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March 5, 2014


March 5, 2014

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here else but on a Pink Martini album such as “Dream A Little Dream” (Heinz) would you be able to hear Abba’s “Fernando” sung in the original Swedish? Not only that, it’s sung by the von Trapps (Sofia, Melanie, Amanda and August), the grandchildren of Maria and Georg. Yes, that Maria and Georg. Also worth mentioning is a duet on “Lonely Goatherd” (in keeping with The Sound of Music theme) performed by Wayne Newton and Jack Hanna. Under the direction of gay bandleader and pianist Thomas Lauderdale, the international ensemble Pink Martini has been intoxicating audiences throughout the 21st century.


and had this incredible rapport and this incredible unified sound. Plus there’s the extraordinary history which is indicated by the name von Trapp. I totally fell in love. Did you happen to see the NBC production of The Sound of Music with Carrie Underwood as Maria? No. I’m sure it was hideous. It’s such a terrible idea. It’s like trying to remake Casablanca. Some of Pink Martini’s upcoming tour dates will feature the von Trapps. What can people expect from the concerts? It’s going to be a hodgepodge of activity. We’re going to do all the material that comes from the collaboration with the von Trapps. Traveling with the von Trapp’s, they always make things better. I can only imagine that it’s going to be the most fun tour ever.

Finally, shortly before speaking with you, I interviewed Amy Ray of the Indigo Girls. In the spirit of future collaborations and color coordination, do you think there might come a time when Pink Martini might collaborate with, say, the Indigo Girls or P!nk? Sure! Absolutely! Why not? I think it’s possible to work with anybody. I like collaborating with people who are entirely different. The message of Pink Martini is one of empathy and compassion and finding ways of bringing people who are very different together and unite them through music; which is also the message of the von Trapp’s. Growing up in Indiana, my parents would entertain and I would go to sleep upstairs listening to the sound of laughter drifting upstairs. It was very calm in and comforting. I think that’s what I’m trying to duplicate in every aspect of my life.


The von Trapps can be heard on “Get Happy” and, to a greater extent, on “Dream A Little Dream.” How did the collaboration with the von Trapps come about? Two years ago I was scoring music for the annual Christmas tree lighting in Pioneer Courthouse Square in Portland (Oregon). I’m on the board for the Oregon Symphony and they called up and said, “We’ve got the von Trapps, the great-grandchildren of Maria and Georg and they are going to be playing with the Symphony tomorrow night. Do you mind if they come on stage during the Christmas tree lighting and perform a song or two?” I, who love The Sound of Music so much, was in heaven. When I met them, they were totally incredible. Beautiful young people who had been homeschooled in Montana and they’ve been traveling and touring and performing for 10 years

March 5, 2014

Florida Agenda: In recent years, on albums such as “1969” and “Get Happy,” and now “Dream A Little Dream,” Pink Martini expanded its scope through collaboration. Can you please say something about how you see collaboration fitting in with Pink Martini’s recipe? Thomas Lauderdale: The band has always been about collaboration from the beginning. For me, I never thought that I would be in a band, let alone lead one. The reason I chose not to go off to music school or conservatory was because I felt like the people who were going to conservatory will really narrow thinking and completely isolated in a practice room and not be able to relate to other people. I wanted to go to a liberal arts college and get a broad education. What I learned in college was how to throw a party more than anything else. I was kind of like the cruise director of the Harvard campus for four years. When I started the band what I really liked about the aspect of it was bringing more people on the stage which made the whole experience more festive and fun.




IN THE PINK Thomas Lauderdale of Pink Martini Tells All

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6 March 5, 2014

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March 5, 2014

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SUNSHINE STATE Disney Cuts Ties with Boy Scouts Orlando, FL – Walt Disney World is taking a stand against the Boy Scouts of America’s ban on gay leaders by announcing that they will be pulling all funding for the BSA beginning next year, according to CNN. Though Disney does not directly fund the BSA, its VoluntEARS program allows employees to work for a cash donation to a charity of their choice. The company has announced that from now on, employees will no longer be able to donate to the BSA. “We believe every child deserves the opportunity to be a part of the Scouting experience, and we are disappointed in this decision because it will impact our ability to serve kids,” said BSA spokesman Deron Smith in a statement obtained by CNN. “America’s youth need Scouting, and by continuing to focus on the goals that unite us, we continue to accomplish incredible things for young people and the communities we serve.” Disney’s new charity guidelines will not honor organizations that “discriminate in the provision of services unlawfully or in

a manner inconsistent with Disney’s policies on the basis of race, religion, color, sex, national origin, age, marital status, mental or physical ability, or sexual orientation.” Scouts for Equality – a group dedicated to ending discrimination in the BSA – praised Disney’s decision to cut ties with the BSA’s Central Florida Council. “We’re never happy to see Scouting suffer as a result of the BSA’s anti-gay policy, but Disney made the right decision to withhold support until Scouting is fully inclusive,” said Scouts for Equality co-founder Zach Wahls in a statement on their official site. “Scouts for Equality will continue to advocate for a fully inclusive membership policy, to help build a stronger Scouting community that is eligible for the support of Corporate America.”

Equality Florida Announces Lobby Days Tallahassee, FL – Equality Florida has sent out invitations for their 2014 Equality Florida Lobby Days, which are scheduled for March 17 and 18 in Tallahassee, FL.

