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Scabiosa japonica

Scabiosa japonica Alpine Scabious

Native in Japan and East Asia this small species is an excellent choice for annual summer production in pots of between 11-13 cm. Short, profusely and long flowering plant for rockeries with decorative, finely chiselled leaves. Blue Note: Uniform compact and profuse flower formation, in biennial protected culture. Suitable for 10.5-13 cm pots. Pink Diamonds: Somewhat more variable variety.

Scabiosa japonica 16552 Blue Note

288 V-IX

15440 Pink Diamonds 288 V-IX

Blue Note

Pink Diamonds

Viola cornuta

Viola cornuta A few outstanding pansies have found their way into the pot perennial segment. With their compact habit as summer flowering pot plants they flower all through the warm summer months and show off their unique colours. Very strong variety with medium sized flowers. Colours play, main colour is yellow but with a blue blush. The intensity of blue varies according to light and temperature conditions.

Viola cornuta 15045 Etain



Viola pubescens

Viola pubescens A unique flower pattern, flowers are white with a delft blue splash, free flowering all season.

Viola pubescens 13708 Rebecca Cawthorne

128 III-XII Rebecca Cawthorne


Profile for Florensis

Florensis | Biennials 2019-2020  

Florensis | Biennials 2019-2020  

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