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Senecio cruentus

Cinderella Mixture of compact Cineraria plants with spherical habit for 10-11 cm pots.

Senecio cruentus Cinderella 12283 Mix


Cinderella Mix

Royalty This traditional Cineraria is often used in the market together with garden mums and in principle sold around Easter. The robust habit ensures a good garden performance. Suitable for 13-17 cm pots for flowering March - April.

Senecio cruentus Royalty 20446 Mix

84 Royalty Mix

Star Wars Our attractive well-balanced Star Wars mixture is particularly noted for its high uniformity of both habit and flowering time. All colours in the mixture tend to form small leaves, making packaging easier. Thanks to its compact plant structure, Star Wars is ideal for production in 10-12 cm pots. This lively mixture contains single-colour and bicolour types.

Senecio cruentus Star Wars 12284 Star Wars


Cheiranthus cheiri

Bedder One of the best series for containers, with a sturdy plant structure and compact habit. The plants reach a height of approximately 30 cm and are excellent outdoor performers including in beds and borders. Cheiranthus cheiri Bedder 11529 Golden


11530 Orange


11532 Scarlet


12840 Mix




Star Wars


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Florensis | Biennials 2019-2020  

Florensis | Biennials 2019-2020  

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