“There is a sea of change happening in Florida and Lobby Days is your opportunity to be a direct part of the change,” said Equality Florida’s Mallory Garner-Wells in a recent press release. The invitation boasts the opportunity to speak to representatives, senators (and their staff) about the daily challenges of LGBT Floridians and families. “I’m here with lawmakers, lobbyists, and other stakeholders to mark the kickoff of the next 60 days that will have a tremendous impact on the lives of Floridians,” said Garner-Wells. The announced top priorities for 2014 include the following: The Florida Competitive Workforce Act, The Florida Families Act and a Sexual Orientation Change Therapy Bill. The Florida Competitive Workforce Act would make it illegal to fire someone, kick them out of a rental, or deny access to public places like restaurants. The Florida Families Act aims to create a statewide domestic partnership registry so that all unmarried couples, both same and opposite-sex, can receive important legal protections. The Sexual Orientation Change Ther-

New Moon owner Carol Moran welcomes members of Pride South Florida to a Wine Tasting and Art Show fundraiser held at the popular club on Wilton Drive.


March 5, 2014



apy Bill would prohibit therapists from administering “ex-gay” or “reparative” the–rapy to minors. You can register online for Lobby Days, or donate if you’d prefer. For more information visit

Pride Marshals Announced for Miami Beach Gay Pride Miami Beach, FL – Now in its sixth year, Miami Beach Gay Pride has just announced its Grand Marshals for 2014: Gloria Estefan and Kenny Ortega. Singer Gloria Estefan has sold 100 million albums worldwide and has been a fixture in the LGBT community for years. “Estefan will lead the parade by riding in a vintage Rolls Royce convertible waving to an anticipated 80,000 fans and supports who are expected at this year’s parade and festival,” said Joel Stedman, Chairman of the Pride Board in a recent press release. “There is nothing more Miami than Gloria. She is an intrinsic part of this city’s cultural identity. Not only is she one of the most beloved and successful symbols of the vibrant and diverse South Florida community, but also she has proven to be committed to several charitable initiatives as well as a champion for the LGBT community.” Estefan will be joined as Grand Marshal by Kenny Ortega, famed choreographer and producer. Ortega is known for his work on productions for Madonna, Elton John, Rod Stewart, and a number of Disney Channel films (such as High School Musical and The Cheetah Girls). “We are thrilled to acknowledge Kenny’s unforgettable moments of joy and sheer entertainment he has provided throughout his career,” said Stedman. “Numerous generations were influenced by Kenny whether by his Cher choreographies, his collaboration with Gene Kelly for “Xanadu,” his memorable ‘Dirty Dancing’ moves or his involvement in Disney’s ‘High School Musical’ movies, there is no age range left uninspired by his work.” The event’s mission is to bring together members and allies of the LGBT community “in celebration of the unique spirit and culture,” reports the release. For more information on Miami Beach Gay pride, visit



Fox News Analyst Yanked While Comparing Gay Rights to Civil Rights New York, NY – On a recent episode of The Kelly File, Fox News media analyst

“I’m sorry, I hate to leave it there, but we are out of time,” Bream said. Goldberg could be seen shaking his head before the show went to commercial break.

Arizona Drafts Another Discriminatory Bill


Phoenix, AZ – Though Arizona SB 1062 was vetoed last week – which would allow businesses to deny service to LGBT individuals based on their religious beliefs – a new version of the bill is already on the horizon. The new bill, titled House Bill 2481, is making its way to the courts, according to Arizona Republic. The bill says that the state government cannot force judges or clergy to “solemnize a marriage that is inconsistent with the minister’s sincerely held religious beliefs.” Drafted by Rep. Steve Montenegro (a pastor), the legislation was reportedly inspired by situations in England and New Jersey where members of the church were required to perform ceremonies for gay couples. “The intent of my bill is to directly protect clergy, churches, man or woman of the cloth, to rotect them from doing marriage ceremonies that go against their faith,” Montenegro told the Republic. If the bill makes it to the courts, the first stop will be in the Arizona House of Representatives.

March 5, 2014

Bernie Goldberg was interrupted midsentence by temporary host Shannon Bream. Goldber, who was arguing that the hardships of the civil rights of the 1960s are very similar to those experienced today by the LGBT community. When discussing Arizona’s recently vetoed SB 1062 (which would deny service to the LGBT based on business owners’ religious beliefs), Bream mentioned, “There were no words about homosexuality or discirmination.” When Goldberg brought the discussion back to discrimination, Bream wasn’t having it. “If you open a shop on Main Street open to the general public, then you have to really serve the general public,” Goldberg said. Bream rebuttled “Why would you want to force them to do business with you?” and that’s when the real debate began. “Would you have made this argument in 1960 in Greensboro, NC?” Goldberg said. “They were American heroes because they didn’t get up and say, ‘I’m not wanted here. I’ll go someplace else.’” Bream said that some “African-American pastors and others” have argued that debate. “Some of them find that objectionable,” she said. “Well that’s their call,” said Goldberg. “I happen to disagree with that.” Just as he was starting to talk about state rights, Bream cut in.

me know that I’ve inspired them to be proud of who they are,” said Vincent to Weekly. “It’s an awesome chance to make a difference in our community, while also making history for the Queer community at Chapman.” Though Vincent is afraid of a backlash similar to Cassidy Lynn Campebell’s, the high school student who won homecoming queen at her school in Huntington Beach, CA. “I feel so blessed to have such an amazing community of supporters and friends,” Vincent said to the publicaton, “and I hope to continue making an impact at Chapman and in Orange County even after the pageant.”

n a historical new interview with Larry King, the Dalai Lama addressed same-sex marriage for the first time, saying it was “Okay,” and an “individual’s business.” Though he recently said gay sex was “misconduct” for Buddhists, he said in the Larry King Now interview that it is not a crime for nonbelievers who should “follow one’s own teachings.” The spiritual leader said nonbelievers should be allowed to do any sexual activity they want as long as “it’s safe” and “fully agreed [upon].” The 78-year-old Buddhist also had words for bullies and violence. “That is wrong,” he said to King. “That’s a violation of human rights.” He went on to say that same-sex couples should have the freedom to marry wherever it is legal. “That’s up to the country’s law,” he said. “I think [marriage equality’s] okay. I think that’s an individual’s business. If two people … really feel that way, its more practical, satisfaction, and both sides fully agree, then okay.”




