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Continuous further development Like you are used to, we proudly present to you our new Biennial catalogue. Viola EVOLUTION has proven itself in the market. By continuously being in contact with all partners in the chain and translating this input into the breeding process, we are able to connect our assortment to the rapidly moving market. This nonstop further development of our product range is crucial in this process. Besides the upgrades in EVO Mini, EVO and EVO Big within our EVOLUTION line, this catalogue contains a number of other important developments in the area of genetics. Also within the well-known Primula PrimeTime range we continue to innovate and we offer you several new own genetics for next season. In this way we have further increased the uniformity in flowering and plant habit. We are confident that you will be satisfied with the upgrade of the early spring series Salome®. We are also very pleased to offer you the ‘next generation’ Ranunculus from Florensis breeding. This new series, Ranunculus VORTEX, offers you a compact, plannable Ranunculus with an excellent shelf life in the chain. Highly recommended!

Marck Strik Director Sales & Product Development

You will also find, as usual, a selection from our broad perennial range, which can be grown together with viola, primroses and biennials and/or can be sold in the same period. If you already have login credentials for the Florensis webshop, you can also consult the products from this catalogue online. Our online services offer you the possibility to enter your order online, view your history of order data, download beautiful photo material and order product labels easily. Our webshop is continuously in development and offers you many advantages. If you have not yet been able to make use of this, you can always contact your representative or our customer service. They will gladly inform you about this. We wish you a beautiful viola, primroses and biennial season! Marck Strik


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Florensis | Biennials 2019-2020  

Florensis | Biennials 2019-2020  

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