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The Salvation Army Floreat We plant the seed. Our reward is according to our labour

We water with our tears of prayer and the teaching & living out of the Word. O u r r e w a r d is according to our labour

God makes it grow according to His purposes. He alone can do this

God protects and makes it prosper.. We rejoice as we do our part with God and for God.


Let me ask a great question. Now, I am not talking about coming to church alone and getting a blessing from God. I am talking about life in general. Let me phrase the question a different way.

If you say “No, I can’t really think of anything” can I suggest that you force yourself to smile, because no matter how bad life gets God is always up to something on your behalf. And that something that comes your way suggests that if you would just let your guard down a few seconds, if you would just stop and claim your authority as a child of the king and tell your face to perceive and your heart to receive...... that you’re going to get your socks blessed off you. If you say “Yes captain, I know I have been blessed and I can name them one by one,” then praise the Lord Jesus for you, child of God. That's what we need in the church. We need people who can wake up in the morning and immediately praise

God for all the blessings while they slept. They see a blessing here there and everywhere. There eyes are always roaming to see something else to praise God for. Here is the deal if you think that you are not on the God blessing list and He has forgotten about I could quote you. heaps of words from God that just totally refutes that idea, but let me just use one.

Yes, SELAH. Think about it. You know what God is saying here? Whether you are having a good day or a bad day, whether you perceive the world to be against you or not, it doesn’t change a thing. Your situation doesn’t change the generous blessings of God. He is still going to send down blessing by the truck load like manna from heaven.

The Israelites when the manna came down were given strict instructions on when to gather and when to eat ) They were instructed to gather it first thing in the morning for when the sun got hot it would melt away. Friends gather the blessings of God in the morning because when you get into the heat of the day your situation will usually determine your outlook. Let God’s awesome blessings, His benefits determine your outlook.. They were also told to gather according to their need, get on your knees and gather the blessings according to your need. They were told to get new manna everyday otherwise it will rot. Friends don’t live of yesterdays blessing, testify off God’s blessings for sure, but live off the ever fresh blessings of God new every morning. God keeps His end up, how about you. FIGHT ON!

One of the things that we as Christians have valued for a long time in Australia is our freedom of speech, and our rights to live out our faith in the community. This is coming under more threat all the time, with hate bills been passed which only seem to limit Christians in what they can say. As our rights are slowly being eroded we should be observing what is happening overseas in countries such as the USA and the UK as we usually follow trends that come out of those countries. In this following abridged version of a report from CBN, it is sad to note that Britain has declared war of Christianity. There is a report that you should watch on the Web ayer/cbnplayer.swf?aid=9425

At her coronation, Queen Elizabeth, like British monarchs before her, promised to "maintain the laws of God and the true profession of the gospel." But today, Britain is at war with the gospel, and with itself.

British Christians who take their faith into the workplace risk being demoted or fired. The government continues to push an aggressive gay rights agenda, while threatening to criminalize Christian speech and practice. George Hargreaves told CBN News, "Yesterday I got a letter from the advertising standards authority over complaints saying that my billboard that says Britain is a Christian country is offensive to atheists and other religions and it incites hatred against them. Britain is constituted as a Christian country. Daily prayers are said in parliament whether atheists like it or not, the queen is head of the Church of England and therefore has to acknowledge God for her sovereignty over the nation. These things are written, not just into our culture and our heritage, but into our constitution." At one time, Britain was the missionary base for the entire

Come and join us on Sunday Mornings 9:45am, Songster Room Terri Armstrong Arthur Jackson Colin Golding Mrs. Ellie Norwood Major Laurie Venables Cathy Marion Ken Crocker who recently spent three days hospitalised. Isabella McGuire who is unwell. Rose Haywood as she prepares for surgery on her leg in early March. New initiatives being taken in Sunday School and JYG, (previously known as OASIS) Our officers as they lead the corps into 2010

world, even sending missionaries to the new American colonies. But today, the cases of anti-Christian bigotry and discrimination have risen sharply. Andrea Minichiello-William from Christian Concern for Our Nation warns that if British Christians don't step up now, the nation is on a path to eventually criminalize the practice of Christianity in public. "There's been a massive move by the secularist lobby to privatize religion," she said. "You can have faith so long as it doesn't affect you in the work place. So long as you don't bring it into the workplace. Just make it private. It can't be public. It can't affect what you do in the public square.'" Now the British government wants to pass a new equality bill that would force churches to hire practicing homosexuals or transsexuals. The power shift began in about 2000, and they've been arresting Christians, jailing Christians for hate crimes, shutting off grants, constant litigation with the government, constant aggression. By some estimates it only took about 10 years for the state to almost completely undermine Britain's Christian heritage. Barring a sudden move of God, it is likely to take far longer to restore it.

