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OVERPOPULATION By: Alegría Rosales María Belén Mora Ignacio Espinosa

INDEX 1. Definition 2. Causes and effects 3. Solutions 4. Proposal 5. Photos 6. Bibliography

Definition What is the global issue you chose about? Our global issue is over population, it means the world’s population is growing so big and fast that soon it will get too a point where there is no more resources for everyone. There are a lot of more people being born right now, than they are dying so the world’s population just doesn’t stop increasing. In many areas or countries, there is just not enough food to feed the growing populations. This is a really big problem because people keep dying out of hunger and all of our resources keep on wasting. We need to be very aware of this global issue; people in the future will have really bad consequences because of our resources. One example of a resource is water, water scarcity in now a days being a problem in many countries all around the world, water is running out and it is a limited resource. Each day forty thousand children die from malnutrition and different types of diseases. There are very impressive facts all around the world about overpopulation and its causes. Other examples are, one in seven people in the world will go hungry to bed tonight and every other night as well. Another one is that hunger it’s the world’s number one risk, more people die of hunger every year than malaria and tuberculosis combined. There are more hungry people in the world than the combination of Canada, United States and The European Union. 65 percent of the world's hungry people live in only seven countries: India, China, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Pakistan and Ethiopia. 10.9 million Children five years and under die in developing countries each year

Causes and effects Overpopulation is where a country does not have enough available living space for all its population. A good example of this is Japan where most of the countries land is mountainous and hardly habitable. There are some reasons of why this happens. One reason is that people live more that they did before. Many medicines were created to solve diseases that before were incurable. This also makes that children when they are born, don’t die as frequently as before. A second cause is that is the improvement of food distribution has increase. Food can be transported all over the world easily and it preserve. This makes less people hungry and the population keeps growing.

What we are the consequences? Overpopulation leads to scarcity of resources. The economy, environment and a lot more things are affected. Each time more people don’t have food to support their families and even themselves. 1 billion people, 1 out of 7 people alive go to bed hungry. The environment is also affected. People destroy forest to build houses. More threes are cut down to support human necessities. These places were habitats of many animals and plants and these leads to their extinction. Each time less people have jobs, and more wars appear for new territory to sustain the population. It’s too late to be a pessimist. We have to do a change and solve these problems together.

SOLUTIONS Our global issue that we choose is overpopulation is one of the major problems in the entire world if we want to change this problem we need to act now. Many people are doing things to prevent thing that can cause over population. Over population is very danger because the food and the natural resources can be damage or they can be no more food. Many organizations are doing campaigns for change people’s mind they sow pictures and convince people to do that. They do commercials for the use of condoms. They are many TV shows like bbc national geographic discovery channel etc. Doing videos and giving information about overpopulation. Politics and the government in china put a law that they only can have one child for family. I think that if we continue without doing anything the world will end without natural resources. The only way to prevent overpopulation is acting right now convincing people that buy condoms and don't have too many kids. The other solution that they are trying to do is to expand territories trough the ocean like doing artificial islands etc. In the end, we need to act right now to prevent this; this is very dangerous and is starting to the most global issue.

The proposal for overpopulation 1. You should be able to apply this proposal at our school. We picked to make conferences at school, with a professional who can explains everyone what the problem is and how to solve it 2. Objective of the proposal The objective of this proposal is to have a man that know about this topic and inform as many people as we can. Aware them the importance of overpopulation and the causes and effects that could happen if the world’s population keeps growing. 3. Description or action plan Find the man who is professional and knows a lot about this topic. Tell him what he has to do and the topics he has to talk about. Make meetings for each grade so that they understand the man’s ideas clearly. That way people will try to make a change and stop overpopulation. 4. Conclusion where you explain why your proposal should be applied at school. Our proposal should be apply to school because that way people will be conscious about this problem and the consequences. And when students at school grow up the will think twice before having too many kids. 5. Include the time it will take to apply your proposal. A hole week or more so that every grade has time to assist and understand the meeting. 6. Include the materials you will use. The materials that we will use are:    

The man’s materials that he will bring to give his presentation or speech like the computer, a microphone and pictures The meeting room Chairs or a place for people to seat In focus to project his presentation


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