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I M ´Florian Knape

´28.7.1989 * ´2001-2009 grammar school ´2009 internship at röder&sommer internship at designvollzug ´2010 enrollment at HS-Coburg

´Software: Adobe Creative Suite, Sony

Vegas,Premiere, After Effects, Microsoft Office, Solidworks, Modo501 (Rendering)

´Hardware: Marker, construction of modells, sketching


RYU Our task was to create a nutcracker. After a long term of research and several ideas, it all ended up in this fluent form of the so called “RYU“. RYU is japanese for river. The nutcracker is completed by a little cup, that catches the small pieces of the nutshell after breaking it. The nutcracker has also a plate to stand on.


Alón Alón is a musicbox created to a certain song that we could choose. My song was “Kings and Queens“ by 30 Seconds to Mars. The box has two sides, like the song. On the one hand there is the joyfull side of the sound (frontside of the box) and on the other hand there is the thoughtful text (backside of the box). Both sides are represented in this box.

CirkĂŠl Our task was to create a kitchenscale with three different materials. One out of thermoplastics, one out of aluminium and one out of steelplate. CirkĂŠl is a kitchenscale that hovers above the ground. The two rings stand on four little feet. There a two buttons - on/off and tara - below the display that has no feet and floats in the air.





Clips The “Lunch-Clips“ are the perfect addon to your lunch. Everytime you take a sandwich paper to pack your lunch you cannot really seal it. With the “Lunch-Clips“ and a rubber band you can perfectly seal your lunch. Just wrap the rubberband around the tiny balls. The little emblem in the center guarantees you the best grip to hold it tight.

In Cooperation with Toppits

At first there was a long sketching phase where we tried to find a form that allows you to wrap around the rubberband wherever you like. After that we built lots of mock-ups. In this process we decided to go for the final shape of the clip.

We had to build a 1:1 model and a packaging. The design model was chosen by Toppits because of the Design and Shape.

Stuhlständer(chair rack) If you just have a little room you need to use it efficiently. The chair rack allows you to have two functions in one product, though you don´t see it at the first look. The main function is that you can sit on the chair, but if you turn it around you can lean it against your wall to use it as a laundry rack. One of the main ideas behind this concept was to let the strings, which are between the steel tubes, look like they come out of the tubes, just like a spider´s web.


photo editing Video and photo editing is a part of my life for a few years now. In the third and also now in the forth semester we do a lot more videos to present our products, show our daily work or just to create new worlds.

This movie is called “Zeitlupe“(slowmotion). The Task was to find a word and create something totally new out of it besides the original meaning. So on the one hand there is the “Zeit“(time), which is represented by the cutting effects,the symbol of sand and jumps between presence and future. On the other hand the “Lupe“(magnifying glass) is pretty simply represented at the first glance. But if you take a closer look,

you understand that if you look through a magnifying glass you have pretty limited angle of vision. Through a magnifying glass you are focusing things. All those points you can see in the video. A little riddle are the numbers at the end...

Thie movie is called “Shape“. It´s about the process of building shapes out of foam. The task is to create a shape that has convex and concave surfaces that flow into each other. The movie shows the whole process from sketching to building to 3Dscanning.

This movie is called “Sextoy“. It´s about the development of a sextoy that is implemented in a shower head. The whole process is shown - research, sketching, mockups and the design model.

P l Interests Music ( all kinds) Skateboarding Sketching Building Working The Internet My Family and friends Filming Taking pictures Typography Illustrations Art History Design


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