Orange, CA – In a recent article in OCWeekly, a Chapman University student is reported to make history as the first transgender contestant in the all-female pageant. Last year, 21-year-old Addie Vincent tried to become the first transgender woman to be initiated into a sorority. After she was cut on the second day of rush, she announced she had plans to launch the first gender-neutral “frarority.” Vincent told the blog that she’s been preparing for the past three months to become Delta Phi fraternity’s representative at the Delta Queen contest, which crowns its winner on March 12. “I’ve had an enormous amount of support from the Chapman community already and have even received messages from both friends and strangers letting



Transgender Student Will Make History in Chapman Pageant

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Was Ellen the Right Fit for the Oscars?





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March 5, 2014



’ll just cut to the chase: Ellen did a lousy job of hosting the Academy Awards. Before everyone jumps down my throat and accuses me of being a traitor to our community, I’d like to point out that our community has come far enough that we can judge a GLBT host on her merits alone. To be fair, Ellen did have some good moments, but her opening monologue was cringe-worthy. I think a couple of times I heard crickets chirping when there should have been applause. The rest of the show was bland and unimaginative. And sweet. If Ellen was any sweeter, we’d need an insulin shot to watch her show. There were probably about 20 good minutes in the show and eight of those were watching Liza Minnelli try to stand up when they announced her name. Ellen needed to bring in the bad boy of Oscar writing Bruce Vilanch. Bruce Vilanch has written for just about every award show, and his pieces are among the most memorable. Billy Crystal as Hannibal Lechter? Pure Vilanch! Bette Midler’s presentation of the award for Best Score that was so good, it spurred her ‘80s comeback? Also Bruce. Now, Bruce Vilanch alone is no guarantee of success, anybody who sat through the train wreck of his “performance” at Parker Playhouse during PrideFest, can bear witness to that. You need to get some writers in there who aren’t afraid to ruffle a few feathers, and taffeta and chiffon. The Oscars were more than three hours long, add another hour or so for the insipid pre-show red carpet coverage on

Camera Ready Artwork by Mondays, Noon Placement by Mondays, 5 p.m.

ABC (Model Tyler Beckford offering fashion commentary? “Here’s Lupita Nygong’o in a blue dress, there’s Jessica (sic) Roberts in a black dress.”) Any doubt that the show needs more of an edge was erased when not one person made fun of John Travolta’s mangling of Idina Menzel’s name as Adele Dazeem. It was such a rich source for humor that there’s now a web site where you can type in your name and see how Travolta would have pronounced it. If the Oscars really want a watchable show, here are some of my suggestions: Hire Neal Patrick Harris, he’s really the best host out there and he’s gay with a capital G. Have the folks from Fashion Policeon E! do the red carpet coverage, say what you want about Joan and crew: they are pee-your-pantsfunny. Serve liquor, just like the Golden Globes, that’ll loosen up some of those tight-wads. Get rid of the technical awards and serve them at the Academy luncheon. Put the lifetime achievement awards back in the prime time show. We want to see all of our stars feeble and hobbling, not just Kim Novak. Toss the awards to the winners seated in the audience, it will get rid of the boring speeches and add some drama. (All right, the last one is just a fantasy, but the others will actually work.


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would have liked to have seen the governor continue his leadership role in civil rights by saying he agrees with the judge’s with the judge’s ruling.” Martin Cothran, spokesman for the Family Foundation, was disappointed not only in the setback in the appeal, but the governor’s decision to source help from outside of the state as well. “It’s a shame that the governor has to hire another

attorney to represent the state when the state already has an attorney,” Cothran said. “But Jack Conway has effectively filed for divorce from Kentucky’s voters.” In Beshear’s written statement, he said that “legal chaos is real” if a delay is not issues in the case while it is appealed. The state has until March 20 to appeal or begin the process of recognizing same-sex marriage.

Official flag of the State of Kentucky.

March 5, 2014

rankfort, KY – On Tuesday, the attorney general of Kentucky, General Jack Conway, announced that he will not appeal the recent ruling that same-sex marriages performed in other states must be honored while in Kentucky, according to the Associated Press. Conway, a Democrat, announced that despite the February 12 ruling, he would not be appealing the decision, stating that he believes the judge made the right decision. “[Judge Heyburn] got it right,” Conway said to the Courier-Journal, reportedly choking back tears.“...As attorney general of Kentucky, I must draw the line when it comes to discrimination.” The emotional response from Conway inspired advocates for equality, namely Chris Hartman, director of the Fairness Campaign. “I felt heartened by Attorney General Conway’s emotional statement,” Hartman told Courier-Journal. “Clearly, he was doing what he knew was right and what he felt in his heart was right.” However, Gov. Steve Beshear chimed in shortly after Conway’s comments with news that the state will hire outside counsel to appeal the ruling, regardless of Conway’s stance. Beshear said that the decision will ultimately be decided by the Supreme Court. “The people of this country need to know what the rules will be going forward,” Beshear told the CourierJournal. “Kentucky should be part of this process.” Advocates for same-sex marriage were deeply saddened by Beshear’s words, but have been ectremely vocal on the matter. “[Beshear’s announcement] was a great disappointment,” Hartman said to Courier-Journal. “ … We







The Week 3/6 to 3/12

March 5, 2014

Winter Party Festival March 5-10, Miami Beach, FL



Sister Act

I Vant To Suck Your Potatoes

Before Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit became the best title in the history of film, Sister Act was a cultural phenomenon. Sister Act involves a down-on-her-luck diva (played by Whoopi Goldberg in the film version) who witnesses a crime and decides her best bet is to hide out in a convent. There, she meets a lovely group of nuns, taken with her moxie and performance skills. She turns them into a zany choir complete with energetic dance moves and a whole lot of soul. The musical version is scored by eight-time Oscar winner Alan Menken. 8 p.m. Kravis Center for the Performing Arts. 701 Okeechobee Blvd, West Palm Beach, 33401.

