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ENCOUNTERS by Florian Bart

01, 02.

parallel universes within the city Shiny and reflective buildings seem to create alternate universes within the physical city. You’re almost able to step into these facades. Reflectivity creates a perception of space that is actually not there and thereby creates playful situations in the streets. Reflectivity could function as a manipulative factor within a design. It could reflect a piece of its surroundings so it would therefore evidently blend into its surroundings. Reflective materials also reflect light and are therefore also very suitable to create more light in darker spaces.

24-02-2019 // 15:58:36 Weena, Rotterdam


22-05-2019 // 16:24:28 Delftse Poort, Rotterdam



flat butt round I was very intrigued by the fact that the painting, and especially the skirt. Although it is very flat, there is still this feeling of depth. I love this contradiction within the painting itself.

10-04-2019 // Kranenburgh, Bergen-Binnen


04, 05, 06.

form follows form When a functional object follows the form of another structure it can, if done properly, show the visitor or user great attention to detail and a well thought through building. If done poorly, it shows inconsiderable desigining.

27-08-2019 // Haven Antwerpen, Antwerp


10-12-2019 // Church, Oudenbosch


19-12-2019 // Delftse Poort, Rotterdam



chairs taking in their position in the statue park In-between all the statues and art pieces within the park steel chairs were taking in their position. I liked the suggestion that, because they are situated in an artistic environment, it could be that they are part of the statues. However, I do believe that they are just flexible sitting pieces for people to rest on.

28-08-2019 // Middelheimpark, Antwerp


28-08-2019 // Middelheimpark, Antwerp


28-08-2019 // Middelheimpark, Antwerp


28-08-2019 // Middelheimpark, Antwerp


28-08-2019 // Middelheimpark, Antwerp


28-08-2019 // Middelheimpark, Antwerp


28-08-2019 // Middelheimpark, Antwerp


28-08-2019 // Middelheimpark, Antwerp


28-08-2019 // Middelheimpark, Antwerp



choreographed greeting An amazing choreography where two ladies great each other. The design works amazingly, there is this path crossing through this modernist garden whereon every time someone enters a kind of play appears between the house owner and the visitor. (movie)

06-10-2019 // Jacques Tati, Mon Oncle



safety merging with the exhibition It feels like a poor spot to put the fire extinguisher. However, in this case, the exhibition aligns and even merges with the safety precautions. On the other side, this makes the fire extinguisher less visible within the building.

15-10-2019 // TENT, Rotterdam


15-10-2019 // TENT, Rotterdam



contrasting artificial reflection Keeping in mind how light shines onto the building and reflects it into nature.

27-10-2019 // Grandparents, Middenbeemster



on-going encounters A time-lapse of my view from my window. There is always something happening on this crossing. It is a place where the two sides of my neighbourhood meet. The Zwaanshals is where the newly rich are settling and this particular street is definitely showing that. On the other hand, there is a variety of foreign cultures that have already been living here for quite some time. It is very nice to see how these cultures sometimes mix on this particular crossing. I believe there are plenty of crossings within neighbourhoods like this that can make a difference if designed differently. They could support more contact on the street and thereby also more contact in-between cultures.

27-10-2019 // Zwaanshals, Rotterdam



contrasting continuance One form continued into another form. Different materials, contrasting colours, similar texture. A contrasting or varying colour can highlight a specific feature of a certain design or composition.

08-11-2019 // Play object, Arnhem



fruitful inefficiency The malfunctioning of the city systems creating an improved living habitat for pigeons. (movie)

13-11-2019 // Bijlmer, Amsterdam



routing malfunction Both because of environmental circumstances and a lack of maintenance, routing from this particular place is getting harder and harder. It may have to do with the location of the routing signage. This side was closest to the nearest wall and therefore perhaps more vulnerable to environmental circumstances. To solve this, the routing could maybe have a difference in thickness. It can either be engraved in material or put on top of a material. By giving it a substantial difference in thickness it will always be readable, despite the influence that the environment can have.

