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March 26, 2014


March 26, 2014

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March 26, 2014

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6 March 26, 2014

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South Florida Community Leaders Come Together to Attend Fundraiser

Left to right: Brian Neal (founder of Brian Neal Fitness and Health Foundation), Fort Lauderdale City Commissioner Dean Trantalis, Bobby Blair (publisher of Florida Agenda), former Governor Charlie Crist, Broward County Commission candidate Ken Keechl, and Michael Albetta (former chairman of the Democratic Caucus).


raisers at his home. He held a similar event for Hillary Clinton when she ran for president in 2008. In a home setting, he believes the distractions are minimal, allowing the candidate to fully interact with supporters. “I think that the environment was warm and friendly,” Trantalis explained. “I think by having it at home it allowed people to feel comfortable without the distractions a restaurant or bar would normally pose.” Tickets were $100 ($25 for those under 30), but the financial success was just one aspect of the campaign. “[It was a success] in terms of money as well as the number of attendees,” the city commissioner told us. “It was also refreshing to see how successful his campaign could become if his staff pays attention, as far as I’m concerned. I think that the number [of attendees] alone was significant to him.”


Other host committee members included Seda Aktas, Lori Barkus, Steve Crombe, Will Rubino, AJ Alegria, Chris Dunham, Michael Faerber, Piero Guidugli, Andrew Jimenez, Jason Johnson, and Jason King, among others. “We had about 150 people there,” Trantalis told us following the event at his home. “It was swarming with supporters.” Trantalis told us that the “diverse crowd” helped break the ice, making a hug impact on his campaign. “I believe the event had a significant impact on Charlie Crist and his staff,” he continued. “From the time they walked in, they were overwhelmed by the response they received. It shows the significance for the LGBT community in his campaign as we move forward.” The city commissioner is no stranger to holding fund-

March 26, 2014

ilton Manors, FL – On March 19, openly-gay Fort Lauderdale City Commissioner Dean Trantalis held a fundraiser at his home for Charlie Crist’s campaign for governor. Crist, who recently transitioned to Democrat, has been a recent supporter of same-sex marriage and even went so far as to apologize for his support of a 2008 referendum that banned same-sex marriage on the Constitution. The fundraiser host committee included a number of leaders in the LGBT community, from business leaders to politicians; Michael Albetta, a former chairman of the Florida LGBT Democratic caucus, Justin Flippen, a former Wilton Manors commissioner; Robin Bodiford, a lawyer and activist; Norm Kent, lawyer and publisher of South Florida Gay News; Miriam Richter, community activist and lawyer. /floridaagenda /floridaagenda

SUNSHINE STATE Florida Businesses for a Competitive Workforce Welcomes New Companies Tallahassee, FL – The Florida Businesses for a Competitive Workforce (FBCW) welcomed four new companies into its coalition on Friday, including Raymond James Financial (St. Petersburg), WinnDixie Stores (Jacksonville), On Top of the World Communities (Ocala), and the St. Petersburg Area Chambers of Commerce. “While it is illegal to discriminate in employment, housing and public accommodations based [on] race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, handicap or marital status, the LGBT com-munity is currently left out of a statewide nondiscrimination protections,” Equality Florida said in a press release. “That is why top employers in the state have united in support of Sen. Joe Abruzzo’s SB 348 and Reps. Holly Raschein’s and Joe Sauners’ HB 239, the Florida Competitive Workforce Act.” The coalition is lead by Patrick Geraghty, CEO of Florida Blue in Jacksonville; John Tonnison, Executive Vice



he Stonewall National Museum’s “sneak peek” of its new gallery in Wilton Manors is an event entitled “The Times of Our Lives,” a discussion of how Time Magazine has presented LGBT issues and individuals over the years. From the Stonewall Museum’s website: “LGBT individuals and topics featured since the debut of Time Magazine in 1923. Featuring more than eighty figures over the span of eighty years, quoted excerpts from articles highlight instances when ‘gayness,’ ‘queerness,’ and lovers are mentioned, nuanced, or remain glaring omissions.” The gallery is located at 2157 Wilton Drive in Wilton Manors. For more information, go to

President and Worldwide CIO of Tech Data Corporation in Clearwater; and Philip Dinkis, Senior Vice President of Cassidy Turley in Tampa. The members serve as President, Secretary and Treasurer of the coalition respectively. “We commend these companies for

March 26, 2014

The Fourth Annual Wolf Cuff Benefit for Grateful Paws Dog and Cat Rescue was held on March 5th at Alibi’s Manchester Room in Wilton Manors. The popular event drew a large crowd, which was entertained by Florida’s own Dame Edna (left), Jennifer McClain (right) and Nikki Adams, among others.




joining the call to the governor and the legislature to pass a statewide antidiscriminatory law by Florida’s major employers,” Equality Florida said in a recent statement. “Now is the time for leadership in Tallahassee to do what is right and take a step to improve Florida’s ability to draw major companies and top talent,” the nonprofit organization stated. “The link between strong antidiscrimination laws and the ability to attract the best and the brightest is the reason the vast majority of Fortune 500 companies have adopted comprehensive anti-discrimination policies. When contemplating relocation or expansion, employees want reassurance that they will live in a state where they and their families will be treated fairly.”

Equality Florida Tallahassee Gala to Honor Leon County Commissioner Tallahassee, FL – On April 5, Equality Florida Institute will present Leon County Commissioner Ann Lindley with the Voice for Equality Award, citing her “unwavering commitment to winning equality for Leon Coun-

ty’s lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community,” as the driving reason. “In a year that has seen many landmark milestones and victories, the Gala will provide the LGBT community and their allies a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the momentum that is building throughout the state and throughout the nation,” the organization said in a statement. “One-third of people live in states that recognize marriage equality, and more than 100 municipalities in Florida have LGBT protections in place.” Commissioner Lindley introduced a bill that would establish a Domestic Partner Registry in Leon County, which passed unanimously. “It was a formal recognition by our county that all citizens are respected here,” said Lindley. “In ten years, this kind of thing wouldn’t even be remotely controversial. Our cultures change, times change, the pendulum swings the way people view things. It was the decent thing to do.” Lindley will be honored at the gala, set to take place on Saturday, April 5 at 7 p.m. at the Dorothy B. Oven House and Gardens in Tallahassee. Tickets and additional information are available at, or by calling 407-376-4801.

