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F l o r i a n P r a d e r f u r n i t u r e p r o d u c t d e s i g n

portfolio 2018

about me My name is Florian Prader and I’m a design student from Salzburg. The challenge of becoming a designer is to gain experiences in various places and workspaces. I just started, but it’s never too early to discover new ways to form and extend my awareness for design, so I’m very excited to hear if you want to be part of my journey.

personal data

work experience


date of birth: 05/08/1990 place of birth: Brixen, Italy citizenship: Italian 2012-2016

Voglauer hotel concept planning and calculation department tender preparation, interior concepts for customers


seasonal internships several work experiences in joineries handcraft, executive planning and assembly


Universitiy of Applied Science Bachelor - Design & Product Management


HTL Hallein Technical College for Interior Design & Furniture


Landesberufsschule Ch. J. Tschuggmall, Brixen Technical School for Wood Engineering


Realgymnasium J. Ph. Fallmerayer, Brixen Technical Biennium for Informatics






Morzgerstr. 29 5020 Salzburg AUSTRIA

+43 6801177296


making electronic music at my little home studio, snowboarding, jaming with friends, cooking, visiting museums and exhibitions about design and architecture, doing some camping trips in the mountains





















- crossboard - suitcase

- valet stand - chair - lectern

- bus stop - panoraum

sketches & renderings

layout & graphic



- wedding - business card - album cover

- land of snow - ice chapel

robots / satellites water creatures surfaces wacom rendering rim rendering


fitness & rehab

The crossboard is a training device created by a physiotherapist. The baseboard is mounted on two half circles. While balancing on the board different exercises can be done. The challenge was to rethink the functionality and to give the board and the packaging a new look, including also the logo.


for Skoda

For this project I had to understand the design language of Skoda and apply it on a suitcase. This suitcase was made during a deep-draw workshop at my university. The challege was to match the cover design with the given form of the wooden frame.



for hostels

A valet stand is a very useful but old-fashioned piece of furniture. Together with my team partner we brought it to the 21st century and created a new and outstanding design. The target group are hostel guests who sleep in bunk beds. So it offers two lockable boxes with plugs and lightning and the possibility to hang clothing on the white panels.

valet Stand

for Alfa Romeo

Another project where understanding and interpreting the design language of a car brand was the challenge. The chair combines the typical shapes and colors of Alfa Romeo without any unnecessary accessories.

showroom chair

for auditorium

This lectern was designed for the auditorium at the University of Applied Sciences of Salzburg. The red “heart“ contains the technical package and stands for the university (CI color). It is supported by a wooden and a glass angle, which are interlocking each other. This symbolizes the cooperative relation between teachers and students.



“Die Linde“

Actual situation: a highly frequented bus line through the “Salzkammergut“, a very popular region to tourists. Problem: old and unattractive bus stops Solution: a bus stop which offers not only seatings, but also invites you to experience a new form of waiting. The bionic shaped structures refer to the very old lime tree, standing next to the bus stop.

Bus stop

room concept

What happens, when your professor gives you the task to create a room by limiting only its size to 10x10x10m. Function and form were free to choose, so I planned a viewing platform in the alps. On 3 floors, the room offers you to look at the mountains through a “filter“, concentrating the view downwards, straight forward or upwards, depending from your position in the building.


sketches & renderings

pencil sketches

Some funny little robots and other space vehicles I sketched for a drawing lecture at the university.

Robots & satellites

pencil sketches

Inspired form the work above I created some more water creatures in my free time.

water creatures

marker & pastel

Here I put some experiments of rendering different surfaces, from glossy boxes to wood.


various works

Some of my latest sketches, trying out the Wacom Board and Photoshop to render them.

wacom rendering

for Opel

This car rim I drew and rendered with Solid Works. It is based on a existing rim of Opel, but I played with the shape and the colors to get familiar with the program and its functions.

rim rendering

layout & Graphic


A good friend of mine asked me to design some invitations for her wedding. At the end this was the output and she was very happy about it.


.... and logo

I developed a logo and a business card for a psychologist. It symbolizes an offering and supporting gesture, combined with the greek letter psy, the symol of psychology.

business card

The Aviary The punkrock band wanted me to create their band logo and later also the cover for their new album ““. I did the illustration with Adobe Photoshop and on my small Wacom Board. The idea of the cover is, that the robot bird (death) feeds the young birds with PC mice, wich are a symbol for work. The album title refers to the english saying “ birth-work-death“. PS: The drummer of the band loved the logo so much, that he tattooed it on his leg.

album cover



During a long and snowy winter I took some photos of the stunning mountains and landscapes of Salzburg. It’s hard to capture the actual mood on a picture, but it helps to keep in mind such wonderful days out in the nature.

land of snow


This trip took me to the Ice Chapel at Berchtesgaden, a hidden and mysterious place. Once the ferry brought me across the “Königssee“, I hiked to the surreal looking ice sculptures. I am glad to have seen them, because every year they are melting more and more.

ice chapel

thank you.

Florian Prader Portfolio 2018  
Florian Prader Portfolio 2018