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Alyssum montanum

Alyssum montanum Mountain Alison

Because of its creeping, hanging growth habit with silvery green leaves, Alyssum montanum is a versatile plant for the garden. A very good structural plant for autumn and winter as well as a early spring flowering perennial. The bright yellow flowers provide a focal point in early spring. Berggold: Bright yellow. Very good as a carpet forming structural plant in the autumn assortment. Luna: Bright yellow. Luna enables scheduled and uniform production in combination with a compact habit for a uniform spring flowering pot. Pot size 11-13 cm. Alyssum montanum 11349 Berggold

288 VI-VII

13761 Luna

288 VI-VII Luna


Aquilegia caerulea Columbine is possibly one of the best known perennials but is surprisingly little grown by professional growers. More recent series have resulted in these popular perennials becoming more attractive for professional growers in the early bedding plant segment.

Spring MagicÂŽ F1 Colorado Blue Columbine

A very compact, uniform and large-flowered columbine series in bright colours. Can be grown in the field as well as in the greenhouse. The flower buds appear, depending on the temperature management, in the early season from the start of April on approx. 20-30 cm high stems. Aquilegia caerulea Spring Magic ÂŽ F1 14065 Blue & White

288 III-VI

19440 Navy & White

288 III-VI

14066 Rose & White

288 III-VI

14067 White

288 III-VI

17218 Yellow

288 III-VI

14438 Mix

288 III-VI Blue & White

Navy & White


Rose & White



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Florensis | Biennials 2019-2020  

Florensis | Biennials 2019-2020  

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