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TrackList Sun’ll Rise Up 03:17 I Need Her 04:08 I Feel Bad Here 02:22 Sorrow 03:07 No Solutions 03:27 What Do You Want 03:41 Black Smoke 03:06 Heaven 02:48 Dust 06:15

Sun’ll rise up Birds were sleeping in the tree, While I was watching moon, Stars in the sky sound so free So, I decided to take my tool, Because Sun’ll rise up, Sun’ll rise up for me, when i have not anymore inspiration, I will take a piece of grass, It will have, I know it a signification, That everybody will can see with a glass, Because Sun’ll rise up, Sun’ll rise up for me, And when the sun shows the mountain, I will catch sight of, thanks to my eyes, My spirit whitch will kill rain, Because Sun’ll rise up, Sun’ll rise up for me. I Need Her I Saw her Yesterday, can you imagine that, this way a strange day, can you understand that, I was a bit afraid, don’t you believed that, I thought to be dead, do you know why ? Cause I need her, and you say you need her, I saw in her eyes haze, well what happened that, she seemed lost, butwhy did you that, well you are probably my best friend, and i wanted her to be more than a friend, so i can say goodbey, and i’m gonna try. I Feel Bad here Well the song was over, But, you seemed sad, A bit like a dreamer, You wanna called your dad, Come on, let's go out, I feel bad here, Well, the time was come, And you talked to me about rubber, You said she was at your home, But, you known the dream was over, Come on, let's go out, I feel bad here. Sorrow Maybe there is a place, where life would be nice, some kind of person feel well, but they should go to hell. I believed that tomorrow, somes faces will not wake up no, I

will have no more sorrow. I really worked so hash, I only earn pieces of mash, Mum no longer wanna see, i could have thrown me to sea. No Solutions Am I a poor man, nobody has already told, I am i a bit insane, maybe cause, I become old, I ask me many questions, but where are the solutions, am i a serious boy, i have mind to stop school, am i just a old toy, i think my life is wonderful. I ask me many questions, but where are the solutions.

Evolution Of Cover

All songs composed by Florian DrugÊ / Vincent Garcia Lyrics by Samy Labsir Recording in home-studio, winter 2009 Benjamin Debon special Guest in "Black Smoke" (voice, bass, and arrangement) Thanks to Samy Labsir, Guillaume dupeyron, Sabrine Khinibilla & Sylvain Gourdon. Thank you for your listening ! Dream Paradise 2011 Š

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