-5598 RED BOX MOVING -- OWNER IN TRUCK ON EVERY MOVE. CALL NORBERT DIRECTLY. Affordable, Reliable, Careful. MV#567/INSURED. (954)305-9176 or (561)

EMPLOYMENT MALE COSMETOLOGIST OR EASTHETICIAN Florida licensed professional wanted for all male guesthouse. We do it all except hair services! Reception, exceptional client service, spa maintenance and sales aptitude a plus. Submit your resume to: or call 954565-2307. GENESIS HEALTH INSTITUTE The premier Anti-Aging health facility located in Wilton Manors is looking for a hospitality oriented, friendly and health oriented Front Desk person to work 24-40 hours weekly. Please email resume or interview request to

LICENSED MASSAGE RECESSION RELIEF - $40 per 90 MINS - Out Calls Higher. Swedish, Deep Tissue, Specialty Back, Lower Body & Feet. Couples Discounts. Seniors Welcome. Delray Beach, 16 yrs Experience. MA18563 Dennis (561) 502-2628

RENT / LEASE ROYAL PARK Near Wilton Manors 1BR/1.5BA, $825$900/mo. 2BR/2BA, $950 - $1100/mo. Gated Security, Clubhouse, Pools, Gym, Sauna and Steam room. Pets OK. Cable/Water/Trash incl. Call Naim Naqi, Realtor RWSF Realty 954.565.2025. RENT/LEASE-FURNISHED HOUSING PERFECT RELOCATION RENTALS From $325/week – October/ November Special. Beautiful Studio, 1 & 2 BR Apts. Turnkey, fully furnished & equipped, clothing optional pool, laundry, parking. Close to Gay & Nude Beaches. Pets Welcome. Incl. utilities, cable, tel., Wi-Fi Internet. 954-927-0090 or visit POINSETTIA HEIGHTS 2/2 duplex, C/A , washer/dryer, upgraded granite kitchen. Non smoker-perfect for roommate 954-563-1576 ROOMATE/WILTON MANORS Private room w/private bed and all access. Non smoker prefered. Walk to Wilton Drive! $750/month includes everything. Call Jim (954) 5633626 Sun-Thurs after 6pm. Fri/Sat anytime.

N.E. FT. LAUDERDALE-WILTON MANOR AREA Lovely, IMMACULATE, 1/1 tile floors, a/c, washer/dryer available, cable ready, water, garbage pest control included, private patio, gay friendly, NO PETS, please $725. By appointment (954) 592-3772 WILTON MANORS 2/2 Tile floors, central heating & air, pool - clothing optional. 9 unit gay complex. Small dogs ok. One year lease $875.00 mo. 201 NW 25th St. 954-326-9096 DUPLEX for Rent Very Charming, 600 sq. ft. Dishwasher, huge private backyard. Pets (with prior approval). $795.00 mo. 1st, last & security deposit required. Call 954-632-6662. WILTON MANORS 2/2 Tile floors, central heating & air, pool - clothing optional. 9 unit gay complex. Small dogs ok. One year lease $875.00 mo. 201 NW 25th St. 954-326-9096

SPIRITUALITY T H E PA R I S H O F S T S . F R A N C I S & C L A R E 101 NE 3RD STREET - just N of Broward Blvd. and E of Andrews Ave. Mass Times: Sat @ 5 PM; Sun @ 10:30 AM; Wed @ 7 PM. Where we welcome and appreciate diversity - a progressive community in the Catholic tradition. 954-731-8173; CHURCH OF THE HOLY SPIRIT SONG welcomes you to come and worship with us every Sunday at 10am and every Wednesday night at 7pm. We meet at the Spirit Song Worship Center at 2040B North Dixie Highway, Suite 3 in Wilton Manors (Building B on Equality Park Campus, behind the Pride Center). God loves you just the way He made you. Come discover His purpose for you. For more info: 954-4188372,, WIG WILD INSPIRATIONAL & GATHERINGS Calling all Queens, Bears, Twinks, Guppies, Trannies, Fairies, Spiritualists, Yoga Folks, LGBTQ’s, Poets, Dancers, Actors and all our Straight Allies. WIG the Gay Empowerment/Spiritual Revival awaits you every Wed. 8PM at Boom - 2232 Wilton Drive Wilton Manors, FL 33305, $10 Donation Call (954) 630-3556 Miami Herald, “The next generation’s spiritual Stonewall.”

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