Jerry Springer to Stop Using Derogatory Transgender Term



Couples Rush to Marry in Michigan Detroit, MI – After waiting in several long lines, Michigan’s first same-sex

couple was married on Saturday morning; Glenna DeJong and Marsha Caspar, according to The Detroit Free Press. The state’s attorney general filed an emergency request for a stay, but the county clerks office opened over the weekend to perform marriages before a decision could be reached. More than 100 couples were married before a stay was issued by a federal appeals court, which will last until Wednesday according to The Detroit Free Press. “I said, ‘I’m wearing my favorite sweatshirt,’” said Caspar. “After 27 years, I know not to argue,” added DeJong. In several other counties, other samesex couples were married, with lines reportedly out of the doors. “It’s certainly heartening to see what’s been happening this past year,” DeJong told the Huffington Post. “We’ve had people run down the grocery aisles to congratulate us. It’s unreal.” At the time of print, the stay in Michigan was still in effect, and a decision had not been made. Check out our coverage of the ruling online at


March 26, 2014 9

opeka, KS – Rev. Fred Phelps, the founder of the conservative Westboro Baptist Church, passed away on Wednesday night at the age of 84, according to his estranged son, Timothy. Just last week, Phelp’s other estranged son, Nathan, confirmed that Fred was in fact in hospice care and “on the edge of death.” He also added that Fred was excommunicated from the church late last year, for reasons unknown. Phelps’s church is known for their radical views on homosexuality, including the infamous “God Hates Fags” slogan, which the church has been using for a number of years. The church’s official site posted a press release that media outlets worldwide have been “gleefully anticipating the

death of Fred Waldron Phelps Sr,” and that the church serves no man or hierarchy. “No red shoes, no goofy, hat, and no white smoke for us; thank you very much,” the statement read. “Fred Phelps will not be missed by the LGBT community, people with HIV/AIDS and the millions of decent people across the world who found what he and his followers do deeply hurtful and offensive,” said Rev. Darlene Nipper, the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force’s deputy executive director in a statement Thursday. “Through his actions, he brought needless pain and suffering to thousands of families, including to military families, at their time of greatest pain and grieving,” Nipper said. “While it is hard to find anything good to say about his views or actions, we do give our condolences to his family members at what must be a painful time for them.”

show host told TMZ that he had no idea the word “tranny” had a negative connotation to it. “I won’t use that term,” said Springer. “I honestly had no idea that you’re not supposed to use that term, so now we’ll find another term to use.” Springer told the gossip site that he had “just been educated,” and would be removing the word from his vocabulary immediately. “I’m not interested in offending people,” Springer said in his own defense. GLAAD’s transgender media reference guide lists “tranny” as “defamatory,” along with “she-male,” ‘he-she,” “it,” “gender-bender,” and more. GLADD confirms that said words “only [serve] to dehumanize transgender people and should not be used.”

speaking of the ability to fire someone based on their sexual orientation. “Pass ENDA Los Angeles, CA – Vice Pres- Vice President now.” Biden went on Joe Biden ident Joe Biden spoke at the to say that it’s “outraHuman Rights Cam-paign’s Los Ange- geous we’re even debating this.” les gala on Saturday, where he praised the Before finishing, the vice president organization for demanding “the basic also spoke up about human rights on American dream.” a global level. “Because of what all of you’ve done, “I’ve traveled to most countries in my granddaughter is going to grow the world, and I can tell you they are up in a better country, and a more looking to us as an example as a chamjust country, and a more fair country,” pion of LGBT rights everywhere,” he Biden said in his speech. said. “There are some sick people in the The vice president said that the silent world,” Biden added when speaking of majority of voters have been liberated Uganda and its recent antigay law. by various states who passed same-sex marriage. “You liberated tens of millions of straight guys and straight women,” he said in his speech. “They know they are not the exception, they know they are the majority.” When speaking of ENDA, Biden got Hollywood, CA – Following a recent episode of Jerry Springer titled “Trannoticeably upset. “It’s close to barbaric,” he said when nies Twerk It Out,” the daytime talk


Joe Biden: ‘Pass ENDA Now’



March 26, 2014

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Hiding Inside The Baseline is a heartfelt all american gay tennis story about former junior and collegiate tennis star and world ranked player turned acclaimed international coach Bobby Blair. This riveting story chronicles the fear, turmoil, struggles and devastating consquences of hiding in the closet as a gay athlete and coach in the 1980’s and 1990’s. This story has the star power and life lessons to empower and inspire LGBT athletes to live their truth, while also encouraging family, friends, teachers, coaches, sponsors and the fans to better understand the importance to accept and embrace all peope as they strive to achieve their goals personally and professionally while living their truth. This story encourages all readers to be on the right side of history by illustrating the importance that equality and acceptance for all makes the world a better place.