13-11-2019 // Bijlmer, Amsterdam



unintended information This scene often pops up in the daily life of people that travel by train. This particular position, that is probably not intended by its designer to be left like this, actually shows how it is used. It shows the dynamic nature of this mechanic structure. While it is not left properly it actually gives valuable information for the next one using it.

23-11-2019 // Rotterdam Centraal, Rotterdam


16, 17, 18.

deviant colours Every car is white, silver, black, red or dark blue nowadays. I love it when there is some change in colour. It makes them stand out from the norm and maybe also show a clearer connection to its user.

23-11-2019 // Station, Alkmaar


26-12-2019 // Sqaure, Laren


04-01-2020 // Zaagmolenstraat, Rotterdam



recognisability I find it intriguing that some materials are so bound to one particular context. What would happen if I would take these materials and use them in a totally different context?

25-11-2019 // Rodenrijslaan, Rotterdam



hints of safety creating some life in a grey interior This building, the Central Station of Breda, felt like an empty and grey colloseum. Everything is so minimalistic that the objects that have to be there, like the fire extinguisher, electricity plugs and signage, really stood out. On one hand, I believe it brings a certain amount of life within the building and creates unexpected moments, like the gate in picture 20.4. On the other hand, I think it breaks with the intentions of its designer. Although it creates these unexpected moments, I do believe its best to think of planning these objects in a logical place within a design and think well about it beforehand.

26-11-2019 // Breda Central Station, Breda


26-11-2019 // Breda Central Station, Breda


26-11-2019 // Breda Central Station, Breda


26-11-2019 // Breda Central Station, Breda


26-11-2019 // Breda Central Station, Breda


26-11-2019 // Breda Central Station, Breda


26-11-2019 // Breda Central Station, Breda


26-11-2019 // Breda Central Station, Breda


26-11-2019 // Breda Central Station, Breda



(un)contemporary contrast The contrast between an old home and what once was modern architecture. Back in those days, this was very modern and it seems to be a very well thought through extension to an existing building. Today, however, it is completely outdated. How to design in a way that your design stays ‘in style’ or current for 30 or even 50 years?

26-11-2019 // Volderstraatje, Den Bosch



colourful nightscene Contrasting and complementing colours created by a building scene in fall.

29-11-2019 // Karel de Jardinstraat, Amsterdam



scenery The bright lighting of the tunnel and the orang lighting in the backdrop create this feeling of entering a movie scene.

30-11-2019 // Schievestweg, Schiedam



hollowed impenetrability A mechanical machine eating the inside of a very stately building that seems to be inpenatrable.

02-12-2019 // Herengracht, Den Haag



mandatory socialising The sprinter from Haarlem to Alkmaar. Stepping into this sprinter is stepping back in time. With hints like ash containers around the seating areas and benches instead of separate seats creates a better atmosphere with the people you sit with. Herefore people are forced to interact with each other. Discomfort creates social interaction.

06-12-2019 // Train, Beverwijk


06-12-2019 // Train, Beverwijk


06-12-2019 // Train, Beverwijk



anticipation An advertising frame waiting to get filled. It is however designed in such a way that doesn’t look out of function per se. I find it still visually attractive. When designing a functional object, what does it look like when it is out of function?

15-12-2019 // Stadhuis, Rotterdam



poster A nighttime snapshot creating a kind of 70’s space poster.

15-12-2019 // Maashaven, Rotterdam



functionality replacing functionality I always love the moment when things that are normally there are placed or replaced. This way I can get a better grip on how thing work within an situation, building or space.

16-12-2019 // Rotterdam Centraal, Rotterdam



neglected This neglected, faded modernity but yet colourful buildings are located throughout my neighbourhood and they keep catching my eye. I’m not so sure why yet. I don’t particularly like the materiality of the building because everybody knows that white panels will look horrible after a while. Especially if nobody looks after them. The colours used to pimp up do speak to me in a way because it is in contrast in the neighbourhood. And thereby also the white panels of course. That’s maybe what draws my attention to them. the contrast. I can imagine that in its early days it was fresh, new and modern. How would you be able to design a building and maintain it so that it will still have the same appearance 30 years later?

