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Pinchos AVIPOINT Pinchos anti-posamiento de aves gama AVIPOINT Pinchos con una base de 20 mm modelo P14, y 45 mm en modelos P20, P32 y G20, ideales para ser utilizados en lugares estrechos, y en tiras de 33cm. La punta de las púas están separadas 50 mm pudiendo proteger un área que depende del modelo elegido. - La base es de policarbonato protegido contra la luz ultravioleta y los pinchos de acero inoxidable con la punta roma. - Las púas de los pinchos Avipoint están fabricadas de acero inoxidable de grado 302 y con un diámetro de 1,4mm. - Base de policarbonato protegida contra la luz ultravioleta dónde se encuentran insertadas las púas. - Se apilan en cómodos fajos para facilitar su manejo. - La base tiene una ranura en su parte inferior para facilitar la aplicación del adhesivo. - Base con agujeros para facilitar el montaje mediante tornillos.

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VENTAJAS: - Rentable - No daña a las aves - Prácticamente invisible tras la instalación - Adaptable a cualquier tipo de superficie - Fácil instalación y mantenimiento - Resistente a condiciones climáticas adversas - Larga durabilidad MOTIVOS DEL CONTROL DE AVES: - Enfermedades - Salud y seguridad - Daños en propiedades - Imagen pública - Costes de limpieza Tipos de pinchos: -

1000801 1000802 1000803 1000804

Avipoint Avipoint Avipoint Avipoint

P14 (cobertura=115 mm) (Precio: 29,00 euros/5 mts) P20 (cobertura=205 mm) (Precio: 32,00 euros/5 mts) P32 (cobertura=265 mm) (Precio: 44,00 euros/5 mts) G20 (cobertura=275 mm) (Precio: 43,00 euros/5 mts)

1000801 - AVIPOINT P14 (Para palomas)

1000802 - AVIPOINT P20 (Para palomas)

1000805 – Clips de fijación (Para pinchos) Consultar

1000803 - AVIPOINT P32 (Para palomas)

1000804 - AVIPOINT G20 (Para gaviotas)

1000809 – Adhesivo especial (Para pinchos)

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Installation of AVIPOINT™ GLUING ONTO A SURFACE 1) Surface Preparation

3) Select appropriate adhesive Avipoint bird spikes have a unique Glue Guide on the underside of the base to allow quick and easy application of the adhesive. AVISIL:

In order to ensure the spike and adhesive form a good bond, the surface should be prepared as follows: • • • •

Remove all dirt, droppings, flaking paint etc (using a scarper or wire brush) Remove any grease and oily deposits with Surface Cleaner. Remove any old bird repellent gel (using gel eater) Remove patination on copper or lead (with a wire brush or wire wool)

If the surface is porous (e.g. sandstone) apply Soudal Primer 150 to seal it.

A high quality, neutral-curing silicone adhesive. Avisil is recommended for use where the surface is dry. It offers excellent adhesion on most building materials. One tube (310ml) of Avisil can install up to 15m of Avipoint. AVIFIX:

Plastic or metal surfaces can be treated with Surface Activator if optimum adhesion is required (e.g. with gull spikes) Ensure the surface is dry. 2) Positioning A multipurpose, high tack adhesive. Avifix “High Tack” can be used where the surface is damp. It offers outstanding initial grab and excellent adhesion on most building materials such as brick, stone, metal, glass, wood, PVC, GRP and nylon. One tube (290ml) of Avifix can install up to 15m of Avipoint Available in grey and white. The tips of the wires should overhang the leading edge by 5 -10mm.

4) Application

One row of spikes on the leading edge of a building may be all that is required to stop the birds from fouling down the front of the building. However, more rows may be required if the ledge is low, and the birds can still see a food source. For low to medium pressure pigeon infestations, leave a gap of no more than 65mm between adjacent rows or between a strip and the rear wall. For heavy pressure infestation, reduce the gap to 50mm.

Apply a 5mm band of adhesive in the Glue Guide of the Avipoint strip 5) Press the Avipoint strip firmly into place.

ATTACHING TO A PIPE ATTACHING TO A GUTTER Avipoint is best attached to a pipe using adhesive and cable ties. The cable ties will provide added security. ATTACHING TO CURVED SURFACES On a curved surface, such as signs, split the strips across the snap lines and stick them on as separate sections.

Avipoint spikes can be attached to a gutter using Avipoint Gutter Clips. The clips fit securely onto the base of the P20, P32 and G20 bird spikes. They allow the spikes to be clipped onto the side of a variety of different gutters, allowing free flow of water underneath. At least two clips are required per Avipoint strip. ATTACHING TO A WINDOW FRAME

Avipoint Window Clips were the first product on the market that overcame the problem of installing bird spikes a ledge in front of an outward opening window. The clips fit securely on the to base of the P20, P32 and G20 bird spikes. They allow the spike strips to be secured onto window frames using adhesive or screws.

Pinchos para aves  

Sistema disuasorio de aves como palomas, tortolas, gaviotas, etc. Estos pinchos de la gama AVIPOINT, son muy resistentes y de minímo impacto...

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