“Bobby Blair is committed to providing a safe and confidential support team for LGBT athletes around the globe and by sharing his own experiences and showing how important it is to live your truth, I know he will make a major impact in the lives of those he reaches through his foundation and his new book.” — Billie Jean King, 2009 Presidential Medal of Freedom recipient

Purchase an autographed copy of

HIDING INSIDE THE BASELINE with a personal note from the author at


March 26, 2014

by Bobby Blair and Barry Buss


Fighting Fire with Fire









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12 March 26, 2014

Social media was ablaze with cynical comments from users, ranging from “Ding-Dong! The Witch Is Dead” to “I’m going to urinate on his grave!” While Phelps and his church posed a threat to the LGBT community by instilling fear, I was shocked to see so many hateful comments. Sure, Phelps was a hateful, angry person who lead a religious cult into dark territory, but why do people think they’re any better when threatening to urinate on his grave? Rachel Maddow was of course vocal during her new episode of The Rachel Maddow Show (all Rachel, all the time), where she was quick to make the following statement regarding the estranged leader’s death: “Who cares, right? Who cares?” The bold statement from Maddow also claimed that the organization was a cult, and the more they tried to pressure the right-wing into disliking LGBT people, the greater the backlash was. “Psuedo-religious hatecult leader fails, dies,” read the headline for the clip from Maddow’s show. Using Biblical justification, Phelps’s church was anything but forgiving. True, he did picket the deaths of gay indi-



ast week, Westboro Baptist Church founder Fred Phelps passed away in a hospice, as confirmed by two of his estranged sons.

viduals (as well as anyone else they saw fit to protest), but seeing the gay community react with such a hateful, narrow mindset is disturbing to say the least. The head of the Satanic Temple, Lucien Greaves, made headlines last week when he told Vice that he would be performing a ritual on Phelps’s grave that would make sure the estranged leader was gay in the afterlife. “The Satanic Temple exercised its own right to offensive Free Speech in our performance of the Pink Mass at Fred Phelps’s mother’s grave this past summer,” said Greaves in a statement. “After having two same-sex couples (one male, one female) engage in homoerotic activity at the grave site, we declared Fred Phelps’s mother a post-mortem homosexual conversion.” Greaves went on to say that he made a statement at the time that he would be presiding over Fred’s “own Pink mass before too long.” He says since he made a promise to a dying man, he intends to do his “very best to see it through.” By making threats and rejoicing in Phelps’s death, we lower ourselves to an unreasonable level, matching the hate of the Westboro Baptist Church. Remember, as Martin Luther King once said, “Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.”

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March 26, 2014

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March 26, 2014


The Week 3/27 to 4/2

BY PATRICK ROBERT Florida AIDS Walk March 30, South Beach Park / Fort Lauderdale Beach



Diva Dinner

Stonewall and Art Time Tribute

Liza Minelli was freaking amazing at The Academy Awards this year. With that nutty electric blue hairstreak, electric blue jump suit, and bizarre selfie, she somehow stole the show. Even Ellen thought the wonderful Liza was a drag queen impersonation of herself. Tonight, though, at Lips, the drag queens themselves with impersonate Liza along with a bevy of other divas. Performances include facsimiles of Cher, Madonna, Lady Gaga, Nicki Minaj, Whitney Houston, Dolly Parton, and many more. Each night at Lips includes a delicious meal served by the divas. Humor, performance, and food all in one place! Come see what all the fuss is about. 7 p.m. Lips. 1421 E Oakland Park Blvd, Fort Lauderdale, 33334.

The Wilton Manors Stonewall Gallery is offering two different exhibits. The first one, The Times of Our Lives: LGBT People and Issues on the Cover of Time Magazine, features the topics and individuals who have been featured in Time Magazine since its debt in 1923. More than eighty figures over the span of eighty years are highlighted, including quoted excerpts of articles when “gayness” and “queerness” are mentioned. The other exhibit, Andrew Epstein— TShirts and Artwork, features original artwork from graphic designer, photographer and author Andrew Epstein. Epstein has been capturing the queer life since the 1960s. His work has been shown at the MOMA in NY and in SF. 12 p.m.




AIDS Walk, Dining Out for Life Kick-Off and American Idiot

“Tina Turner” at Lips (3/27)

To have your event listed, please email

LGBT Women’s History Month Art Opening


Moody and Blue With album sales of over 70 million spanning a 40-plus years career, the Moody Blues is certainly legendary. Famous songs such as Nights in White Satin, Tuesday Afternoon, and Your Wildest Dreams have become cultural touchstones in America. Their major musical innovation was fusing rock with classical music, which can be heard in their 1967 album Days of Future Passed. Tonight, they play the hits. 8 p.m. Kravis Center for the Performing Arts. 701 Okeechobee Blvd, West Palm Beach, 33401.

Dreams, 21 Guns, Wake Me Up When September Ends, and the title track. 8 p.m. Broward Center for the Performing Arts. 201 SW 5th Ave, Fort Lauderdale, 33312.


Dine Out for Your Life

Broward House provides a myriad of services up to and including medical care, substance abuse and mental health counseling, and SUNDAY 3/30 housing for over 6,000 women, children men and families living with or at risk for HIV/AIDS. Dining Out for Life is a fundraiser that South Florida’s obsession with the helps continue Broward House’s 1980s continues as The Go-Gos goals, so that they will never have take the stage for the Florida AIDS to turn anyone away from their Walk. This year, the Florida AIDS doors. Unlike most of the workers Walk and Music Festival has three who spend their hours helping, all achievable goals: raising funds you have to do is enjoy a wonderthat support HIV/AIDS services for ful meal at restaurants including Florida residents, reminding the Dapur, Alibi, Mojo’s, 13 Even, community that the HIV/AIDS criSATURDAY 3/29 Pink Submarine, Rosies Bar and sis is still in full-effect, and treating TUESDAY 4/1 Grill, and many other local favorthe participants to a magical day ites. A percentage of each sales of music, fun, and friends at the Gay musical theatre actors usually beach. HIV/AIDS has been a part of goes toward the charity. Tonight, Green Day’s smash album Amerihave problems with two things: our community for over 30 years can Idiot was reshaped into a wild- celebrate the Kick Off Party at J drugs and men. Island City Stage’s now. Despite a trend toward comMark’s. (Dining Out For Life South ly popular musical of the same new production, Have I Got a Girl munity apathy, the disease is far name. After a long Broadway run, Florida’s official date is 04/24, but For You, blends the two. Crazier, from over. Food trucks, tents in the American Idiot comes to Fort Lau- this event is a perfect way to give the story is true. Have I Got a Girl now and still have the funds for sand, and incredible live acts (like derdale. The punk rock musical For You tells the story of a newly meals on the 24th!). Eat and give The Go Gos) will all be on hand to details the story of three lifelong sober, gay musical theatre actor thank the charitable participants. friends who must choose between back to the community - all at the who attempts to get his life back same time. 6 p.m. J Mark’s ResTo pledge, volunteer, or particithe safety of suburbia or followon track by running the largest taurant. 1245 N Federal Hwy, Fort pate, visit 8:30 ing their dreams. The score feafemale escort agency on the East a.m. South Beach Park Fort Lautures the hits Boulevard of Broken Lauderdale, 33304. Coast. This Soundheim-quoting pimp leaves NYC for Boca Raton, Samples of food where his life changes hysterically from Alibi (left) and and drastically. After winning the Dapur (right) from ‘Dine Out for Life’ coveted TheatreMania Audience (4/2) Award in the New York International Fringe Festival, the play arrives in Fort Lauderdale, making its regional theater debut. For tickets, visit 8 p.m. Empire Stage. 1140 N Flagler Dr, Fort Lauderdale, 33304.

