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Bellis perennis

Tasso Spring-flowering series with 100% double large pompom flowers up to 4 cm in diameter. Suitable for bigger pots and containers. Beautiful and enchanting! Do not miss the highlight of the series, Bellis Tasso Strawberries & Cream, which is particularly popular with the consumer! Benefits for you and your customer: •  Strong, well-balanced plant habit •  Early flowering •  For bigger and more valuable pots Our recommendation: Grow under bright conditions if possible: low temperatures and a bright location produce compact plants. Temperatures over 10–12ºC produce a lot of foliage, thin stems and a decrease in flower induction. Aim for frost-free overwintering at 2-5ºC. After overwintering the plants can be brought on in spring at 10-12ºC to get them into flower. We recommend 10.5–12 cm pots.

Bellis perennis Tasso 11465 Pink


11464 Red


13462 Strawberries & Cream 288 11466 White


14706 Mix

288 Red



Strawberries & Cream



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Florensis | Biennials 2019-2020  

Florensis | Biennials 2019-2020  

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