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INFOSA Salinas de la Trinidad

INFOSA Salinas de la Trinidad In the Mediterranean coast of Spain, between the cities of Valencia and Barcelona, we find the Natural Park of the Ebro Delta. A protected environment inhabited only by birds, some endangered. The extraction of salt in this peculiar, began in the fourteenth century and continuing to develop today in the so-called Salinas de la Trinidad.

INFOSA Salinas de la Trinidad The Natural Park of the Ebro Delta, is the second most important wetland area of the Western Mediterranean, and one of the few environments coast almost wild. In this micro-habitats, restricted to a few people who live or work in it, just have free access gulls and flamingos that nest in the area. This circumstance, it is interesting to guarantee the harvest of a natural product completely away from sources of pollution.

INFOSA Salinas de la Trinidad Of these traditional salt works, we get our range of natural salts from the Salt Traditional to the Salt Flower. In natural deposits formed in the sand and flooded by sea water, the action of the sun and wind do the evaporation of water while forming the delicate crystals of salt. The production is subjected to severe and constant analytical checks to ensure their purity.

INFOSA Salinas de la Trinidad The Salt Flower is harvested in a completely handmade, daily, between June and September, with a wooden pole that has at its end a mesh in which the crystals are deposited.

The 300 small rafts of Salinas de la Trinidad, are the only established in Spain in order to achieve an excellent product. Analytical guaranteeing their purity.

INFOSA Salinas de la Trinidad Salt Flower is only the thin layer collected by hand on the surface of natural deposits, which are rushing to the fund, is known as Traditional Sal.

Our Salt Flower, is rich in nuances and taste healthy diet, as the amount of sodium chloride is clearly less than common salt, for its high content of essential minerals and trace elements like magnesium, and potassium among others.

INFOSA Salinas de la Trinidad GOURMET RANGE With the desire to offer some avant -garde flavors we have enjoyed the cooperation of the famous chef Joan Roca (Restaurant Celler de Can Roca ** Michelin) who has created a masterful collection of textures and flavors designed to enrich their own food. They are applied directly onto the food ready for immediate consumption, raw or cooked in advance.

INFOSA Salinas de la Trinidad GOURMET RANGE The varieties available are: Salt Flower Natural 150g CHEF'S RECOMMENDATIONS To add the most delicate touch to your dishes, enhancing the natural flavors of their own food. Associated feeling: SOFTNESS Uses: * For all the foods you want to taste in the most natural way

INFOSA Salinas de la Trinidad Salt Flower with Pepper 150g CHEF'S RECOMMENDATIONS To give life to dishes, with all the aromas of spices, which are bought whole and milled at the time of the mixture to realize the smell and taste. Associated sensation: STRENGHT Uses: * For meat and fish to the plate * For vegetables to the plate * For Italian pasta

INFOSA Salinas de la Trinidad Salt Flower with Spices 150g CHEF'S RECOMMENDATIONS To spice dishes, with many perfumes and warm hues, represents the aromas of the world. Associated sensation: WARMTH Uses: * For some special salads * For casseroles (at the last minute) * For fish and poultry * For pasta in general

INFOSA Salinas de la Trinidad Flor de Sal with Citrus 150g CHEF'S RECOMMENDATIONS Ideal for cool dishes, with fresh perfume, salt with a sweet-acid touch (the skin is semi-confit) Associated sensation: JOY Uses: * For salads * For grilled fish * For Mediterranean style pasta (tomatoes, olives, marjoram, etc. ..) * For seafood and shellfish

INFOSA Salinas de la Trinidad Our company, INFOSA, owner of the Salinas de la Trinidad, put at your disposal their experience in the world of Salt , offering an exquisite range of products, with a guarantee of the highest quality and purity. Our constant search for products and attractive formats, adapts to new market requirements and demanding consumers who value the quality of traditional foods endorsed by the higher quality control methods.

INFOSA Salinas de la Trinidad INFOSA Puig i Giralt, Nave 5 Pol. Ind. Rubí Sud 08191 RUBÍ BARCELONA España tel +34 935 884 404 fax +34 935 886 544 mail to: Our local distributor makes this presentation to you and is available to supply further information about. Thank you for your attention.

INFOSA Salinas de la Trinidad

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