Irish Dracula may not be as sexy as Count Dracula, but he certainly likes to drink a lot…of blood. This reimagining of the classic horror figure tells the tale of Bram Stoker (an Irishman), imperious actor/director Henry Irving of the Lyceum Theater where Bram works, and Sean Haircear, the fiancé of Bram’s typist, Mina Murray. Haircear is en route to Ireland’s Markree Castle to deliver a deed when he meets the mysterious Lord Edward Cooper. The Irish Theatre of Florida blends homoeroticism and Irish culture in this sure to be electric performance. Watch for diva Lucille Desmond, to steal the show. 8 p.m. Art Studio. 1201 N Federal Hwy, Delray Beach, 33483.

Victoria Clark as Mother Superior in Sister Act (3/6)



Winter Party, Tegan and Sara and Chita Rivera

To have your event listed, please email


The Climax of Winter Party

Kiss Me, I’m Irish

Family Art

Chita Rivera (3/7)

levard) passed away in October, 2013, leaving a collection of art worthy for galleries. His daughter, sculptor Denise Collins, and his late niece, painter Edith Humphreys, will exhibit a collection of over 50 pieces of original art work inspired by the ancestral stories of Africa, America, and the Caribbean. 10 a.m. Coral Springs Museum of Art. 2855 Coral Springs Dr, Coral Springs, 33065.


I’m a Joker and a Toker

stands among the best American music ever created. 8 p.m. Kravis Center for the Performing Arts. 701 Okeechobee Blvd, West Palm Beach, 33401.


Tegan and Sara: Twin Lesbians Rock Out


Twin lesbian indie rock heroes Tegan and Sara have had one of the best years of their career. Their early 2013 album Heartthrob debuted at number 3 on the Billboard top 200, the band’s highest charting record to date, selling 49,000 copies in its first week. Nominated for a GLAAD Media Award for Outstanding Music Artist, Tegan and Sara bring a penetrating gaze into heartbreak and loss alongside their innovative musicianship. Hit single “Back in Your Head” has been a staple of the indie rock scene since it’s release in 2007. 7 p.m. Revolution Live. 100 SW 3rd Ave, Fort Lauderdale, 33312.

March 5, 2014

American rock never sounded so good as when the Steve Miller Band owned the radio airwaves in the mid 1970s. Steve Miller Band has had a collection of hits ranging from “Joker” to “Take the Money and Run”. Drawing from classic rock standards from the wildly successful album Greatest Hits to R&B flavored tracks from his two recent hit CDs (Let Your Hair Down and Bingo), Miller’s trademark blues-rock sound


Miami’s gay fantasia Winter Party climaxes at Lummus Park for the biggest and the best party for this weekend long event. Italy’s Danny SATURDAY 3/8 Verde makes his US daytime party debut. Over 6,000 people from around the world are expected to The Saint Patrick Day spirit conjoin in the most-anticipated dance tinues this weekend in West Palm event of the year. DJ Grind will Beach’s Irish Fest. Featuring Irish get the party started. As always, music, dance, food, and culture, expect steroids, tanned bodies, this year’s celebration includes an skimpy speedos, pounding dance eclectic mix of traditional Irish mu- beats, and a bevy of straight famisic and dancing to edgy Irish rock lies looking in from the outside, bands. Some of the bands this confused about the mash of men year include The Screaming Orgrinding on each other. (Check out phas and The Young Wolfe Tones. our complete coverage of Winter In addition to the music are Noel Party in this week’s issue.) 1 p.m. Kingston, Tir Na Greine Dances, Lummus Park. 10th St and Ocean Aranmore Irish Dancers, and the Dr, Miami Beach, 33139. Keltic Kids Korner. The marketplace includes great Irish-inspired crafts. Even better, the real reason for a cultural festival: the food! MONDAY 3/10 Bangers, shephard’s pie, corn beef and cabbage, scones, bridies, and lamb stew will all be featured. Put A family of artists displays their on your kilts, your greens, and work at the Coral Springs Muenjoy the festival. 12 p.m. Meyer seum of Art until March 15th. New Amphitheater. 104 Datura St, West York-born artists Charles N. Mills, Palm Beach, 33401. Edith Humphreys, and Denise Collins share both a bloodline and desire to create art from the soul The quintessential romance genre reaching into the past. Painter book-signing weekend happens in Charles Mills (who painted the entrance mural at Sistrunk BouFort Lauderdale this year. Wicked

Wicked Book Weekend


Known as one of the greatest divas alive today in the musical theater world, Chita Rivera made her name in such landmark musicals as West Side Story, Guys and Dolls, and Chicago. She also won a Tony Award for Best Leading Actress for the gay musical Kiss of the Spider Woman in which she plays the diva dream of a wrongfully imprisoned, effeminate inmate. The awards for Chita Rivera are among the greatest an American can receive, including The Presidential Medal of Freedom; she is also the only Latino American to receive a Kennedy Center Honor award. Tonight expect the showstoppers from her numerous Broadway roles. 8 p.m. Aventura Arts and Cultural Center. 3385 NE 188th St, Aventura, 33180.