16-12-2019 // Jacob Catsstraat



distant night life These are certain cafes/bars on Noordplein in Rotterdam. I pass these almost every day. They feel very uninviting to me. The same people are sitting either inside or in front of the place and it seems like they are guarding the door. It also decreases the liveliness of Noordplein. I believe there should be more of a mix on the square that would represent more cultures in the neighbourhood. More people would feel at home on the square and the liveliness on the square would blossom.

28-12-2019 // Noordplein, Rotterdam



highway building The building is designed in a way that it is quite closed off. It does, however, open up to in one part. It’s a colourful strip that creates a recognisable image and therefore also a recognisable point on your daily route.

28-12-2019 // Ringroad, Amsterdam


28-12-2019 // Ringroad, Amsterdam


28-12-2019 // Ringroad, Amsterdam


32, 33, 34.

a censored look This glass makes me even more intrigued how things look like behind the glass. You get a hint and that is everything you’re going to get. Using this kind of glass evokes curiosity with the passerby.

28-12-2019 // Zaagmolenstraat, Rotterdam


04-01-2020 // Zaagmolenstraat, Rotterdam


04-01-2020 // Zaagmolenstraat, Rotterdam



light at the end of the tunnel This end of the tunnel seems tho give you more possibilities. I think such a light space can be part of the routing within a building. People will always want to go to the light in stead of the dark. I could use this to draw people to certain points within a building or design.

30-12-2019 // Oostzeedijk, Rotterdam



organised commercialism The thriftshop organises their stuff so that it is both visually pleasing as awfully convenient in the sense of that if you’re looking for something blue or purple you immediately know where to look for it instead of having to look through hundreds of other cups. It draws attention because people find is esthetically pleasing to look at and it is easier to find things you might be looking for. Therefore is also really work on a commercial level.

30-12-2019 // Opnieuw & Co, Prins Alexander


30-12-2019 // Opnieuw & Co, Prins Alexander


30-12-2019 // Opnieuw & Co, Prins Alexander


30-12-2019 // Opnieuw & Co, Prins Alexander


30-12-2019 // Opnieuw & Co, Prins Alexander


30-12-2019 // Opnieuw & Co, Prins Alexander



changing materiality I love how light can change the way a material looks and makes you feel. If you look at the shadow the concrete is rather harsh. The sunny concrete gives me an inviting a friendly feeling. It is a shame it is blocked by the steel fence. When you choose a certain material, think about the way it is influenced by light throughout the day and the year. Is it lit by the sun or by artificial light, or both? How does the material come off in these circumstances?

30-12-2019 // Piekfijn, Prins Alexander



night light The light of the ‘Clan de Banlieue’ shop create so much light at nighttime that it creates this huge contrast with the rest of the street just around the corner. I had trouble with this with a donner shop below my own house. The light that they bought was so bright that the whole sqaure was lit up just like on the picture. My whole room would be lit up at night and neightbour started complaining they weren’t able to sleep. Also there is a cafe next to the donner shop and they started complaining too, the light was so bright the cozyness of the whole sqaure was gone and it wasn’t a pleasent place to spend time outside anymore. I think this has something to do with culture. In turkish and Marrokan cultures they are very much used to these bright lights dominating shops and thereby streets. Perhaps there it doesn’t influence the cozyness at all. In western culture on the other hand, we are used to brown cafes, low and yellow light at night time.

30-12-2019 // Zwaanshals, Rotterdam



shining beacon My window reflecting the light of the sun onto the reflective safety signs.

01-01-2020 // Zwaanshals, Rotterdam



turning visuals Never seen this before. Apparently, 2 led sticks turning around, creating an image. I also really like the colours in the shopping window. I think it is perhaps an old and cheaper way to create images that would be very nice to play within for instance exhibitions or presentations. It evokes curiosity because it won’t show you the image at one glance. Therefore it is a sort of discovery in a way.

01-01-2020 // Soetendaalseweg, Rotterdam


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A booklet of 40+ images that show encounters from my daily life. The simple things that inspire and intrigue me as a designer.


A booklet of 40+ images that show encounters from my daily life. The simple things that inspire and intrigue me as a designer.