2014 AIDS Walk

Have I Got A Girl For You

Green Day: The Musical



March 26, 2014

PrideFest of the Palm Beaches The 21st annual PrideFest of the Palm Beaches takes place this weekend at Bryant Park up in Lake Worth. Over 12,000 attendees an-

Closet Talk group and The Pride Center Art Gallery sponsor the LGBT Women’s History Art Opening. The Pride Center Art Gallery is an artistic strategy used as a tool of community mobilization toward empowerment, pride, and health awareness. The Closet Talk group is an LGBT resource for many, discussing topics like politics, love, coming out, religion, culture, film, etc. The show helps their fight against ignorance and hate, moving toward love and equality for all. The show runs until 3/31. 6 p.m. The Pride Center at Equality Park. 2040 N Dixie Hwy, Wilton Manors, 33305.

derdale Beach. 1100 Seabreeze Blvd, Fort Lauderdale, 33316.


nually participate in one of South Florida’s largest gay and lesbian visibility events. The festival exemplifies the strength and growth of the gay and lesbian community by highlighting more than 140 businesses that stand by our community and welcome out business. A parade, live performances, and entertainment for all ages complete the festival. 12 p.m. Bryant Park. 78 2nd Ave, Lake Worth, 33460.


Stonewall Gallery. 2157 Wilton Dr, Wilton Manors, 33305.

March 26, 2014

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March 26, 2014


March 26, 2014

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18) RAMROD 1508 NE 4th Ave Fort Lauderdale 19) ROSIE’S BAR & GRILL 2449 Wilton Drive Wilton Manors

3) BOARDWALK 1721 N Andrews Ave Fort Lauderdale 4) CORNER PUB 1915 N Andrews Ave Wilton Manors

29) VILLAGE PUB 2283 Wilton Drive Wilton Manors

28) TROPICS 2000 Wilton Drive Wilton Manors

27) TORPEDO 2829 W Broward Blvd Fort Lauderdale

26) 13 I EVEN 2037 Wilton Dr Wilton Manors

25) THE STABLE 205 E Oakland Park Blvd Fort Lauderdale

24) THE DRIVE 2390 Wilton Dr Wilton Manors

23) SMARTY PANTS 2400 E Oakland Park Blvd Fort Lauderdale

22) SIDELINES 2031 Wilton Drive Wilton Manors

21) SCANDALS SALOON 3073 NE 6th Ave Wilton Manors


15) MONKEY BUSINESS 2740 N Andrews Ave Fort Lauderdale

14) MONA’S 502 E Sunrise Blvd Fort Lauderdale

13) THE MANOR COMPLEX 2345 Wilton Drive Wilton Manors

12) LIPS 1421 E Oakland Park Blvd Oakland Park

11) LE PATIO 2401 NE 11th Ave Wilton Manors

10) JOHNNY’S 1116 W Broward Blvd Fort Lauderdale

9) INFINITY LOUNGE 2184 WIlton Drive Wilton Manors

8) HUNTERS NIGHTCLUIB 2232 Wilton Drive Wilton Manors

7) DUDES 3270 NE 33rd St Fort Lauderdale

6) DAPUR 1620 N Federal Hwy Fort Lauderdale

20) RUMORS BAR & GRILL 2426 Wilton Drive Wilton Manors

17) NEW YORK GRILLED CHEESE 2207 Wilton Drive Wilton Manors

2) BILL’S FILLING STATION 2209 Wilton Drive Wilton Manors

5) CUBBY HOLE 823 N Federal Hwy Fort Lauderdale

16) NAKED GRAPE 2163 Wilton Drive Wilton manors

1) ALIBI 2266 Wilton Drive Wilton Manors



March 26, 2014


March 26, 2014

20 /floridaagenda








hat better way to escape the South Florida heat than by sailing away to more temperate climes? And, if you’re going to do so, why not do so with hundreds, if not thousands, of other gay men? Yes, we’re talking gay cruises, and not your little three day excursions down to Mexico or the Caribbean either. We’re talking full-fledged, week longer (or longer!) expeditions. Many men hesitate to take a gay cruise because they feel they won’t fit in with all the hot shirtless men they see in the cruise companies’ ads. While there is plenty of eye candy to be had on gay cruises, men of every age, size and level of furriness abound, so you needn’t feel self-conscious. If you’ve never been on an all-gay cruise, you might be surprised that it isn’t all nonstop partying (although one can do that, if so inclined). You will be equally comfortable sunning by the pool reading a book or taking part in a game or activity. And if you’re going on an all-gay cruise, what could be gayer than the Mediterranean in the summer? Just the color of the water a balcony. To find out more, visit Out Adventures offers small group adventure travel to the LGBT community. Its Greek Islands eight-day trip, aboard a private yacht, sails on Aug. 22. The itinerary begins in Athens and the first day includes stops in Delos and Mykonos, where a local guide takes the group on an orientation walk. Other ports include Santorini, Folegrandros and Milos. This trip is, what Out Adventures designates as an, “In Style” trip, meaning an experienced leader accompanying a small group, four star accommodations and private transport. Some meals and sightseeing activities are also included. Prices range from $2,800-$3,500. Go to out-adventures. com for more info on this eight-day Greek getaway. Round trip air fare to Barcelona is about $1,000-$1,500 (coach), $500 more for Athens (about $3,00 to $5,000 first class), from Miami. Add about $750 if you plan to fly out of Tampa.