Book Weekend boasts book signings, author meet and greet, and adult party events all revolving around the subculture of romance. Authors from such subgenres as paranormal, new adult, erotic, and contemporary join together. Taking place at the Bahia Mar Bar & Grille, Wicked Book Weekend includes additional party events such as a booze cruise and a ballroom party from 8:00-12:00 midnight, where fans bring their favorite scenes to read during an erotic karaoke. 11:30 a.m. Bahia Mar Bar and Grille. 801 Seabreeze Blvd, Fort Lauderdale, 33316.


Chita Rivera

March 5, 2014

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March 5, 2014


March 5, 2014

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/floridaagenda /floridaagenda

“Bobby Blair is committed to providing a safe and confidential support team for LGBT athletes around the globe and by sharing his own experiences and showing how important it is to live your truth, I know he will make a major impact in the lives of those he reaches through his foundation and his new book.”

— Billie

Jean King

2009 Presidential Medal of Freedom recipient

Purchase an autographed copy of

HIDING INSIDE THE BASELINE by Bobby Blair and Barry Buss


March 5, 2014

with a personal note from the author at

March 5, 2014

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30) VILLAGE PUB 2283 Wilton Drive Wilton Manors

29) TROPICS 2000 Wilton Drive Wilton Manors

28) TORPEDO 2829 W Broward Blvd Fort Lauderdale

27) 13 I EVEN 2037 Wilton Dr Wilton Manors

26) THE STABLE 205 E Oakland Park Blvd Fort Lauderdale

25) THE DRIVE 2390 Wilton Dr Wilton Manors

24) SMARTY PANTS 2400 E Oakland Park Blvd Fort Lauderdale

23) SIDELINES 2031 Wilton Drive Wilton Manors

22) SCANDALS SALOON 3073 NE 6th Ave Wilton Manors


15) MONKEY BUSINESS 2740 N Andrews Ave Fort Lauderdale

14) MONA’S 502 E Sunrise Blvd Fort Lauderdale

13) THE MANOR COMPLEX 2345 Wilton Drive Wilton Manors

12) LIPS 1421 E Oakland Park Blvd Oakland Park

11) LE PATIO 2401 NE 11th Ave Wilton Manors

10) JOHNNY’S 1116 W Broward Blvd Fort Lauderdale

9) INFINITY LOUNGE 2184 WIlton Drive Wilton Manors

8) DUDES 3270 NE 33rd St Fort Lauderdale

7) DAPUR 1620 N Federal Hwy Fort Lauderdale

21) RUMORS BAR & GRILL 2426 Wilton Drive Wilton Manors

20) ROSIE’S BAR & GRILL 2449 Wilton Drive Wilton Manors

5) CORNER PUB 1915 N Andrews Ave Wilton Manors 6) CUBBY HOLE 823 N Federal Hwy Fort Lauderdale

19) RAMROD 1508 NE 4th Ave Fort Lauderdale

4) BOOM 2232 Wilton Drive Wilton Manors

18) NEW YORK GRILLED CHEESE 2207 Wilton Drive Wilton Manors

17) NEW MOON 2440 Wilton Drive Wilton Manors

2) BILL’S FILLING STATION 2209 Wilton Drive Wilton Manors 3) BOARDWALK 1721 N Andrews Ave Fort Lauderdale

16) NAKED GRAPE 2163 Wilton Drive Wilton manors

1) ALIBI 2266 Wilton Drive Wilton Manors



March 5, 2014

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A typical session might include 3 sets of 12-15 reps of each of the following exercises: •F  lat bench dumbbell presses (to strengthen and build chest) •P  ec Deck flys (to shape and sculpt the chest) •R  esistance Ball Squats against the wall (for quads and butt) •T  riceps cable extensions •W  ide grip cable pull downs (to widen the back) •S  eated Rows (to strengthen mid and low back) •D  umbbell Biceps curls •L  eg curls (for hamstrings) •D  umbbell overhead presses (for shoulders) •W  alking lunges (especially good for the butt) •C  runches (for abdominals)

he main objective of circuit training is to perform a series of weight training exercises moving from station to station in the gym with little or no rest between sets (no more than two or three seconds at the most). Typically done twice to five times a week, circuit training focuses upon working out each body part every session. Choose two exercises for each muscle group and perform 3 sets of 12-15 reps using weights that are challenging yet manageable. This type of workout is great for gaining overall strength, building muscle, and burning fat at the same time! Some cardiovascular benefits can be achieved provided you complete the exercises at each station in rapid succession. A workout like this can be done within the time frame of a lunch hour or on vacation when you Notice that each station in a 02262014 Inner G Yoga_Layout 1 2/24/2014 9:46 AM Pagelike 1 this involves muscle needFA a great pump! sequence

Grand Opening

Fort’s Lauderdale’s ultimate yoga experience

New to yoga? Try our Beginners Group! 5 sessions $35 or 10 classes $55 Register and buy online at

March 5, 2014


Classes start Monday, March 3, 2014

1094 NE 45th St, Oakland Park, FL 33334 ~ 954-530-4304 w w w. S o u t h F l o r i d a Yo g a . c o m

groups far removed from each other, a practice designed to let one muscle group rest while you blast the opposing muscle group. Let me offer a few pointers here to make sure your circuit training sessions are effective. Place the most important exercises early in the circuit. With this, I mean, that if your arms are your weaker body part, then do your dumbbell curls first. If your butt is a little droopy theses days, then beef it up by doing lunges first! Circuit training is best performed when your gym is not so busy. This way you can move quickly and with ease from station to station and not interfere with other peoples’ training. Circuit training is perfect for achieving and maintaining an overall lean and muscular look. Cardiovascular benefits are possible provided you move and stretch between sets instead of taking prolonged rest periods. The circuit method is great for beginners


getting into the swing of weight training in a gym. It is ideal for guys who have limited time and busy schedules. Also, for vacationers, circuit training can help you get a great overall pump if you find yourself in a situation where it is hard to find a gym or when the facilities are simple and basic. Like this article? Contact with questions. Visit my gym at! Set up a free intake with Tom (954) 557-1119 today.

