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Before the operation with the camera, you have to read carefully the instructions for use.

When buying the photography ideas you will eagerly try the new stuff to buy. In fact, the more you have to pay quite dearly for the hot rush. Preferably you should carefully read the manual before operation. Then a computer then begins to solidify. The mechanical systems of the highly sophisticated cameras so any action beyond mandate can also be the cause of the failure. What all does have stated in the manual. You make sure that what your computer does not belong to the account banned. Though the features of the machine, you must also note the point as not doing finger short screen xư᝛t from cell connectors where coupling lens and body, do not saturate the machine, avoid to sudden changes in temperature, do not use the battery in addition to regulation, not remove the air ...

Followed by the name of parts. If one does not know the name of parts, you won't understand the instruction manual. If you do good things on, the preparation will be more carefully.

First of all you will insert the lens and insert the battery into the fuselage. How fitting that in the manual must be written. Rotation when setting the lens to the air of each vary so you should pay attention to this when fitting the lens. Also a battery, you must use the correct type of batteries specified. Reach battery's electrode dimensions caution when mounting.

Open air, set the self-timer mode. Automatic shooting modes with program combining autofocus (Autofocus) and multi metering section (MatrixMetering): simple shooting.

Here I introduce a feature available, can say "anyone can take is simply". It's automatic shooting function Program. When placed in this mode, the camera will autofocus system autofocus AF, metering results of multi-metering system of matrix metering will help the selected aperture and speed. You just have to watch the selected frame and press the shutter.

Remember to add the following:

How to stretch The picture below describes how to grip your lying (horizontal). The right hand holding the body, left hand rack is a basic grip. Your thumb should be placed in the button press the shutter. The left finger grip together make lenses and supports the entire weight of the machine.Two khᝧy arms co. hold air. To watch the shooting using the left eye or to come, often taking the eyes are easier to see. When you press the shutter, breathless press gently.

When holding your right hand on the grip, then stand on the arm, also hold air. Take your stand or fixed include horizontal air with both hands and forehead. 3 Fulcrum became the rule. The case taken many times on a film is to note p.m. stand of the machine must be fixed. So the best you should file the habit of holding the vertical one-way.

Also when holding your right hand which stands at the bottom. But when pressing the shutter button half way to focus feel somewhat entanglement because roasted two hands are below. New set of capture should take the stand by placing the right hand on top.

Work in focus AF SLR camera with capture button is the two step. When the press half the impact system autofocus AF. After the finish line took the click next one more notch to take pictures. Typically we will see three focus form follows:

.M: Manual Focus _ manual, self adjusting by hand .S: Single Auto Focus autofocus _ once. Your only focus back when you you drop and lightly pressed the shutter button again. .C: Continue Auto Focus autofocus method _ a constantly. When moving the focus point to another machine will continue to focus again in the new location.

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