round trip excursion sails from Athens and visits Santorini, Patmos, Kusadasi, Mykonos, Kea, Cape Seounion, and Marina Zeas. Ocean views begin at about $4,000. Visit for more info. Pied Piper offers a cruise to the Greek Isles and Turkey on the Celebrity Silhouette from July 15–27. The cruise sails out of Civitavecchia (Rome) to Venice, then through the Mediterranean with stops at Athens, Rhodes, Santorini, Crete and Mykonos. Cabins are priced from $1,750 to $4,000. Go to for a full listing of cruises. Aquafest is a gay & lesbian group cruise organizer that differs from full ship charters, with a host who coordinates social outings, dining onboard, and excursions in ports for a group of GLBT passengers aboard a regular cruise. Its Mediterranean cruise departs Venice on June 21, and after visiting the Greek islands returns June 28. The cruise is aboard the Norwegian Jade. Prices range from a little more than $1000 for an inside cabin to nearly $1,800 for

March 26, 2014

Many men hesitate to take a gay cruise because they feel they won’t fit in with all the hot shirtless men they see in the cruise companies’ ads.

alone screams, “Oh, queen!” There are trips for those seeking a big party, an intimate gathering or a mixed clientele. Atlantis, the grand-daddy of cruises, is offering a ten-day cruise sailing from gayfriendly Barcelona on Aug. 2 with stops on the island of Malta and Sicily. There are three stops in the Italian ports of Naples, Civitavecchia/Rome and Livorno/Florence before hitting the French Riviera/Monte Carlo, where Nice and Cannes beckon nearby. The ship will be docked in prime position for Monaco’s International Fireworks competition before departing for a full day stop at the island of Ibiza and then returning to Barcelona. Prices for the cruise range from as low as $1,800 to the sky’s the limit. You might want to extend your trip by a day to take advantage of the gigantic gay water park party hosted by Circuit Festival in Barcelona. If you prefer an intimate, luxurious trip, Source Events is offering an Aegean Odyssey cruise from Aug. 27 through Sept. 5, on the 49 passenger Panorama II. The

March 26, 2014

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March 26, 2014


March 26, 2014

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March 26, 2014






• 1 (9 inch) unbaked pie crust • 8 slices bacon, cut into 1 inch pieces • 1/2 cup chopped leeks (white and pale green parts only) • 1/2 cup chopped onion • Salt and freshly ground black pepper to taste • 1 pinch cayenne pepper, or more to taste • 4 eggs • 1 cup heavy cream • 3/4 cup milk • 1 teaspoon chopped fresh thyme

March 26, 2014


• 6 ounces shredded Gruyere cheese

Jean Doherty bringing mini quiches to Tom Marten’s 5-Points Massage grand opening


he Lorraine region in France has many traditional recipes, the most famous one is the quiche. But in reality the quiche originated in Germany. The word quiche means “cake” which came from the German word Kuchen. Today, quiche is considered as typically French. When the French won back the Lorraine region in WW1, I guess they decided to take the recipes too!

Preheat your oven to 425 degrees F. Roll pie dough to fit a 9 inch pie plate. Place bottom crust in pie plate and chill for at least 20 minutes before baking. Line the chilled pie crust with foil and fill halfway up with dried beans, rice, or baking weights. Bake in the preheated oven for 7 minutes. Remove foil and weights and bake until golden brown, about 5 minutes. Reduce oven to 325 degrees F. Cook bacon in a skillet over medium heat until browned and cooked through, 8 to 10 minutes. Remove from pan to drain. Blot out some of the oil from the skillet, leaving 1 to 2 teaspoons. Add leeks, onion, salt, black pepper, and cayenne pepper. Cook and stir until tender and browned, about 5 minutes. Set aside. Whisk eggs, egg yolks, cream, and milk together in a large bowl. Add thyme and stir to combine. Sprinkle 1/3 onion-leek mixture on the bottom of the baked crust. Top with 1/3 cooked bacon and 1/3 Gruyere cheese. Ladle in half the egg mixture. Sprinkle with 1/3 the onion-leek mixture, 1/3 bacon, and 1/3 cheese. Pour in remaining egg mixture and top with remaining onion-leek mixture, bacon, and cheese. Bake your quiche in the preheated oven until browned and set, but no longer wobbly in the center, 40 to 45 minutes. Allow to cool slightly before serving. You are a chef.

Although born in Dublin, Ireland, Chef Jean Doherty spent most of her life in Lyon, France, the gastronomical capital of the world. Together with Vero, her partner of 25 years, Jean has owned and run multiple restaurants including Fort Lauderdale’s Le Patio.