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aMorning and evening classes aAll fitness levels welcome aClean, 4000 sq ft private gym aFun, effective and affordable

I have gained confidence, built muscle and lost more than 30 lbs in less than 5 months. The classes are fun, the trainers are amazing and I am very, very happy! I can’t recommend the BodyBlast program enough! – German V.


Download our FREE GUIDE The BodyBlast® Method .com

1098 NE 45th St, Oakland Park, FL 33334

Call 954-530-4304


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Multitasking at its Finest Bicep curls; when they come around with the beverage cart, ask for a can of juice, unopened. Hold it in your hand, keep your elbow close to your side and raise the can from your lap to your shoulder. If it’s a long flight, hold on to it for a while, then pop open and enjoy it shortly before landing. At baggage claim; do a few stretching exercises to loosen up while waiting for your luggage. Lower back stretch; place your hands on the luggage cart, inhale deeply. On the exhalation, push the cart forward as you lean forward until your torso is parallel to the floor, hold for five seconds, and inhale. On the exhalation slowly rise to your original position. Leg stretch; extend your left leg to the side, put your hands on your right thigh and lean to the right slightly, pulse slightly. Make certain that your knee doesn’t extend past the front of your foot and keep your left foot firmly anchored on the ground, Shoulder shrug; take a deep breath in and raise your shoulders to your ears. On the exhalation, drop your shoulders. This is also a good way to release tension and should have you all set for your next destination.


over the other and lift the lower foot off the ground, hold in place or pulse. Side twists; sitting straight up, tighten your abs. Put your right arm on your left thigh, turn your torso and look over your left shoulder as far as you can. Repeat with the opposite arm and leg. Whenever doing exercises when you turn your neck/head, it is important to move slowly. While on the plane, your range of movement is restricted, but there are a couple of exercises that will keep you from getting all stiff (get your mind out of the gutter, we’re not talking “Mile High” club stuff here) during the flight. Again, do sets of ten, and during a long flight, you can repeat these exercises at least once per hour. They should be unobtrusive enough that you won’t look like a freak and shouldn’t bother the person next to you! Ab clenches; sit straight up and tighten your abdominals and hold for 30-60 seconds. Glute clenches; straight up and tighten your glutes and hold for 30-60 seconds. Calf stretch; sitting straight up and holding in your abs, lift your toes off the floor an inch or two and hold for 20-30 seconds. Repeat, doing the same with your heels.


Calf strengthening; rise up on your toes, lower yourself slowly. Bag lift; hold your bag in front of you, at lying is certainly not inspiration for fitness. And, while the TSA shoulder height, with your arms straight. may frown on you dropping to Lower the bag slowly, lift slowly. After you’re through security, those long the floor to do some crunches terminals are perfect for some power walkor push-ups, there are still profitable ways ing. When you’re seated in the waiting area, to pass the time spent at the airport and in there are a number of easy exercises you waiting in the endless lines. Who says you can do that will not only help you keep fit, can’t multitask? While standing in line waiting to check in but also helps pass the time. Again, do each or board, do each exercise three sets of ten on exercise three sets of ten on each side, with a 20-30 second pause between sets. each side, waiting 20 -30 seconds between Squats; hold your arms across your chest, sets, unless otherwise noted. If you’ve got an keeping your feet shoulder width apart, pull extendable handle on your luggage, use it to in the abdominals, stand and sit slowly. steady yourself, if necessary. Seated bends; hold your arms across your Side leg lifts; lift your leg straight out to chest, keeping your knees together, exhale the side a few inches while turning your toe as you lean forward as far as possible. After in. Do three sets of ten on each side. Rear leg lifts; squeezing your glutes, keep- completing your set of ten, slide to the front of the seat and keeping the abs tight ing your back straight and holding in your abdominal muscles, lift your leg back as far and arms across the chest, lean back until you are just inches away from the back of as if will comfortably go. the chair, hold for ten seconds. Hamstring lifts; Stand on one foot, Knee lifts; keeping your knees together moving only from the knee down lift your and abs tight, inhale. On the exhalation, lift back towards your butt. your feet just a few inches off the floor. For Butt clench; clench both glutes for 5 a more challenging variation cross one leg seconds, relax, repeat 20 times.





