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We’re a close-knit bunch of skilled professionals who take an enormous pride in the quality and versatility of our products, But we’re enthusiasts too. We use our own products, and that means we’ve introduced lots of improvements and innovations over the years…based on first-hand everyday practical experience. We work hand-in hand with top growing expert and advisor Paul Peacock. We even have our own allotment for some seriously hands-on gardening (often accompanied by communal summer and winter barbecues because all work and no play would be very dull!)

We’ve been established for quite a few years and built up a huge list of happy clients. But our order books don’t just feature amateur gardeners and commercial growers. We also supply major government organizations, HM Prisons, NHS Trusts and lots and lots of schools. Then there are the ‘celebs’, like Gardener’s World stars Alan Titchmarsh and Bob Flower dew, and River Cottage chef Hugh Fernley Whittingstall.

Great for patios, yards, small gardens and raised beds. Why not use a mini polytunnel to protect tender plants inside your already existing polytunnel (like double glazing) in the colder months. Each hoop is made from 25.4mm galvanized steel tubing is 3ft 7inch high with 1ft 9inch straight side and comes complete with 2 extensions to allow ventilation. The polythene cover supplied is 800 gauge (200 micron) exactly the same used in our polytonal as is the pressure treated timber base rail at a whopping 75mm x 50mm

Mini Ploy tunnels

First Tunnels Limited, Dixon Street, Barrowford, Lancashire BB9 8PL Telephone: 01282 601253 | Fax: 01282 612420 | Email:

Features Of Poly Tunnels  

First tunnels are prominent supplier of both domestic & commercial Polytonal. We have taken our experience as growers & polytunnels manufact...

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