March 26, 2014

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he Classic (PIAS) is the fifth and funkiest album by Joan As Police Woman (aka out musician Joan Wasser). Shiny as polished brass and jangly as the coins in your pocket or the bottom of your purse, The Classic lives up to its name. The disc begins with “Witness,” which will not only have you marching in formation, but also bearing witness to its persuasive beat. The testifying doesn’t end there as you prepare to get up on the “wailing wall” on “Holy City” and your hands get a work out on the finger-popping doo-wop revival of the title tune. And that’s only the first three cuts! The rest of the disc, including the near-epic midsection and `70s soul workout “Shame,” doesn’t disappoint either. I spoke with Joan about her career and the new disc, featuring musical guests Toshi Reagon, Joseph Arthur and Reggie Watts, in March 2014, shortly before the release of the album. Florida Agenda: For the uninitiated, Joan, would you please say something about how you came up with the moniker Joan As Police Woman? Joan As Police Woman: I’ve been making music my whole life, but I didn’t start writing music until later, after I had had a lot of experience playing violin and being a session player. I began writing songs and playing under my given name. It would say “Joan Wasser solo.” People thought that I was playing solo violin shows because no one knew that I was writing songs. I was looking for a name that was not my given name. At the time, I was blonde and I was wearing some sort of ridiculous, three-piece, polyester, `70s, pale blue pantsuit. My friend Reuben saw me on the street and he said, “Joan, you are channeling Angie (Dickinson) in Police


March 26, 2014

A CLASS ACT An Interview with Joan As Police Woman


Woman.” Police Woman was a cop show that ran from 1974 to 1978. The moniker stuck. That was it. That’s been my name since 2003. What’s the difference, if any, between the music made by Joan As Police Woman and the music made by Joan Wasser? It’s all the same. I wanted a moniker for the music I released as my songs. Also, I think it’s fun to have a band name. It also has humor. Joan Wasser is not very funny. Joan As Police Woman is bordering on ridiculous, which I like in my life. We recently interviewed Thomas Lauderdale of Pink Martini and we talked about the role that collaboration plays in his process. Joan, as an artist known for being able to play well with others, how does collaboration figure into Joan As Police Woman? I love collaborating [laughs] with people. That’s how I came up in music. I studied classically. When I was a teenager, I was playing in orchestras. There, you were collaborating with a lot of people. I know it’s reading music off a page, but you’re all watching the conductor to know when to come in at the same time. It’s a very unifying experience with a lot of people. Then I went to college for classical music and I did a

lot of chamber music. That’s just like being in a band. I love experiencing other people’s processes and how they relate to music and other musicians and how they get what they want from musicians. How they like to create textures and how they do it. It’s like going to the school of that artist. People have different ways of doing things. Hopefully, people also like to hear what other people have to say and are open and hear how other people have made sounds or feelings happen in the song. I’ve always loved doing that. I think it’s contributed to my own music; the experiences I’ve had in diverse situations collaborating with others. R&B has always been a presence in Joan As Police Woman’s music, but on the new record The Classic, the soul vibe has more of a vintage feel, which can be heard in the 21st century hip-hop doo-wop of the title cut. What inspired the retro direction? I have to tell you honestly that I don’t have some grand plan before I go in to make a record. Each record is representative of the time between the last record and this record. It’s not like, “I’m going to make this retro sounding…” No, it’s just the songs that have happened since the last record. I think on this record I made a decision to edit myself less in terms of the voices

in my head saying, “You’re allowed to do this. You’re not allowed to do this.” It’s just me holding myself back, deciding what’s okay and what’s not. I made a decision to try my best to listen to those voices, to kick those voices out. I think that allowed the influence of the music that I really love the most, which is Motown and soul music, to really come out of me. In “Witness,” you sing about taking something “as gospel sure as the day.” A “crown of thorns” is mentioned in “Shame” and you make use of the word “holy” in both “Good Together” and “Holy City.” Did you have a religious experience in the process of writing the songs for the record? I can say yes, absolutely, if we define religious experience as the ability to allow my mind to sort of leave my body. I do not subscribe to any organized religion. I still love religion. I’m not saying I love how it’s affected our culture; it’s a very, interesting, fascinating, expansive topic and how it’s affected our culture and the way we think. I do often feel spirituality through creating music. It’s there all the time. I also love religious wording. There’s no better way to create drama than to get over-the-top religious wording into your songs. And guess what, I



Are you saying you are a drama queen? I am not! I used to be a lot more into drama. I’m really not a drama queen anymore. But I do like creating drama in my songs.

Over the course of your music career, as a queer musician, how would you things have changed for out performers? It’s hard for me to say because all I have is my experience. In my experience, there was nobody on the scene before Antony Hegarty (of Antony and the Johnsons). Certainly, there were people similar. But Antony educated a lot of people about the trans community and what it means to be trans and what it can look like. That’s an incredible thing that’s happened in my lifetime. I feel like, in general, a wider range of people are just getting used to the fact that queerness is everywhere. It’s not scary. It’s just what it is. That’s clear because of all the passing of gay marriage and the support, in general, for gay marriage. I feel like there’s much more support than not. Whether people are open about it in your community, it’s there.

The “Holy City” video takes viewers on a tour of the mid-20th century. What can you tell me about the concept for the video? It was created by a woman named Alex de Campi. She said that when she heard the song it reminded her, like you said, of `60s, `70s soul stuff. Therefore she wanted to references `60s and `70s television show. In there are Soul Train, I Love Lucy, the country one is sort of like… Hee Haw? Exactly! Thank you! And The Tonight Show with the amazing (drag king) Murray Hill playing

Johnny Carson. /floridaagenda

like drama [laughs].