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Although born in Dublin, Ireland, Chef Jean Doherty spent most of her life in Lyon, France, the gastronomical capital of the world. Together with Vero, her partner of 25 years, Jean has owned and run multiple restaurants including Fort Lauderdale’s Le Patio.



callops, “Coquille St. Jacques” in French are also known as King scallops, St. James’ shell in the British Isles, and here in the states as “sea scallops” and “bay scallops’ for the smaller ones. In France, the species is protected and is considered quite a luxury food. The “whole” shell fish is served there, the round fleshy white piece, or the muscle, as well as the delectable “coral” or roe. It looks like a red / orange half moon and I think is the best, tastiest part. Vero’s mum would get them at Christmas and we’d eat them raw, thinly sliced, like “Carpaccio” with lemon juice and a hint of fresh ginger…In this recipe we’ll cook ‘em. If you’ve got bay scallops, keep them whole. If you’ve got sea scallops,(the • 1 pound fresh bay or bigger ones) cut each 1 in half horizonsea scallops tally. Season with salt and pepper, toss in the flour, and then shake off the excess. • Salt and freshly In a large thick assed sauté pan, heat 2 ground black pepper tablespoons of the butter over high heat until sizzling and add the scallops, all in 1 • Flour, for coating go. Lower the heat to medium and allow the scallops to brown lightly on 1 side • 1/2 stick of unsalted without moving them, about 1 1/2 minbutter, divided utes, then turn and brown lightly on the other side. Again 90 seconds, total. This is • 2 large chopped important cause you don’t want rubbery shallots overcooked scallops. Melt the rest of the • 1 garlic clove, minced butter in the pan with the scallops, and add the shallots, garlic, and parsley, which • 1/4 cup chopped fresh you have chopped nice and fine. Sauté parsley for 2 more minutes, tossing all the seasonings with the scallops. Add the wine, • ½ glass dry white and cook for 1 minute more, (this is called wine “deglace”) and taste. Serve immediately with a squeeze of lemon juice. Ratatouille 1 lemon cut in half or rice Pilaf goes well with this dish. You are a chef!



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*PERFECT VACATION RENTALS* WINTER RATES FROM $99/NIGHT WEEKLY** Award Winning Gay Resort Hotel. All the comforts of home. Beautiful Studio, 1 & 2 BR Self Catering Apts. with Full Kitchens. Clothing Optional heated pool, laundry, private parking. Closest Gay Hotel to Haulover Nude Beach & 15 minutes to Wilton Manors. Incl. Parking, Wi-Fi, Telephone. Gay Owned & Operated. Pets Always Welcome. Celebrating Our 17th Year Call Joe or Jack at (954) 927-0090 or visit www.

PROFESSIONAL PERSONAL ASSISTANT. Relocation Coordination, Home Organization. Daily Assistance—Transportation, Financial and Bill Administration. Weekly/Monthly Property Watch, Guidance and Coordination with Government and Institutional Agencies. Insured/Bonded (client specific) Mature Responsible—Excellent References. Contact Tim at 617462-3789 or

PAUL A. LAFLAMME, MDIV, MA, LPC-Spiritual Life Coach. Are you looking for a friendly, supportive, nonjudgmental place to discuss your personal issues? Call Paul at (954)-591-1112 THE PARISH OF STS. FRANCIS & CLARE 101 NE 3rd Street - staffed by Franciscan friars - just N of Broward Blvd. and E of Andrews Ave. Mass Times: Sat @ 5 PM; Sun @ 10:30 AM; Wed @ 7 PM. Where we welcome and appreciate diversity - a progressive community in the Catholic tradition. 954-731-8173;


4 WEEK+ SPECIAL FROM $325/WEEK THROUGH END OF NOVEMBER Gay Owned & Operated Apartment Hotel. Beautiful Studio,1 & 2 BR Apts. With Full Kitchens. Turn-key, fully furnished & equipped, clothing optional pool, laundry, parking. Central to Wilton Manors & Haulover Beach. Incl. Wi-Fi, utilities, cable, tel. Pets Welcome. Call Joe or Jack at (954) 927-0090 or visit

EMERALD IRISH CLEANING WWW.EMERALDIRISHCLEANING.COM 3hr-$55, ($20 per hr additional.) Hand-scrubbed floors and cleaning supplies supplied. English-speaking! You’ll do the Irish Jig! Follow us on FB Emerald Irish Cleaning (954) 524-3161 CLEAN IT RITE—THE BEST CLEANING SERVICE FOR YOUR BUCK! 1BR, $60, 2BR, $70, 3BR $80. Excellent references. 10 years in the business. Serving BRO- LICENSED MASSAGE WARD, North Miami, and South Palm Beach. Contact RECESSION RELIEF- $40 per 90 Mins-Out Calls Higher. Manny, (954) 560-4443 Swedish & Deep-Tissue. Specialty is Back, Lower Body, and Feet. Couples Discount. Seniors Welcome. 16 Years ExperiCOUNSELING ence. Delray Beach. MA 18563 Dennis (561) 502-2628 CHALLENGES TREATMENT CENTER, Are drugs or alcohol controlling your life? Get help before you lose MOVING the job, health, relationship etc. Residential and Outpa- ELITE RELOCATION MOVING & STORAGE tient programs available. Insurance accepted, Call for a We’ve provided quality moves for over 30 years. no cost consultation and to check insurance coverage It’s always a smooth move when you choose Elite call Craig Benoit 954-683-1564 Relocation. Contact us today: 954.975.8660 www. A MIND AT PEACE PSYCHOTHERAPY SERVICES. Ron, “Doc” Chambers 954-627-0103 1975 East Sun- RED BOX MOVING -- owner in truck on every rise Blvd., Suite 629 Ft. Lauderdale, Florida 33304. move. Call norbert directly. Affordable, reliable, careServing Adults, Children, Couples and Families HIV Re- ful. Mv#567/insured. (954)305-9176 or (561)506lated Issues - Depression – Schizophrenia Relationship Problems - Anger Management. Same-Sex Domestic Violence - Many Other Mental Health Issue. ***Afford- PEST CONTROL able Counseling Fees*** GOT ANTS? Aloha bugs inc. Full service pest control. SEEKING PLEASURE? You can’t think right when you’re Ant Specialist, White Fly, Lawn Spraying. Serving your stressed out. I CAN HELP with a unique service. *HOLIS- Community for over 20 Years. (954) 920-BUGS (2847) TIC RELAXATION* Sessions are spiritually oriented, confidential and private in my intimate studio. *Professionally PET SITTING/WALKING Trained *References *Here to serve. Rates as low as $45. PAWPAL DOG WALKING/PET SITTING. ServCall today and schedule your consultation. Paul Bunting ing Wilton Manors, Ft. Lauderdale, & Oakland Park. - Life Coach 754-444-7348 Please call Rob. (469) 260-6969 or visit my website



