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As a designer I enjoy working in a highly digital manner and have a passion for creative photography and refined digital painting. The processes that I use are predominately digital whilst the concepts focus on raising awareness to our ever evolving planet and encourage well-being benefits through colour theory. With a coherent blend of design and contextulisation I aim to create designs for the men’s fashion market with a contemporary and sophisticated handwriting.


Due to my design style I am confident on the Adobe creative suite and enjoy challenging my skill set by experimenting with new techniques. I have a mallious eye for deatil which is evident in my work as I aim to keep a high level of clarity and definition to aid my style. In addition to designing I have a passion for trend forecasting and keeping up to date with the latest trends. Blending traditional and contemporary ideologies are key to my design ethos, The Peacock era during the 1960’s-70s where flamboyant outbursts in the menswear market largely inspires my work.

CONTACT ME 07824613590 @florenceyexley_design linkedinflorenceyexley/ 105 Piccotts End Hertfordshire HP1 3AT

About Me Dolphin Cottage Hertfordshire HP1 3AT 07824613590 florenceyexley/ @florenceyexley_design


Michelle Evatt Head of Womenswear Design Ted Baker Tami Stewart Ba Hons Printed textiles and Surface pattern Design Level 6 Course Leader

As a designer I enjoy working with innovative digital techniques with a strong focus on creative photography and digital painting. I work closely with colour and fashion trends to enhance my projects and keep them up to date with the fast world of fashion. To add depth to my projects I enjoy adding a strong underpinning of contextual research, including social, political and predominantly sustainable wellbeing. Combining these notions I aim to create sophisticated outcomes with my own contemporary handwriting. I am a hard working and thorough individual using my meticulous eye for detail to focus on the task at hand. I have strong time management skills and am able to easily adapt to situations.


Ba Hons - Printed Textiles and Surface Pattern Design Leeds Art University 2015-2018 Foundation Diploma (Distinction) Kensington and Chelsea | London 2014 – 2015 A Levels Fine Art (A) Textiles (B)Geography (C) | AS Level Financial Studies (B) Sandringham School St.Albans 2007-2012

Proffesional Expericence

- Temporary Administrative Assistant Ted Baker Headquarters London - June Six weeks 2017 - Trend Forecasting Placement Hollbrook Studio | Peclers Paris London - April Three Days 2017 | March Three days 2018 - Indigo | Premiere Vision Fashion Trade Show Show casing Six Fashion Designs in 2017 and Four Designs in2018 Paris February 2017 and 2018 - Live brief with Tiger Print | Hallmark Producing a collection of card and wrapping designs Leeds Two Weeks 2017


- Woolacombe Bay Hotel Pool attendant and Waitress July 2016 – August 2016 - Clarks Shoes Team Leader December 2012 – January 2016

Skills Computer Aided Design Traditional Printing - Adobe CC17: Photoshop | - Screen Printing in colour sep- Illustrator | InDesign arations - Ava (Fabric and Paper) - Digital Drawing and Painting | - CMYK Screen Print Wacom Tablet - Velvet Devore - DSLR cameras | Still Life - Disperse and Direct Dying Photography - Professional Studio Lighting - Foiling and Flocking - ApS – Ethos Laser Cutting - Wood Turning - Microsoft Office Suite - Vacum Form


MY FOCUS Menswear fashion collection focusing on capturing light distortion through digital means. Different forms of photography has been experimented with to shoot light trails and refraction. It is inspired by the 80s/90s early internet technology and to play on a ‘glitched’ effect.


MY FOCUS Various mediums were used to experiment with light refraction. These designs were created through open lid scanning and playing with movement.

DISSERTATION COLLECTION ‘An Investigation into Masculinity and its Translation into Printed Textiles Design for Menswear’

MY FOCUS Throughout my disseration I investigated into textiles design within men’s fashion and the effects that masculinity has on design. Key interest was taken in the Peacock Era during 1960’s -1970’s.

DISSERTATION COLLECTION ‘An Investigation into Masculinity and its Translation into Printed Textiles Design for Menswear’

MY FOCUS The practial response to my dissertation took a three dimensional approach as well to print design. This was to express the fluidity of men’s fashion against controlled uniformity

EXTENDED PRACTICE Graduate Collection

MY FOCUS For my graduate collection I am focusing on print design within men’s fashion, a subtle transition from my disseration exploration. The collection features creative photography and digital drawing to collate imagrey and design into a sophisticated outcomes. These designs are hyper real in their athestetic and styled for high-end fashion.

EXTENDED PRACTICE Digitaly Painted Drawings

MY FOCUS This series of drawings are all painted on Adobe Photoshop and are inspired from our blue planet. The collection is to increase awareness for our oceans and promote water sustainability

FINAL MAJOR PROJECT Creative Still Life Photography

MY FOCUS Macro still life photography of ink reacting to water. Capturing fluid forms through fast shutter speeds.

EXTENDED PRACTICE Creative Still Life Photography

MY FOCUS Macro still life photography of Bubbles capturing theyre iridescence qualities..


MY FOCUS This collection is inspired by Ted Bakers recognisable clear and crisp design ethos. The theme was based upon sunsets and capturing the subtle and warm colour blends. with a strong use of placement prints this series has been designed for fully printed garments and feature pieces.

Florence yexley Digital Portfolio  

Online Portfolio of my Final Year.

Florence yexley Digital Portfolio  

Online Portfolio of my Final Year.