March 26, 2014 29 /floridaagenda





10 STEPS TO RE-BOOT YOUR FITNESS PLAN Q: My New Year’s resolution was to lose 20 pounds and get in shape but I’m finding that’s easier said than done. I feel lost in the gym and I’m usually too tired to go after work. Won’t fat burners help me lose the weight? --Glenn A: Many people resolve to lose weight at the dawn of each New Year – but, despite the best of intentions, most fail long-term because they take the wrong approach. Among those who lose weight quickly through crash dieting, eight out of 10 regain their lost weight within two years and two-thirds pile on even more weight. Americans are bombarded by advertising for pills and weight loss programs which claim to allow you to lose massive amounts of weight in just a few weeks without exercise or changing the way you eat – or eating only the foods you buy from their particular company. The idea of effortlessly transforming your body overnight is tempting, which is why weight loss is a billion

dollar industry. The cold, hard truth is that long and lasting success is found not in the latest diet or weight loss fad but in making a lifestyle change by exercising regularly and eating healthy foods. It’s a slower process, but the results are longer-lasting and better for your health and well-being. Body fat is stored energy and to lose it you must burn more calories (energy) than you consume. Eating less and dropping weight by dieting alone (calorie restriction) doesn’t work long-term for two important reasons: 1) Your body reacts to your consumption of fewer calories by slowing down your metabolism so that you need fewer calories to function. You can’t diet forever – and when you stop, the weight returns quickly because your body is now burning fewer calories. 2) About 15 to 20 percent of the weight you lose through dieting alone is actually lean muscle tissue and this loss, in

March 26, 2014


TIP OF THE WEEK: DO THE SALSA! Salsa is good for you, so don’t hesitate to add it to your meals (I love it on my baked chicken and fish) for extra flavor! Salsa has no fat, only about 4-6 calories per tablespoon and is loaded with the antioxidant called lycopene (found in the tomatoes). Lycopene, which protects cells against damage from the free radicals formed when body cells burn oxygen for energy, has been shown in studies also to lower the risk of prostate cancer in men and increase energy. Go ahead… do the salsa!

turn, slows your metabolism even further because muscle burns calories. Less muscle means lower metabolism. This is why strength training to replace lost muscle tissue must, repeat MUST, be part of any weight loss program. Here are 10 steps you can take outside of the gym which will help you to reduce body fat and feel better: 1) Turn off the television, get off the sofa and increase your activity level. Walk, jog or run around the block three to four times a week. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Park the farthest away from the building and walk the distance. Swim, cycle, or find some outdoor activity you enjoy. Get active! 2) Change your grocery shopping list: replace your diet of junk and processed foods with fresh, lean meats, fruits and vegetables and whole

grains. Switch to whole wheat bread and wheat pasta. If you don’t buy the corn chips and the crèmefilled cookies, you won’t have them to eat when you get the craving! 3) Do not skip breakfast. It takes five minutes or less to fix a bowl of oatmeal or scramble some eggs or microwave a few slices of lean turkey bacon. Breakfast is worth the effort and is necessary to give you the energy to power through your morning. 4) Add mid-morning and mid-afternoon snacks to your daily routine. A handful of almonds and an apple or a cup of plain Greek yogurt are easy snacks to take to work with you and will stave off hunger. It’s tough to make sensible food choices if you are starving. 5) If you are lost in the gym, sign up for a fitness class or hire a personal trainer. The cost of an experienced personal trainer for even a few weeks is

worth the investment so you can learn proper form and technique as well as how best to use gym equipment. 6) R  esolve to greatly reduce your sugar consumption. Replace sodas with unsweetened peach or lemon-flavored iced tea (delicious!) or water. Use a touch of natural honey in your coffee and oatmeal instead of sugar. If a food label lists ingredients such as high fructose corn syrup, sugar, or dextrose as one of the top three ingredients, don’t use it. 7) Limit your intake of alcohol while you begin this journey of weight loss and newfound fitness. Alcohol inhibits your body’s ability to burn fat. 8) Track your progress and celebrate your small victories. Keep a food diary or using an app like www. 9) Go to bed early and get eight hours of sleep. 10) Resolve to stick with your program, even when you don’t feel like it. You and only you are responsible for the way you look and feel. Peter Jackson is a fitness and nutrition coach known for his cutting-edge fitness and fatloss programs for individuals, couples and small groups. Peter welcomes your questions at or visit him online at www., www. and www.

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aMorning and evening classes aAll fitness levels welcome aClean, 4000 sq ft private gym aFun, effective and affordable

I have gained confidence, built muscle and lost more than 30 lbs in less than 5 months. The classes are fun, the trainers are amazing and I am very, very happy! I can’t recommend the BodyBlast program enough! – German V.


Download our FREE GUIDE The BodyBlast® Method .com

1098 NE 45th St, Oakland Park, FL 33334

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March 26, 2014

at PushFitnessFTL

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*PERFECT VACATION RENTALS* WINTER RATES FROM $99/NIGHT WEEKLY** Award Winning Gay Resort Hotel. All the comforts of home. Beautiful Studio, 1 & 2 BR Self Catering Apts. with Full Kitchens. Clothing Optional heated pool, laundry, private parking. Closest Gay Hotel to Haulover Nude Beach & 15 minutes to Wilton Manors. Incl. Parking, Wi-Fi, Telephone. Gay Owned & Operated. Pets Always Welcome. Celebrating Our 17th Year Call Joe or Jack at (954) 927-0090 or visit www.

RECESSION RELIEF- $40 per 90 Mins-Out Calls Higher. Swedish & Deep-Tissue. Specialty is Back, Lower Body, and Feet. Couples Discount. Seniors Welcome. 16 Years Experience. Delray Beach. MA 18563 Dennis (561) 502-2628



