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Por tfolio Floren Matt P r o d u c t D e v e l o p m e n t

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“The Coca-Cola Party tray” p.6

“Souffleur” p.10

‘Crude wax melter’ p.8

Por tfolio Floren Matt



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“Self Culturing System” p.18

Por tfolio Floren Matt


About me: Tools Solidworks Adobe Photoshop Adobe InDesign Adobe Illustrator Wacom Keyshot

Skills Technical Communicative Design Business insight Analytical

Personal Traits Creativity Passionate Focused Leader Goal orientated

User interaction Materialisation

Language Dutch English French German Por tfolio Floren Matt


My n a m e i s M a t t F l o r e n , I ’m 2 5 y e a r s o l d a n d I l i v e i n B e l g i u m . I s tu d y pro du c t d e ve l opm e nt at t h e Un i ve r s it y of A nt we r p. I a m f i n i s h i n g m y M a s t e r ’s d e g r e e a n d m y n e x t s t e p i s t o obtain experience with focus on strategic design and technology driven design. I chose to study product development to fulfil my lifelong d r e a m o f b e c o m i n g a n i n v e n t o r. I n t h e f u t u r e I w a n t t o c r e a t e p r o d u c t s t h a t h e l p s p e o p l e a n d m a k e l i f e e a s i e r. I h o p e I get the opportunity to solve major issues and create solutions which can make a difference. I consider myself as an generalist and innovative problem s o l v e r.

Por tfolio Floren Matt


The Coca-Cola Party tray “Create a party plate for an existing brand.”

Por tfolio Floren Matt


Por tfolio Floren Matt


‘Crude wax melter’ “Redesign a crude wax melter.” Structural design Group project: 3p.

Por tfolio Floren Matt


A crude wax melter is a product that is used to gain honey and bee wax from the crude wax by using solar power. Crude wax is the waste of honey refineries across Ethiopia, these melters are used at communities were women operate the melters so they can sell the product. During this project we focused on ergonomics, usability, safety and transportation.

Por tfolio Floren Matt


“Souffleur” “Design a word-catcher and create a brand by using user centered design.” User interaction Group project: 2p.

Por tfolio Floren Matt


Design a product, called a word-catcher, this word catcher is developed to create a communication between customer and a company of a specified product service. The service of the company is developing a personalized story or poem for the user. These stories are based on a few random words the user sends to the company by using the word-catcher. When send to the authors the user will receive his or her personalized message within 24 hours. During the 24 hour process, the product indicates progress to the customer and when the story is ready it communicates interactively with the user. We had to use user centered design to create a rich interaction between product and user. By using mockups, storytelling and interaction prototyping we tried to create a product that had to be as intuitive as possible for every step in the process; input words, processing story and storytelling. We created the “Souffleur� which is designed for elderly widows.

Por tfolio Floren Matt


By creating mock-ups and storytelling we tried to find the best combinations of actions by exploring interactions so the use of the product would become intuitive.


Por tfolio Floren Matt




Por tfolio Floren Matt


‘Frulego’ “Redesign the Frulego vending machine.” Bachelor Thesis Individual project

The start-up ‘Frulego’ created a Smoothie machine which was able to produce fresh smoothies on the spot. By materializing their idea into a machine they realised they needed creative thinking to fulfil their goal. They asked help from the product design students. Our assignment was to analyse the automat, define a context, select a focus, system design, verification, product design and defining the concept.

Por tfolio Floren Matt


I decided to design a vending machine at locations with lots of people with little time like airports and train stations. The challenge of this locations was serving as much customers in short of time.

By changing the product architecture and adding new system designs in the machine, I managed to reduce the lead time.

Por tfolio Floren Matt


By developing and verification of a new way to blend the smoothies and designing a new blade. I made it possible to reduce the blend time by half. Before my adjustments the time to blend a smoothie was 32 seconds and after the changes it took 15 seconds to create a smoothie with the same structure.

Por tfolio Floren Matt


Time Reduction

After all these chances I managed to create and serve four customers in 3:35 minutes, where the original machine would still be processing the first smoothie.

Por tfolio Floren Matt


“Self Culturing System” “Accelerated antibiotic resistance analysis for mastitis.” Master Thesis Individual project

Self Culturing System

Outdoor sampling kit to reduce antibiotic resistance. Used bij farmers and lab technicians.

Por tfolio Floren Matt


Por tfolio Floren Matt


Other Projects Corporate identity “Create your own brand of gardening tools and design a hand sprayer, hedge trimmer, herb scissors and garden hose.�

RED ANT t o o l s

Por tfolio Floren Matt


“A e r o d a c t y l ” Created with: Solidworks, Keyshot and Photoshop.

‘ I n f o c o l u m n’ Created with: Wacom, Sketchbook and Photoshop.

Por tfolio Floren Matt


‘ C o l r u y t - a p p’

Created with: Wacom, Sketchbook, Mock-ups and Photoshop.

Por tfolio Floren Matt


Por tfolio Floren Matt



Created with: Sketchbook, Illustrator and embroidery

Por tfolio Floren Matt



Created with: Sketchbook, Illustrator and embroidery

Por tfolio Floren Matt



Created with: Sketchbook, Illustrator and embroidery

Por tfolio Floren Matt



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Por tfolio Floren Matt


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Portfolio of a young designer.


Portfolio of a young designer.