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Arthritis Foundation Certified. Doctor Recommended. Participant Approved.

Scientific evidence-based, physical activity programs proven to be both safe & effective. People of all ages, mobility, ability & fitness levels with any form of arthritis benefit greatly from the right kinds of movement. Decrease pain, stiffness & fatigue; increase range-of-motion, strength & flexibility; & improve joint functional-ity, muscle tone & ability to perform daily activities.

Try these great AF programs today:

Arthritis Foundation Aquatic Program®: Improves joint functionality, muscle tone, endurance & self-efficacy. Water’s buoyancy assists movements, protects joints & provides resistance training. Arthritis Foundation Walk with Ease Program®: A structured 6 week program that helps make walk-ing a habit. Develop your very own customized walking plan while staying motivated & safe.

Arthritis Foundation Tai Chi Program®: Adapted from the Sun style, this program improves mobility, breathing & relaxation while sitting OR standing. Doesn’t require deep bending or squatting!

Arthritis Foundation Exercise Program®: Addresses the pain, fatigue & decreased strength that often accompanies arthritis. May be done seated or standing. Includes optional floor exercises. All courses are taught by certified instructors trained by the Foundation. Classes are 1 hour long & held at least 2 times a week, with the exception of Walk with Ease which is done 3 times a week for 6 weeks.



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