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Lithodora diffusa

Lithodora diffusa Lithodora

Incomparably lovely gentian blue blooms on dark green foliage makes Lithodora a unique plant. The plants flower after successful vernalization from late May onwards and often have a second flourish in July/August. Lithodora have proved to be successful as flowering pot perennials in sheltered biennial cultivation on acid soil reaction. Just in time for the bedding plant season. In sunny well drained positions, Lithodora is fully hardy and consumers will be able to enjoy it for many years.

Compact Blue

Compact Blue: With shorter branches suitable for 11 to 13 cm pots. Heavenly Blue: Standard in the market usable for 13 cm to 3 litre container. Lithodora diffusa 18726 Compact Blue 128 V-IX 12756 Heavenly Blue 128 V-IX

Heavenly Blue

Papaver nudicaule

Spring Fever™ The Spring Fever series provides intensely bright individual colours. With an early flower reaction on short flower stems, Spring Fever enables the production of early summer flowering pot perennials. One of the first to offer directly after the bedding season in 13 cm pot to 3 litre container. It is not recommended to grow batches later in summer.





Papaver nudicaule Spring Fever™ 18287 Orange

288 V-IX

18288 Red

288 V-IX

18699 Rose

288 V-IX

18289 White

288 V-IX

18290 Yellow

288 V-IX Rose

Phlox douglasii

Phlox douglasii Douglas Moss Phlox

Phlox douglasii develops very firm, compact cushions and is an excellent choice for cultivation in pots of up to 13 cm. Masses of small, round flowers in an intense colour entirely cover the plants. Admiral White: The Admiral flowers a little later than Phlox subulata, which stretches the sales season in spring. Phlox douglasii 14425 Admiral White 180 V-IX


Admiral White

Profile for Florensis

Florensis | Biennials 2019-2020  

Florensis | Biennials 2019-2020  

Profile for florensis