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Primula denticulata

The characteristic spherical flower heads are composed of many individual flowers. The plants are excellent for inclusion in wild herbaceous borders but also for flower beds. Next to Primula acaulis, Primula denticulata have long since been a staple in the spring assortment. When grown in the field in spring, the plants can be forced into flowering in January or left to flower the natural way and marketed.

Prom Prom is an improvement in plant uniformity of Primula denticulata. With this feature this series is recommended for a production next to indoor productions of late Primula acaulis. White: Use as garden perennial in 9 cm pot. White Primula denticulata Prom 11943 Deep Rose

288 III-VI

11942 Lilac

288 III-VI

11941 White

288 III-VI

Deep Rose



Primula x pubescens

Primula x pubescens This species is the hybridization from native Primula auricula. It also forms dense fleshy rosettes and it develops its typical tubular flowers in March to April. It develops a broad range of single and bicoloured flowers. Many of the vegetative varieties have been selected from this type.

Primula x pubescens 19463 Mix

288 III-IV



Profile for Florensis

Florensis | Biennials 2019-2020  

Florensis | Biennials 2019-2020  

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