UPCOMING EVENTS 28th PM METRO MEETING Installation Service of new D.C’s, Majors Dennis & Pat Rowe 3rd

H/L Abingdon Miniature Village, Mandurah, $21

4th Corps Council, Songster Rooms, 7:30pm 6th

Covenant Service 7pm


AM Enrolement Service 6PM SERVICE

10th H/L Fashion Parade 11th RSA Meeting Perth Fortress @ 7:30am 12th GHC Cluster (C.O.’S) 13th “Revive” Women’s Conference - 20’s-40’s (see noticeboard in foyer for details)

How about it? You can help us save money and be good stewards of what God has given us. Let us know if you are going online for the newsletter by putting your name down on the form in the Foyer, so we can print less. It is a great way of keeping track of what's happening and download photos that appear from time to time. Dear Family at Floreat The Net at Suzanne's (Ragai’s sister) is unreliable. It has been down for nearly a week. I received your message on the computer of my friend Edward's whose house and studio I visit often. Last Sunday we had a big clean up of the interior of the villa. The outside will have to wait for another day. It took 4 of us 4 hours to clear the dust. I'm see-

14th-18th Capt. Andrew, 10 year service review Geelong


14th NO PM SERVICE 17th H/L Unwrap a gift Kathy Sedgman

Good Friday Service @ 9am Metro Meeting


19th 2love church, Morely 7:30pm 21st 6PM SERVICE 22nd Officer’s Day Apart 23rd RSA Meeting - Songster Rooms - 7pm 24th H/L Guest Cpt. Sharon Watson, Bentley Corps


Easter Sunday Service NO PM SERVICE


H/L - Morning Tea @ Kathy Sedgman’s

11th NO PM SERVICE 14th H/L - Pam Russell 15th RSA Meeting Perth Fortress @ 7:30am 18th Basketball Church

27th Floreat Corps Fete


28th Palm Sunday & OW SOMS Appeal

6PM SERVICE- Youth Meeting, Lower Hall

PM SERVICE - Youth Meeting Lower Hall 31st H/L Easter Reflections Guest, Captain Andrew

ing the architect tomorrow because I'm dissatisfied with many unfinished or badly finished work. But this is Egypt! No body's work is governed by their conscience. This deterioration in standard is noticed everywhere from traffic to pollution to noise....etc. The whole city has become a combination of demolishing/building site and a rubbish dump. I sent a card to a friend saying : judging by what I see I can't believe how Jesus will establish the Kingdom of God in this rubbish tip! The Coptic community have been gripped by the killing of 6 Christians on Christmas Eve by fanatic Moslems. There is general sadness and a sense of being under siege. But martyrdom for their faith is nothing new here. It's the blood that keeps the Church alive. Suzanne's health is not good. She has been to a few doctors lately regarding the deteriorating condition of her spine. Having 2 slipped discs have nearly

25th NO PM SERVICE 27th RSA Meeting Songster Room @ 7pm

crippled her. She can hardly walk. With the least of effort she has to lie down for rest. I often wonder about the future of my projects in Egypt. Time changes everything! Thanks for the news about Terry and the church. Please give them all my love. Love Ragai

What is JYG? Aka - Junior Youth Group. This is the new name of what was previously known as OASIS. Along with the name change comes other changes in an exciting effort to reach the junior youth of Floreat and surrounding suburbs! So, please pray for our leaders, Tom & Rachel Zimmerman, Ben Golding, and Stacey Golding as they lean on the Holy Spirit and implement these changes for the growth of His Kingdom.

On Saturday March 6th at 5pm on Channel 9,there will be a documentary screened. Subject is the Salvation Army Youth Camp (SAYC) held in January. Have a look!

newsletter. If you think you could fit this service into your schedule, and don’t already undertake a ministry through our corps, our officers would be very grateful to hear from you. This position would require no more than 1 ½ per week of your time.

FETE Preparations are being made for our annual fete. Help is required with set up and pack up. If you can lend a hand, it would help to make light work for everyone involved.

CAN YOU PUSH A BUTTON We have a job for you. We are looking for someone to operate

RSA Committee & Cluster Meetings have been scheduled for our upcoming Red Shield Appeal. Chairpersons, please take note of the dates in your diary. See corps calendar FebApril page 2 of newsletter. 2love church Morely Salvo’s, 19th March, @ 7:30pm, $3 entry. TEAR W.A. Is conducting a “Desert Spiritual Journey for Young Adults” this year between June 19- 25th, at Australia’s largest salt lake north west of Kalgoorie. The cost is $700 per person. Further details can be found on the noticeboard in the foyer. The Salvation Army’s REVIVE/REFESH Women’s Conferences have been amalgimated this year, to be called . This fully catered conference is aimed at 20-40 year olds and will take place at the South Perth Church of Christ on Saturday the 13th of March. Registration forms are available, and can be located on the table in the foyer. Come along and be “REVIVED”.

A willing and computer savvy soul to compile and prepare the weekly

Ruth Venables

the multimedia on Sunday mornings. This is something you can do from the computer ( ) or from your seat in church. If you can help See Capt Andrew.

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