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CERTIFIED NURSE ASSISTANTS (CNAs) and Home Health Assistants (HHAs) needed for growing Nurse Registry in Wilton Manors serving LGBT Seniors throughout Broward County. Recruiting now for future assignments, both part-time and full-time, hourly and live-in, temporary assignments and spot coverage assignment available now for those seeking extra hours or a transition. Fax documents to 954-728-9522 or email to request an appointment for any weekday between 2p and 4p. COURTYARD CAFE Now seeking full time Breakfast cooks and Dishwashers for the season. Apply in person at 2211 Wilton drive or fax application to 954-779-1396 THE FLORIDA AGENDA IS LOOKING FOR AN INTERN. Ideal for an aspiring journalist or recent graduate. Join our team and get experience proofreading, editing, doing research on a part-time basis– and, best of all, the opportunity to get your work in print. Contact: WILTON MANORS FIRM LOOKING FOR AN EXPERIENCED TAX PREPARER. The right person would have several years of business and personal tax preparation experience. Part Time Temporary that may become full time permanent for the right person. $12-$15 an hour based on experience. Send resume with cover letter to PART TIME BARTENDER AND NIGHT SECURITY POSITION AVAILABLE. Bartender should have a following... Call Jerry (954)786-0287. 5 POINTS MASSAGE, Your Relaxation Oasis in Wilton Manors is looking for 2-3 exceptionally talented Licensed Massage Therapists to work as contract workers, part time on an appointment by appointment basis. Thai massage, Reflexology, and other specialty techniques especially considered. Men and women considered. Must be licensed in the State of Florida and carry staterequired personal liability insurance. Studio opens in early June. Call Tom Marten at 954-295-7041 or e-mail at for further info. Be part of Wilton Manors premiere massage studio.

REAL ESTATE / SALES KEY WEST BUNGALOW - SOUTH MIDDLE RIVER Charming 3BR/1BA, sits on lushly landscaped lot just steps from Wilton Drive. Huge screened lanai overlooks garden and 150-foot Royal Palm. Peter Cowan Realtor, BH&G FL 1st (954) 234-8365. $224,000 Virtual Tour available at – MLS 1266462 RIO VISTA – one of a kind! Quiet Key-West like complex in private oasis-like setting, rarely available. Beautiful Brazilian cherry wood floors, newer kitchen with granite counter tops, living room overlooks beautiful gardens and common pool. Great Rio Vista location East of U.S. Close to shopping, beach, downtown airport & marina. 2 parking spaces. This hidden gem is a must see! $219,000.  Call Joann Marcus 954-940-1244

RENT / LEASE FORT LAUDERDALE large efficiency. Laminate floor throughout. Quiet complex.. Totally furnished, private courtyard Small kitchenette . No pets, no drugs, Must have job...extras: cable, electric, water and high speed internet all included.. $725/mo. First/last. Contact George. 954-298-2227. AVAILABLE APRIL 1ST. OFFICE OR RETAIL SPACE 1000sqft located in the same building as Mona’s Bar. Very high traffic area. Great exposure! For more inforamtioncall Jerry 954786-0287 OAKLAND PARK unfurnished room available August 1st. Professional GWM seeks same. Share bathroom. W/D in unit. Lite kitchen privileges. Non smoker. Must be employed. No pets. Please call Sergio (954) 303-5355

ROOMMATES FT. LAUDERDALE, Private unfurnished room available in SFH. Share bath. Lite kitchen privileges. Rent includes utilities and internet. MUST be employed, and have verifiable reference, clean and neat and NON-SMOKER. $600/MO, & deposit of $250. Room is available immediately. Jim (954) 303-5355

TRAVEL BEST TRAVEL & TOURS OF WILTON MANORS invite you to be part of our group celebrating the 50th birthday of Samuel Caceras on board the Royal Caribbean Liberty of the Seas for a 5 day Western Caribbean voyage from April 26th-May 1, 2014 round trip from Ft. Lauderdale. For details, contact Paul Esposito @954-290-7045 or or Napoleon Zambrano @954-5641996 or

1226 NE 4th AVE FORT LAUDERDALE, FL 33304 954.761.1236


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Health Insurance Exchange Now Active With Subsidies Available I will BEAT your current rate with same or better coverage 9 out of 10 times!

As low as 3-4 dollars a day for full health coverage, with prescription, vision and 0 dollar co-pay dental.

Health insurance will be mandatory in 2014, subject to tax penalty to go without.

 

Zero co-pay for physical, lab, EKG, colon/prostate screening

  

If you are turning 65, on disability, special needs or want to switch plans you may be eligible for a ZERO premium medicare advantage plan, AEP starts Oct 15th. Licensed Since 2006 Pre-existing conditions covered under healthcare reform with NO MORE RATE UPS! Hormone and testosterone therapy covered on some health plans with a $15 co-pay for prescriptions Life insurance Plans and Dog/Cat insurance plans also available

Call, Email or Text me for a free quote, no obligation what so ever!

Alexander H. Vorgias Direct 954-529-5564

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Florida Agenda Issue 224  

Gay South Florida's Newspaper of Record