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PAWPAL DOG WALKING/PET SITTING. Serving Wilton Manors, Ft. Lauderdale, & Oakland Park. CHALLENGES TREATMENT CENTER, Are drugs or Please call Rob. (469) 260-6969 or visit my website alcohol controlling your life? Get help before you lose the job, health, relationship etc. Residential and Outpatient programs available. Insurance accepted, Call for a REAL ESTATE / SALES no cost consultation and to check insurance coverage KEY WEST BUNGALOW - SOUTH MIDDLE RIVER call Craig Benoit 954-683-1564 Charming 3BR/1BA, sits on lushly landscaped lot just A MIND AT PEACE PSYCHOTHERAPY SERVICES. steps from Wilton Drive. Huge screened lanai overRon, “Doc” Chambers 954-627-0103 1975 East Sun- looks garden and 150-foot Royal Palm. Peter Cowan rise Blvd., Suite 629 Ft. Lauderdale, Florida 33304. Realtor, BH&G FL 1st (954) 234-8365. $224,000 Serving Adults, Children, Couples and Families HIV Re- Virtual Tour available at – MLS 1266462 lated Issues - Depression – Schizophrenia Relationship Problems - Anger Management. Same-Sex Domestic RIO VISTA – one of a kind! Quiet Key-West like comViolence - Many Other Mental Health Issue. ***Afford- plex in private oasis-like setting, rarely available. Beautiful Brazilian cherry wood floors, newer kitchen with able Counseling Fees*** granite counter tops, living room overlooks beautiful gardens and common pool. Great Rio Vista location East EMPLOYMENT of U.S. Close to shopping, beach, downtown airport & EXPERIENCED RETAIL SALES HELP WANTED: marina. 2 parking spaces. This hidden gem is a must Mixed men’s wear is looking for experienced sales asso- see! $219,000.  Call Joann Marcus 954-940-1244 ciates. Call for more information: 954-566-9166 CERTIFIED NURSE ASSISTANTS (CNAs) and Home Health Assistants (HHAs) needed for growing Nurse Registry in Wilton Manors serving LGBT Seniors throughout Broward County. Recruiting now for future assignments, both part-time and full-time, hourly and live-in, temporary assignments and spot coverage assignment available now for those seeking extra hours or a transition. Fax documents to 954-728-9522 or email to request an appointment for any weekday between 2p and 4p. THE FLORIDA AGENDA IS LOOKING FOR AN INTERN. Ideal for an aspiring journalist or recent graduate. Join our team and get experience proofreading, editing, doing research on a part-time basis– and, best of all, the opportunity to get your work in print. Contact:

March 26, 2014


WILTON MANORS FIRM LOOKING FOR AN EXPERIENCED TAX PREPARER. The right person would have several years of business and personal tax preparation experience. Part Time Temporary that may become full time permanent for the right person. $12-$15 an hour based on experience. Send resume with cover letter to


N.E. FT. LAUDERDALE-WILTON MANOR AREA IMMACULATE 1BR/1BA, large BR and walk in closet, tile floors, newer bath, water/garbage/pest control incl. Cable ready, washer/dryer available. QUIET all gay, no pets please. $750. By appoint. (954) 592-3772 WILTON MANORS/FT LAUD. 1Bdrm apt, tile throughout, washer/dryer on site, small 4 unit gay complex, gated. $740, avail now! drive by and see.1129 NE 5th Terrace. call for showing 954-805-1195 Nick FORT LAUDERDALE large efficiency. Laminate floor throughout. Quiet complex. Totally furnished, private courtyard Small kitchenette. No pets, no drugs, Must have job...extras: cable, electric, water and high speed internet all included. $725/mo. First/last. Contact George. 954-298-2227. AVAILABLE APRIL 1ST. OFFICE OR RETAIL SPACE 1000sqft located in the same building as Mona’s Bar. Very high traffic area. Great exposure! For more information call Jerry 954786-0287


PART TIME BARTENDER AND NIGHT SECURITY FT. LAUDERDALE, Private unfurnished room availPOSITION AVAILABLE. Bartender should have a fol- able in SFH. Share bath. Lite kitchen privileges. Rent includes utilities and internet. MUST be employed, lowing... Call Jerry (954)786-0287. and have verifiable reference, clean and neat and 5 POINTS MASSAGE, Your Relaxation Oasis in Wilton NON-SMOKER. $600/MO, & deposit of $250. Room Manors is looking for 2-3 exceptionally talented Li- is available immediately. Jim (954) 303-5355 censed Massage Therapists to work as contract workers, part time on an appointment by appointment basis. Thai SPIRITUALITY massage, Reflexology, and other specialty techniques PAUL A. LAFLAMME, MDIV, MA, LPCespecially considered. Men and women considered. Spiritual Life Coach. Are you looking for a friendly, Must be licensed in the State of Florida and carry state- supportive, non-judgmental place to discuss your perrequired personal liability insurance. Studio opens in sonal issues? Call Paul at (954)-591-1112 early June. Call Tom Marten at 954-295-7041 or e-mail at for further info. Be part of THE PARISH OF STS. FRANCIS & CLARE 101 NE 3rd Street - staffed by Franciscan friars - just N Wilton Manors premiere massage studio. of Broward Blvd. and E of Andrews Ave. Mass Times: Sat @ 5 PM; Sun @ 10:30 AM; Wed @ 7 PM. Where we welcome and appreciate diversity - a progressive community in the Catholic tradition. 954-731-8173;

1226 NE 4th AVE FORT LAUDERDALE, FL 33304 954.761.1236


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BUYING? SELLING? INVESTING? RENTING? The Russotto Group is on the move again!

Health Insurance Exchange Now Active With Subsidies Available I will BEAT your current rate with same or better coverage 9 out of 10 times!

As low as 3-4 dollars a day for full health coverage, with prescription, vision and 0 dollar co-pay dental.

Health insurance will be mandatory in 2014, subject to tax penalty to go without.

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Zero co-pay for physical, lab, EKG, colon/prostate screening


March 26, 2014

If you are turning 65, on disability, special needs or want to switch plans you may be eligible for a ZERO premium medicare advantage plan, AEP starts Oct 15th. Licensed Since 2006 Pre-existing conditions covered under healthcare reform with NO MORE RATE UPS! Hormone and testosterone therapy covered on some health plans with a $15 co-pay for prescriptions Life insurance Plans and Dog/Cat insurance plans also available

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Florida Agenda Issue 227  

Gay South Florida's Newspaper of Record

Florida Agenda Issue 227  

Gay South Florida's Newspaper of Record